Wholesale Distribution: Make Money With The Best Business in the World!

The business of wholesale distributing is one of the oldest and most profitable businesses in history.  One of the reasons is because you don’t need to be there all the time to make money; you have lots of other businesses selling the items for you.  These businesses are your customers. People that buy from you to resell the products and make money themselves.  They can be wholesalers themselves or they can be retailers.  Either way, it’s a way to multiply your sales.

Did you ever wanted to start a business?  Chances are that any business will have something to do to with the “wholesale business”.  Most businesses have to buy goods at wholesale or have to buy supplies at wholesale prices.  If you have a restaurant you don’t go to the market to buy food at retail prices, you have a wholesale distributor called “foodservice distributor” deliver your products.  If you have any time of retail store or business you need wholesale suppliers.  Even if you provide a service like a doctor or a hair stylist chances are you are buying supplies at wholesale prices.  Wholesalers are everywhere and they are involved with almost every business in the world.

------The best thing about this business is that you can make sales when you are not there.  Once you get a few stores as customers you will see how they will sell your products over and over again while you are at home, on vacation, with friends and family.  You deliver them, they sell them!------

Multiplying your sales is probably one of the most important factors in wholesale distribution.  It’s what makes this business interesting.  It’s not just you working and making money on an hourly basis, you have many people working many hours to make money and in turn make you money.  When you are a good distributor with a good product and good service, people will come to you.  They will find you and they will keep buying from you.  Why?  Because that’s their business, that’s how they make their money.  You would do the same thing.  If you have a supplier with fast selling products you’ll keep buying from the supplier because you keep moving the merchandise.  This is why even very small one man operations can make money in this business.  Even if they sell what everyone else is selling. Even if they are more expensive.  Why, because they are there.  They have good service and if you are a retailer you know that you need products to sell products.  If your shelves are empty because your supplier is not there, you are loosing money.  It does not matter if your supplier has the best price, if he does not have good service you won’t have a long relationship with them.

In the next few chapters you will learn the different types of distribution business out there, the types of products and services you can sell, and how much you can make with each one.

When you are reading the types of wholesale businesses try and see yourself doing each of these tasks or running each of those businesses.  If you like a particular business, highlight it and do some research on it.  There are many things you can do in wholesale and distribution depending on your personality, your cash situation and your goals.