Made in Italy: excellence in the production of automatic vending machine

Indeed, the espresso has made us famous in every corner of the planet, especially where the coffee is made and served very long (just as in America). This is because the beverage expressed itself retains all the taste and the aromas of roasted coffee beans. In these terms, even in the offices, institutions, structures and organizations around the world is growing, year after year, the demand for vending machines for hot drinks of high quality that can serve an authentic and original product which transmits the scent and the warmth that characterizes our kitchen.

But what is meant by automatic vending machine?

The automatic machine is a machine that delivers, with fee, products or services required from the final customer. Unlike a real store, They are often quite, an automatic coffee does not require staff dedicated to the marketing of products that can be used even in the absence of personnel, or when the business is closed. Moreover, this type of product, has had several applications in the social, just think of: schools, industries, hospitals, highway stops, etc..

A little curiosity about it

It is assumed that the first automatic vending machine has been designed and built by Hero Tzebus in Alexandria in Egypt as far back as 219 BC who inventedĀ  an autonomous system for the distribution of water during ceremonies held in temples. The machine, presented inside a simple but brilliant mechanism at the same time, in fact, the distribution was driven through coins that by their weight pressed on a lever that allowed the opening of a valve from which streamed some quantities of water.

The situation today and the market

Today, as in every domain, the technology has allowed a sector that enables vending machines now to sell and market any type of snacks, food and beverages. Also in recent times have spread rapidly intelligent distributors of newspapers and cigarettes , based on rules and timetables established that distribute their products only to certain groups of users, the case in point is that of cigarette distributors that before 9 PM requiring the inclusion of the tax code to get access to products.

With the advent of globalization, Italian companies specialized in the manufacture of vending machines are beginning to invest in Internet to promote their activities and make known their products all over the world.

In these words, the Web looks like the most immediate and comprehensive solution for attacking new countries and markets, promoting the Made in Italy in the World. Again and again.

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