A Podium is No Place for a Projector

Remember the days when presentations before an audience consisted of boring lectures told from a podium while someone clicked slides or moved transparencies?  The world has changed.  Both in education and business, presentations are now more visual, more interesting, more dynamic.

And the furniture industry has jumped on board.  No longer do you need a second person to run that Power Point projector for you. No more turning around to make sure he/she switched the slides at the right time.  You can do it all yourself with a projector cart—something no university lecture hall, conference center, or meeting room should be without.

So what exactly is a projector cart?  We found an excellently designed projector cart from Versa Tables, called the Projector Fusion Laptop Cart.  Available in two colors and for under $300, the Projector Fusion Laptop Cart provides four distinct surfaces designed to help you keep your presentation organized.  The first is an adjustable, pole-mounted laptop tray with a raised lip and locking mechanism to keep your laptop securely where it should be—at your fingertips!  Adjust the laptop for your most comfortable standing or seated height and control the laptop yourself.  In addition, the cart also offers three more adjustable platforms constructed from high-density wood; ideal for holding a projector, printed handouts, visual aids, and more.  The frame is made of scratch-resistant steel and the entire cart is mounted on liquid-ease rolling casters.  The casters also lock, keeping your cart in place even on uneven surfaces.

Base storage trays and cable management units can be added for a nominal charge giving you even more storage space and easier cable organization.  The carts fit easily into a closet or storage space when not in use.  The platforms can be added or removed as needed and adjust independently, giving the user the option to customize according to the needs of his/her presentation.  The platforms, as well as the laptop tray, also rotate around the core pole, so they're perfect for right-handers or left-handers.

Show the speakers you invite to your venue that you care about their comfort by providing them with everything they need to give a successful presentation.

Podiums are great for debates, but with today's business and education trends leaning toward the visual, a laptop fusion cart is perfect for any speaker.  They're also ideal for trade shows, medical offices, and retail stores.

Several manufacturers of computer furniture are now offering similar products, but Versa Tables' Projector Laptop Fusion Cart carries Versa's no-hassle, lifetime warranty, and ships for absolutely free to any customer in the contiguous United States.  Versa also offers a quantity discount on this product—like all of their products—which is a great bonus for institutions like hotels, conference centers and universities which need to furnish multiple lecture halls or meeting rooms.

Available in Warm Gray or Black River, the colors are pleasing to the eye.  An additional pole-mounted monitor arm can be added for a fee, but the cart is truly functional without it.

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