Resume Templates

Working with Resume Templates

There’s no right way or wrong way to write a resume.  Find a resume template that you like and can work with. Stick to the general outline but edit to fit your best credentials and accolades.

It’s an advantage to have a large collection of templates to choose from to give as many options as possible. You can also utilize different formats and see which you like best. Make sure you have someone who can proof read for grammar and spelling.

What’s great about specific job resume templates is that they give you a targeted outline to work with. For example: A Marketing resume template might include headings like Entertainment and Media, Marketing and Advertising, Sales, Business, and Promotional Development, Business and Project Management. The things associated with marketing that will encourage you to think about what you have to offer a new company.

A good practice is to develop two resumes with different formats and then pass them around to family and friends for opinions.

As you begin to read job postings and the employment Ads, you can tweak your resume as you go.  Do your homework about the company you’re interested in and personalize it with pertinent and positive information in your cover letter.