Attendance Recording System

Attendance Recording System:

Attendance Recording System allows the companies to manage, monitor and produce reports of employee’s attendance. This system fits easily into the business structure and gives you greater control over your staff. It is mainly used by companies which have more than hundreds or thousands of employees. They are used in areas such as healthcare, financial services, transportation or distribution, retail management, government, manufacturing, and hospitality. Attendance recording system provides an accurate means of recording employee entries, exits breaks, absence and leaves. This can be compiled to produce the total hours worked and the amount that the employees should be paid. More advanced systems can automatically consolidate this information across multiple locations, track how hours are allocated across projects, and monitor overtime hours. Attendance recording system handles company’s time and attendance and access control needs.

In attendance recording system, an employee has to press his or her thumb on the small machine fixed on a wall to record their attendance. The impression of the thumb matches with the one already stored in a computer, and this enters his or her attendance. Some employees use identifying cards to punch in and out. Time and attendance recording systems lets the employees enter their own information directly into the system, including flex-time hours, vacation time, and sick day information.

By using attendance recording system you can make the attendance sheet into self-service attendance machine. Time and attendance recording machine  has the following advantages : saves time and there is no need to manually take the attendance, provides authentication, eliminates errors, promotes employee self-service, manages and controls absenteeism, there is no way to check off someone else's name by mistake. You also have the additional benefit of not having to issue cards, or replace lost ones. They can also cut down on time theft, buddy punching, extended lunches, and other time tracking problems. The systems reduce potential mistakes automatically by transferring information between company systems.

Time and attendance systems often have a Web version of the employee module, which allows workers to enter their time using a Web browser. Its flexible design runs on both PCs under Windows and UNIX workstations. Most systems are compatible with over 20 databases including Ingres, Sybase, and Oracle, and run on all major network environments, thus, providing instant access to all time and attendance functions. Time and attendance systems help companies to reduce and control costs by permitting employees to access non-critical information in a simple, secure, and safe manner. Most systems are Web-enabled and are integrated with current Internet technology

Whether it involves the calculation of overtime, variable or flexible work hours, or exchanging data from and to other applications, like payroll - or human resource systems, time and attendance recording system offers a complete and flexible solution. Employee time and attendance machines range in cost from less to very high cost. The requirement depends upon the number of employees to monitor, the number of locations to track, and the information reporting requirements. There are several time attendance equipments available in the market and some are manufactured as per the requirements of the particular organization.