Accenture’s Global Technology Growth Continues in India

The new delivery center represents not only the further expansion of the company's global delivery network, but the dedication and commitment that Accenture is providing to the continued investment in global business growth.

The Pune delivery center is Accenture's fifth city presence in India, and will utilize technology graduates and IT professionals with skills in the technology sector. By August 2006, Accenture plans to employ a maximum of 1600 employees.

"This new facility in Pune will support our growth plans in India, which is a key node in Accenture's Global Delivery Network," said Karl-Heinz Floether, Accenture's group chief executive for Technology & Delivery. "Our employees here will work seamlessly with their colleagues around the world-sharing the same training, methodology and tools to ensure consistent, high-quality services for our clients."

Accenture's focus has always been in management and consulting, and their global expansion division is no exception. The launch of this technology delivery center is a further commitment to India to tap into the large pool of high-quality talent within the country.

Through the Global Delivery Network, Accenture has grown its headcount in India from fewer than 4000 in 2003 to a current level of over 17,000. That is a tremendous and significant increase in committed resources and talent as a testament to the potential global market. India is one of the few countries that are predicted to see an increase in the labor market in relation to expected population levels. Unlike most of the developed countries, India should not begin to a decline in their workforce for another 50 years. This presents a valuable opportunity to companies like Accenture looking to India as a point of global presence.

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