What separates EDC Gold from all the Rest?

This is the easiest question to answer. Michael Corcoran and Craig Garcia were the inventors of the 100% commission program. They have owned and operated multi-million dollar companies in the past, which they have both retired from. Now they have created EDC Gold, the top rated internet company on the internet.

They are the only internet company that has a three tiered program under $1000 that pays out 100% Commission. EDC Gold and EDC are Direct Sales and Your New Fortune is a monthly residual Income.

Craig & mike answer the phones Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM. They will answer any questions from the members, give marketing advice and even talk to your prospects and make sales for the members. This happens without the prospect even talking to the member until they have been paid.

There is a team of customer support agents Monday though Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM PST. There are…Real people, who are ready willing and able to help any member.

There are over 12 recommended training classes per week. We have the most training of any internet company on the net. But it is not just quantity….they are quality training classes with real substance that teach you step by step…what to do and how to do it. Read what other members are saying.

“I love the updated EDC sites.  Outstanding!  And, your training is second to none.  I have been playing back your seminars and logging in to the seminars that I can work into my schedule.”

Best regards,

Doris Birung

“I want to say thanks for creating the BEST opportunity on the internet! I have tried different programs before with no money ever returned. Not only is this the best program I've ever been in this has got to be the best dummy proof training ever. There is no way or no excuse why anyone should ever fail this program. You and Mike make yourself available to your members which is a plus in my book, the products are incredible, the training is second to none, and the MONEY is great!” Stefan James

“This online business has all the qualities one needs to succeed: great products, unbelievable support, best compensation plan (100% profits), hands on training, and the Owners will close your sales, if you like. I am so happy that I found EDC Gold, and you will be as well.”  Kathy Calhoun

The Products are Incredible. EDC’s products teach people how to market on the internet. So who would want our products? People with a website who want to market their website or people who want to use EDC’s products to promote EDC’s products as their business. That is only around 100 million potential customers. Are you getting this yet?

They have a website that turns visitors into cash. The websites convert. This means you get paid, you make money, you can get rich with EDC Gold.