Global Business to Business Marketplace

Most latest and significantly useful way of trade prevailing in market is Global B2b Marketplace. It is a trade portal through which buyers and suppliers of various goods and services come together in a virtual trade show. These trade shows are conducted as either regular trade shows or online trade shows.

The companies today jointly are coming with this concept of fusing at a common place for the convenience of each other. The primary focus is to facilitate trade at various levels i.e.

•      Manufacturing level

•      Import level

•      Export level

•      Wholesale level

It is a two way process in which the buyers will find the worlds most reputable suppliers and vice versa at one common ground.

Buyers Consideration: Every buyer is in search of supplier who has the capability and the facility to meet his procurement needs. To fulfill these criteria each one is struggling globally. But with the coming of this new concept of trading, it is a blessing to find varied range of suppliers under one roof. The suppliers who match ones consideration can be contacted directly.

In case of online trade shows an email can be triggered when new goods or services listing appears. Benefits of buying including detailed company profile, product information, List of industry association, multiple quotations, etc.

Suppliers Consideration: B2B Marketplace acts like a hub for various suppliers to promote their products by providing detailed information about their offering through catalogs. The more of the displayed visibility translates increased awareness about the company and the potential for entry in untapped markets which inurns increases the sale pattern. It appears like an opportunity for suppliers to get noticed by global buyers through enhanced exposure.

Companies through out the world get themselves registered for such shows. They are required to provide complete information about themselves starting from true name, postal address, phone, fax, e mail address, registration content etc.

Key Points

•      Suppliers can provide world class products to their customers at good prices and one can find manufacturers and suppliers that one can trust to deliver best quality at the best price on time.

•      It is very cost effective way to connect with the whole lot of trading units throughout the world.

•      One may find thousands of credible suppliers to compete for ones business. This makes the quality and price comparison easier and much simpler across the range of suppliers in seconds.

•      It is the most appreciable and quickest key to global trade.