Three Secrets to Mega-Success (Part 1 of 3)

I’ll be the first to admit it…

I’m not a genius. My SAT scores weren’t the highest. I didn’t have a perfect 4.0 GPA in college (but I was pretty close). And I don’t even have a formal "business degree."

So – how the heck did I graduate at the top of my class, start my first (profitable!) business at 14, go on to become successful in MLM, work and perform at venues like the Kennedy Center and Signature Theatre and even start my own marketing company serving MLMers?

Glad you asked. 😉

I’ve finally decided to let you in on my secrets.

You see, for years my friends and family always called me "lucky". But the kicker is – I don’t believe in luck.

I think it was Earl Nightingale who said "luck is when opportunity meets preparation", right? So instead of calling someone "lucky" – we should just say they’ve been prepared to spot opportunities.

How? By having the right mindset.

Let me explain…

Recently, I was asked to speak for a group of hand-picked entrepreneurs in a special apprenticeship program (some of them paying up to $7,000.00 to be part of the year-long home business program).

And in preparing for that talk, I was forced to look at my daily success activities that allow me to play games, travel and keep the alarm clock turned off.

Now, fortunately for you – you don’t have to pay $7,000.00 to hear what I came up with. You’re going to get my top 3 "secrets" for FREE right here in "Instant MLM Profit Secrets"!

(Note: I sure as heck didn’t invent any of these secrets, but instead picked them up from MY mentors over the years. Just because they may seem simple, don’t mistake the fatal mistake of discounting their power. Use them and profit from them.)

SUCCESS SECRET #1: One Pro-Active Thing A Day

I learned from one of my mentors, Dan Kennedy, to always do one pro-active thing a day. Every single day of the year. And when I follow that advice – it always has a great impact on my sales and bottom line.

You know – it doesn’t even matter if you have a 9-5 job or work full-time from home. EVERY person can do one pro-active thing a day.

I know, I know. This may sound TOO easy to do…but that makes it just as easy not to do.

Take this advice to heart. Not a day goes by (okay, maybe one or two do!) where I’m not doing something to bring in new customers and clients for my businesses. Whether it’s doing a sit-down presentation or finding a new affiliate – it doesn’t matter.

Like clockwork. Every single day.

But BEWARE! The danger here is to SKIP it one day and tell yourself you’ll double up on the next day. Don’t do it! The temptation is great, I know – but you’re programming your mind for procrastination and indecision.

Instead, get up each morning and give yourself ONE important activity to do for that day for your business. It could be calling a prospect, finding a new affiliate, one 3-way call. Almost anything. Don’t let yourself go to bed until you’ve done it.

And what’s the end result?

You’ll program your mind for action and success. That’s what makes this so powerful! Even if you’re having a "bad" day, you’ve still reached your one goal and had a win by the time you go to bed. Believe me, your subconscious is taking note!

Do this for just 30 days and you’ll be amazed how you feel and the results you can accomplish.

—– Side Bar: Want to be super-successful? Include READING and LISTENING as part of your daily activities. Every single day read 10 pages of a good book and listen to 15 minutes of a tape or CD. (It’s the closest you can come to barely doing any real work and still improving yourself.)

It was Michael Clouse who taught me to stick a CD player in my bathroom on top of my toilet. And I’ll tell you – it’s one of the greatest self-improvement tips I’ve picked up! Every day when showering and getting dressed, all you’ll have to do is push "play" and better yourself. Doesn’t get much easier than that. —–

I know I just gave you a potpourri of things to think about, so here’s how you can immediately apply this to YOUR daily routine…

1) Buy a stack of 3×5 cards. In the morning, write down your ONE goal for the day. Carry it around with you. And don’t go to bed until it’s done.

2) READ each day. 10 pages. Or one chapter. Or 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter the amount as long as you’re consistent and regular. (And when I said read – it’s not the tabloids or the negative news. It’s something that improves your skills and expands your thinking!)

3) Buy yourself a cheap boom-box for your bathroom. Stick it on the toilet. And listen to a positive tape or CD each day. Again, it’s the consistent action that will get you the results.

And there you have it – the first of my three success secrets that’ll give you "magic" results.

Now, I promise you, there are people who are reading this saying "oh yeah, that, I’ve heard that before" but they won’t do a damn thing with the information….and most likely they are the same people NOT achieving the mega-success.

Don’t be one of them.

Try these quick and easy activities until I send you Success Secret #2 and see how you feel!

Your business (and bank account) will thank you!

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