Candy Wrappers Home Business

Starting a candy wrappers business is great for someone who wants to start a low-cost home-based business venture that is fun. A candy wrappers business is also ideal for someone who has a creative side or an eye for detail. But while it helps to be artistic, you don't have to be a magnificent artist to create fantastic and professional looking candy wrappers because there are plenty of options for obtaining graphics to use in your candy wrapper creations.

Who Will Want to Buy Your Candy Wrappers?

There's a never-ending array of customers who will buy your candy wrappers! And any holiday or festivity is an appropriate occasion for offering your wrappers. Here are some examples of occasions for which you can offer your candy wrappers:

- Babies - shower invitations, adoption announcements, baptism, first communion

- Weddings - shower favors and invitations

- Holidays - Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Halloween, Mother's Day, Father's Day

- Parties - invitations and mementos for anniversary parties, family reunions, and birthday parties

- Corporations may also use candy wrappers for trade shows, seminars, and as gifts for customers

- Put on your thinking cap, and you'll come up with more!

Types of Candy to Wrap

Chocolate candy bars are not the only option, as you can also create personalized candy wrappers for rolls of hard candy such as Life Savers or Mentos. You may also want to consider including gourmet chocolate candy bars on your product list. But the candies that make an ideal candy wrapper canvas are:

- Cadbury

- KitKat

- Nestle's Crunch

- Hershey's chocolate bars and Hershey's chocolate miniatures

Designing Your Candy Wrappers

As mentioned previously, you don't have to be an artist to create good-looking candy wrappers. You can purchase candy wrapper graphic software online, and there are also plenty of membership sites that offer clip art for commercial use. This makes adding cute and eye-catching designs to your wrappers easy! Some places that offer candy wrapper software are,, and

Starting an Online Candy Wrappers Business

The beauty of this home-based business is that you can sell your candy wrappers over the Internet. Some people may think selling over the Internet is a daunting and risky venture to pursue, but just imagine finding 50 customers online in your first week. If you can get enough Web traffic and entice customers to buy once they land on your site, your income can grow exponentially. Then as your business grows, you can hire employees or outsource tasks so that you're not doing everything by yourself. First register a domain name and hire someone to design your candy wrapper business website. You'll also want to do some research on the type of shopping cart that will best suit a candy wrappers business. You will need a shopping cart that allows customers to add text or upload pictures for inclusion in their orders. Also, before your online business can take orders, you'll need to do some research on payment processors.