Laptops: in the 21st century

A laptop computer or simply a laptop is a small mobile computer that usually weighs from 8 to 16 pounds. It usually runs on a single main battery that can also be connected to an external AC/DC connector. A laptop has  small components that have been optimised for mobile use and efficient energy consumption. A laptop computer can generally perform all the tasks that a regular computer can do, but they are typically more expensive than a desktop computer.although the prices are rapidly falling among the major  production manufacturers.

Many laptops come equipped with a 9 volt battery that will keep the device running for quite some time in case of a power failure so that laptop computer users can complete there urgent tasks quickly. Laptops usually have liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and most of them use different memory modules to access their random access memory (RAM). They have a built-in keyboard and many of them come equipped with a touch-pad. A pointing stick or an external mouse can also be attached to the device. These days, manufactures have released several new models of cheap  end  laptop computer into the markets.

These cheap laptops are a big hit among the masses. Earlier, only high profile business people or executives were the only ones that could afford to buy a laptop computer. But  people of all walsk of life can now purchase these at retailers in the market these days. Thanks to the big competition in the mobile computing market, manufacturers are rolling out a updated model of a cost effective laptop computer every now and then.

Gone are the days when only high profile business people and executives could afford to buy a laptop. Now, several models of cheap laptops are available in the shops. Retailers across the UK have come up with many attractive cheap notebook deals. These deals have made it possible for students, youngsters and housewives to own a laptop computer of their own. The prices of laptops are bound to fall further in the future.