Pex Tubing

Tubing is a flexible hose or pipe used in plumbing, irrigation, and other industries. Tubing may be made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), copper, or other material. Tubing is usually supplied in rolls compared to rigid pipe which is sold in straight lengths called joints or sticks. Tubing is usually measured by its outside diameter, while pipe is usually measured by its inside diameter.

PEX Tubing is used to distribute water in PEX Plumbing, Radiant Heat, and other Hydronic Heating Systems. When using PEX Tubing for heating purposes, Oxygen Barrier PEX such as ThermaPEX, Wirsbo hePEX, Mr. PEX-al-PEX, and Multicor PEX-al-PEX Tubing should be used. offers high quality products from the best manufacturers in the industry. Manufacturers such as Wirsbo, Taco, Watts, Bell Gossett, Honeywell, and McDonnell Miller set the highest standards in the plumbing and heating industry. provides the customer with all the information needed to make the right product purchase.

ThermaPEX Barrier PEX Tubing for Radiant Heat is the strongest and most flexible Oxygen Barrier PEX tubing available today. ThermaPEX PEX Tubing is competitively priced and available for same day shipping.

PEX Supply offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300. We have provided you with access to many products, a lot of information, and competitive pricing.

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