A Change in Career a Change in You

Some of us are lucky (or unlucky) enough to start our own business, we work all the hours under the sun and moon and think that this is it, this is going to make me, I will be happy and have no worries about bills and the future. Sadly,it's not quite like that. If you're into manual labour you generally end up with no money and all sorts of

ailments like back pain, trapped nerves (very painful!) or even the odd limb missing. All from slogging your guts out 24/7! And if you do find that job you always wanted?

Are you still there? I'll bet your not or you won't be in the near future. Why? Because you aren't getting the appreciation you feel you deserve, you know you do a good job, and you know you could do it better but something's stopping you, stopping you from progressing and stopping you.

Why is this? Have we been brought up to be like this? For the average person we weren't taught how to look after our bodies or our minds at school, we were doing homework on Arithmetic's, English, French, Geology and Physics to name a few, all good if you knew what you were going to do in life! Society didn't teach us how to make money or be happy or to look after ourselves, it just taught the basics so that we could fit in.

But fitting in doesn't work!.....we all have that built in desire to be successful, to be better than we are, it's only with us for a certain period of time and you know when

it's running out, it's inbuilt, we are human and it's natural. You have to take a look at yourself and almost go back to school, your school! Do it the way you want to be taught not how society taught you.

Your school, what is your school?..........It's anything you want it to be!

You just need knowledge, only WITH THIS TIME its knowledge you want to learn and you can get enthralled in. You can work any amount of hours in the day as little or as much as you want, but the big difference is that you will be enthralled with your new venture, you will want to work all the hours life allows (and your family) and the

appreciation will come from yourself.

Your life that has passed by (which goes too quick in my book) has gained you a wealth of knowledge that YOU know, that you can pass on to others that need that information.

Information that is valuable and easy for you to convey to others, it's called a niche.

So you see, to all those out there with yearn and the willpower (and we all have it, it's natural) you have an opportunity that no society has had before us. The world is a small village, and the reason for that s.......................... the INTERNET.

How to Use E-Mail "Cold Calls" Without Falling into the SPAM Trap!

"Spammers have just about destroyed e-mail as a legitimate selling tool, but there are still ways you can use it to open communication rather than shutting it down right off the bat. E-mail is still a totally appropriate way of communicating with someone -- as long as you use language that doesn't trigger the "salesperson" stereotype."

First, we'll take a close look at one example of a "cold introduction" e-mail that uses the traditional sales mindset.

Then we'll apply the Unlock The Game™ mindset so you can get an idea of how to create e-mails that won't trigger the negative "salesperson," or even "spamming salesperson," stereotype.

On the surface, it looks innocent enough, but take a moment and ask yourself what your instant reaction would be if it arrived in your e-mail box.

The problem is that this message violates the core principles of the Unlock The Game™ mindset by creating the impression that the sender's only concern is making a sale. How?

There is a better way.

Here's the same e-mail, but rewritten from the Unlock The Game™ mindset.

How do you think you would react if you received this e-mail?

Perhaps you would give a sigh of relief because you wouldn't be feeling any sales pressure from this stranger you've never met.

This example shows that, even though e-mail is basically an impersonal one-way form of communicating, the Unlock The Game™ mindset can humanize the connection.

When you give prospects a chance to respond to your request for help, you increase the possibilities for two-way communication and trust-building.

"Always pay attention to how words and phrases that are typical of the traditional selling mindset can make you come across as a spammer," I told Janice.

You might want to start reviewing your e-mails to prospects.

Does your message focus on discussing you and your solution, instead of your prospects' issues or problems?

If you start to rethink and change your language, you may find yourself with more sales than you thought possible.

The basic principle is simple: Avoid self-sabotaging sales language.

A few weeks later, Janice reported back to me that she had been getting much more favorable responses, leading to more phone conversations with new prospects.

Try it yourself -- and do let me know how it goes.

Best Web Hosting – Business Guide

Kingsrealm Consulting Group has announced the release of their annual   best-of-the-best web hosting providers - a business guide for small and mid-size   companies. This free report outlines the top choices for a wide range of   categories including low cost, high powered, and customer support.

Say’s Kingsrealm CEO “We have found over the years that choosing a hosting   provider can be a minefield of uncertainty for most companies. Even the best   made plans for web hosting can go bad and leave a company scrambling for a quick   solution to a hosting nightmare. This annual report serves as a guide to help   companies who need to find a hosting provider make that decision a good   one.”

The guide is broken down into useful categories tailored to every business.   Whether your web hosting needs are traditional or extraordinary there is a   selection that will provide you the maximum power and flexibility for your needs   at far lower cost than you might have imagined.

Having vetted and time tested these companies on over 500 projects we have   kept the best and scrapped the rest so you don’t need to deal with the junk. We   have created a truly useful resource to keep your business safe and   productive.

The report “The best Hosting Providers – A Business Guide” is available from   the company as a free .pdf download.

Download the report: ( Best   Hosting Providers - A Business Report )

About Kingsrealm

Kingsrealm Consulting Group is a full service   interactive agency, offering a broad spectrum of Online PR, Social Media,   Digital Marketing and Systems Engineering services custom tailored to grow your   business and boost your bottom line.

Increase Small Business Income with Check Software

It's not easy being a small business owner. Things that are minor bumps in the road for big companies can be major hurdles for the small business. An inventory shipment delay, for example, is no big deal if you're a major retailer or e-tailer. That same delay, though, can negatively impact a small company's relationships with its customers and ultimately cost that business money. If a small company provides goods or services to other businesses, the loss of one or two customers can mean the difference between making a profit and taking a loss. Such is not the case for major players in the business-to-business marketplace.

Possibly the biggest factor in whether or not a small company survives and thrives is whether or not it collects business payments in a timely manner. A small business is often at the mercy of its customers or clients to make timely payments. When the checks don't arrive in the mail, the company can experience a cash flow crunch - or even a crisis - that can leave it unable to make payroll or meet its other financial obligations.

Even when a system is in place to generate a timely invoice, finance personnel often struggle to collect on those invoices. In a business-to-business transaction, the small business may be dealing with a large company that pays at 60-days or even 90-days. In a business-to-consumer transaction, there are simply customers who pay late or not at all. In the worst-case scenario, checks never arrive or bounce, leaving the small business to try and collect on the debt. Understandably, this process is uncomfortable for all parties, and has a negative impact on business income.

For all these reasons, small businesses are turning to check software to increase their business income and lower the incidence of non-payment. Essentially, this check software provides a mechanism to accept a customer's check payment by phone, by fax, or via the Internet. Over the phone, the person taking the payment simply requests the customer's bank routing number, checking account number, and check number. Accepting payment via fax involves asking the customer to fax their written check into the company. Check payment over the Internet requires the customer to look on their check and enter the routing number and checking account number into an online form.

With the information from the customer's check, a small business can convert the paper check into an electronic check, the amount of which is deducted from the customer's checking account. The difference between processing paper checks and electronic checks is that electronic checks clear or bounce within a day of submission, whereas it can take up to two weeks for paper checks bounce, be re-deposited, and bounce again.

The benefits of check software are numerous, but the most immediate effect is that a small business can increase its cash flow. In addition, check software increases the satisfaction of customers, since customers like being able to pay by check but don't like to have their orders held until their checks clear. This can help boost sales and increase repeat business.

Next to increased cash flow and business income, businesses appreciate that check software decreases the number of returned checks. When collections have to be made - either because of late business payments or because of bounced checks - it's much easier and more reliable to be able to take the information over the phone, convert the check into electronic form, and see that it clears within a day.

When it comes to the tools that small businesses need in order to succeed, electronic check software is key.

Getting in the Door: How I got my first Recruiting Job in Boston

The year 2005 must have been a slow one for recruiting agencies; at least it felt that way as I stumbled from interview to interview never quite landing the job. I don’t know why I suddenly decided to quit my sales job and become a recruiter, its just like a childhood dream that you never quite knew about that suddenly awakes and throws you into something interesting.

My first encounter with a staffing agency had been in 2004, specifically with Creative Financial Staffing in Boston. A buddy of mine facilitated the hire that ended 3 week later with a pleasant “they will not be requiring your services” phone call from the recruiter. Apparently, I had dug up some really nasty collections issue that the supervisor did not want revealed (true story confirmed by insider).

So fast forward to 2005…

The summer was hot, maybe because I was running around in a nice suite from agency to agency trying to build a case why a young hard working graduate from Brandeis is a good bet. Yet I kept falling on my face. My Dad had bought me a really nice suit to help me out, but it just wasn’t doing it for me.

I interviewed with Robert Half, where the manager was the biggest ass you will ever meet, his name was Luke and he later became the division head of that great company. He told me I was a job hopper and that if I could hold on somewhere for more then a year to call him back. I actually did. This was just out of curiosity, by that time I had 35 people billing for me and had absolutely no desire to ever join Robert Half. But I digress…

I interviewed at Winter& Wyman in Waltham(later they tried to directly recruit me) then I went across the street to Sullivan & Cogliano. Undeterred, I interviewed at KNF&T in Boston, what amazed me about that company was the utter lack of men… anywhere. I managed to sneak into Sapphire for an unrelated job and tried to sell myself to the technical recruiter there by telling her that what I really wanted was “ to do what you do”. That must have freaked her out, recruiting being the competitive kill or be killed that it is J.

Then there was Maxim Staffing, they had a hole in the wall office, then to Apex Systems, better office still no offer. There was Ascent Consulting and lunch with my Dad who works in the same office park…. Then Resource Options in Needham, the way they described who they placed really turned me off.

I even interviewed at Time Warner for a collections job! Now I hate collections and anything to do with accounting and cubicle desk jobs, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures! I went to, a reputable startup thinking they might take me for a sales guy, but alas, I didn’t come across as one.

And finally, when I despaired, and decided that maybe the world of recruiting had turned really was not for me, I interviewed at Total Technical Services in Waltham. I thought the interview went well, but just in case, I got myself a server job at the local Ground Round. This was something I wanted to do anyhow, just to level with everyone else who had done it. It seemed like such an All American thing to do. Kinda like joining the Army 5 years before!!

So I trained for 5 shifts and on the 6th shift they told me “sorry buddy, you’re not picking this up fast enough, we’re gonna have to let you go.” Holy crap! I just graduated from one of the best schools in the US and I wasn’t picking it up fast enough? That warm fuzzy feeling from before about the Ground dissipated rather quickly…

So here I was, 24 years old, no money, no job, and my Dad was wondering why he just paid an extortionist amount of money to Brandeis! Seems funny now… wasn’t funny then. I had been job searching for 2 months with nothing to shop but a pink slip from the Ground Round of all places!

To the rescue came a phone call from Total Technical saying that they wanted to bring me onboard! To say that I was pleased would be one hell of an understatement. Even the fact that they were offering $9.33/h with a 10k draw didn’t dampen my enthusiasm… I got in the door!!

Discover The Quickest Short Cut To Online Wealth

Private label rights products are the quickest possible short to online wealth today. Even an article like this can make a lot of money effortlessly, in quickest time, if you use the same viral signature technique to your own private label rights software products collection just like this.

There are many types of private label rights products with different kinds of allowed freedom of internet marketing and publishing. Products with private label rights can also be divided into many sub divisions of usage and selling freedoms. Unrestricted private label rights, or, no restriction private label Rights, allow you to do whatever you like to - with these products.

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Use a graphic software to change their graphics, graphics on the sales page, and sell them as your unique no restriction Private label rights products. Many of the private label rights products available in ‘the ebooks & software’ market are these kind of second generation products.

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products a hot profit making category and hence create a huge demand irrespective of their content or niche.

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If there are short cuts in making money online, then the quickest short cut to acquiring some online wealth is undoubtedly the no restriction or unrestricted private label rights products - Your quickest

shortcut to online wealth.

Top Offshoring Company India

The main specialty area of an established management consultancy recognized as a quality provider of cost-effective offshore company India services then became to organize, multi-task, re-invent and design customized business model deliverables for a company based in another continent. This could include simply guidance and consultancy and then a step-up to another third party agency, which would then undertake the offshoring related tasks or the offshoring company India could expand the limit of its resources to accommodate the presence of a dedicated workforce to perform a variety of outsourced tasks for mutually agreed cost and quality terms.

What are the main advantages in choosing an offshoring company India?

At the core of offshoring any process or groups of processes that are vital or even non-core but important nonetheless, is the fact that the attractively lower cost of business operations, be it production, manufacturing support or marketing etc. associated with assured business continuity and productivity, offers business owners better operating margins.

Crucial factors in determining an offshore based organization’s decision to utilize the considerably reduced and tempting offer of expert services of a certain standard sometimes at less than 50% of home shore costs combine to help sway the decision in the favor of a top offshoring company India. Close competition if offered to the top offshoring company India by those in China, Indonesia, Philippines or Malaysia, the other emerging destinations for offshoring.

While for the IT based industry, offshoring to India and other Asian countries dominated by the stronger dollar and pound currency, the USP includes lower cost and predictable quality that is consistent with lower attrition rates than abroad, experts feel India has an extra edge over the previously named South Asian countries because it has a larger and more competent talent pool of English speaking people willing to do the grunt work. This fact was reported in the GSLI’s latest annual survey by global management consulting firm, A.T. Kearney.

To keep up to date with the latest industry news about trends in outsourcing, stop by – the leading offshoring company India!

How to start a business in the book production

The book printing and production is a business which can offer you many satisfactions and its complexity offers you a special beauty.

If we want to elaborate an investment plan in view of acquiring the equipments necessary for this, we must create a market study which largely comprises: the publishing houses with their market share, the types of books included in a majority in their portfolio and secondly, the competitive printing houses with their market share and with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

As in any company from printing field, the first thing to acquire would be a computer to plate system to facilitate the work of the people from pre-press department.

After the computer to plate system, the list should comprise a printing machine in 4 groups with the printing format correlated with the number of editions and with the number of issued the respective publishing  houses edit per week. The printing equipment must necessarily have a perfector to ensure an increased productivity.

Then, the following absolutely necessary equipment is a folding machine for the book interior. It is good to look for a folding machine which must have a cross and parallel folding to be able to fold  posters inserted in the book.

We must not neglect the part of  book finishing. Here it is well to know which is the book segment that we want to reach.  For the processing of the book interior from the segment of collection books or high value books we can equip our printing house with a machine for sewing , book back gluing equipment, book block nipping and smashing press, book forming machine, equipment for stamping the covers with metallic foil. For the processing of the book interior for the usual books, we especially need a book forming gluing and jacketing machine.

For the book jacket, it would be useful, for covering the great market majority, to buy a bending machine, a laminating machine and eventually a serigraphic equipment with a small UV dryer in order to be able to make a selective UV varnishing at the cover.

Would  be absolutely necessary a guillotine for cutting the sheets, with maximum format correlated with the printing machine format. A three-knifes trimmer  would also be absolutely necessary for give the final format of the book.

For the magazines that the publishing houses issue for advertising the most recent news, a line of eyeleting would also be necessary, and for the smaller dimensioning of the printing house, only one eyeletter with one or two eyeleting head would be necessary.

For the book production, the market also has complete book lines which comprise: the printing machine, the folding machine, the binding machine, and machine for book jacketing , the cover lamination equipment, the three-knifes trimmer  or any other combinations from the equipments mentioned until now.

There are extremely many types of equipment necessary, there is a great amount of work in order to accomplish a book, but the satisfaction when you see it on the shelf is huge.

What is a Negotiable or Monetary Instrument?

Introduction - Many countries require the reportage of the movement of any amount of money, monetary instruments or negotiable instruments valued over $10,000. Panama is one of those countries. One can generally move any amount of money across borders it just requires reporting it to the departing country and to the entry country. We never suggest one brings large sums of cash into Panama. There can always be individual differences in the laws of different countries so it is a good idea to check with each country concerned. Usually they post current information on their official websites.

Currency - This is definitely included in the $10,000 limit. It includes all foreign currencies. They use the current day conversion values to arrive at the $10,000 limit. Be conservative in your predictions of currency valuation so as to not fall over the limit. Traveler?s checks are treated as cash as a rule, it does not seem to matter if they are endorsed or made out or not. Probably because they can be reported stolen or lost and replaced easily in the new country.

Bullion - This is included too. The value is based on current values. If you had a $20 gold coin which weighed one ounce the value would not be $20, it would be what an ounce of gold is worth. If you had a rare coin that was denominated at $0.25 would it be valued at $0.25 or the numismatic value? The numismatic collector value is what would be used.

Negotiable Instrument Defined - This would include any check, or money order that is in bearer form, in other words payable to the bearer on demand without any further conditions to be met or if the instrument is already endorsed without restriction (not endorsed and made payable to a specific entity), made out to a fictitious payee, or structured so that the title of the instrument passes solely with possession of the instrument such as a bearer bond. This would also include an instrument such as a check, money order, promissory note signed but with the payee name left in blank. This does include bearer shares of corporations which is why the corporations we form are set up with a value of $10,000 only (nominative value not paid in cash so as they fall under the declaration limits.

What is Generally Not Considered a Monetary Instrument - Any check, money order, bank check made payable to a specific entity which has not yet been endorsed by that entity or if endorsed it would be with a restrictive endorsement payable to another specific entity. It does not include warehouse receipts or bills of lading.

Aggregates exceeding $10,000 - If any combination of the above exceeds the $10,000 it too needs to be reported. As to whether or not the totals amongst family members needs to be reported is vague and varies from country to country. What constitutes family members traveling together is another poorly defined area. If they are on the same flight are they together or not? Is a minor under 18 or under 21? So do check with the laws for each country.

Penalties - These vary but generally include confiscation, fines and possible criminal charges.

Questions - We can answer any questions you have about Negotiable Instruments and Panama. We are a Panama Law Firm.