Looking for a Unique Business Gift or Giveaway? Think Chocolate!

Who doesn't love chocolate? When people are surveyed, they always rank chocolate as their overall favorite flavor. And if the creaminess and rich flavor of, say, Belgian chocolate isn't enough to entice chocolate aficionados, researchers continue to discover the tasty treat's myriad health benefits.

Despite chocolate's popularity and health benefits, business owners often don't consider the ways chocolate can leave a lasting impression with clients, potential customers, and employees.

Trade Shows

If your business exhibits at trade shows, you know the challenges of coming up with a memorable giveaway for those who stop by your booth. Trade show attendees collect pens, pads, luggage tags, and the like by the bag full. What they could really use as they traipse up and down the aisles of a trade show is a little pick-me-up - something that brings a smile to their face and gives them a boost to make it through the day. At an education trade show, for example, you could hand out Belgian chocolate bars that say, "Teachers Make Learning Sweet." At a construction-related exhibit, you could distribute chocolate bars that say, "Think Safety," while at a political event, you could hand out chocolate coins that say, "Democrat" or "Republican."

Client Appreciation

Showing your clients that you appreciate their business goes far in developing goodwill and cementing relationships. A chocolate assortment with a large "Thank You" chocolate bar in the middle is a memorable token of appreciation. If you have a retail store, a chocolate "Thank You" cookie or chocolate "Thank You" coins wrapped in silver will leave customers smiling. Keeping track of and commemorating the birthday of a special client with a "Happy Birthday" chocolate assortment will communicate that you value him or her. A business gift of any kind is appreciated, but chocolate is a special treat that will be remembered.

Employee Recognition

Studies have shown that employees are happier at their jobs when they feel that their efforts are appreciated. Interestingly, it turns out that recognition doesn't have to come in the form of large bonuses or fancy events; small tokens that demonstrate you value their contributions have the same effect. For that reason, keeping a supply of Belgian chocolate bars that say, "Thanks a Million" or "You've Gone the Extra Mile" will give you an easy way to recognize employees on a regular basis.

Motivating Sales Teams

Salespeople have one of the toughest jobs on the planet. Even great salespeople need to get revved up and motivated to keep going day after day. That's why team sales meetings are so important. At your meeting, why not hand out a chocolate cookie that says, "Think Outside the Box" or "Way to Go"? If you're trying to reinforce team spirit, distribute chocolates in the shape of puzzle pieces with the word "Teamwork" emblazoned on one side?

Of course, in addition to a corporate gift or for employee recognition, custom chocolate can be used in a variety of other celebrations, holidays, and events. A chocolate party favor or wedding favor will be enjoyed and remembered, as will a Christmas food gift of chocolate. So, next time you need a gift or giveaway, think chocolate!

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