Why The Limousine Is A Classic, Special Event Car

A limousine, or limo, is an uniquely long luxury vehicle, which traditionally sports black or white colors, although other colors have also been used like pink, or blue or maroon. Limousines are generally chauffeur-driven vehicles and are often associated with the wealthy and powerful.

Luxury vehicles like limousines usually place more emphasis on comfort, appearance, and amenities such as technological upgrades, higher quality material, and comforts like mini-bars, television sets or bubble baths. Luxury vehicles like these are often built in smaller numbers than more affordable mass-market vehicles.

Generally, limousines are utilized for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries as well as for ferrying important people and celebrities. Depending on what the occasion calls for, the color of the limousine needs to match the same. For example, for a funeral, black limousines usually are the best choice.

Currently, limousine companies offer a wide array of new models to suit each client's needs. New vehicles such as the Audi A8L, Leland Miracle, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Hummer H2, BMW 760li, Lincoln Town Car , Maybach 62 and the Cadillac DTS. Vehicles of this type in private use may contain expensive audio players, televisions, video players, and bars, often with refrigerators. A new version of the limousine is the Limo-Bus, which is actually as large as a bus itself, yet has bigger passenger space, wider bars, and is equipped with dance floors, disco lights and surround sound.

All Limousines are luxury cars that offer spacious interiors. They can carry between 10 to 20 passengers depending on the size and type. There are many types of limousines, ranging from the traditional types of six to eight doors to the party/bus limousine, which is meant to carry a larger group of people who not only want to travel but also want to party while traveling in style. People rent limousines primarily to reflect style and elegance, which is usually the case when celebrities and other officials travel.

A limousine service can vary with pricing. The most simple and standardized limousine service will have the limousine, driver and beverages. When it comes to the driver, the service provider usually will provide a uniformed driver. The driver must be a professional who knows the standard and alternative routes Different types of beverages may be offered on its mini bars, and can range from alcoholic to non alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic drinks may be regulated by authorities in certain areas however.

Some limo services includes extras such as, “Just Married” signs, balloons, bow ties, red royal wedding carpet, interior decoration, flowers, champagne stands, wedding march air horns, and other customizations. Customizations can range from chrome fender trims, chrome post pillar covers with lightings, chrome Cartier wheels, and neon lights. This usually explains how some limousine rentals will cost $45.00 an hour, $85.00 an hour or $125.00 an hour. All of the added amenities are reflected in the pricing, and yet are a worthy investment if one puts a high premium on luxury, convenience, and elegance.