WEBconference applications for management


Moreover, the absence of a management representative at a meeting (albeit due to an important situation such as negotiating an important contract) is not uncommon. Consulting your colleagues helps you to take better decisions for the company. To conveniently hold meetings anytime and anywhere (also in small groups), make use of Tele-efficiency's superior service.


The statutory meetings that are planned by the president are automatically scheduled in his Outlook calendar, after which he asks the participants to confirm their availability. During the meeting, he introduces the other presenter who gives a PowerPoint presentation and submits a document on the screen, which is also transmitted to his coworkers. If there is

an absentee, the meeting is integrally recorded, both voice and images, and emailed to the absentee, along with the hyperlink and password so that it can be replayed. The voice over Internet software, Skype, along with the instant messaging presence indicator, allows the members of the management team to know, at a given moment, their coworkers' status, i.e., if they are with a "connected," "no show," "not available," or "do not disturb" signal.


If some of the management personnel are frequently traveling, they can participate in the meetings via the Internet from their hotel room, airport, or an Internet cafй, or even from home. Moreover, even if they are absent, they can watch the recorded meeting and share their views with their colleagues. By knowing the availability of the management personnel, at a given time, the president can schedule a meeting; also, he can be signalled during the meeting about someone's changed status of availability, as well as of a new arrival.

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