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eBay (A subset of List Building)

eBay? Free Advertising?

Ok, so technically an auction listings cost 35 cents… But one sale can easily make you a profit, and you’re allowed to sell nine of the same product in one auction at that price… So this is one exception I’m going to keep in this book because it’s really BETTER than free, all things considered.

So where does the Advertising part come in?

Simply place an information package of some kind, even if it’s just an article on your niche, and sell that infoproduct in an extremely cheap auction listing. Most people sell these things for 1 penny, although the difference between 1 cent and 35 cents really isn’t that much of a difference to the buyers looking for this information.

Naturally there are no other costs like shipping or insurance, because delivery is a simple digital download. Further advertising is up to you, and it is always a matter of just giving eBay some additional fees to make your listing stand out more. If your listing is profiting, try starting the next listing as a “Gallery item” for another 35 cents, and go up from there until you’ve reached a point of maximum returns.

Here’s the great part about this tactic: The winner of the listing’s email address is automatically sent to you via email, through eBay itself. Sell a bunch of those info packets, and you’ve built yourself one of your industry’s most targeted lists!

Don’t feel too left out if you haven’t mentally joined these two concepts together before now. Not too many people have, unless they bought the secret from someone on eBay themselves.

The fact is that eBay already has the lion’s share of traffic, and more importantly, of people in the purchasing mindset. Compare this to Google’s Traffic, which is composed of people in the “researching” mindset. It’s not hard to imagine why serious marketers prefer eBay’s traffic to Google’s Traffic!

Advertising on eBay is as simple as being there in the first place, using a few well-searched keywords. Finding those keywords isn’t too difficult either; all you really have to do is search for expired listings and sort by the price. This way you’ll easily see which auctions recently got the most money in your niche, and then all you have to do is model your campaign like theirs, listing your product under the same category!


Although the Delivery Time and the Quality of the traffic is world class, the Quantity is not infinite… It depends on your niche, of course, but the competition on eBay can be fierce as new auctions will be placed above older ones all the time. Still, with people happy to search keywords you’ve still got a good chance of being found even between the first day or the last few minutes of the auction.

Effectiveness in drawing a large amount of traffic all depends on how good your auction’s sales copy is. Luckily, you can model your auction off others that have done well in the past.

Make no mistake about it; selling infoproducts on eBay is a world-class list-building strategy. That’s about all there is to it, but most people overlook this very powerful way of building your list because it seems too awkward, or they don’t want to take the time to put an info-packet together.

If you sell a product online, then you’ve got to face the fact eventually that this is some of the most targeted, “buyer-frenzied” traffic that exists. If you’re not using this tactic, then you’ll not only be depriving your business of a constant stream of better-than-free advertising, but you’ll also be missing out on a large source of clients that you aren’t likely to be able to reach otherwise.

The fact is that everybody eBays nowadays. That’s why I can use eBay as a verb! In fact I’ve seen a statistic recently that showed $14 of every $100 spent online, worldwide, is spent through eBay now, and this number is still growing! It is clearly the single biggest mover of money on the planet.

People from ALL walks of life can be found there, right when they have their credit cards in hand looking to spend… I don’t even know of another source of traffic that comes close!

When used correctly, you can build up a niche market list on any topic with this technique, and reach an unprecedented 50% or more of that market over time.

Just another weapon you put up in your arsenal of "guerilla methods".

Earn The Insider Secrets Of Income

Get Rich Quick Scams Revealed

Read this article before you consider paying for a "get rich quick" program.


Everybody would love to make lots of money quickly, working from home, and only doing a few hours of work per week. I've spent the past two years trying to find a great way of doing this. Only over the course of the past few months have I found any "get rich quick" programs worth buying. I've been trying to make money online for a long time. I had a few small websites, but they never made much more than a few hundred per month. It was easy money and didn't require much work on my part, but I knew there were people out there doing better than I was and I knew I could do as well as them.

Now, I've seen a lot of "get rich quick" programs. Most of these people make claims about earning $2000/day with Google or something similarly insane. Almost all of these people are complete liars. Even if they were making $2000/day with Google AdSense, it'd be because they had high - traffic websites with a lot of quality content. I'd know, because in one whole month, I never even made half of what they promised I'd make daily with their programs. Maybe you've already been scammed by one of these fraudsters. Anyway, I finally got sick of what was being offered.

I decided I'd look through the all of the "get rich quick" programs I could find and see if there were any that were actually legitimate. I found that there were owners selling their programs for well over $100, but the information in them could be found almost anywhere online for free. Additionally, they all contained out-of-date information, had no e-mail support, no money back guarantees, and broken links in the downloads section.

In conclusion, almost all of the programs I found were completely useless. The owners knew it, but they couldn't care less about their customers since they didn't offer refund policies! Amazingly, while looking through all of the programs, I actually did find a few legitimate programs. They were run by ordinary people like you and me, and they had found some great methods of making money from their home by doing very little work.

I spent some time working with those programs, and my income is now ten times what it used to be. These programs provided a large amount of great information on how to make extra money on your computer doing very little work. Numerous customers had provided great feedback and reviews for their products. Many of them have started to make money just days after buying!

Their programs have excellent prices, and the authors have a group of paid staff who are dedicating to helping you or providing assistance if you need any. I must say I was amazed! If you do decide to purchase any of the programs listed below, I recommend you join quickly. Most of the owners tell me they are getting an overwhelming number of sales and plan on raising prices in the near future, so order while prices are still low!

To Your Online Success,



Drinks requiring only shaking are covered with a plastic shaker cup and mixed within the glass; whereas shaken and strained or stirred and strained drinks are originally mixed within (a) shaker cups (glass & stainless steel) and then transferred to a glass. Remember to always fill your shaker full of ice before mixing drinks requiring either stirring/shaking and straining. The same applies to glassware; always start with a full glass of ice.


Please keep in mind that while directions such as "shoot drink", "drink without using hands", "ignite drink", or "while leaning head over bar pour drink into mouth" are all authentic recipe components, they are only suggestions and should not be attempted if you feel that they might pose a hazard to your health. Make certain to never carry or transport a lit drink, as alcohol is a flammable liquid and should be respectfully treated as such. Before drinking, completely extinguish any drink suggesting ignition.

Always overstock on ice, fresh resupply is critical in the maintenance of professional standards. Whenever glassware or bottles are broken in the vicinity of the ice bin, melt the ice with hot water, clean the bin, and restock with new ice.


Ice can be one of the most important factors in determining a drink's quality. Generally speaking, the small square-shaped "slices" usually referred to as "bar" ice are best. Aside from preventing premature blender destruction, the smaller style ice cube, will by virtue of increased surface area, make for a significantly colder drink. The resulting reduction in vapor pressure (fumes) from the alcohol makes for a more palatable mixed drink.

As mentioned before in the section on Ice, whenever glassware or bottles are broken in the vicinity of the ice bin, melt the ice with hot water, clean the bin and restock with new ice.

A 2-speed commercial blender is practically a must for quality frozens. Don't destroy a 15-speed kitchen blender trying to crush ice; it's simply not made for the job. Waring produces a good line of commercial 2-speed Blendor models that start at less than $90.00.

Liquor Measurement

The use of a shot system has been adopted, whereby a shot is equal to whichever size jigger you use, keeping in mind that the recipes are based on a 1 1/2 oz. shot. When using a different size jigger, correct proportioning can be main­tained by using larger glassware and more mixer if the "shot" is bigger or vice versa if smaller. Use a 1 1/4 oz. shot and the specified sizes and measurements for a milder recipe variation. Splashes are 1 oz., scoops are 4 ozs. and dashes are from 3 to 5 drops. This system was chosen not only because it's quick and easy to use but most importantly, because it's adaptable to your bartending style.

Liquor Measuring Key

Dash-------3 to 5 drops

Scoop------4 ounces

Shot-------1 1/2 ounces

Splash-----1 ounce

Tablespoon-'/2 ounce (3 tspn.)

Teaspoon---'/6 ounce

A.K.A.-----"Also Known As"

S.A.-------"See Also"

V/O--------"Variation or Option"


R----------"Registered Trademark"

How to Diffuse Cold Calling Pressure Points

Stop your expectations from sabotaging cold calls.

Sales pressure is a mighty saboteur. And it comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Beginning any conversation with the anticipation of a sale puts the whole conversation under pressure. This doesn’t normally create good outcomes. It usually triggers pressure, resistance, and tension.

People have received so many calls with such a strong focus on sales that they respond in a defensive manner to any sales calls at all. If you can release your expectations while making a cold call, you’ll diffuse the underlying tension that comes with sales pressure. And you’ll be surprised how often others will welcome talking with you.

Most of us truly believe that our product or service can help others, so we assume that anyone who fits the profile of a potential client should buy what we have to offer. Isn’t that one of the first things we learn in our sales training?

But this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to cold calling. When we make a call assuming someone will be interested, we’ve automatically moved into expectations. No matter how well camouflaged they are, sales expectations block the flow of natural conversation and put pressure on the other person.

So move away from making any assumptions when making cold calls. After all, how much sense is it to have assumptions about someone you’ve never spoken with? How much can you possibly know about their problems, issues, needs, budget, or other key information?

If you approach your calls from a place of genuine interest rather than expectations, you’ll diffuse any sense of sales pressure. The other individual will relax and the interaction will flow naturally.

However, if you’re already convinced in your own mind that they should be a fit, certain pressure has already started before the conversation has really even begun. The last thing you want is to introduce this into the conversation. So rather than moving into a sales presentation immediately, maintain the natural flow of interaction instead.

You can diffuse underlying sales pressure within any conversation by focusing first on whether you are a good fit. Invite the other person to focus on this with you. And determine together whether a good business relationship might genuinely be possible.

When our honest objective is not to make a sale but rather discover the truth of the situation, we have released expectations. The key is to offer options, so the person we’re talking with doesn’t feel pressure from us. This would only trigger the defensive reactions we’re trying to avoid.

Overcome the temptation to immediately discuss what you have to offer. Instead, help the other person overcome the fear of who you are and what is expected. Potential clients are much more likely to respond to you when they are not subjected to an immediate mini-presentation. This approach usually just creates suspicion and rejection.

So allow the conversation to have a natural sense of rhythm. Define mutual interest before launching into a description of your solution to a problem you probably know very little about at this point.

If you’re still caught up in the traditional mindset of making the sale, your voice and demeanor will be full of expectation. Although you may even be using the "asking questions strategy," you are really thinking about moving the conversation into the sales process. Others will subtly (or overtly) react to this expectation with resistance.

It’s perfectly fine to describe your product or service. However, you must introduce this at an appropriate time.

So be relaxed and low-key. Otherwise you risk introducing sales pressure immediately.

Rather than a presentation, you might begin with the question, "Hi, maybe you can help me out a second?"

The person will almost always respond by saying "Sure.  How can I help you?" You’ve now diffused any immediate sales pressure. You’re being genuine and not using the canned phrases that every other salesperson is using. You’ve gotten rid of the usual initial pressure and tension that comes along with sales expectations.

When your expectations are released, others won’t feel you’re trying to lead them down the path to a sale.  They are usually willing to examine along with you whether a business relationship might be good.

So there you have it. Release your expectations to avoid conveying a sense of sales pressure. Potential clients become more interested and involved as a result, and also much more truthful about where they stand.

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Find Hidden Money for Your Business Through Revenue Recovery

If you're searching for ways to increase your bottom line, starting a new venture or going after a new business opportunity might not be the answer. Your small business could have hidden money through overcharges that you're not aware of - and revenue recovery may be the answer.

Did you know that businesses lose approximately $250 billion per year through inefficient billing systems and practices? More than 80% of all businesses are overcharged annually without their knowledge! Your home business or small business could very well be within this percentage.

Don't become a victim of poor business management. Good business economics comes from smart management. Knowing about overcharges and how to prevent them will greatly improve your business finance management today and for the future.

What are Overcharges?

Overcharges are additional charges that you may have paid unawares on certain types of bills. These "additional" charges are often accounting or typing mistakes, hidden fees that you were not informed about, or even fees tacked onto bills by a dishonest company. There are many types of overcharges. Here are just a few that are common with businesses.

Workers Comp Overcharges

If you have workers compensation issues at your workplace, then you may also have mistakes that are costing you money each year. These mistakes are often discovered in payrolls, experience modifications, classifications, or NCCI rules applications. There may also be insurance company overcharges. These "mistakes" can cost your company thousands of dollars per year if not caught in time.

Telecom Overcharges

Some studies show that almost 80% of telephone bills contain errors that cost American businesses millions of dollars per year. Telecom overcharges have become a major problem because of the variety of telecom services offered today. Many corporate businesses and franchises must keep up with long distance calling and toll-free calls, cell phones, answering services, telemarketers, and customer service calls. It's no wonder telecom overcharges are so common.

Telephone bills have become so complicated to read that many ignore the details and just write a check for the bill! What's the result? Businesses lose hard-earned money.

Income Tax Overcharges

Businesses can also lose money through income tax overpayments. This can occur whether it's an individual who owns a small home-based business or a small business owner with 5 to 100 employees. The IRS rules change almost every year, so keeping up with income taxes can be a difficult task - even for a financial consultant or accountant!

Tax overcharges can and do occur every year for individuals and business owners. What many don't realize is that these overcharges can turn into hefty refunds if submitted to the IRS as amended tax returns. Your business could have tax overcharges waiting to be claimed!

Rent, Leases and Utilities

Other areas where overcharges can occur are with business offices or building rent, leases, or utilities. In cases where the landlord includes utilities with your rent or lease agreement, he may be getting a discount on utilities, but charging you, the tenant, full price. Therefore, you might possibly negotiate a better rate if this is found to be true. This could result in tremendous savings every month for your business.

Revenue Recovery Solutions

There are many ways to investigate and recover lost revenue; however, it can be very time-consuming to audit all of your business information and bills each month. Luckily, there are many companies such as AmCorp Management that specialize in revenue recovery. They keep up with business news and investigate your bills for you to find overcharges and recover them for you. They provide business services that save you time so you can test new business ideas and possibly increase your bottom line each year through revenue recovery.

Consider revenue recovery to be a lifesaver, not a waste of time. You might be surprised at the money that has been hidden in overcharges year after year.

Turn Your PC Into a Filing Cabinet

It'll get you closer to the dream of a paperless office

Guidance for Workplace PC Users

One of the big dreams of PC aficionados 20-plus years ago was the paperless office. Why would you need paper if you had everything saved on a disk? So much for that dream. We're a long way from saving the forests.

But here's my goal for you today: I want to convince you that, to a large degree, your office filing cabinets are wasting space. Paper is a pain in the neck. Theoretically, you could get rid of every scrap of it. You can store a record of everything you do in your computer. And finding it is easier than digging through a filing cabinet.

Let's get started.

Step 1: Understand Windows Explorer )

There are two parts of the Microsoft Windows operating system that you really should understand. One is the desktop. That's what you see when you turn on the computer. You probably have a grip on that already.

The other is Windows Explorer. That's where all your files are listed.

You use the Start button to find Windows Explorer. For Windows Me and XP, click Start>Programs or All Programs>Accessories>Windows Explorer. If you're still using Windows 98, click Start>Programs>Windows Explorer.

When you open Windows Explorer, you'll find the screen is split into left and right panes. The stuff on the left is folders; the things on the right are subfolders or files. If you click once on a folder, the subfolders and files within that folder are displayed on the right.

The folder section on the left is called a "tree." It could be better described as an "upside-down tree." Near the top, you'll find the root folder, usually C:. Everything grows from that. The most important thing under C: is My Documents. That's where you store your documents. The other thing you should be aware of is Program Files.

When you install an application — Microsoft Word or whatever — it will normally go under Program Files. Some programs install directly under C:, but they are the exceptions. So, if you ever need to dig into the folders in Microsoft Word or another program, you'll probably find them under Program Files.

Step 2: Reclaim the My Documents folder )

Microsoft includes more than one My Documents folder in Windows Explorer. Why? Beats me. But you could use any My Documents folder you find on your drive. To avoid confusion, just use one. I'll focus on the one under C:.

You can set up My Documents the way you do a filing cabinet. Think about that cabinet: Your top drawer might be "Important Letters." Inside, you might have letters to your customers, arranged by folders. Each customer would have a folder. Your second drawer could be marked "Invoices to Customers." Again, the folders inside would be individualized for your customers.

So here's how you set up My Documents the same way:

Click once on My Documents, highlighting it. Click File>New>Folder. Give the new folder the name "Important Letters." Be sure the Important Letters folder shows on the left side, under My Documents.

Now, click once on the Important Letters folder. Click File>New>Folder. Give the new folder the name of a customer. Do this for each of your customers.

Follow the same procedure for invoices. Create a new folder under My Documents and name it "Invoices to Customers." Then create subfolders for Invoices to Customers, and give each the name of a customer.

You can create as many folders under My Documents as you like. And you can create lots of subfolders. In fact, you can add subfolders to subfolders to subfolders, if you like. This method of filing is flexible.

Paper documents you receive, as opposed to those you generate, are more problematic. If you have a scanner, you can scan them into your system. Otherwise, you might want to continue to file them. The same is true of newspaper clippings and other pieces of paper. They can be scanned if you want to digitize everything. But you might find traditional filing handier.

Step 3: What hardware do I need? )

You probably have enough space on your hard drive to store the Library of Congress. Hard drives have grown exponentially in recent years. Unless you're storing huge video files, you probably don't have a space-limitation issue.

It's easy to check your space situation. Click Start and My Computer. Right-click C: and click Properties. Your hard drive information is on the General tab.

Checking mine, I find that I have 4.76 gigabytes of data. Much of that is Windows and other applications. I also have thousands of personal files, because I store everything I write. Even so, I have 33.5 GB of empty space. This hard drive will turn to dust before I fill it!

Meanwhile, assuming you commit your business life to your hard drive, you must protect it. Do that with data backups. Then, if a hard drive fails, you can restore the data to a new hard drive.

Hard drives are very reliable today. But you should never take chances with your business. The world is already tough enough!

If you don't feel comfortable diving in, start slowly. Put just a few of your files under My Documents. I think you'll find Windows Explorer easy to use.

You may never drive paper out of your life. But you can certainly reduce it, and maybe save a tree or two.

Music Equipment Auctions

Music has come a long way; it is getting better everyday with high end music gears. All the music enthusiasts have a great ardor for musical instruments and gear. You may be a budding singer, composer, music learner or even a CEO who plays the chords for his hobby. There is a music lover in almost all of us! It is the matter of how strongly we pursue our desires. With several companies like guitar centre, gear-vault and instrument exchange providing the services, buying and bidding for the music gears online is becoming popular. Your bid for the most coveted music gear may help you get it at low price, which makes it a good deal or rather a steal one must say.

All you need to do is to register with the websites of the service providers, in case you wish to buy, bid or sell music gear online. There are takes for every kind of music gear buyer, find the one which suits your needs and budget. You may be a college going hunk playing just for hobby or having part time income. So, why to be gloomy about costly price tags of high end music gear, when you can get the same at a cheap price online? The most interesting service provided is to swap your music gear with another. This is an option available online. You just need to be a member of the sites of the companies available with such options and dabble across the offers available on their website. With a wide range of music gears like Amplifiers, Guitars, Electronic Guitars, Bass Rigs, Drums, Recording equipments, Processors, Pedals, DVDs, Audio CDs etc. on offer, you are sure to find some interesting stuff for yourself.

Swapping is a value added service provided to equip you with advanced music gear at a cheaper price against your existing music gear. With an efficient utilization of these features, you can get rid of the music gear you don't wish to keep anymore. Perhaps, it is much advantageous to adopt new technology for enhanced experience. Gifting yourself with a fresh gear would be very overwhelming. Go ahead and head on to the wonderful opportunities. All the music gears present here belongs to world reputed brands. Both new and used music gears are on sale.

Find an appealing music gear and strike a good deal for it online. All your music generation needs will be fulfilled there. Moreover, online payments are secured via Pay-pal to avoid any blunders. You will find everything on auction very descriptive, which enables you to make a sound choice. It may be a text, image and even video description of the music gear. So, go clicking and find the chords for plucking music out of the strings.

A Change in Career a Change in You

Some of us are lucky (or unlucky) enough to start our own business, we work all the hours under the sun and moon and think that this is it, this is going to make me, I will be happy and have no worries about bills and the future. Sadly,it's not quite like that. If you're into manual labour you generally end up with no money and all sorts of

ailments like back pain, trapped nerves (very painful!) or even the odd limb missing. All from slogging your guts out 24/7! And if you do find that job you always wanted?

Are you still there? I'll bet your not or you won't be in the near future. Why? Because you aren't getting the appreciation you feel you deserve, you know you do a good job, and you know you could do it better but something's stopping you, stopping you from progressing and stopping you.

Why is this? Have we been brought up to be like this? For the average person we weren't taught how to look after our bodies or our minds at school, we were doing homework on Arithmetic's, English, French, Geology and Physics to name a few, all good if you knew what you were going to do in life! Society didn't teach us how to make money or be happy or to look after ourselves, it just taught the basics so that we could fit in.

But fitting in doesn't work!.....we all have that built in desire to be successful, to be better than we are, it's only with us for a certain period of time and you know when

it's running out, it's inbuilt, we are human and it's natural. You have to take a look at yourself and almost go back to school, your school! Do it the way you want to be taught not how society taught you.

Your school, what is your school?..........It's anything you want it to be!

You just need knowledge, only WITH THIS TIME its knowledge you want to learn and you can get enthralled in. You can work any amount of hours in the day as little or as much as you want, but the big difference is that you will be enthralled with your new venture, you will want to work all the hours life allows (and your family) and the

appreciation will come from yourself.

Your life that has passed by (which goes too quick in my book) has gained you a wealth of knowledge that YOU know, that you can pass on to others that need that information.

Information that is valuable and easy for you to convey to others, it's called a niche.

So you see, to all those out there with yearn and the willpower (and we all have it, it's natural) you have an opportunity that no society has had before us. The world is a small village, and the reason for that s.......................... the INTERNET.