Get the Word Out with Press Release Distribution

If you have a small business, chances are that you're struggling to establish or maintain your market niche. To grow your business to the next level, you need to get the word out to your target audience. You probably don't have the budget to place prominent print advertising, much less television and radio advertising. As it turns out, the best advertising - and the most effective advertising - is free advertising, in the form of media interest generated from a press release. But, even if you write a press release, how do you master the art of press release distribution?

Targeted press release distribution is one of the most powerful forms of marketing and advertising available. The value of the exposure your product or business will receive as a result of a television segment, a newspaper or magazine article is exponentially more than you'd receive as a result of paid advertising. That's because, although the media doesn't explicitly endorse products and businesses, it has an objectivity that provides consumers with a perception of credibility and legitimacy. In other words, consumers know that the media isn't being paid to cover your product or business, so they trust that writers and producers will provide them with unbiased information. The bottom line is that, if you get press attention, your business is bound to grow.

The trick is getting the word out to the media. In days past, this would involve countless of hours of research and lots of postage stamps, then crossing your fingers and playing the waiting game. But in this day of sophisticated Internet marketing, press release distribution can be accomplished instantaneously through press release services.

When selecting a press release distribution service, follow these guidelines:

* The press release distribution service should be able to provide online distribution to thousands of media outlets.

* The press release distribution service should be able to provide you with press release writing services for an additional fee.

* The press release distribution service should be able to provide you with fax distribution and audio distribution, in addition to online print distribution.

* The press release distribution service should have a proven track record, with clients who have been featured in major daily newspapers, major consumer or trade magazines, major Internet portals, and on television shows and radio stations.

* The press release distribution service should be able to target email press releases to those media outlets covering your preferred market.

Newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, and websites all depend upon a steady stream of press releases in order to provide content to their readers, listeners, and viewers. They want to hear about new products, services, and businesses, and they prefer to obtain the releases electronically. When you select a press release distribution service that has a proven track record, you can be assured that the media will turn to the press releases distributed by that service, knowing they are trustworthy.

Add Value to your Business with Computer Courseware

Training employees and educating consumers to be able to use particular computer software is a tough job. It takes time and skill to write training manuals and design illustrations to go along with them. That's why many business owners are choosing computer courseware instead of creating training manuals of their own. Computer courseware is pre-designed and customizable so you can arrange the lessons and customize them to fit your training needs. It saves time and money, and can be done easily in-house once you have a copy of the training materials.

What is Computer Courseware?

Computer courseware is software and/or training materials used for educational purposes. Educational institutions may use courseware to teach students how to operate a particular computer software program. Companies may use it to educate employees on using a new software program that has been installed for business operations. Also, companies that sell computers, software, or other related products and services might offer computer courseware to their customers as a free "how-to" guide.

The training courseware can be used for almost any type of computer software. There are Macintosh manuals, Microsoft courseware, Adobe Photoshop courseware, Excel courseware, and many others.

Tips for Maximizing your Computer Courseware Benefits

To get the most benefit out of your computer courseware, use it in creative ways. For example, package it nicely and offer it as a free bonus with a purchase to your clients. If you sell Microsoft Word software, then advertise up-front that each customer will receive a free beginner's course on how to use Microsoft Word. Then, include your Microsoft courseware with each purchase. If shipping products, package it neatly with the product. If selling in-store, make sure your employees know to give the bonus courseware with each purchase.

If you sell Macintosh computers, provide free Macintosh manuals with the computer. Those customers who are brand new to Macintosh computers will appreciate this tremendously!

Package your Computer Courseware for Long-Term Use

When you print the courseware manual, put the pages in a nice binder with your company logo, store location, phone number, and website address. Also include a "welcome" letter explaining briefly what the customer will learn in the course. Customers are more likely to keep the manual if it is packaged this way. If you hand them a lot of papers that have been stapled or bound together, these are likely to end up in the trash!

Another idea is to include a sales presentation at the beginning or conclusion of the courseware manual to try and up-sale customers on a new product or service. You're already providing something free that's of value, so why not make an offer while the customer is reading your materials?

If you operate an online business with an e-zine or newsletter, offer free computer courseware with every subscription. It may seem like a lot to give someone who's signing up for a free newsletter, but the rewards can be great. The long-term value of a newsletter subscriber base can be monumental!

As you can see, computer courseware can add great value to your products and services, and it's usually very easy and affordable to get started. All you have to do is order rights to the courseware, print your training manuals, and package them for distribution. Then, let the computer courseware materials do the rest!

Business Articles Can Help You Grow Your Company

Whether you already own a business or anticipate launching a business, it pays to do your research and stay abreast of issues that could affect your company. In the past, understanding business management and trends may have required an MBA degree or attending expensive seminars. Today, however, the Internet provides a wealth of information completely free of charge. By regularly reading business articles, you can gain insight into a variety of issues affecting companies like yours.

Taking a Cue from the Experts

Experts, business owners, and consultants routinely post valuable information on a wide range of topics to article content hubs, also known as article directories. For example, you can find dozens of articles about customer service, with topics ranging from how to effectively resolve customer complaints to using customer service to build customer loyalty to the pros and cons of using retail greeters. If you're getting ready to launch a business, you can find step-by-step guides to writing a business plan, how to incorporate flexibility into your strategic plan, and how to diversify your revenue streams.

Similarly, you can keep abreast of the specific issues affecting your business by reading business news articles and business ethics articles. Likewise, small business articles can help you avoid many of the pitfalls that besiege owners of small companies, and prompt you to adopt best practices for your industry.

Valuable Marketing Tips

It's always a challenge to stay a step ahead of the game and market your business in a way that gives you a competitive edge. This is especially true when it comes to Internet marketing, since cutting edge strategies quickly and fluidly changes in response to the needs of the marketplace. An article content directory that emphasizes business articles can provide a wealth of information on topics ranging from email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, traffic building, Web design and development, and copywriting.

Scouting for Business Opportunities

Whether you're ready to launch a new business or simply wish to diversify your revenue streams, a business-oriented article content directory will showcase new business opportunities. It will also contain business articles that will help you evaluate opportunities and provide benchmarks to determine whether or not you are achieving your goals. Other articles will help to motivate you by giving you pointers on setting goals, visualizing success, and convincing those around you to buy into your dream.

Sharing Your Knowledge

If you have experience in business issues - whether on general business topics or in a narrow specialty - consider using an article content directory to share your knowledge. Your advice, tips, and roadmap to success are certain to help others who are seeking guidance. When you do, you have the added benefit of being able to promote your business or website by including a hyperlink in the resource box of your article.

Expanding Your Website

Your company's website serves to both create brand awareness and to provide visitors with valuable information that will encourage them to return often. Article content directories often allow website owners to reprint articles on their own sites, as long as proper attribution is given and the author's resource box remains intact. Reprinting business articles and other articles on topics of interest to your visitors can help you add high-value content to your website and expand its reach.

Attract New Eyes and More Profits to Your Business with Flexible Neon LED Lighting

There are many ways to get your business noticed. Signs, flashing lights, bright building paint colors, banners, and window displays can all attract more customers to your establishment. But a new innovative method that many businesses are now using to get attention is the addition of flexible neon LED lighting to their building. Flexible neon lighting such as NeoFlex neon offers many benefits, dollar savings, and an easy way to spruce up an older building.

Uses for Flexible Neon LED Lighting

There are many uses for this unique type of neon lighting. You can decorate your building in a great way by installing the lighting around the entire building or storefront. Many businesses place the neon border tubing along the edges of building borders and roofs. In the windows, you can create unique neon signs for open/closed signs, slogans, special sales, or even the name of your business. You can also create amazing logos with the neon tubing.

These neon lights and signs not only attract attention while customers are entering your store or business, but they also attract attention from the highway, especially at night. The more people see your storefront, the better chance you'll have of getting them to enter your store. You can get their attention with neon, and then make a special offer on a sign to bring in targeted customers.

These types of lights are great for car wash neon lighting, bar neon lights, stage lights, casino neon lights, and restaurants or pubs. They do wonders for hotels and condos, or any business that's open after dark.

Benefits of Flexible Neon Lights

Using flexible neon LED lighting for architectural lighting offers numerous benefits. The tubing is bendable so it can be molded and shaped to fit almost any surface. It is easy to install, and many business owners install it on their own for smaller lighting projects. Flexible neon tubing can be cut to any length to meet any lighting need. Also, it is made with a thick rubber coating that protects it from weathering, vandals, or flying debris.

This type of lighting can be plugged into a regular 110-volt outlet, so no special power supplies are needed. Also, it is cost-efficient. You can save up to 80 percent in energy costs when compared with standard neon lighting. This lighting has up to 100,000 hours of life expectancy and is also cool to the touch.

Colors and Surfaces

There are also a variety of colors so you can match the neon lighting your business logo colors. These include red, purple, green, white, blue, yellow, and orange. You can decorate in one color or all "rainbow" colors if you want your business to really stand out.

Flexible neon LED lighting can be installed on several surface types such as wood, steel, plastic, and concrete. Up to 300 feet of continuous border tubing can be stretched along your building's exterior or interior to create eye-catching building highlights.

If you're searching for an affordable, but noticeable, way to draw more attention to your storefront, LED neon lighting is a great alternative lighting solution. Easy installation neon lighting gives your business its opportunity to shine!

How to Apply for a Job Online

In an increasingly online marketplace, applying for jobs often means sending your resume and cover letter electronically. Some companies have online application forms right on their Websites. Here, you can choose the job you wish to apply for, plug your work experience, skills, and education into online fields, then submit this information with a single click of a button.

Online application forms differ from another and will require different information. For example, some companies ask that you "copy-and-paste" your resume and cover letter into two fields. Others ask that applicants fill in multiple fields such as "work experience," "education," etc. Still others ask that you do both-submit your resume and cover letter, and fill in fields that require the same employment-related information.

Whatever type of online application form a company might have, be sure that all your information is posted in one field or another. Don't be afraid to repeat information, especially if the form requests a resume and a separate breakdown of your work history. Your information will be automatically uploaded into an online database, where hiring managers will likely scout for keywords. The more times your keywords come up, the better.

While some companies-especially large ones have online application forms, many others simply ask candidates to e-mail their application materials to the appropriate person or to a general employment address like "" Here, caution is warranted. Be sure to send your resume and cover letter exactly as the hiring manager requests. Some employers prefer that the resume and cover letter be attached as separate documents (usually in a Text Only format or as Microsoft Word documents). Other employers want the cover letter to be in the body of an e-mail, but the resume to be attached separately. Still others prefer that both the resume and the cover letter be pasted into the body of an e-mail. For the latter, be sure that your documents are easy to read. Resumes, which have a rather complicated format, often look messy when they are transplanted into the body of an e-mail. Says recruiter Beth Camp: "If you e-mail a resume, it has to look as good as a written resume. I would advise sending a resume both as an attachment and in the body of your e-mail." This is a good way to sidestep a possible formatting fiasco. Another way is to send your resume and cover letter electronically, then to send hard copies as well.

Some jobseekers opt to purchase domain names and to create their own Websites for the purpose of putting their resumes (and other application materials) online. The advantage of formatting your resume using HTML and making it a static Web page is that anyone can see your resume in its proper format simply by visiting your Website. Thus, instead of mailing or e-mailing your resume every time you want someone to see it, you can simply give the interested parties the right web address and they can find it for themselves. An added bonus of having your resume on a Web page is that you may attract the interest of recruiters and employers whom you hadn't even considered. To make downloading your resume easier, you may want to include on your Website copies of your resume in PDF (portable document format) and Microsoft Word files.

Unfortunately, there are downsides to putting your resume on a Website. One downside is that your information becomes accessible to everyone, even unwanted visitors. For this reason, you should never disclose your home address, social security number, or any other personal information. Another downside is that not all hiring managers will go out of their way to visit your Website. Even if your resume is only a click away, many hiring managers would nevertheless prefer that you mail or e-mail it.

In terms of how you send your application materials, it would be unwise to go against the explicit wishes of an employer. For example, don't send an attachment when copy-and-pasting is requested. Some companies shun attachments because they fear getting a virus, or because they don't have compatible software, or because they simply don't want to be bothered with the extra step of opening a document.

When assembling your application materials and putting them into an e-mail, don't fill in the "to" field until you are finished. It's all too easy to accidentally send a half-finished e-mail to a company, thus eliminating your chances of making a decent first impression, and most likely, of getting an interview. If you were asked to copy-and-paste your resume and cover letter, be sure to scan the final outcome at least once for formatting problems, then to use a spell checker a final time.

If you are attaching your documents, be absolutely sure you are attaching the right versions (i.e., the company-tailored and updated versions) to the employer. Also, be sure that they are labeled in a professional way. One jobseeker laments his decision to save different versions of his resume under headings like "Resume for Strategic Sourcing Jobs." Says the jobseeker: "I was applying for three different types of positions. But I didn't want every prospective employer to know that. By labeling my outgoing resumes the way I did, I pretty much broadcasted the fact that I didn't have a clear career direction." Probably the best strategy for saving your resume is to do so under your name only (example: Simone Piette  resume) or under your name and the name of the company (example: Greenfield resume from Simone Piette). Be sure to say in your e-mail what you have attached, and also, what software you've used. For example, you might say in the body of your e-mail: "Please see my attached resume in Microsoft Word version 2002."

Before a hiring manager even opens your e-mail, she should know exactly who you are and which job you are applying for. In the "Subject" line, write your name, the position name (and job number, if listed), and the contents of your application (example, "Simone Piette resume and cover letter for Executive Assistant Position").

If you've been referred to a position by another person, be sure to "cc" (carbon copy) or "bcc" (blind carbon copy) your reference when you apply. That is, add that person's e-mail to the "cc" or "bcc" field, which will enable that person to receive an exact copy of the e-mail you're sending to the hiring manager. The reason you want to "cc" or "bcc" your referrer is because you want to keep him in the loop. After all, if someone has offered to help you, he should know what stage you're at in the application process. (Note: Some e-mail programs don't offer "cc" or "bcc" fields, in which case you'll want to e-mail your reference separately.)

Finally, be sure to save a copy of your outgoing e-mail in your "Sent Mail" folder, just in case the e-mail doesn't go through and you need to send it again.

Resume Templates

Working with Resume Templates

There’s no right way or wrong way to write a resume.  Find a resume template that you like and can work with. Stick to the general outline but edit to fit your best credentials and accolades.

It’s an advantage to have a large collection of templates to choose from to give as many options as possible. You can also utilize different formats and see which you like best. Make sure you have someone who can proof read for grammar and spelling.

What’s great about specific job resume templates is that they give you a targeted outline to work with. For example: A Marketing resume template might include headings like Entertainment and Media, Marketing and Advertising, Sales, Business, and Promotional Development, Business and Project Management. The things associated with marketing that will encourage you to think about what you have to offer a new company.

A good practice is to develop two resumes with different formats and then pass them around to family and friends for opinions.

As you begin to read job postings and the employment Ads, you can tweak your resume as you go.  Do your homework about the company you’re interested in and personalize it with pertinent and positive information in your cover letter.

What To Look For In A Good Freight Forwarding Company

The industrial revolution has brought people around the world closer. In effect, technology has decreased the size of the world by increasing the speed of transportation and message transcription. The results of this have been phenomenal – it has paved the way for more travel and trade between distant nations. Gone are the days when one has to wait for a package or parcel for months. With the technology applied in freight forwarding and logistics, a shorter time of sending the goods, the shortest of which is the one day delivery, is now possible.

As many countries have started to globalize, import and export business has become one of the trends in the business world. Traders import and export goods from another country and this is made possible by the supply chain technology which was created to serve as a bridge to distant and far nations or places. This is not only applicable to import and export business. In search of greener pastures and with the goal of providing their loved ones a better life, some migrate and work in another nation. And these overseas workers send goods and packages to their families constantly. To meet the growing demand for freight, many companies were built and established to provide parcel and delivery services. Now, hundreds of freight forwarding companies can be found everywhere.

With the number of freight forwarding companies offering freight forwarding services, it seems so easy to send and receive goods and packages. But which of these companies should you choose? Which of these should you trust with your goods? How do you know which is the best when almost all of them offer the same kind of service?

The key to shipping your goods efficiently is to get the service of a good customs broker or freight forwarder. An efficient and good freight forwarding company should be highly organized and should be an expert in documentation. It is very important for a forwarder to service their clients accurately and without any mistake or error in documentation. With hundreds of customers shipping their goods to almost all places in the world, an error can be tolerated. You wouldn’t want your goods supposed to be shipped to Canada be shipped to another country. It will definitely cause delay and the worst, your goods are completely lost. Though there are insurances created for these circumstances, you surely don’t want to waste your time processing all the requirements to claim for the insurance because all you wanted in the first place was for your goods to reach their destination.

A good freight forwarding company practices good packing service. Shipping conditions whether by air or sea can at times be tough. Perfect packing is needed to ensure safety of goods. A good freight forwarding company has to be specific in its packing particularly on the different kinds of products and goods as some products can be very fragile. As shipping the items can be very tough, it is best that the company knows how to handle these products.

A good freight forwarding company has an accurate and effective tracking system. When a person sends goods, he normally would like to know the progress of the shipment. He would like to know right away whether the goods have already reached the destination. It should follow a smooth network where the customers can easily track where their goods are at a specific period of time. This way, the customers feel relaxed that the goods will in fact reach the destination.

As many companies would like to ensure the safety of the goods being shipped, they charge the customers a very expensive amount for shipping especially if the goods being shipped are fragile or one that requires a very sensitive care. However, one should compare the price with the others. A good freight forwarding company is one that offers a reasonable price. Check if the price is just right for you to ship certain items. Freight forwarding companies follow some price regulations which correspond to the weight, type and with the amount the item was bought and this can be costly at times. Do not just pay a very big amount for the charges when you feel it’s not reasonable anymore. Know your product, know its destination and decide if it’s just right for you to pay what they are asking for. It is true that you would like your items to reach your loved ones or your customers, but you definitely do not want to break the bank and get all your savings just to pay for the unnecessary charges.

Remember that in these times, technology has made people and nations closer. Be close to your loved ones, friends and customers by choosing a good freight forwarding company: one that will ship your items, package, parcel and goods at a smooth manner with efficiency, care, security and safety at a reasonable price.

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Selling Online, Selling Offline — What’s the Difference?

Online selling differs from person-to-person "offline" selling. In selling online, you don't have the opportunity for that natural two-way dialogue. People come to your site and are exposed to a one-way reading of your message, which can feel impersonal.

Check it out for yourself. If you look at 9 out of 10 website home pages, what do you see?

Online variations of the standard sales or cold-calling script: "We are ... and we do ..."

Why is this a problem? Because these sites are offering their solutions long before visitors can have any sense that they are being understood, and long before they feel any sense of trust in what they're seeing.

Visitors come to sites because they have a problem in mind and are looking for answers.

It's easier than you might think to solve the problems of one-way communication, impersonality, and lack of trust.

All you have to do is put yourself in the position of your site visitor, articulate their specific issues or problems, and gently offer solutions that they can choose without feeling as if they are being "sold."

Here are some simple ways you can warm up your site so you get as close as you can to a natural two-way dialogue:

* Remember the "Written Word" module from the Self-Study Program?

Beware of over-using "I" or "We" on your home page or at the beginning of your written message.

For example, rather than immediately pushing your product as the first thing visitors see on your home page, use language that addresses problems you know you can solve.

State those problems, and you'll find that your visitors are drawn more deeply into your site.

* Create a clear path through your site that lets visitors make their own decisions about what's best for them.

* Give your visitors a taste of your solutions so they can feel that you can actually solve their problems or issues. Downloads, "test drives" and other "free samples" give visitors the live experience of your solution and make them feel more comfortable with it.

* Last, and maybe most importantly: I'm always surprised by how few website owners seem to actually want to communicate with the potential customers who visit their website. But...have you ever gone to a site to order a product or service and ended up calling the toll-free number instead? Have you ever thought about why you did that? Maybe it was because you could ask questions of the live person who took your order, and this increased your sense of trust.

So...make yourself available to site visitors by having a Live Chat or Push To Talk button (see below) on your website.

Talk directly with visitors to your site as they enter the virtual world that you've created for them.

There's nothing better than a two-way dialogue to humanize the online experience.

I enjoy it so much when visitors click on my Live Chat or Push To talk button,

and we establish that all-important personal connection.

Try it on your site. You'll love talking to your website visitors because you'll be able to help them solve their problems.