WEBconference reduces global warming

WEBconferences are just like normal meetings but they are conducted virtually over the Internet. Presenters can give PowerPoint presentations, consult documents, use interactive on-screen graphics and even vote or display the results of collaborative efforts.

This eco-logic axis, is a new challenger on the WEBconference industry, Tele-efficiency, who supports it. Their service, better known as Conferenceware, is registered in the technological ecosystem. It integrates with Outlook in order to plan a meeting and to invite contacts and with Skype a voice over IP worldwide network. It includes a free audioconference service, in which the participants just make a long distance call, with accesses in North America and Europe, even better, free, with Skype.

According to the Forrester consulting firm, the WEBconference market has had a 28% annual increase in the last 5 years and this progression should continue until 2011, going from 700 million to 2,8 billions a year. Better know for its applications on the public WEBinar, the eMeeting applications should experience in themselves the strongest increase mainly among the multisite companies, those regarding knowledge as well as associations.

The cost of WEBconference services is usually based on per-minute and per-participant rates and, therefore, these services are very expensive. However, Conferenceware offers a free 30-day trial period followed by a fixed-rate quarterly or annual service contract that includes an unlimited number of meetings. Companies that use WEBconferences can reduce their traveling costs and improve the synergy of their meetings, since the latter can be held at any time, anywhere and even at a moment's notice.

Conferenceware has been launched simultaneously in three languages; French, English and Spanis, in 15 countries on all 5 continents. The address of its international English portal is www.tele-efficiency.net. With an interface available in several languages and that can be personalized with a company's image and logo, Conferenceware fosters cultural exchanges and international cooperation. An on-line demonstration is available at www.demo.conferenceware.info. It should be borne in mind that the prospect of events such as an avian flu epidemic could lead companies to adopt WEBconferences as part of their continuity strategy.

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