$3.39 per gallon I paid for gas today 5-19-07 in Rio Rancho, NM. I heard some stupid citizen/person being interviewed on the news last night say that gas prices are no big deal and that she is getting used to it. Stupid! How many interviews did Albuquerque’s local news team have to do before they found some little girl that is okay with spending mommy and daddy’s money on gasoline? I do believe that if she was spending any of the $5.15 per hour that she is earning, she would then have a problem with the cost of fuel. If we become complacent big business will and is walking all over us just like they do with the UK, which is currently paying $5.64 per gallon of regular gas. We will eventually pay $10.00 per liter before we know it if we don't speak up now. Speak up America write your congress men, write blogs, and post your local gas prices world wide on the web. Everyone in the world is invited to to post your local prices. Why is VENEZUELA only paying $0.14 per gallon, what does Venezuela have that the world’s super power doesn’t? They have the foresight to act now to keep fuel prices down. Venezuela has the refineries and plans to develop more by 2012. We "America" have a greedy bunch of Politicians and big business jerks running our country and using conservationists as an excuse not to build refineries. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds we no longer need fossil fuels to the degree we once did, "In 1996, electric cars began to appear on roads all over California. They were quiet and fast, produced no exhaust and ran without gasoline...........Ten years later, these cars were destroyed." ( You can see a short video about the electric car and get information about other low or no fuel vehicles at: The big oil companies put a stop to the electric car thing, they knew that they would loose billions to an era of vehicles that needed little maintenance and absolutely no gas. We the people are in control of our country. Don't forget it, we elect and we impeach. The countries biggest mistake is that we have fallen short by letting the government have to much say in our daily lives. The government is over powering the people buy stepping into our lives and dictating whether or not we: buckle up, discipline our children, smoke legal cigarettes, making air travel a living hell by searching everyone but the target profile, Yes there is a target profile but according to the government that would be discrimination or racial profiling. Racial profiling wasn’t a problem when the FBI rounded up all the Arabic looking foreigners working in Santa Fe, NM after 9/11. I had several friends working at jewelry & rug shops that were deported for reasons I don’t pretend to understand. Our current government deals in fear and as long as we are scared of our shadows they are able to do as they please with our country. Another problem that is compounding pour current state of affairs is that our growing welfare population keeps the greedy in office in order to keep their government checks coming in. Kick the government out of our homes so maybe they might have time to see how the American people are being raped by big business. Speak up America your only crazy if you’re Okay with bending over for the man.

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