Offshore Employee Outsourcing

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Offshore Employee Outsourcingwould be the best solution for you!

Outsourcing is one of the most powerful business tools to date. Several companies in various parts of the world are deploying this strategy to continually maintain their stability in the overly competitive market while still providing low-priced products and services to their customers.

If you’re not much familiar with the outsourcing industry, several questions must have been currently roaming on your head. And most probably, the first question that would pop-out into your mind is “What is outsourcing all about?”

Offshore outsourcing is a kind of strategy wherein services are procured from external suppliers overseas. It is a set-up in which non-core operations are delegated from an internal department within an establishment to an outside supplier with specialization on that kind of operation. It offers you great cost, quality and time advantages. This helps in substantially lowering overhead expenses and enables you to focus on your company’s core competencies such as strategy and growth.

Maybe you’re now wondering how this strategy would provide you with such advantages. We’ll give you a larger view of how outsourcing will work out well for you.

As an outsourcing company, we will be providing you with these benefits:

•Deferment from the following liabilities: non-productive administrative costs, human resources related fees, government taxes, levies, unemployment insurance costs, in-house training expenses, etc.  Since we will appear as your employee on record, we will take care of all these for you!

•Our leased employees will be submitted to your company fully geared up - with their own office table, computer, internet access, and everything they could possibly need! Wow! Isn’t that a relief from the burden of budget allotment not only for your staff but also for your equipments?

•By outsourcing overseas, you can take advantage of the value of less than par foreign currencies. Imagine you will only be paying us a fraction of the cost in comparison to the actual charges of using local manpower resources in your area.

•Say goodbye to the worrisome budget allotment and time consuming tasks associated with traditional recruitment and staff maintenance matters! We will also handle those duties for you! We will take care of almost all of the routine maintenance and development tasks for you.

•Round the clock service availability! We operate 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, 4 weeks a month.

You can now focus on the mainstream of your business. This will further boost your ability to compete with other large-scaled businesses out there.

Prime Outsourcing is an IT outsourcing and offshore employee leasing company. We specialize in high quality, cost-effective, flexible services that ensure utmost client satisfaction. As a team, we are determined to provide you with the utmost services you deserve. It is our goal to assist you in becoming more efficient and competent.

Our office is located in Manila, Philippines - known as one of the largest English speaking country in Asia. Our employees speak fluent English and are familiar with Western business trends and practices.

Our company takes pride in having highly competent and dedicated professionals who are constantly updated in technological developments and regularly practices the latest in Information Technology. All of them are college graduates and most of them have several years of experience on their respective fields. We have the people who know how to get the work done!

During the course of our leasing program, we continually work on their skills enhancement. We regularly conduct in house trainings and constantly monitoring their progress.

We have the following professionals ready for you:

•graphic designer

•creative writer


•web developer

•general staff

•and much more!

See how Prime Outsourcing can move you one step ahead of the competition!

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