The Importance and the Relevance of the Macroeconomic Indicators

The economic activities which take place within the framework of a national economy are concretized in a wide range of goods and services. Their assessment under physical or valoric aspect is realised with the help of the economic indicators.

The economic indicator reveals the numeric expression of the quantitative side of the economic phenomena and processes in a certain space and time conditions. It permits to make evident these processes and phenomena quantitatively, structurally and qualitatively and to observe the interdependences between some certain subsystems of the national economy.

According to the level these indicators are calculated for, there can be microeconomic and macroeconomic indicators; if the former shows the results at the level of individual economic agent, the latter measures the performance at the level of national economy. The starting point in calculating the macroeconomic indicators is represented by the microeconomic ones.The most important macroeconomic indicators are the aggregate product, the gross domestic product, the gross national product, the national income and the personal income of the population.

The Gross National Product  ( GNP) represents the market value of the final goods and services produced in a certain period of time, usually one year, by the economical agents of a country, regardless of their existence inside or outside the boundaries of that country.

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