How To Use Your Right Brain When You Cold Call – Unlock the power of your right brain for cold calling success!

Do you struggle with the process of cold calling? For many of us, it’s a grueling experience. That’s because we try to carry on a conversation from a rigid, linear place. We’re trying to follow a strategy or a script.

Thus, when it comes to having a relaxed and enjoyable cold calling conversation, it just doesn’t work very well.

Our "right brain" is very different from step-by-step, logical, linear processes. It’s organic and intuitive. The right brain is all about things like speech and relationships.

So why do we turn off this very skilled part of ourselves when we’re doing exactly that in cold calling -- having conversations and engaging in some kind of relationship with a fellow human? Well, we’ve been trained out of it. We’ve lost the normal flow of our intuitive, right brain abilities in cold calling. We’ve swapped it for sales scripts and strategies, opening and closing "lines."

In some ways, you could say that we’ve become less human in our cold calling. All the intuitive elements have been taken out of the cold calling process. We’re focused on the sale, not on the person. We’re reading a script rather than really talking. We’re making a pitch, not listening.

Doesn’t this sound kind of like a game to you? Make a pitch, counter objections, and offer a closing line -- all with the intention of acquiring a sale. This is why most of us associate cold calling with the worst of what selling is all about. It’s the "going to war" concept. You put on your armor and play a mind-and-word game with someone you’ve never met.

On the other hand, what if we engaged the power of our right brain to bring us out of that place into real person-to-person contact?  What would happen? Well, the first thing is that you would relax. Your right brain is more interested in the experience than in the goal. You would find yourself less rigid and less tense. Your cold calling speaking voice will have less of that telltale "salesperson" tone. You’ll feel more normal, speak more easily, and let a conversation move at its own pace and focus.

When you do this, others respond to you more naturally because they won’t feel chased. Many people really do genuinely enjoy the opportunity for pleasant connection, whether interested in buying or not.

Here are six keys to adjusting your mindset to tap into the power of your right brain when cold calling:

1. The right brain is interested in process, not outcomes.

Before you make a cold call, make sure your focus isn’t on making the sale. That’s the goal. Putting all of your focus on a goal sabotages your enjoyment of the process itself. Therefore, think to yourself, "My goal is not to make the sale but to create a conversation based on how I can help the other person."

2. The right brain is intuitive, not calculating or manipulative

When you’re making your cold call, avoid changing whom you are in order to secure the sale. Be your everyday relaxed self -- as if you’re calling a friend. There’s no need to be "on stage" or artificially enthusiastic.

The right brain is genuine, normal, relaxed, and decidedly non-artificial.

This is a great way to be when talking with potential clients. People know when you’re being genuine and when you’re not. Thus, they always respond much more positively to someone who’s being "real."

3. The right brain is flexible rather than linear

Throw out your linear sales script and strategies. Generate a spontaneous conversation based on the problems you can help the other person solve. Allow your cold calling conversations to "breathe." Allow the topic to wander a bit from time to time.

4. The right brain sees things holistically

View the person you’re calling as another person, not a "prospect." Let go of the "buyer-seller" mentality. You are not wanting to "get" a sale from somebody. Your focus is on the bigger picture, which includes the wellbeing of your prospect as well as yourself.

5. The right brain is open-ended, not rigid

Don’t worry about driving the cold calling conversation forward. Instead, open your call with a statement that focuses on a problem you can solve and invites a response like, "What do you mean?" or "Tell me more."

When you start tapping into the power of your right brain while cold calling, you’ll start to have fun. You’ll be amazed at how people respond to you. What’s more, at the end of the day you won’t be burned out. You’ll be energized and truly happy.

This is the power of your right brain.

Best practices for eLearning


The eLearning is held live or on-line in which what we would correctly call a virtual class or recorded, in self training. In the case of a virtual class, voice is broadcasted through an audioconference or via Skype and for a broadcast only, it would be done through WEBcast directly on the WEB. The WEB page of a training center could display a list of courses for the registered WEBconferences that in fact constitutes the resume of the programs for the customized training. In the chapter regarding the personalized coaching, the presence indicator with Skype allows to be informed of the accessibility of a colleague, to ask for the opinion and to ask, by clicking, to share with the person your screen, to consult over a document.


The array of Conferenceware functionalities can contribute to help the training and sharing. The PowerPoint presentation and the screen sharing to make a demonstration or display Word or Excel documents are the privileged tools. Several presenters may interact while on a training, like a pedagogue accompanied by a contents specialist, no matter where they might be. The presenter might transmit to the participants an image or a file, such as a reference document finally, to make it more dynamic, the presenter may propose a quiz that the participants answer and to which he/she could display the results.

Follow up

As a follow-up for a WEBconference course, the participants might be subjected to an exhaustive exam. To do so, we offer a poll service in order to easily configure a multiple choice questionnaire to evaluate the knowledge acquired. The display report allows, in itself, the supervision of the completion of the self training program for each employee. In fact, the recording of the courses, actually meaning their edition to eliminate the superfluous segments, allows the conservation and the timely broadcasting.

Methods Of Saving Money

One saves for several reasons such as for a college education, buying a new car, for a new TV set you wish to acquire in three to four months time, for down payment on a home, or to provide for yourself when retirement comes.

As much as there are several reasons for saving, there are likewise many methods in which one can save. In most instances, the best method can be determined by whatever plans you have for the future.

1.     Savings accounts. When saving for just a short period or for emergency purposes, consider opening a savings account passbook, as it is in this method that you can easily gain access to your funds.

Great for both long and short term savings, you can deposit and withdraw money to your account and earn interest, based on your average daily balance. A minimum balance is required to be maintained though, and you are charged with a penalty should you fail to maintain it.

2.     Checking account with interest.  Here one can benefit from checking account conveniences, while your deposits gain interests. Generally these types of accounts grants privileges such as limitless withdrawal and check writing, access to ATM and bill payments that can be done online.

This method typically requires a daily maintaining balance of at least $2,000.

3.     Money market insured accounts. For long-termed goals, this method is ideal, as it generally offers a much higher rate of interest compared to a regular or standard savings account.

The interest rate usually is dependent on the amount of money in your bank account; larger balance means higher interest.

4.     “CD” or Certificates of Deposit.  This is a savings method requiring you to “loan” your money to your financial agency for a certain time frame, usually ranging from thirty days up to five years. Here, the longer the time span again, means higher interest.

Keep in mind that usually insurance companies offer better deals on interests compared to banks, so before you invest, compare rates first!

At certain times, when your goal is many years away, it can be a wiser decision to save money in a certain way that you are not drawn on using it other than the main reason for saving it. Deciding on the right financial agency such as a bank, credit union or insurance firm can bring about a lot of benefit in your finances.

Why Fear To Sell .. How You Can Overcome It” (Part I)

In the first article we looked at how many first time (and experienced!) sales people can be held back from achieving success because of the fears they may have on getting out there and selling.

In the previous article I highlighted 6 main selling-related fears: failure; image or self belief; rejection; lack of product knowledge; criticism; presentation. Each of theses fears on their own can cause a breakdown in the sales process and prevent you from confidently tackling another prospect.

In this article I will look at how you can address these fears head-on; what you can do to face your fears and banish them for life!

Fear of Failure

Undoubtedly the biggest fear most people in selling, and business have is the fear of failure. There is nothing more demoralising than a continual lack of success! Fear of failure has been ingrained from school – remember all those tests when the results were read out for all the class to hear? If you had a poor result, you never felt like trying again! But, don’t be like Homer Simpson when he tried to consol his son Bart who had failed in his bid to be class president,

“You tried and you failed. The lesson is … never try.”

So, what can you do to conquer your fear of failure? The bottom line is that you need a rock solid positive attitude. You must have an inner voice which is continually pushing you onto the next prospect and saying, “Come on, let’s find the one who’s going to say yes!”

Failure has to be seen as a learning opportunity. In every failure, there is a nugget of information, which next time, can point you in the direction of better success. James Dyson, the inventor of the revolutionary vacuum cleaner, summed up the need for a positive attitude, when he said, “Success is made up of 99% failure. You galvanise yourself and you keep going as a full optimist.”

Image Fear

Not everyone has boundless self-confidence. When you start out in business, there is sometimes a nagging doubt that you may have bitten off more than you can chew. This inner doubt chips away at your self confidence and soon you have a poor self image, which reflects in your sales pitch. To be a successful salesperson you have to have a strong self image.

To improve the image you have of yourself, follow these steps:

Write down the qualities which you believe a successful salesperson should possess. Try and limit the list to 4 or 5 key qualities

Find a quiet spot and relax your body and mind with deep and steady breathing

Once you are totally relaxed recite the strong, self image qualities you identified earlier

Imagine or visualise yourself possessing each of these qualities. See in your minds eye how you look, now that you have these qualities. See how successful you are, how you look, and the car you are driving, where you are living

Repeat to yourself that you are assuming each of these qualities and becoming a better person with each day that passes

Repeat this exercise first thing in the morning and last thing at night and you’ll soon find your self image and confidence levels increasing!

Fear of Rejection

Closely linked with the fear of failure is the fear of rejection. Hearing the response “No” is not a great motivator! The main way to deal with rejection is just to accept that it happens. Try and re-frame any rejection you get by saying to yourself that it’s the customer who loses out, not you. Walk away with a smug smile on your face and remind yourself that you are one step closer to someone who will say “Yes”.

Product Knowledge Fear

A lack of in depth knowledge about your product or service quickly finds its way to making for a poor presentation. There is only one solution … and that’s to get learning! Absorb yourself in the product. Understand all the features and benefits, so that you can confidently talk about all aspects of your offering. Banishing this fear is one of the easy ones to put right.


No one likes to be criticised, especially if you have tried your hardest. Unless you are very thick-skinned, harsh criticism can knock you back. If you carry out the exercises on improving your self-image, your ability to take criticism will also improve. Decide to view criticism more as feedback than a direct attack on you. There is usually some element of truth in the majority of critical comments and it’s important that you take the opportunity to learn and change.

Presentation Fears

You may know all the features and benefits of your product but, like an actor, you suffer from stage fright! The presentation fear can be down to a lack of structure around your sales process. Write a basic outline on how you wish a perfect sales pitch to go. Prepare a script for the key parts of the presentation and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Why not ask someone to help you role play a sales presentation? This will give you the opportunity to make all the mistakes you want but in a risk-free environment! You should also visit your local Business Link office and see what courses they are running on sales skills. Look out for books and tapes on effective selling. All of these actions will assist in improving your confidence and result in a more professional sales presentation.

Selling does not have to be a fearful experience! If you have the right attitude, a strong self belief, a full understanding of your product and plenty of practice, then you will have nothing to fear. So, take a look at each of these fears and put a plan in place to tackle them today!

Tips for Carpet Cleaning

An unbeaten carpet care program commences previous to installation and than keep on with the regular vacuuming, maintenance, clean-up and episodic renovation efforts. It calls for utmost care to shield it against wear and tear and the other hazards of every day use.

Here are some implications for upholding the carpets:

1.     Vacuuming the carpet repeatedly with a strong suction, rotating brush and tight filter will reduce the soil buildup.

2.     Examine the carpet before scrubbing, extracting or spotting for the fact that some carpets are very sensitive to acid type cleaners and lose their color in a great extent while other carpets are sensitive to harsh alkalis.

3.     Do not apply strong spotting agents if not required and always neutralize high alkaline or high acid cleaners after use. Make use of appropriate spotters starting with the mildest.

4.     Brushing the spot is not a solution for the cleaning. The correct method to do away with the spot is to rub it towards the middle and then compressing into the cloth by means of brush or the other tamping devices.

5.     Increasing quantities beyond the recommended solution levels is not going to boost the cleaning efficiency. It will result in residual left which will lead to a rapid re-soiling that thorough vacuuming also can’t eradicate. So, take extreme care with the detergents.

6.     Since over wetting can cause brownout, adhesion problems and carpet shrinkage so take care not to make it over wet in a tremendous amount.

7.     After cleaning, please ensure your carpet is dried within twelve hours, otherwise mold or mildew may grow on them. Careful use of good ventilation, central heating and air conditioning systems will help the drying process.

8.     The ideal way to get a fresh Chocolate Milk spill out of the light colored carpets is to use a product entitled--Simple Green (It is non-toxic).

Your carpet will last for a length of time, if clean-up procedure is applied accurately. How often you clean up the carpet will depend on the weather and traffic. Usually, carpets in light traffic region should be cleaned once in a year; in normal traffic areas, once in six months and in heavy traffic areas almost certainly once in a month.

Offshore Outsourcing Services: increasing popularity and advantages offered by leader service providers from India

This means picking a vendor form the wide ranging offshore outsourcing planning for India providers who has the resources, knowledge and ability to sustain client’s success, believing it to being their own; those with the strengths to adapt, respond, anticipate and capture markets in innovative ways. With even festive decorations and party planning being now currently offered under the broad umbrella of services that are being successfully outsourced, there is a lot to be said about offshore outsourcing services to India based firms that provide a cost-advantage, standard quality and timely delivery of varied business models. Yes, it’s no wonder that even families in Winchester that began with outsourcing holiday decoration needs to a professional firm to come in and design, install, maintain, remove and store lighting displays of a unique kind for Christmas are attributed with having started a new trend of specialized outsourcing that can be offshored for manufacturing of affordable themes and decorative items!.

Chief advantages of using offshore outsourcing services:

Cost-effective, time bound and value added propositions promised and delivered in a customized manner after assessing client’s business model are among the chief advantages offered by offshore outsourcing services, such as leading Indian vendors provide.

As corporate and personal lives get more hectic and cost-cuts make up for savings on tax and funds besides lowering administrative burden by utilizing the resources of an offshore partner with the right knowledge, resources and reliability for sustaining business continuity, it makes sense to outsource, feel business owners based abroad.

Offshore outsourcing not only frees up a lot of time but with vendors enhancing their current knowledge base and empowering workforce to add to existing technical expertise and well as imbibe best practices for client benefit, there is a greater demand for offshore outsourcing services from India that combine cost cuts with commitment to improved results.

Client goody bag offered by leaders in offshore outsourcing services:

At Eupath, the preferred choice for quality conscious vendor from India for sustained success in offshore outsourcing services, the commitment doesn’t end with signing the contract agreement; Eupath team follows through with helping add in as many optimized services to gain clients’ benefits that are quantifiable, customer-centric and achieved at cost-effective prices. Speak to the experts in offshore outsourcing services today to know customized plans that can be implemented through cutting-edge technology to place your business in the industry forefront; Eupath’s Hyderabad office number is: +91-40-66686061

Ice Tower Failed – Panama Real Estate Bubble Bursting Now?

Today (06/23/07) one of our major Panama newspapers carried the story of Ice Towers failing to move ahead to completion. Ice Towers was a Panama City icon condo project projected to reach 104 stories in height making it one of the highest residential buildings in the entire world. Ice Towers was to come complete with shops, hotel, casino, amenities etc. It is now been announced that the project will not go ahead and be built to completion according to La Prensa Newspaper today.

This is the second major project that has officially announced failure to complete, the first being Placio de la Bahia which was another icon projected to be 97 floors also on Avenida Balboa.

We hold the opinion that these are not the only projects to fail. They were some of the biggest and grandest with a lot of publicity. It is possible that other projects have failed already and it is impossible to know that. A significant amount of these projects are nothing more than a piece of land with a fence and a billboard portraying the project in all of its projected glory. These projects stay in pre-sell mode and the developers keep hoping to sell enough to move ahead. Only time will tell if they ever complete. The official loss of Palacio de Bahia and now Ice Towers is certain to cool down what was a sizzling real estate market. The modification recently in the Panama Tourist Visa Laws reducing tourist visa to 30 days down from 90 days, will certainly only serve to cool things down further since a lot of people simply wish to come to Panama a few months a year as tourists and reside in the home in Panama. Now they are forced to pursue a residency program they did not foresee pursuing when they bought their home.

For many months we kept driving by the site of Ice Tower and were wondering why we just saw a big hole in the ground with some lights and a few guys working. This was not consistent with a world-class project that should have been built out much sooner. Now we know why.

Our contacts in the building industry inform us that once you get up over about forty floors the construction costs soar to about triple what the lower floors cost. Think about hauling up all those construction materials with super cranes for starters without even getting into foundations, wind shear, internal integrity, plumbing, phones, electrical, etc.

Many of the speculator owners of Ice Tower units paid $1000.00 a sq. meter and now rates for icon projects have soared to $2000 all the way up to $3500 a sq meter.

It was announced that the owners would be receiving refunds. No dates for the refunds were announced in the newspaper. The newspaper did not say whether or not any interest would be paid on the money put down or if so what the rate would be. It was also announced that another real estate project would be built on the site for current fair market values. No further details were provided. It is doubtful that it would be anything as dramatic as Ice Tower. The site is on prime Balboa Avenue property with unobstructed water views and could undoubtedly house a prime project but probably one of no more than 50 floors.

Our law firm has been advocating to our clients that they should only buy real estate, which has already been built. If you can?t go into the condo or single-family house and flick a light switch and flush the toilet don?t buy it, it may never get built. The prices of the older condos and homes are much cheaper and the houses are better built.

Our law firm also advocates strongly never buying any real estate or renting any real estate without having a Panama Attorney review any documents before you sign them and never place any funds down on a property without paperwork previously reviewed by a Panama lawyer.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Panama Real Estate Market. We will be posting articles any time a major development occurs or if there are any changes to laws that would affect tourist, homeowners or real estate investors.


The figures are outstanding. In only the FIRST THREE DAYS...

* 34,706 copies of the "Insiders' Report" PDF

have been downloaded

* 2.3 people pre-registered, on average, every

minute, which is...


* Alexa Internet gave eVo a ranking of 3,157 in

a list of most-visited sites on the entire Internet,


Sounds great, but what's all this site traffic doing for those like you who've maybe just pre-registered, them - selves?

Well... Simon Marriott, for example, introduced an incredible 386 friends and contacts. Then there's Paul Ward, with his 293. And Gavin Mountford, with 284.

Not forgetting Parvis Parvizi who, in the first three days, personally introduced 119... who, in turn, intro - duced others, developing a total team for Parvis of 2,853.

Now, if all of those personally-introduced people were to join e-play when it launches, that would earn Parvis approximately $23,520 USD in his first month...  from just one of seven income streams available!

However, that figure was eclipsed just 24 hours later when, thanks largely to the use of the "tell a friend"

facility, the people joining in response to his invitations jumped from 119 to 225... and the people who joined from their invitations, in turn, helped the team total jump from 2,853 to a phenomenal 4,583!

Tips to choose and use a ladder

A ladder is an essential member of every household, especially if you are a handy-oriented person. Be for painting, cleaning gutters, or pruning a tree, it is very important to find a ladder properly matched to your needs.

The first advice is take a minute to consider some factors that will help you get the most out of your purchase. The main factors to consider are overall quality, size and load capacity.

1 - Quality: This is an obvious one, but still important to keep in mind. Besides taking you to the heights, a ladder must be dependable. After all, it will hold you several feet away from the ground, so your physical integrity is at stake. In other words, don’t either go for the cheapest thing you can find at the hardware store or a used old ladder at the thrift store. Always look for known brand names, especially those offering long or better, lifetime warranty.

2 - Size: No ladder is good if it is too short or too long. Make sure you get the right size by considering your needs. If the maximum height you need to reach is less than 20’ you’ll be better off with a standard stepladder. Choose a stepladder that is about 4 feet lower than your desired maximum reach. For example, choose a 10-foot stepladder if you’ll need to reach 14 feet. For higher heights you’ll need an extension ladder. As a rule of thumb, buy an extension ladder that is 2 feet HIGHER than the maximum height you need to reach.

3 - Load capacity: Load capacity is important for a right choice. The total load capacity must include your own weight plus the weight of tools and materials you are carrying. Up to 250lbs. is usually referred to as Type 1, and is appropriate for common household chores, such as wall and ceiling painting, small fixes and the like. Up to 300 lbs. is Type 1A, is good for heavier duties, general contracting and building maintenance. Finally, Type 1AA holds up to 375 lbs., and is usually reserved for extra heavy duty of commercial or industrial nature.

To finish, a word about our preferred ladder, the Little Giant Ladder System. This is multi-purpose, rugged and well-built ladder. Easy to set up and store, the Little Giant is becoming the leader of the market and offers lifetime warranty for guaranteed satisfaction.

The Value of an Experienced Graphic Designer

First of all what is a graphic designer?

A graphic designer works to provide businesses with any visual communications they may require.

This includes logo design, layout design for printed items such as signage, stationery, and marketing materials (brochures, flyers and so on) for example.

In today’s Internet age a graphic designer is often also able to design electronic communications such as e-newsletters, websites and more.

Not all graphic designers cover all service areas mentioned, however a skilled and experienced graphic designer is worth their weight in gold.

Hiring a graphic designer who has a few years of experience working with business owners to create memorable visual communications has some distinct advantages over working with newer designers.

These Include to name just a few

1. Speed & Efficiency - An experienced designer is often used to working on many different projects at once; managing their time effectively, and delivering your project to agreed timescales.

If you are hiring your designer on an hourly rate basis rather than being quoted ‘for the job’ an experienced designer quoting you a higher rate per hour might actually bill you for less at the end of the project if they are quicker than a designer quoting less per hour.

It’s always good to get an estimate from your designer as to how long they expect the task to take, or even better try and get them to quote ‘for the job’ regardless of how long it takes them. Don’t forget to ask if revisions are included in the ‘for the job’ price.

2. Printing Pitfalls – There are several print layout design pitfalls a designer can fall into if they don’t know their trade inside out. These include;

Print Bleed: Any document laid out for print must have a few mm’s of bleed overlapping the edge of the document size (i.e. the designers document must be bigger than the actual printed item) – each print firm has a different requirement for how many mm’s that should be. An experienced graphic designer will understand the need to find out before they start designing, and hopefully be proactive enough to get in touch with the print firm themselves to find out.

Not offering correct dpi for images: Everyone knows that if you are offering a printing firm an image type that is made up of pixels such as TIFF or JPEG, that the image must be a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch)…. or do they all know this? Is your designer aware of this?

Likewise if you are offering the print firm a vector image such as EPS, or AI…. that pixels are irrelevant because scalable vector images output by professional design software, are not made up of pixels. More information about vector images at

Thin Lines in Graphics: Any line used in a graphical image is made up of a ‘line point size’, this can vary from as tiny as 0.10 all the way up to 1,2,3, or even 10 point size and higher. The bigger the point size the fatter the line is and vice versa.

An inexperienced designer – perhaps one who has produced a detailed illustration with much in the way of fine details - may not realise that you must never hand any design over to a printing firm that contains a line size smaller than 0.25 – printing presses simply cannot print lines any thinner than 0.25 points.

Colours – What is a hex colour? What is a Pantone Colour? What are CMYK colours? Never mind what they are, how does one choose between each colour method available to them before their lovely designs are printed? Your designer should know this, but not all inexperienced designers fully understand the methods required for selecting print colours and this can lead to unexpected print results. More information at

So that just gives you a very brief overview of why experience counts in graphic design, and to ensure that your designer is sufficiently experienced to take care of the essential practical aspects of designing for your business.

Business Plans – What is including?

Business Plan - What Is It?

A business plan is a document that provide answers to the type of questions anyone who may provide financing would like to know about your home business. A business plan says. "I've considered this from every angle, and here's what I've come up with". What is your product or service? This is the first question every business plan should answer. You must explain in the clear, concise language what in the world you plan to produce or what service you plan to provide.

Who are Your Customers? You need to clearly identify your customers in order to properly target your advertising, packaging, pricing, et.

What Makes You Different? You need to identify the "primary factors" that will make your business different than other businesses you'll be competing with.

What are Your Expenses? Your start-up expenses include any equipment that you need before you can get up-and-running, while your day-to-day expenses are staff costs and supplies.

Following is a Simplified Example of Business Plan

Catering Plus

The business will be a home-based catering company, producing luxury food for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. We will provide a comprehensive catering service, while specializing in high end customized cakes, which have a higher profit margin than other foods.

Our catering business will be aimed at middle-class customers who desire a top-of-the-line catering but must operate on a budget. Our initial market area will consist of Mytown and the affluent area of Theretown.

We will only use commerical grade ingredients purchased from wholesalers and provide top quality design and service. This will allow us to provide food that looks tastes great, while keeping costs as low as possible.

Beause I will be using my kitchen and making the food myself, there are only two real expenses: The purchase of an industrial grade mixer and then the day-to-day cost of supplies. Our research has shown that this supplier offers the best value for start-ups.

To wrap it up, you should include a breakdown of both projected profit and loss per month (in graph form)for the first year in business. Show one-time and day-to-day expenses versus projected profit to indicate how you will pay-off your loan. Your business plan should show you making enough of a profit each month to live on - if it doesn't, then it may be considered unfeasible.

Study a Few Real-World Business Plans

The best way to get a real a feel for the dos and do nots of a business plans is to find real-world plans that have already been approved and study them. A good place to start is the internet. Once you've studied a few, you will get a better feel for how much work will be involved in putting your business plan together.

Finding a Direct Manufacturer

Finding a Direct Manufacturer

Buying supplies from a direct manufacturer will be greatly beneficial to your business.  With a direct manufacturer, you know who exactly who is responsible for the quality of your wholesale products.  It’s also a given that you’ll get the best price when you buy from the factory.

Direct Supplier

There are thousands of online distributors and wholesalers that are claiming to be source manufacturers.  Most so-called manufacturers are actually middle men who import or buy from the source manufacturers.  These are still legitimate businesses; they only use the manufacturer label to make it seem like they are the best source for their kind of products.  This is a technique they use to expand their consumer base.

These distributors can give you favorable prices without requiring you to invest a lot in your inventory.  These distributors are therefore a viable option if you don’t have a lot of starting capital.

However, if you do have capital, then it would be much better for your balance sheet if you were to buy directly from the manufacturers.  For instance, if you are selling sarongs, jewelry, kaftans, and other fashion accessories online, it would be much better if you can find a factory-price supplier.  This would reduce your overhead to more manageable levels.  You can thus knock your retail prices down and thereby gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Considering the Product

Aside from price and volume requirements, you need to consider the quality and craftsmanship of the items you’re thinking of buying.  For instance, if you are buying necklaces and other jewelry items, you have to check if you’re getting genuine items.  It wouldn’t be good for your business reputation to be caught selling substandard or fake jewelry.  Your customers are bound to complain and tell their friends about the low-quality jewelry that you’re selling.

It would also be much better for your business if you are able to offer not only quality but also variety.  This is especially true in garments and jewelry retail.  People’s tastes in clothing, jewelry and fashion accessories are greatly eclectic and you want to be able to cater to all your customers’ varying preferences.  Furthermore, if you have variety in your catalog, you’d become the favorite merchant of online jewelry, clothing and fashion accessory shoppers.

In a nutshell, if you’re considering selling anything online, you have to find a direct manufacturer or a direct exporter of your products so you can be assured of low prices.  Furthermore, you have to find a direct manufacturer that can give you quality products that would build your own credibility in the wholesale or retail business.

Build a Home Business with a Minimal Investment

Working from home is a great way to earn an income while staying home with the kids and enjoying savings on gas, sitters, and inventory. You might even be considering your own home business. A home business can come in many shapes and forms. Let's explore the different types of home based businesses and how you can start your own home business with minimal investment.

Home Business Start-Up Ideas

There are several ways to start a home business. You can sell tangible products and keep an inventory on-hand in a warehouse, storage building, or even in a spare room of your home. You can offer a service that requires no inventory, only skill. You can sell informational products online in the form of e-books, password training sites, or e-newsletters. Or, you can find a home business opportunity in which a company or individual provides a proven blueprint for success based on their research and experience.

Home Business Investment

No matter what type of home business you are considering, an initial investment will likely be required. If you plan to sell a tangible product, you will have to invest in inventory, website design, and marketing. If you offer a service, you will need a website or local marketing campaign to promote your services. If you plan to join a home business opportunity, many of these require a start-up investment if they're legitimate.

The amount you invest should be based on what you can afford and how soon you feel it will return a profit. Don't over-estimate the potential of a business. It's best to expect less at the start, and rejoice later if the home business exceeds your expectations. What works quickly for one person might take much longer for you.

Consider your experience in the field and how well you understand marketing and promotion. Is it possible to start small with this endeavor until you see a profit on your bottom line? An investment that doesn't bring profits is lost forever. Think it through before taking a leap with your money.

Ups and Downs of an Internet Home Business

If you're a newbie on the Internet, it will take time to learn all the ins and outs of online marketing. The Internet is a great marketplace and provides many opportunities to earn money, but it's also a very competitive market. It has grown so large that popular products and services can be difficult to promote. Explore niche markets to find popular products or services that few companies are offering. Use the search engines to find out how many companies are offering the service or products. Then, be sure there is a demand for what you plan to offer. A small demand online can still mean thousands of potential customers!

The good news is you can start an Internet home business fairly cheaply. Websites, once designed, can be hosted for very low monthly fees. You don't have to pay rent for a building or high utility bills. You'll avoid landscaping costs, heavy equipment maintenance (except your computer), and sometimes even high local taxes.

Learn from Others

If you're uncertain about how to get started with an Internet home business, find a home based business opportunity that offers detailed instructions on how to promote and earn profits. Many gurus have found business formulas that work well and they are willing to share these with you.

There are websites that research home businesses to find lucrative opportunities, and you can usually try their offerings for a minimal investment. You might be surprised at how simple it is to start your own home business online.

Automated Forex Trading

Long gone is the time when only banks and private institutions could trade the Forex market. Now, individuals have access to trade their own money, and lots of it.  The exchange of foreign currencies has since been open to private investors, central banks like Bank of America, and several countries.  But now with the introduction of the Expert Advisor trading systems, the smaller trader can now automate their trades like the big companies do.

The systems allow the user to set their own parameters and trading guidelines.  The program consists of software that has been develeoped for a specific type of trading style, not everyone trades the same.  Some spot trade, some trade big, some hedge and so on and so forth.  The developers of these types of software take into consideration any nuances of Forex trading as well as being aware that the market is trading 24 hours a day, even during weekends.

Without these types of systems in place, the trader would have to monitor the pair that is being trades on a constant  basis along with monitoring opening and closing times which is almost impossible to keep up with.  By using the Expert advisors a trader can setup trading signals to make life a bit easier such as a type of order, stop loss, trade entry, news tickers etc.

Some of the key benefits of using an automated trading system is that it gives the trader full control, but cuts out the emotional bond a trader has with his money...making the temptation to trade on a whim a lot less likely.  This takes the guesswork out of trading if the trader implements the right trading signals for this trading style.

The EA is a mathematical algorythm and it performs solely on formulas, so if the EA doesnt perform like it should it can be changed, augmented and tweaked until the trader finds the recipe for success that they are looking for.  Then, this process is repeated constantly to achieve a money making strategy.

Trading also involves the trends of the market, be it long-term or short-term.  These trends play a big role in the amount of trades that a trader is involved in.  The EA, if setup correctly, will take these trends in-stride and make the trades accordingly, minimizing the drawdown or losing trades.  Using historical data, traders can analyze and test their trading theories and strategies, some EA's have a built-in function to record such data.

Almost every expert advisor system being developed now is made using the MetaTrader 4 platform since it provides reliable historical data that you can download from their site or any other, multilanguage support, solid and user-friendly interface.

Automated expert advisors are becoming the tool of choice for many traders and companies around the glode, most are free, but the ones that really rake in the money you have to pay for.  You get what you pay for.

Buying Toys Without Favoritism

As the holidays approach, many people find themselves in the position of buying toys for several children. The one factor that many people find themselves facing is having a strengthened relationship with one child in particular makes it very easy to buy for that child while the other child may not share the same degree of closeness which makes it ever more difficult to buy an appropriate gift. In many cases, this issue really comes down to gender. Gender based relationships can seem to have a certain ease. Many people simply feel more comfortable with a child of one gender versus another. This is much more common than people realize, but in an attempt not to look like they are showing a favorable side to one and ignoring the other, these issues are often left un-discussed.

If you are concerned that you are attempting to thwart discomfort around such a difficult issue, its perfectly natural to want to draw away, to get the kids something routine or mundane to avoid the perception of favoritism. The truth is, whether you ever admit or not, you do have a favorite. Use this as a positive instead of a negative. There are many ways to go about this. For the purposes of explaining we will use one boy and one girl, brother and sister, although with family dynamics as they are, you may find yourself struggling with greater numbers and greater influences than just two children.

If you already know what you want to get for the child you are more at ease with, then by all means, go ahead. This is now your margin. Gifts dont have to cost the same to be valued the same way. If you spent fifty dollars on one you can still spend thirty dollars on the other without appearing to be playing favorites. The truth is in the value the child places on the gift will determine its worth. However, buying one child a bike and one child a package of underwear makes things a little obvious and cruel.

Youre ultimately trying to develop a higher comfort level with the child you are having a difficult time purchasing for. Start, if you can, by spending a little extra time with that child. Notice things about them, even if you dont understand them. Maybe she likes to play dress up and tea parties and house and you are just at a complete loss because you never played like that when you were little. Thats okay. Youre just paying attention to the way she operates. Maybe you notice that she needs new art supplies or her bedroom is in the middle of being redone and she loves the color pink. These simple things can guide you along the way. Youre not necessarily trying to purchase a gift that you think is so cool, but one that she will think is so cool.

If you are unable to spend extra time with her, alone, then try talking to the child you have a tighter bond with. If you tell him you dont know what to get his sister for Christmas, he may very well be able to rattle off all kinds of things that youll be able to get for her. Often, brothers are well apprised as to what their parents got his sister for Christmas. Siblings often have a unique insight into each other. They may not always like each other much, but they usually do understand a lot about each other.

Parents of the child, assuming that it is not your child, are one of the best resources available to you. Just ask. If they can, they will help you out. Of course, parents also tend to reply with cost effective answers, as parents of children are not usually willing to spend other peoples money on their child. If you have already purchased a gift for one child, tell them this and tell them what it is so that they have an understanding of what youre spending on the kids. This only clarifies communication, it isnt a chance for you to toot your own horn. Often parents will respond directly in correlation to the gift you already purchased for the other child.

If youre really at a loss and you cant find a good, healthy way to determine what it is that you are planning on purchasing, try buying numerous smaller gifts. Chances are, by spreading it out a little bit, youre going to nail the horse on the head with something as little and reasonable as finger nail polish, a new dress up set, or anything else that you can think of that would work well in a set. It may initially appear that you are giving “more” to that child, but chances are the kids arent really counting when theyre both happy.

Earn an Extra Income with these Home Business Opportunities

No matter what your skills or interests, there are many opportunities to make money on the Internet. Whether you're a career mom who wants to stay home while earning a living or a father who wants to earn an extra income, the Internet is still wide open for success.

Below are some unique ways people are earning money online and tips on how you can get started.

Information Research and Brokerage

The Internet is often called the "Information Highway" because so much information is available online. Someone has to find and compile this information through research and put together helpful materials, articles, brochures, manuals, and so forth. Businesses and organizations usually need a continuous flow of information to provide to their users. This gives you a great opportunity for employment from home. You can find work-at-home jobs researching or preparing informative materials for one particular company or start your own home business providing the services to several companies.

Specialist Opportunities

If you wish to specialize in a certain field, there are many home business opportunities in various fields such as real estate, finance, education, writing, and retail. You can narrow your job search to the fields of interest to find a job you love. For instance, if you've always wanted to work in real estate, you might find a work-at-home job with a real estate company. Even if you're not a real estate agent yet, there are opportunities for clerical work, photography, website design, accounting, and more.

Niche Home Based Business Opportunity

Another type of home business is the "niche" business. "Niche" means a unique product or service - something that is not available just anywhere. Perhaps you've developed a certain product or have found a rare product that you can buy wholesale and sell through your own website. Or, you might have a unique service to provide to individuals or business owners. The possibilities are endless!

Affiliate Marketing and Other Moneymaking Methods

Another way you can earn money online is through affiliate marketing. You can become an affiliate of one or more companies and sell their products or services for a commission. To do so, you will probably need your own website. Some companies will provide a ready-made website for you; however, you should have the ability to customize the website for uniqueness in the search engines.

You can also work for companies online that are involved in marketing or finance. There are paid survey programs, turnkey opportunities, and wealth-building programs to help you create multiple streams of income. With paid survey programs, you fill out survey forms online or participate in product forums to earn dollars. Some are earning $100 to $200 per day doing this full time while others earn a great part-time income.

With turnkey opportunities, you are provided a website that has been tested and all the tools you need to build wealth. Some turnkey solutions require a fee to start, some are free. Just be sure to check out the company first for legitimacy.

As you can see, home business opportunities are available for just about anyone. There are work-at-home jobs or opportunities to start your own business. Choose what will work best for you so you can start reaching your goals today!

London Transport Tips

London Underground (Londoners call it The Tube) is the quickest way of getting around London. The Underground has 12 lines, and covers 253 miles of track. Trains are fast, modern but in rush hours very crowded. The Tube is highly recommended for tourists, because in easy way they can visit many places in one day without traffic jam.

London Transport bus system provides over 6,800 scheduled buses, which are operated by independent operating companies. Buses are used for local journeys and by night. You can buy ticket from bus driver (only in Central London it’s impossible) or pre-purchase it from ticket-machine. Travel by London bus is also interesting because You can see there famous big double-decker red buses.

Tickets for London Transport are very expensive, especially for tourists. For single travel by bus you have to pay 2 pounds. Single The Tube tickets are more expensive but when you plan to use underground many times you should think about Travelcard for one or three days. For more information and ticket prices you should visit ( Transport) site.

Very popular in London are London Black Cabs. Maybe there are not cheap when you travel alone, but vehicles allow up to 5 passengers in the back. Cabs are comfortable and have fixed charge, so you won’t be surprised by price. The additional charge must be paid for telephone booking (2 pounds) and payment by credit and debit card (10-15%).

When you travel London you should be prepared for high stakes for getting around London. Maybe London Transport isn’t cheap but it is fast and efficient. In many places you can get free Travel Maps which are very helpful when you visit London first time.

Worldwide Real Estate Prices Compared to Panama: 2007

Introduction - We are a Panama Law Firm not a real estate business. Our clients are frequently relocating to Panama and we assist in the real estate acquisition for them. We are often asked if the real estate bubble is going to bust in Panama or if the boom has just begun. Well we are not sure. We have done a few articles on the Panama real estate bubble breaking but now we are going to present objective data in support of the Panama real estate boom just starting. It could be true and prices may continue to escalate.

Worldwide Residential Real Estate Prices by the Square Meter - These are current prices for some major cities in Europe. This will give you a perspective as to how the Panama market fits into the greater scheme of things. These prices are for serious executive homes in prime locations. A discussion will follow after the prices:

* London ? $10,000 Sq. Meter to $20,000 Sq. Meter

* Paris - $9,000 Sq. Meter

* Amsterdam - $9,000 Sq. Meter

* Lichtenstein - $8,000 Sq. Meter

* Moscow - $7,500 Sq. Meter

* Rome - $7,200 Sq. Meter

* Zurich - $7,000 Sq. Meter

* Oslo - $6,900 Sq. Meter

* Dublin - $6,800 Sq. Meter

* Lithuania - $5,150 Sq. Meter

* Latvia (Riga) - $4,100 Sq. Meter

* Berlin - $4,300 Sq. Meter

* Warsaw - $1,600 Sq. Meter

* Slovakia - $1,750 Sq. Meter

* Seoul - $11,825 Sq. Meter

* Sydney - $7750 Sq. meter

* San Diego - $2650 Sq. Meter to $15,000 Sq. Meter

* San Francisco - $5,000 Sq. Meter to $20,000 Sq. Meter

* New York - $15,000 to $43,000 Sq. Meter

* Miami Beach - $9500 Sq. Meter to $32,000 Sq. Meter

* Toronto - $3,000 Sq. Meter

* Montreal - $3,200 Sq. Meter

* Vancouver - $3,700 Sq. Meter

Panama Real Estate Comparison - In Panama City one can get an executive condo in a new high rise building for $1,800 to $3,500 per Sq. Meter and pay less in an older building. We are talking about Condos with a swimming pool and recreation area, balcony, enclosed parking, round the clock security guards, multiple elevators, modern kitchens, city and or water views, beautiful lobbies with marble floors, walls and furniture, and so forth. In the outlaying areas single family homes and town homes can be bought for a bit less with $2,000 to $3000 a Sq. Meter generally bringing in a home in a gated community with all the features of an executive home.

Discussion of Panama Relative Housing Prices - Panama is priced very low compared to the other markets around the world. The question is can Panama rate with the major cities like Paris, New York, San Francisco, Miami Beach, and London etc. This would be an indicator of the attractiveness of Panama relative to the real estate market prices. Below are some categories where we unilaterally decided to indicate how Panama stands, so this is just our opinion, nothing more.

* Entertainment - DEFICIENT. Panama lacks any serious theatre, opera, orchestra, ballet, museums, foreign film houses, major league baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. There is some soccer and boxing. Panama does have gambling and horse racing. The outlaying areas have no entertainment to speak of.

* Crime - EXCELLENT. Most of these major cities have more violent crime in one day than Panama has in one year. Panama has crime but is very safe compared to these cities.

* Traffic - DEFICIENT. Lots of congestion. Wild drivers who disobey traffic laws, stop signs and even red lights. No vehicle safety inspections. Taxi and bus drivers have decided they are the only ones on the road who matter. Outlaying areas have far less problems with the traffic than Panama City. As the new housing projects complete and the Canal expansion begins the traffic is expected to get worse. On Fridays closet to pay day the traffic barely moves from about 3PM until 8 PM. Most of the stores and restaurants have parking. Lately it is almost impossible to get parking at the Allbrook Mall on weekends.

* Restaurants - SUPERIOR. Panama is loaded with excellent restaurants at very low prices. Steak dinners for $10.00 or less are abundant. Food is great.

* Shopping - VERY GOOD. You can get whatever you want in Panama City if you know where to find it. Lots of high-end stores are opening up in the malls. Lots of discounters popping up.

* Cost of Living - EXCELLENT. Your biggest expense will be real estate.

* Domestic Help - EXCELLENT. A live in Maid in Panama City is about $275 a month with benefits, plus room and board. Most of the condos and houses are built with a maid?s room and full bath. A driver runs about $325 a month.

* Airport - GOOD. Lots of airlines going to many cities in Central America, South America and USA. For Europe, India or Asia not so convenient.

* Medical - VERY GOOD. There are major hospitals including a full John Hopkins Hospital. Most prescriptions can be obtained in the drug stores. There is an abundance of competent doctors in all specialties. You can even have a doctor make a house call. Health care costs about 40% of what it does in USA.

* Weather - VERY GOOD. Panama is a tropical climate. No shoveling snow. It does get hot and humid. Some locations have more moderate weather but they usually have high humidity. No hurricanes, not tornadoes, no earthquakes in Panama City, no volcanoes, no tsunamis.

* Boating and Fishing - EXCELLENT. World-class sport fishing with 1200-pound Marlin and 400-pound Grouper. Abundant marinas.

* Stable Government - VERY GOOD. Things are most stable.

* Banking, Stock Market - EXCELLENT. Great banks and stockbrokers.

Conclusion - It appears likely that Panama could escalate in real estate prices to the $5,000 a Sq. Meter market price. They are going to have to work on the culture and entertainment to draw in people accustomed to that housing price market. The traffic will need to be addressed and projects to improve congestion are already in the works. The downside of this theory is that there is not enough to draw people to Panama. Culture and entertainment is lacking and it may take many years for this to improve. There are no major industries here such as: banking, insurance, advertising, stock market, general manufacturing, software, high tech manufacturing, entertainment, tourism and so forth. This eliminates large groups of highly paid executives who need to pay high prices for housing to be close to their workplace. Retirees have needs that are fairly simple and can be met in any many different places around the world and it remains to be seen how much the retiree will pay for real estate. Quite possibly Panama Real Estate Prices have not yet even come close to peaking. Time will tell.

Web Page Design is a Reflection of Your Business

Consider this scenario. You're considering patronizing a certain business, and decide to look it up on the Internet before making your final decision. Up pops their website and it looks like someone went berserk with a web design program. The fonts are either unreadable or the text is so large that it screams at you. The colors clash or are so bright that they hurt your eyes. The pictures are out of focus or so large that the page takes forever to load. Hyperlinks lead nowhere, and the site navigation leaves you perplexed. In a split second, you know that you'll never give this company your business.

This may be an exaggeration, but we've all seen bad web site designs. They infect the Web like a bad head cold that won't let go. You can't help but wonder what the business owner was thinking. After all, why have a website if it reflects poorly on your company or actually drives customers away?

Often, small - and medium-sized business owners aren't aware of the impact that their websites have on customers and potential customers. They may know that having a web site is important, but think that professional webpage design is cost prohibitive. So, they conclude that their child, neighbor, or spouse can put something together and that it will be "good enough." Or, ten years ago they may have actually paid a professional web page designer and having done any modifications for years.

In today's business world, there's no getting around the fact that your web page design is a reflection of your business. Whether yours is an e-commerce site, a lead generation site, or simply a small informational website, you need to put your best (virtual) foot forward and project an image that puts your business in the best possible light. Keep in mind that, if you don't have a good website, your competition probably does and is siphoning customers away from you.

If you've hesitated hiring a business web page designer because of cost considerations, it's time to think again. Unless you need a highly customized, programming intensive site, a web designer isn't going to break the bank. In fact, there are web page design firms that specialize in helping small - to medium-sized businesses succeed in their online endeavors.

Today, a website designer can economically provide you with hundreds of templates from which to choose. These templates come in a variety of styles that are appropriate for a wide range of businesses. A professional web page designer can easily customize templates, giving them images and graphics that will make your website unique.

In addition, a web page design company can provide you with a suite of options that will help you develop your online business. These tools might include a shopping cart, an SSL certificate, free hosting, email accounts, domain registration, and even marketing strategies.

If you don't already have a website, your business needs an online presence. If you haven't updated the design of your company website in two years or more, it's time to consult with a web page design company. And, if you happen to have one of the nightmarish sites that turn potential customers away, it's time to look forward, turn over a new leaf, and hire a professional web page designer.

Who Needs a Tourist Visa to enter Panama?

No Visa and No Tourist Card, up to 90 day stay - People with passports from the following countries do not need a visa to enter Panama: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay and the UK (except for persons who were born in Hong Kong, or if the UK passport was issued in Hong Kong).

Panama Tourist Card - The tourist card takes the place of a conventional visa. One can be purchased at the departure airport terminal or in Panama at the Immigration area for $5.00. The tourist card is good for 30 days and there are provisions to apply for a 60-day extension at the sole discretion of the immigration authorities. People with passports from the following countries are eligible to purchase 30 day tourist cards: Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Curacao, Ecuador, Greece, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Japan, Korea (Rep), Malta, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome & Principe, Surinam, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, USA, Venezuela and Vatican City.

Panama Tourist Card Extension - It is possible to obtain a 60-day extension for the tourist card. The application process includes the following:

* Valid passport good for six months

* Tourist Card and two copies of the Panama immigration stamp in your passport

* Return airplane ticket or voucher that is in effect for at least the sixty-day period

* Letter from Panama Citizen or Panama Resident who will sponsor you and your visit and thus assume responsibility for you. This should be notarized along with a copy of their cedula.

* Economic Solvency Documentation such as bank statements, credit cards, tax returns of the tourist or the Panama person sponsoring him or her

* Provide three passport-size pictures

Formal Panama Embassy Issued Visa - People with passports from these countries must get a formal visa: Czech Republic, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Peru and Philippines may only enter Panama if they have a visa.

Scams: How to identify and avoid – List of the most known ,including Ebay Scams

Telephone lottery scams: These include the Canadian lottery scam and the El Gordo Spanish lottery scam, which deceptively uses the name of a genuine lottery. People respond to an unsolicited mailing or telephone call telling them they are being entered into a prize draw. They then receive a telephone call congratulating them on winning a big prize in a national lottery - but before they can claim their winnings, they must send money to pay for taxes and processing fees. The prize doesn't exist.

Prize draw, sweepstakes and foreign lottery mailings: many typical scams take the form of prize draws, lotteries or government payouts. Most appear to be notification of a prize in an overseas draw or lottery in return for administration or registration fees.

Premium rate telephone number scams: Notification by post of a win in a sweepstake or a holiday offer includes instructions to ring a premium rate 090 number to claim your prize.

Investment related scams: An unsolicited telephone call offering the opportunity to invest in shares, fine wine, gemstones or other soon-to-be rare commodities. These investments often carry very high risk and may be worth a lot less than you pay. The shares are not quoted on any stock exchange and you will not be able to sell them easily afterwards. 'Solid' valuable investments, such as gem stones, are often said to be stored in secretive Swiss bank vaults, so you can never see your investment.

Nigerian advance fee frauds: THE MOST KNOWN SCAM. An offer via letter, e-mail or fax to share a huge sum of money in return for using the recipient's bank account to permit the transfer of the money out of the country. The perpetrators will either use the information given to empty their victim's bank account; or convince him or her that money is needed up front for bribing officials. Pyramid schemes: offer a return on a financial investment based upon the number of new recruits to the scheme. Investors are misled about the likely returns as there are not enough people to support the scheme indefinitely - only the people who set up the scheme are able to make any money.

Matrix schemes: are promoted via web sites offering expensive hi-tech gadgets as free gifts in return for spending Ј20 or similar on a low-value product such as a mobile telephone signal booster. Consumers who buy the product join a waiting list to receive their free gift. The person at the top of the list gets their free gift only after a prescribed number – sometimes as high as 100 – of new members join up. In reality, the majority of those on the list will never receive the expensive item they expect.

Credit scams: another advance fee fraud, originating in Canada. Advertisements have appeared in local newspapers offering fast loans regardless of credit history. Consumers who respond are told their loans have been agreed but before the money can be released they must pay a fee to cover insurance. Once the advance fee is paid, the consumer never hears from the company again and the loan never appears.

Property investment schemes: would-be investors attend a free presentation and are persuaded to hand over thousands of pounds to sign up to a course promising to teach them how to make money dealing in property. Schemes may involve the opportunity to buy properties which have yet to be built at a discount. A variation is a buy-to-let scheme where companies offer to source, renovate and manage properties, claiming good returns from rental income. In practice, the properties are near-derelict and the tenants non-existent.

Work-at-home and business opportunity scams: often work by advertising paid work from home but which require money up-front to pay for materials; or by requiring investment in a business with little or no chance of success.

Ebay Scams/PaypalBank scams

1. You can receive an email from "your" bank or paypal asking you to log in in order to..(say verify something) the page you are redirected is actually a phishing page and all the information,including your account passwords will be stolen. DO NOT EVER trust any emails like this. If in doubt,call your bank or go directly to the website(eg. and inter your account details there.

2. EBay scams may involve people trying to buy goods from you with money order,where they pay you with  fraudulent bill. You sent the goods,thinking your bank will clear this up,but it would not.... Always wait until the money are cleared by your bank,before sending stuff. Sometimes they use their own shipping company.

3. Ebay scam which is also popular involves stealing someone elsese account(by the means of #1,etc). Then they post an item for sale for a price you can't resist. When you purchase it, they will ask you to pay,using money order or similar service.  They can also set up a fake escrow service. Beware.

Use commone sense for every purchase. If it's too good to be true - IT IS. No free cheese in this world other than for your pets :)

Will Your Business Idea Work ?

Consider this a homework assignment for a would-be entrepreneur. How well you do determines whether your business succeeds or fails.

The assignment is a research project. You're going to research the validity of your business plan. I'm going to show you how to do adequate research before starting a business.

It can be difficult to gauge what "adequate" really means. Here's a checklist of some elements that any sufficient business research will contain:

• Market Research

It may be surprising, but many entrepreneurs start a business without really understanding the market they plan to serve. You must know the potential size of your market and, in turn, what sort of response your service or product will attract:

• Demographic Data

Don't try and sell something unless you know the buyers have money to spend. Know the numbers behind your market, including income levels, age breakdowns and if your target market is growing or shrinking. Sources of demographic information may include various governmental or taxing authorities and, on a more local level, voter rolls (invaluable if you want information on the ages of your market target).

• Customer feedback

An equally important element of market research is getting a personal sense of your customers. Ask what they genuinely value, no matter if it's a low price, customer support or a particular element of your product or service. If you're gearing up a new business or modifying an existing product, ask if your business can solve some sort of ongoing problem."It's really effective research to identify problems that aren't being solved," says Peter Meyer, author of "Creating and Dominating New Markets." "Do interviews on a regular basis and, if someone isn't a customer, ask them why not. What product could you offer to make them a customer or what problem could you solve to achieve the same goal?"

• Competition

A third element of market research is knowing who you're up against. Rest assured you will be competing with someone, so never assume that you're the only company to have spotted an opportunity.. On-site research is particularly helpful. Observe customer traffic patterns, noting ebbs and flows in both the number of customers and what they are buying. If it's a retail outlet, try shopping there yourself.

Other research options include visiting a competitor's website. If a competitor happens to be a public company, you can obtain every piece of literature that a publicly held firm must provide. Finally, while it's tempting to focus on a competitor's weak spots, pay close attention to what they do well. "Understand how they make their money," says David Gumpert, author of "How to Really Start Your Own Business." "Don't just look at what they screw up; find out how they're able to stay in business."

• Pricing

An ancillary element to market research is doing work to decide what you're going to charge customers.It's important to gain a feel for going rates to remain competitive. Pricing competitors' services and data from trade and professional associations is exceedingly helpful. But, says Meyer, pay attention to every element that contributes to your eventual prices or fees. "Price really is more of a marketing tool than it is a vehicle for cost recovery," he says. "People will pay more for a high value product or solution, so be sure to research your total value."

• Location

This is particularly critical for retail operations. Ask any prospective landlord if they have a foot traffic analysis on hand. First-hand observation is always a good option; examine walk-in traffic, parking spaces and other nearby businesses that may help or hinder your customer flow. Don't thoroughly dismiss the issue of location if you're not selling jewellery or clothes. A conveniently located office at a prestigious address can be a boon to a start-up consulting firm. Review any available buying data and trends for people who live in that area.

• Research Your Costs

Knowing your expenses is essential in estimating how much you'll need to bring in to stay in business. Research prospective costs thoroughly. Include everything from salaries to rent. For at least the first year or two, break down those costs in three-month increments. And, adds Gumpert, it actually helps to be a bit macabre when forecasting expenses: "Things are probably going to cost more than you expect, just like it's probably going to take longer to land your first client than you anticipate."

• What's Enough?

Although sufficient research is vital to the growth and success of any business, there is a point where enough becomes too much. Don't become so mired in research that you end up with too much information to make a decision. Watch to see how your research is borne out in reality. If, for instance, you're hitting your income goals or matching what you expected in walk-in traffic, your research is on the mark. And, adds Meyer, take note of repetition: "If you're asking questions and you keep getting the same answers over and over, you know you're in the right place."

Best of Tucson Gem and Jewelry Shows

J.O.G.S. Tucson Gem and Jewelry show is the largest and most popular independent jewelry trade shows in the Tucson, Arizona area.  Wholesale manufacturers, miners and international dealers gather at the Tucson Expo Center, the site of the J.O.G.S. show, every winter.

Buyer attendance at the J.O.G.S. show exceeds 27,000, composing over 4,000 jewelry firms.  The majority of these are registered business owners representing the retail jewelry industry of the United States.  The attendees of the J.O.G.S. show are owners of gift shops, private galleries, boutiques, department stores, and retail jewelry shops.  The buyers are able to buy jewelry right on the floor as it is delivered; this makes J.O.G.S. a cash and carry show.

For the 2008 show, there will be approximately 800 booths of exhibitors selling wholesale finished jewelry, cut stones, gems, beads, coral, turquoise, amber and much more.  The exhibitors are divided up by pavilions.

Must see at J.O.G.S.

A truly one of a kind Southwestern jewelry pavilion can only be found at the J.O.G.S. show.  It is composed of great Mexican and Native American designs of turquoise and coral set in silver.  Exhibiting are the top dealers, miners and manufacturers with the largest stock of jewelry from Albuquerque, Mexico and China.

The American Amber Association presents, at the J.O.G.S. show, the largest U.S. Amber pavilion.  The pavilion is composed of amber designers and amber manufacturers from all the Baltic countries famous for their amber source.  If you are an amber retailer or are just an amberholic, you will love this pavilion.  The J.O.G.S. show is your once in a year opportunity to buy these great designs at an excellent price.

The Art Gem Dйcor pavilion contain some of the most beautiful dйcor items crafted out of stones, gems, copper, wood, metal and other materials.  These are museum quality pieces created by some of the most talented artists in the world.  This is truly one of the most unique art collections you will ever see, it is like an art show inside the J.O.G.S. show.  Besides the exquisite art pieces, you can also find some great everyday interior design pieces.  Other J.O.G.S. pavilions include the many international pavilions which represent the rich jewelry heritage of Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico and Nepal.

Products at the J.O.G.S. show

There are products at the J.O.G.S. show to suit just about any buyer.  The product range covers all price points, from high end one of a kind designs to everyday popular items available at wholesale prices.  Often buyers rely on the expertise of the wholesale sellers to pick out next season’s hottest selling lines.  Buyers can be seen purchasing large quantities at wholesale prices as well as occasional one of a kind purchases intended for personal and private collections.

Venue of the J.O.G.S. show

Each J.O.G.S. show is held in the state of the art Tucson Expo Center, one of Tucson’s largest professional convention centers.  The whole show takes place under one roof and on the same floor, ensuring that buyers visit every booth and no vendor gets left out.  Great promotion, a complimentary lunch buffet for the buyers, top security and a red carpet atmosphere has been responsible for the success of the J.O.G.S. show.

5 Reasons Why the Right Point of Sale Equipment Increases Profits

Whether you own a restaurant or a retail outlet, the right point of sale (POS) hardware and software can increase your bottom line. Here are five reasons why:

1. Return on Investment. While there are POS systems at many different price points, there are inexpensive software solutions that have great functionality, work with a wide variety of types of hardware, and can integrate with other business software. For example, if you are looking for pizza shop software, Point of Success is a low-priced restaurant POS software package that has a wide range of features. Similarly, Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (also known as Microsoft RMS) is a cost-effective solution for a clothing boutique.

2. Enhance Customer Service. If you're a restaurateur or a retailer, your relationships with your customers are paramount. POS equipment can ensure that your employees can spend more time interacting with customers and less time entering information into equipment. Restaurant POS software, for example, allows employees to enter and track orders, so mistakes are minimized and customers aren't kept waiting. Similarly, retail point of sale software can give your staff immediate access to availability, prices, and the location of inventory. This means that your customers can get a high level of service, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

3. Increase Efficiency. If you can increase the efficiency of your restaurant or retail store, you'll soon see increased profits through a decrease in staffing costs, losses due to errors, and improved accountability. Microsoft POS, for example, allows your employees to quickly and efficiently check out customer purchases with built-in credit and debit card processing. It also enables you to do everything from tracking work hours with a time clock to tracking cashier tasks. This kind of transparency enables you to make informed decisions about policies and procedures, as well as to track problems back to their source.

4. Lower Training Costs. With point of sale software and hardware, you have a standardized training approach for your employees. By customizing the software to correspond to your menu items, for example, a trainee can quickly and easily enter orders. That same software can print preparation tickets or display orders on a kitchen monitor. With pizza shop software, you can easily train delivery drivers to pick up delivery dispatches and note their availability when they return from deliveries.

5. Improved Reporting. One of the primary benefits of point of sale software is its reporting capability. Better reporting gives you the information you need to do everything from making buying decisions to preparing your tax returns. Reporting capabilities vary from software package to software package, and the type of business you have will most likely dictate the type of software you need. For example, Microsoft POS and Microsoft RMS both allow you to manage and track inventory, generate purchase orders, track customer purchase histories, and track employee hours. Microsoft RMS offers even more reporting options, including customized reports, the ability to track backorders and layaways, and the capability to manage account receivables of customers.

The importance of point of sale equipment and software can't be overstated. It may seem like a significant investment, but it will more than pay for itself with increased sales, efficiency, and reporting.

Sunglasses Replicas Oakley

Replica sunglasses are cheaper and they effectively serve the purposes of the sunglass buyers who purchase the eyewear as a stylish tool. Replica Oakley sunglasses are in high demand, actually the younger people prefer the Oakley sunglasses due to their design. Oakley offer a wide range of products and some of them are prescription eyewear, premium sunglasses, goggles etc. Replica Oakley sunglasses are within reach of the common people and this is the main case behind rising demand of them. The replica sunglasses are made with such craftsmanship and expertise that often it becomes difficult to distinguish between the original ones and the duplicates.

It has been also found that the dealers are selling the fake Oakley sunglasses as originals; this proves that it is very difficult to identify a replica Oakley sunglass. The Oakley replica sunglasses do not come with UV ray protection or proper warrantee; these sunglasses are ideal for the individuals who prefer to change sunglasses and want to use the sunglasses as stylish accessories. There are different websites that offer online Oakley sunglasses and the giveaway price is as low as just $ 10.A prudent purchaser must be aware of the fact that replacements of free service for these sunglasses are impossible.

There are sunglass lovers who do not care about whether a sunglass is original or replica, they just want to buy the new stylish eyewear. While buying a replica Oakley sunglass it must be considered that these sunglasses may not be polarized and also may not provide protection from the UV rays. For impressing friends with different pairs of trendy sunglasses, Oakley replicas are perfect. The Oakley replicas come with even similar logo, so it is possible to get the appreciation like an original Oakley sunglass just with a few bucks. The repair costs of the replica sunglasses are much cheaper than those of the genuine Oakley sunglasses.

Each and every model of the original Oakley sunglasses comes with exceptional Iridium and Plutonite lens coverage. The craftsmanship of the replica Oakley sunglass makers are praise worthy and they accurately copy the revolutionary technologies offered by Oakley. The duplicate Oakley sunglasses are also popularly known as Foakleys.The duplicate Oakley sunglasses are available at different city convenience stores and even from the roadside vendors. The price of the original Oakley sunglasses is much higher and the styles and the designs change considerably, so demand of the replica Oakley’s are quite high.

People suddenly by sunglasses before going to the weekend tours and outings, and search for sunglasses, and for short time use they finally settle with a cheap Oakley replica. There are plenty of online articles and journals that offer information about these replica sunglasses and it is best to read them to get proper insight about these replica sunglasses. There are online replica sunglass sellers that propose total money back in case of dissatisfaction with the Oakley replica sunglass. It is wise not to desire and warrantee or money back after purchasing an Oakley replica sunglass. For more information, visit their home page at

American Success Story: Office Max Part 2

Anyone with a home office, computer or kids in need of school supplies is most likely familiar with a store called OfficeMax. The company was founded in April 1988 and the first OfficeMax store opened in Cleveland, Ohio in July of that same year. The superstore chain now has over 900 locations in the United States and Mexico with just about every kind of office supply item you’d ever need from electronics, furniture and software to post-its and pencils.

Over the years, OfficeMax has taken on business ventures with several well-established companies such as Hewlett-Packard. Their goal is to provide consumers with the highest rated state-of-the-art services and products.

In addition to their partnership with Hewlett-Packard, another undertaking OfficeMax took on was a business venture with the Earthlink internet provider service in 2001. The two companies decided to hook up and market a wide variety of internet services to focus on the small business customer. As a result of this enterprise, Earthlink became the preferred provider of internet services to OfficeMax’s customers. Web hosting, dial-up and broadband connectivity are some of the Internet services the two companies offer by what OfficeMax refers to as ‘an interactive store-within-a-store’. They have made it available at all of the OfficeMax locations and online through the Business Services area of

OfficeMax's chairman and chief executive officer, Michael Feuer said basically, that they chose EarthLink because of it strong customer focus. OfficeMax was further impressed by Earthlink’s operation because they stand behind their customer service commitment and constantly offer new technology to help small business customers become more efficient and effective. Additionally, EarthLink agreed to and continues providing training to OfficeMax employees on concepts that are designed to provide both of their customer bases with awareness and accessibility to the latest internet services.

OfficeMax and Earthlink view their combined business venture a win/win opportunity for both the companies and their customers. Earthlink feels that through their agreement with OfficeMax, they will be achieving a solid, retail-level method for reaching millions of small business customers. Both corporations also have the opportunity to provide their customers with new services they can use for accessing the internet which will increase productivity for their businesses.

Whether you are a small business owner, home-based professional or regular, all-American family with office and computer supply needs in addition to internet services, you can depend on OfficeMax for quality products and services. Check them out at

Where Are The Facts About Outsourcing

Outsourcing of jobs to offshore companies has been a hot-button issue since the 1960s when the United States began losing automotive manufacturing jobs to Japan. In recent years, the outsourcing of technical jobs has revived the debate which became one of the top issues in the 2004 presidential campaign. However, actual facts and statistics about the effect of outsourcing on the American economy are hard to come by. Rhetoric, not facts, dominate the discussion of whether outsourcing has an effect on the economy.

There is a serious dichotomy between the beliefs of average Americans and those of economists and other experts. For example, a Zogby International Poll showed that 71% of Americans believe that outsourcing hurts the economy but when the Wall Street Journal asked the same question of economists, only 15% felt that outsourcing had a negative effect.

Opinions on outsourcing tend to be divided by economic status rather than political persuasion. For example, some Republicans in the House and Senate believe that outsourcing has a terrible effect on the economy and that legislation should be enacted to stop it. However, conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and Republicans with ties to big business believe that the threat of outsourcing has been over exaggerated.

Liberals are also divided about outsourcing. The Democratic party has traditionally been the party of labor in the United States but it was a Democratic president, Bill Clinton, who shepherded the North American Free Trade Agreement through Congress, a treaty which most experts agree facilitated the current outsourcing trend.

For every argument for outsourcing, there is another argument against it. For example, the Heritage Foundation argues that despite outsourcing more Americans are employed than ever before and that jobs continue to be created to compensate for those lost overseas. Anti-outsourcing advocates point out that gross wages are dropping because the jobs that are being created are low-level service sector jobs, not high-tech jobs to replace the ones that are being lost.

The Heritage Foundation, citing the Organization for International Investment also argues that for every job outsourced, another is "insourced" to the United States from another country, often at a higher rate of pay than the job lost. Anti-outsourcing advocates say that those numbers can't be accurately verified.

What is clear is that until the federal government conducts accurate research into the effects of outsourcing on the United States economy, there will be no definitive answer one way or the other.

The Joys of an Automated System

The main benefit of having a turn key online business is automation. An automated system means everything is set in motion to sell before the customers ever arrive at your website. Customer service is automated with follow-up emails, phone answering services, and sign-up forms. Payments are automated through online processing. Even many of the products or services received are automated so you won't have to worry about these factors while running your business.

A turn key, automated home based business gives you the opportunity to meet and invite new people to join without traditional network marketing methods. You don't have to recruit at the local supermarket or while dining out. You don't have to hold meetings in a local hotel conference room or go door-to-door looking for new customers. With a turn key website, your promotional efforts will be mainly online or through email. You can do it all from home!