Why Isn’t Everyone Working From Home?

Most people today have the opportunity to work from home if they choose, however, like skydiving, working from home is not for everyone.

One person’s pleasure is another person’s poison.

If you do want to work from home, do you want online or offline, product or service, health related, information related, affiliate business? Etc,etc,etc. The list goes on and on. Find something that is of interest to you, this is very important, you must be passionate about your business, know your business inside and out, study and research about your products, services and opportunity, plus it’s good fun.

We are taught to do well in life, but not too well, because to be really successful you need to take risks and you don't want to do that, do you?

We are conditioned from an early age, do well at school, get a good job, marry, have children and not to rock the boat!

All the successful people around have definitely rocked the boat at some stage, they have done things where people have said, ‘What are they doing, are they mad?’ These people are in the minority, they want more, they need challenges, so they take risks, sometimes they win and sometimes they loose, but whatever happens they just keep on going, trying new things, investing in what seems like hopeless opportunities, but what makes this minority of people different is their will to SUCCEED.

Everybody can see these people succeed and fail, so everybody says, ‘Well I won’t be trying that it’s to risky’

The beauty of working from home opportunities is that you CAN try them out and risk very little. Some opportunities have trial periods so the risk is zero.

But be careful, you cannot eat a piece of chocolate by just smelling it!

People try to work from home, but they don’t really try, they sort of go through the motions without really committing to anything. A lot of people will start their home business and expect to be wealthy without doing anything different to what they done before.

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten!

So if you’re happy with your lot in life, I’m happy for you, if however, you want more I wish you every success, deep down you know whether you want more from life, it’s now a case of , how bad do you want it?

Decide to succeed, plan to succeed, take action to succeed and you will SUCCEED!

Keep Dreaming And Never Quit