My Plumber. . . What a Salesman!

It all started with a leaking shower faucet, one of those mixer types with no markings or available seal kits from my local home products store. In the 17 years since we had built our home, I had no occasion to call a plumber until now. I opened the Yellow Pages to find a qualified, local plumbing house. There were quite a variety listed but one caught my eye right away, not because of some fancy ad, but because of their phone number, which was displayed in a larger font next to their relatively small logo. It read 732-DRIP.

I did my due diligence and called three plumbing outfits, seeking pricing on my needed repair. It was once again, back to the folks with the unusual phone number. They were the ones that I would hire.

The plumber arrived early the next morning right on time. He was a bit younger than I had expected, but had everything he needed as he had already been advised by the home office as to the nature of my repair. He was neat, clean and friendly. His van had their now familiar logo and phone number painted on the sides. He also had them embroidered on his new looking coveralls.

He introduced himself with a smile and a handshake as I invited him in. Paul and I chit-chatted for just a minute, as I bragged about my plumbing prowess but relative inability to properly identify the needed parts. He chuckled and asked for the whereabouts of the problem shower faucet. I offered him a cup of coffee which he graciously accepted on his way up the stairs, being so very careful not to bang his toolbox or spill the coffee. I showed him the shower stall and let him go about his business.

Paul came downstairs about 20 minutes later with the faulty, 17 year-old parts in hand. He also handed me the empty parts container so that I would know what to order from him if we had need of additional parts for the two other faucets located in the other bathrooms. He explained exactly what he did and reminded me of their unconditional two-year warranty. I gladly signed his work order and handed him his payment. He shook my hand and handed me a refrigerator magnet as well as several business cards. He asked me to please keep him in mind for other repairs that might come up as well as if I would pass his business card to some of our neighbors. With that, he was on his way.

Nobody likes to pay for home repairs. A few people may tackle the job on their own, but most will call in an expert. Paul is indeed that expert. He is also quite the salesman for his company. He did everything right, including fixing my shower problem. I’ll never need to consult the phone book for a plumber again. He is an impressive young man and his company should be proud of him. In fact, they are!

You see, I called their office after he left to commend this young plumber on his professionalism and skills. I reported to the owner that Paul was on time and well prepared. He was neat and clean, dressed in a company uniform. I commented on his handshake, friendliness, careful nature and warm smile. I told this company owner of his employees’ commanding knowledge of the project at hand as well as his review of the job and reminder of their impressive warranty.  Paul made it easy for me to order additional parts without incurring the cost of another service call and asked for referrals before he left. He was all too aware that the other homes in our neighborhood were approximately the same age.

All in all, quite an impressive salesman… especially for a plumber!