Online Backup Services Providers: What Offsite Backup Vendors Must Have

If you find it a challenge to decide on an online backup services provider for your business requirements, you are not alone.  Many businesses are pretty much in the same situation with so many offsite backup vendors who offer such a service.

What I will share with you is a two-stage methodology to make things easier for you.

In Stage 1, we will be compiling a short list of services providers that can provide the minimum standard of service in the short and long term.

In Stage 2, we will assess these short-listed vendors against a final set of criteria to determine your provider of choice.

Today, we will focus on Stage 1 of this methodology.

The short list should only consist of those who can meet the minimum criteria as explained below.

1. Established

Many vendors have come and gone.  On this basis, I would recommend considering vendors with a track record of at least 5 years.  This will ensure you have an established vendor to support your business needs in the long term.

2. Large business customer base

A large customer base by itself is further proof of the provider sustaining in the long term.  Businesses by nature have more stringent requirements than say home / end users.  So, having many business customers (with testimonials) usually mean that the offsite backup vendor has consistently provided the minimum satisfactory service standard at the very least.

3. Secured Premise

While impressed with what the online backup services provider can offer, do remember to check out the service provider's premise before subscribing to their service. There should be physical security mechanism to allow only authorised people to have access to the service provider's premise.   Also, this premise should have protective measures against earthquake, fire and other natural disasters.

Established services providers often use world class data centres for their premises.

4. Scalable

As your business grows, your data storage needs will also increase.  Do consider those vendors who have data plans that can cater for your present requirements and can be expanded in future when required.

5. Affordable plans

When it comes to pricing, there are some who offer "too good to be true" free storage for life.  Well, all I can say is if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. And I don't think you will want to rely on one that provides poor service or one that may not be there when you desperately need to recover your business data!

It's far more important that you that you get the best service as long as the prices are affordable.  The way to go about this is to determine the backup plan that meets your present requirements and from there set a budgeted price range.

Once you have gone through the five criteria above, you will have a short list of offsite backup vendors for you to carry out Stage 2 of the methodology and determine the online backup services provider of choice.