Valentine’s Gifts Better than Chocolates

Valentine's Day can be one of the most stressful holidays of the year.  First, there's a pressure to get that "special someone" a gift that conveys how much you care about them.  Then, there's the pressure to be romantic.  Then, there's the pressure to go out to a fancy dinner at a restaurant that intentionally inflates its prices for its prix fixe menu on February 14th.

We say… forget it.

Here's a list of great Valentine's gift ideas that don't include roses, chocolates, or teddy bears. Give your wife, fiancй, girlfriend, or "girl you just started seeing" something she'll really use.

Idea 1.  A portable DVD player.  They're perfect for weekends away, plane rides, and out at the pool!  Sony makes a terrific little one for just under $150.  You can also make your very own DVD – something funny or romantic—and have it already inside the player, ready to go when she opens it.  Make the DVD on your computer or videotape yourself telling her how you feel.  She'll love it.

Idea 2. A keyboard tray.  Huh? Yep! Think about it.  Everyone owns a computer, which means they also have a computer desk somewhere in their home or office in which that computer sets.  Why not give the gift of comfort and health by giving your partner a really nice, ergonomically-correct, adjustable keyboard tray?  Using a properly designed keyboard tray can reduce back and shoulder pain and significantly lower one's risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Whether she spends ten hours a day in front of the computer or only a few hours a week, she'll have no idea how great the gift is until she's given up her old one for one that's height - and tilt-adjustable, is large enough to hold the mouse, and retracts with the touch of a finger.  We found a top-of-the-line Deluxe Keyboard Tray at Versa Products for under $140.  It ships for free and installs on almost any computer desk.  Buy a little sheet of heart-shaped stickers and place one in the corner of the keyboard tray.  Every time she looks down at it, she'll think of you.  Now how's that for romantic???

Idea 3. Stock certificates.  The lady in your life doesn't have to be a daytrader to appreciate a gift like this.  Several companies offer the service, but One Share goes above and beyond and actually sends your stock certificate in an elegant frame.  Get her a share from someplace she shops.  Available certificates include Starbucks, Coach, Tiffany & Company, Dreamworks,  Kenneth Cole & Krispy Kreme.

Idea 4. Tea.  If you're not a tea drinker, you probably haven't seen how far tea has come in the past few years.  With amazing flavors like Chocolate Amaretto and Dulce de Leche, dessert teas are perfect for someone with a sweet tooth but doesn't want the all the sugar, fat, and calories.  At Stash Tea, you can buy pre-wrapped gift boxes, tea chests, and teapots along with a wide variety of tea:  chai, hearbal, decaf, dessert, Indian, Japanese, green, black, and even organic!