What is a Negotiable or Monetary Instrument?

Introduction - Many countries require the reportage of the movement of any amount of money, monetary instruments or negotiable instruments valued over $10,000. Panama is one of those countries. One can generally move any amount of money across borders it just requires reporting it to the departing country and to the entry country. We never suggest one brings large sums of cash into Panama. There can always be individual differences in the laws of different countries so it is a good idea to check with each country concerned. Usually they post current information on their official websites.

Currency - This is definitely included in the $10,000 limit. It includes all foreign currencies. They use the current day conversion values to arrive at the $10,000 limit. Be conservative in your predictions of currency valuation so as to not fall over the limit. Traveler?s checks are treated as cash as a rule, it does not seem to matter if they are endorsed or made out or not. Probably because they can be reported stolen or lost and replaced easily in the new country.

Bullion - This is included too. The value is based on current values. If you had a $20 gold coin which weighed one ounce the value would not be $20, it would be what an ounce of gold is worth. If you had a rare coin that was denominated at $0.25 would it be valued at $0.25 or the numismatic value? The numismatic collector value is what would be used.

Negotiable Instrument Defined - This would include any check, or money order that is in bearer form, in other words payable to the bearer on demand without any further conditions to be met or if the instrument is already endorsed without restriction (not endorsed and made payable to a specific entity), made out to a fictitious payee, or structured so that the title of the instrument passes solely with possession of the instrument such as a bearer bond. This would also include an instrument such as a check, money order, promissory note signed but with the payee name left in blank. This does include bearer shares of corporations which is why the corporations we form are set up with a value of $10,000 only (nominative value not paid in cash so as they fall under the declaration limits.

What is Generally Not Considered a Monetary Instrument - Any check, money order, bank check made payable to a specific entity which has not yet been endorsed by that entity or if endorsed it would be with a restrictive endorsement payable to another specific entity. It does not include warehouse receipts or bills of lading.

Aggregates exceeding $10,000 - If any combination of the above exceeds the $10,000 it too needs to be reported. As to whether or not the totals amongst family members needs to be reported is vague and varies from country to country. What constitutes family members traveling together is another poorly defined area. If they are on the same flight are they together or not? Is a minor under 18 or under 21? So do check with the laws for each country.

Penalties - These vary but generally include confiscation, fines and possible criminal charges.

Questions - We can answer any questions you have about Negotiable Instruments and Panama. We are a Panama Law Firm.

Real Estate & Credit

Making money in real estate is always going to be an option, as the current real estate market remains depressed then big opportunities will present themselves every single day.

It's a sad fact that many people have over extended on credit and as such have been forced to foreclose and walk away form the family home. Right now the foreclosure market is running hot due to record numbers of defaults in the US. Smart cashed up investors are very much aware of this and are ready to purchase homes at well below market value.

Just as many people made money as the market rose many people are making money on the falling market. It still remains true that you make money when you buy. Of course people will point the finger of blame at everyone else in these situations, it's sad that families have to lose their home but at the same time we live in an age where people tend to duck personal responsibility on every level they can. People should be prepared to accept the fact that they got themselves into high levels of debt and be prepared to accept responsibility for their actions.

The property market will take time to recover from the downturn and this will give people time to recover and sort out their financial situations. Lessons will be learned and banks lending criteria will be evaluated and corrected to stop this from happening again. If your in a situation now where it looks like you stand to lose the house then the best thing you can do is open up the lines of communication with the bank or finance company, they are ready to talk in most cases.

Automatic Wealth: The Internet Makes It Possible

Attaining wealth and prosperity is a dream most everyone has, but few ever achieve it. Why? The average person is stuck in a rut with a job they dislike and overwhelming debt. This cycle is hard to break, but many people are breaking out and achieving their financial goals through the Internet. The Internet has made it possible for millions of people to create automatic wealth, and there's still room for you! Here's how you can discover your Internet wealth dreams.

Create Wealth, Not Just an Income

With the Internet, the opportunity is there for you to create automatic wealth, not merely an income. You can build one automatic business or several until they reach prosperity - right from your own home computer. The Internet creates the ultimate wealth package because it's so vast in the number of people that use it, but yet, so personal in that one little niche market can earn you a fortune.

You can choose from thousands of business ideas and pick one small market to target for your business. A small market online, however, can mean big dollars for you because it might contain thousands or millions of prospects around the world. The Internet connects you to the outside world and doesn't limit you to those who drive or walk past your local store location.

Automated Business

Another reason it's more feasible to achieve automatic wealth online is because you can have an automated business. Automated means it can run on auto-pilot once you design your website and set things in motion. You can receive automated payments through online forms. You can automate an e-zine (email newsletter) to your customers. You can automate electronic products by email such as e-books or training materials. There are a number of ways to create automated wealth with an Internet business.

No Longer Wait for Paychecks

Another advantage of an Internet business is you can receive daily payments through your website. Many online business owners accept credit cards or use a third party payment processor such as PayPal or StormPay to accept payments from their customers. Through these venues, money goes directly into your account. This gives you a steady cash flow for your business so you can have capital for your income, business promotion, and inventory.

Tips to Build Automatic Wealth

*Use your free time at home to surf the Internet and find business opportunities that interest you.

*Join with one or a few others who are already successful so you can learn the basics of online business. Even if you need to make a small investment, it could be well worth the training you'll receive.

*Decide on a business that's right for you and schedule daily times to work on your business - promoting, analyzing, and building.

*Keep building until you've acquired enough automatic wealth to quit your day job!

Whatever Internet business you choose, remember that it takes patience and consistency to build an online business, just as it would any other type of business. The main differences are that you can work from your home as you're building the business, you can set your own work schedule, and you can earn a lot just by reaching a small niche market for almost any popular product. Start today with your new online business, and you too can soon realize your dreams!

Standardising is a head for all

The system about which one we speak, is the legal base, helping to realise the investment program of progressing of electric power industry. Each member of tendered system of technological association to network plants of new generation urged to make this process transparent and clear, based on general principles for all market participants. Therefore a major principle which one is mortgaged in these contracts , – standardising of this process as on periods of implementation of all stages of technological association, and on account of a board for it. It will allow to the generating companies to understand process of technological association even before realisation of the investment project, to recognise schedule more precisely the future costs.

What decisions and at what level on technological association generating plants are already accepted? What it is necessary to accept?

Here it is necessary to disjoint the decisions linked with technological association, accepted on a national level, and the intracorporate documents anyhow regulating this question.

As to maiden here corrections in the law "About electric power industry" have fundamental meaning, signed by the President of the Russian Federation on November, 5th this year. Actually corrections in a part technological association have made this process "public", much more transparent and regulated. As to technological association generation in the law now about it it is told as about separate "a class, a type" associations with the requests, including to rationing of petroleum products of periods and cost.

Effective Web Page Design for E-Commerce

The widespread availability of high-speed Internet access has resulted in ever-greater numbers of consumers making online purchases. This means that business owners of all stripes - from individuals working from home to big box mass merchandisers - can reach more buyers and can generate exponentially greater revenue than ever before.

There are many theories about and tips for marketing and advertising your online store, and marketing and advertising is certainly a consideration. But in focusing so much attention on marketing, many business owners neglect a fundamental aspect of successful e-commerce: web page design.

If you don't have a professional webpage design, it doesn't matter how much traffic you generate to your site because those visitors won't convert to customers. It's crucial to have a website that is compelling and that makes visitors want to stay long enough to buy. Here, then, are six tips to help your web design transform visitors into customers:

1. Keep it Clean. A professional web page designer will tell you that to keep your virtual storefront clean and free of clutter. It should be immediately clear to the visitor the types of items you sell without overwhelming them with dozens of hyperlinks, fonts, and flashing buttons and words. You can certainly incorporate a flash introduction in your web design, but if you do, give the visitor control. He or she should be able to bypass or pause the flash so that the annoyance factor is kept to a minimum.

2. Intuitive Navigation. Your website designer should think like your customer and design a navigation system that easily takes your customer from your home page to the product or products of interest. The fewer number of clicks it takes to get from point A to point B, the more likely it is that your visitor will make a purchase.

3. Search Functionality. Customers need to be able to find what they need quickly and easily. Allowing customers to search by keyword or product number is a great start. Going one step further and allowing "fuzzy" searches that will also return matches for common misspellings is even better.

4. Seamless Shopping Cart. Many e-commerce sites lose customers at the critical juncture between selecting items and committing to buy them. An intuitive and easy-to-use shopping cart is essential to the online shopping experience. Again, your web page designer should think like your customer and utilize a shopping cart that makes checkout a breeze.

5. SSL Certificate. If you're an online merchant, there's simply no getting around the need for an SSL certificate. With the problems associated with identity theft, your customers need to have confidence that your website is secure.

6. Leave it to the Professionals. When it comes to web page design, don't succumb to the temptation to do it yourself. Even if you have a web design program, you should hire a business web page designer to create your web site. Professionals have a variety of tools that will help your business succeed online, and will act as your partner in developing e-commerce solutions that will encourage visitors to stick around and purchase your products.

The Process Of Buying Artificial Trees Online

Using artificial trees is very easy, but buying them is easy too. Today they can be bought online, as most stores selling them having sites. You can place orders on these sites, and there will be photographs to choose from. By looking at these photographs, you will be able to decide what you do need without hopping from store to store. You can just access different sites and take your pick.

Artificial trees will be listed according to the variety, and there will be descriptions for the artificial trees as well. You will get all the fine details about the trees, the origin, how it is designed, with what material etc. This makes buying artificial trees very easy, as you will have a complete idea about the artificial trees. There are many established companies who are experts in artificial trees that you can choose from.

You will not be unhappy with the prices either, as they are all reasonable priced. Even if they are a little more than what you expect, try to accommodate it as you need not spend on real trees often. This will be a onetime investment for beautifying the environment of your choice. There will be codes mentioned for each creation, so all you need to do is mention the code for delivery.

Payment options are easy as well, and once you order them then they will be delivered to you. You can also take a look at all the artificial trees that are the most popular, and being sold the most. One advantage of buying these artificial trees through this method is that a lot of offers can be grabbed. With the use and also purchase very easy, this is all the more reason to use artificial trees. There will be no need to worry about maintenance.

A lot of people may want the traditional feel, of cutting trees, pulling them from the lot and dragging it home. But this is a better option to choose, as it is simpler and also worth the money. You will not be ruining your neighborhood as well. Besides keeping the surroundings green, you can enhance the beauty of the home with artificial trees.

And ordering them online has made the situation even easier for everyone. You may miss out on the lovely smells emanating from the real trees, but compromising on one or two things will do you no harm. You are anyway keeping your neighborhood lovely by not cutting down trees. With the use of artificial trees, you will not need to worry about the wood catching fire.

Global Resorts Network (GRN) Issuing checks of $80,000

Brent Conrad with LifetimeResort.com could not agree more and is in full force to help as many people as possible.

Brent Conrad states, my girlfriend and I initially joined up and bought a membership so that we could go to cabo san lucas for $598.00 for eight days and seven nights! After we saw the value and saved over $1,500 on our first trip we were ecstatic to say the least. It was so easy to talk with people about the membership and how much they could save and all the exotic places all over the globe they could visit, that we started letting other people in on the Private Lifetime Membership secret that we knew about. Brent Conrad with LifetimeResort.com and the help of Global Resorts Network (GRN),  soon started receiving checks in the mail for amounts that it would take a normal corporate job 3-4 months to make.

What is your dream job? How often would you like to travel? Do you really feel like wearing a suit for the rest of your life? Would you like to spend ore time with your family?  These are some of the questions that you need to be asking yourself when it comes to making a decision about joining the LifetimeResort.com team of Success. Some members have reported receiving checks over $80,000! Can you imagine making more in one month that 95% of the average American family makes in a whole year?  We can, states Brent Conrad with LifetimeResort.com .  With this opportunity you can really work as little or much as you want to. The desired success is completely up to you, not some big headed boss in his $99 dollar corporate bought chair in a corner office. And guess what, you decide how long to work. You can not get fired because you are your own boss. The freedom of this business is unbelievable. Brent Conrad States that he has never seen so many people make so much money so fast. He contributes this to Global Resorts Network (GRN) founders Al Morales and Chuck Tomlinson that are always in the mix and are on almost all of the daily conference calls. They do not just sit back and relax and collect a check. They care about this company and want it to be here for your kids kids.

Brent Conrad states, I want to be a millionaire by 2009 and I can almost reach out and grab it. He believes that everyone should right down their goals. There should never be a limit on high you can dream.

(http://www.submitsuite.com/products/article-submitter.htm-This article was published using Article Submitter)

Office Buildings: Owners Using New Warning System

In light of terrorist attacks, anthrax scares and similar threats, office building owners are now faced with a daunting task - keeping their buildings safe and secure.

As today's offenders become more sophisticated, it is crucial to consider different emergency scenarios and implement effective procedures in order to remain safe.

Simple measures, such as installing more fire alarms and surveillance cameras, incorporating metal detectors and directing emergency evacuation drills help keep buildings safe.

However, many experts are still finding gaps in guidelines and procedures, especially when it comes to communicating with building occupants and emergency responders.

Since lines of communication can be lost during an emergency, building managers are increasingly adopting an innovative new alert system called the Immediate Response Information System, or IRIS.

Developed by TechRadium Inc., IRIS is a state-of-the-art, high-speed response system that sends emergency messages to thousands of people at a time.

Using any phone or Internet-connected computer, a designated individual sends a message in both voice and text format. IRIS then transmits the message to building managers, occupants and emergency responders. Within seconds, the system sends the alert through a variety of frequently used electronic devices: home and cell phones, e-mail accounts, pagers, fax machines and PDAs.

Users can pre-select any of the 10 language options. IRIS repeats transmissions to individuals until their message is received.

As a communication alert system, IRIS also is capable of sending important non-emergency information, such as building maintenance plans and adverse weather condition reports.

When will the Reverse Funnel System End?

Infinite… timeless… the reverse funnel system is a system, like a corporation, it is not dependant on one person or one product.  Currently the reverse funnel system is linked to GRN, Global Resorts Network, but since it is a system it can be applied to any product and any company.

If GRN disappears the reverse funnel system will still be thriving and ready to link to another source of income that may work better than GRN does now, although GRN was chosen for a specific reason and has been fulfilling the dreams of all those involved in the reverse funnel system the reverse funnel system is in no way dependant on GRN.

In fact all the reverse funnel system is…is an automated sales process that closes people into your business for you automatically.  Ty Coughlin and the inner circle hired VERY expensive copy writers, and web conversion experts to design the system.  And after a few months of running it the results have spoke for themselves.  The Reverse Funnel System is producing 30-40% conversion rates.  THAT is amazing.

So if GRN was ever not producing for the reverse funnel system as it should be than the system could simply be transferred to another company that could provide more for those of us who have become a part the reverse funnel system.

That is why the reverse funnel system is so amazing.  It has everything to offer and very little to hurt you on.  The biggest aspect of the reverse funnel system is that you must be delivering traffic into the system consistently… It has such high conversion rates this is not a problem but if the traffic is not sent to through the system then there will be no conversions and you will not see money.

So have no fear for the future of the reverse funnel system… it is here to stay and here to grow.  Those who want to get involved early while the income potential can still reach six figures a month I expect you act fast.  Because soon enough there will be many people driving traffic to their own individual funnels.

All the best and lets make some CASH!

Yahoo Acquires Popular Behavioral Ad Firm

Yahoo inc, the California-based search engine, announced recently that it has purchased BlueLithium, the fifth largest online ad network in the U.S. for $300 million, in with the goal of cornering the ever popular market of behavioral ad targeting.

With this deal, Yahoo’s current behavioral ad targeting efforts, aimed primarily at users of Yahoo mail and Yahoo travel, will be strengthened by BlueLithium’s tracking technology, designed to zero in on consumer preferences as they navigate a site, which allowed for a more focused targeting of ad delivery by a business or, in this case, a search engine.

This tracking ability is made possible by the use of cookies—small packets of data that record user visits and habits on certain sites, and over time, make it possible for Web sites to target their ads to specific demographics within their consumer base.

According to Yahoo News, www.news.yahoo.com) senior vice president of  the Yahoo Publisher Network, Todd Teresi, responded to this purchase of the three year-old, invitation-only BlueLithium network via telephone by saying that this (purchase) “will give us (Yahoo) the ability to (deliver) more relevant advertising to consumers not only on the Yahoo network but also off of the network.”

Yahoo’s user base of over 250 million is expected to greatly expand, with the addition of BlueLithium’s nearly 120 million users, and the geo-targeting capabilities of the new tracking technology will allow said users to connect to online customer segments, featuring marketers that offer products and services tailored to their particular interests, and in some cases, location.

Search Engine Optimization, which targets the behavior of Internet users via the use of searched keywords and other related methods, will likely see benefits from this newer type of behavioral marketing technology, since it will provide a clear, more defined scope of an individual’s search preferences and favorite sites.

It is reported that this acquisition of BlueLithium is expected to be finalized by the fourth quarter of this year, pending regulatory approval and other conditions.

What You Should Look For in a Web Hosting Service

If you are thinking up putting up your own website, the most important thing you should consider is the type of web hosting service you'd like to avail of. There are a lot of web hosting services in the internet today. Some of them are even offered free of charge.

Web hosting services vary greatly in the features that company provides. And when it comes to web hosting the following features are the things you should check first:

1. Total web space provided.

Web space corresponds to the amount of files you can upload to the server. Of course, the bigger the web space provided, the more sites and sub-domains you can host. You can also install many applications, as space is not going to be a problem.

2. Total amount of traffic allowed.

Some web hosting services measures the traffic a certain website get. When it comes to this aspect, unlimited traffic is best. If there's a limit to the monthly traffic delegated to your site, chances are, your website won't display on the browsers of the visitors who are above the limit. This won't make your site look good.

3. Server uptime.

You want your website up 100% of the time, if possible. This feature is usually dependent on the servers of your web-hosting provider. You have to make sure that you go with the company that is totally reliable.

4. Software, applications and bundles included.

This is where the freebies come in. There are a lot of web hosting services that offer application installation support. The most common web hosting scripts and programs today are Java, Php, and Frontpage. Try to find out which of these are supported by your web hosting provider to determine if your web page will work for them or not.

The performance of your website relies on your web hosting service. Make sure you trust your website only to the experts. Go with the company that understands the needs of their clients when it comes to uptime and functionality.

The Case for Diversity

Our society wants to define diversity as profiles in which demographics measure the state of variation within a group.  The portion of females, the ethnic distribution, and statistics is our criteria for diversity.  I suggest a broader perspective which will certainly include well distributed demographics attributes, but also include people from a wide range of economic, educational, social, and political perspectives.   The key element is a broad and open mind.

Everyone comes complete with a theory of everything.  Some theories are in various stages of development, and others are intransient. A single view of the universe is not good.  Enough variety is necessary to thoroughly investigate all the options.   Alfred P. Sloan, the genius who put together General Motors, provides an excellent example with a top level management proposal.  He was having a staff meeting.  The proposal at hand received unanimous consensus.  Sloan purportedly indicated, "This proposal has unanimous acceptance which frightens me.  Let’s table this issue for reconsideration at our next meeting.  In the interim, research and evaluate this proposal." At the next meeting, the group unanimously rejected the proposal just as they had previously accepted it.   The moral to this story is a uniform perspective is a bad thing, whether it is universal acceptance or universal rejection.

Progress arises out of dissonance.   A compliant Albert Einstein would have never given us the Theories of Relativity.  It was Einstein’s attempting to force observed data into existing theory which broadened his perspective into an expanded restatement of Newton’s laws of motion.   However for every Einstein, a million quacks exist.  Just because a new vision has birth, does not mean the new vision is an epiphany.   The two professors who believed they had just discovered cold fusion is a good example.  The two were so bound by their immutable theory of everything they could not observe the obvious flaws in their research.  When their research received the scrutiny of peers, they became renowned as fools.   Their closed-loop thinking trapped them in their own ignorance

Liberals and conservatives, progressives and regressives, well educated and those who gain their knowledge in the school of hard knocks all bring important perspectives.  The conservatives will moderate the exuberance of the liberals.  The Liberals will draw the conservatives from their bastions.  Progressives will attack the boundary of technologies.  Regressives will tend to the center not venturing from the safety of the known.  The well educated will apply the vast array of convergent and divergent thinking while those with a plethora of real life experience will prevent small details from sinking the ship.  The important point is not to see these different and seemingly opposing philosophies as conflict.  The goal is not to battle until one outlook dominates all the others.  The purpose of the inclusion is to make synergy prevail into a solution which each component is incapable of developing.

Lean Six Sigma has a purpose of creating dissonance.  Processes such as 4 S, FMEA, VOC, DMEA, SPC, and others seek to make the current condition better.   All are technologies by which to disturb beneficially the status-quo. Each provides a systematic and constructive process to investigate and to improve.  In a word, they are all dissonance.  In a mono-culture, none of them will thrive.   Diversity is a precedent condition for Six Sigma.   Broad diversity across all components optimizes the results using the Lean Six Sigma processes.

The first step is recognizing diversity is not a competition or a contest. Diversity does not end with a victor.  All components are necessary to present and to articulate a thoughtful perspective.   The purpose of diversity is to understand.  Understanding does not connote agreement.  Understanding does not connote dominance.  Understanding does not connote abdication.   Each component remains in tact changed only by its more complete understanding and its corresponding re-evaluation of its respective "theory of everything".  For an organization to move forward, each component needs affirmation that their participation adds value.  Each component needs affirmation their respective condition is secure.

The second step is construction of diversity.  Diversity will not occur by itself.  An overabundance of forces exists to prevent inclusion.  Perhaps affirmation is the primary driver preventing diversity.  People will naturally reduce the angst resulting from discordant information and alternative outlook by seeking sanctuary.   It is easy to receive confirmation when all those around have a narrow and parallel view.    President Lincoln is the best example of how to construct diversity.  In a time of maximum turmoil in our country, Lincoln purposefully sought to build a cabinet of dissimilar people.  He valued thoughts different from his own.   Cabinet meetings often were tumultuous.  After hearing a full and vigorous debate, it came to a vote.   It was Lincoln saying, "Nine nays and one aye.  Gentlemen, the ayes carry."  Lincoln was superb at building a Team of Rivals*.

The third step is valuing and nurturing the difference, Vive Le Difference as the French would say.  Realize the forces at work.   Each segment will try to establish dominance over the other.  Each segment will retreat to a safe position.  A substantial atmosphere of a contest exists.   Every possible method is necessary to establish value in the difference and to overcome the above forces.  Each segment has to have as its mission to maintain the health and prosperity of the other segments.  The organization has to adopt the model of a mental health organization where each person has the responsibility to interact in such a way as to reinforce the value of the other people.  A definite value of inclusion and a definite value of preventing exclusion have to exist.

Lean Six Sigma may work in mono culture environments; however it will be far from optimum.   Lean Six Sigma has a purpose to create dissonance.  The accommodation of that dissonance is the process by which Lean Six Sigma makes improvements.   Well constructed and nurtured diversity is the precedent condition which allows Lean Six Sigma to work its magic.

*Doris Kearns Goodwin, A Team of Rivals:  The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, Simon & Schuster

WEBconference services in 8 languages

Since its beginning, Tele-efficiency offered WEBconference service in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French. Now, it increase its linguistic offer to include 8 languages. Even if European languages are mainly present as German, Italian and Dutch, Portuguese has been also added to surround America Latina with Brazil. But it is indisputably a Chinese interface which is a breakthrough for WEBconferences. Have a look at www.chinese.tele-efficiency.com

The forthcoming Olympic games in Beijing does not explain by itself the interest of Tele-efficiency for China. In fact, it is the fast growing economy of China which justify the set-up of remote meeting tools between Chinese and occidental business peoples, commented Michel Dionne, CEO of Tele-efficiency. He added: "If the medium is the message, WEBconference means network and synergy".

The negotiation of commercial agreements usually requires many talks. It is where WEBconference becomes interesting to reduce traveling, to facilitate exchanges and to accelerate conclusion of agreements and their follow-up. Nevertheless, it is the tip of the iceberg because technology transfer and project management benefit equally from WEBconference.

The cost of WEBconference services is usually based on per-minute and per-participant rates. However, Tele-efficiency offers a free 30-day trial period followed by a fixed-rate quarterly or annual service contract that includes an unlimited number of meetings with a maximum of 25 participants simultaneously. The address of the international portal is: www.tele-efficiency.net.

Benefiting from Using Small Business Credit Cards

Running a small business requires accurate and detail records. This can be accomplished by using a business credit card. Using a business credit card will provide the small business owner with a monthly statement, listing all business transactions in detail. This is very beneficial because it separates business expenses from personnel expenses. Business owners do not need to sort out personal expenses from business expenses or worry about losing receipts or making reimbursement errors.  With such categorized statement, the business owner is able to spend more time analyzing and monitoring expenses to decrease cost where needed. This business credit card statement simplifies the process of filing a business income tax.

Using a personal credit card to make purchases will cause errors and inaccurate reporting and poor business management. To manage your business wisely, it is advisable to use a business credit card because it eliminate the mixing up of personal expenses with business expenses. The statement produced from the business credit card gives a true picture of all transactions made.  With this information, business owners can have more time to analyze the statement and adjust expenses to increase profitability.

Tracking your business overhead is accomplished quite easily with the monthly small business statement.  With this detailed statement, business owners are able to analyze business expenses and cut cost where needed.  Staying in business and making a profit is the main concern of small business owners. Business owners who utilize the monthly statement reports know where monies are spent. They are able to make wise decisions in cutting expenses where needed.

Event though standard business credit cards have comparable features as a business credit card, 0% Apr, no annual fees, balance transfer option, cash back and rewards and more. The main difference for business credit cards is they offer a higher credit limit and is designed and developed to benefit the small business owner.  Business owners are able to leverage their buying power because they usually purchase in bulk, as a group which adds up to big savings for the small business owner.

Some features of a small business credit card include, online account management, higher credit limit, itemized employees statement, personalized credit card and more.  Business owners love the higher credit limit because it allows them to have a liquid cash flow to make purchases for airline tickets, gasoline, and office supply etc. and avoid undercapitalization. Maintain good credit because the small business owner is liable for any defaults associated with the business credit card. Credit card activities are reported to the main credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Trans Union.

Educate yourself about the features of the business credit cards since there are differences between business credit cards and personal credit cards. Apply for the business credit card that will offer the most savings and benefits for your particular company. For example, if you have a fleet of cars then apply for the business credit card that offers the most cash back and rewards. Small business owners are generally a sole proprietorship and are personally liable for the business credit card debt. Read the terms and conditions to have a good understanding about the features offered, penalties for late payment, charging over credit limit, defaults on credit-card payments and knowing who is responsible if the credit card is lost or stolen.

iCreditOnline.com is the web’s leading credit card resource site. Customers are able to compare credit card offers and apply for the card that meets their needs. This article is free to publish in its entirety and must include all links: http://www.icreditonline.com

Ice Tower Fails to Complete – Further Update (6/25/07)

We recently reported that Ice Tower in Panama City announced it was not going to be built and that they were going to refund money to the investors. Many of those investors paid as little as $1000 a sq. meter. Now current market prices are $2000 per sq. meter up to $3500 a sq. meter. This is probably more than Florida real estate at this time but if they can get it why not.

The problem is the purchases are frequently speculators also called flippers who have no intention of ever living in the units. They just buy in anticipation of higher prices and then sell to another person and then he sells to another and so it goes. It eventually is like musical chairs, the music stops and there are not enough chairs for everyone and someone gets left out and in this case left out means they can not sell the condo for more than what they paid for it. Their choices are then to walk away from the down payment which could be as much as 30% of the purchase price by completion time.

Their other choice is to fund the actual purchase at completion and hope the value appreciates over time so they do not take a loss by walking away from their deposit. This generally involves renting the units. Now if there are a lot of rentals on the market as in many investors who got stuck like this, then the rents drop since $1000 a month beats asking $3000 a month for four months with no renters. Well when one can rent the unit cheaply why buy it. Appreciation becomes doubtful and that is one way a real estate bust occurs.

There are lots of other bust scenarios as well. Well these investors in Ice Tower were licking their chops regarding the anticipated profits and now they are going to just wind up with a refund for all their trouble and waiting. They also might have been able to buy a different project instead of Ice at the lower prices back then and that project may have actually completed and then they could have realized profits. So they had a hidden loss of opportunity at the very least.

On Sunday, June 24, 2007 cement mixer trucks were pouring cement into the hole that was destined to be Ice Towers foundation, which of course is no longer a viable project. So were they just filling in the hole with expensive concrete or were they pouring the concrete to finish the foundation, which could be used for another residential building on the same prime location. Since the Ice Tower team indicated according to La Prensa newspaper that another building would be going up in its place this is what could be what is going on, but we do not know this. What we do know is that cement trucks were pouring cement into the foundation to fill it.

Iron Tower - We just learned (this is all hearsay by the way <smile>) that the new building taking the place of Ice Tower is to be called Iron Tower. This explains the cement trucks filling in the foundation hole. The same developer is building it. Iron Tower is supposed to be 75 floors in height making it a substantial icon building on Avenida Balboa. The cost of Iron Tower is going to be $2500 a sq. meter for the existing purchasers of Ice Tower. This is a special discounted price from the list price of $3200 a sq. meter. If the customer wishes to transfer to the new project they can and if they prefer a refund they can have one just as easily. This is what we are being told. I expect as the days and weeks pass we will learn more about the new project and how things are going so stay tuned for more updates on the Panama Real Estate Boom or Bubble Bursting!

Interactive media setting sew standards for design

Interactive advertising agencies have been sweeping design award shows. Previously a competition limited to illustration, photography and design agencies, multi-media design has matured into an art form which can stand on its own.

Dove’s “campaign for real beauty” was one of the most awarded advertising campaigns of 2007. Originally intended as a web-only interactive spot, the campaign ending up winning both a 2006 Grand EFFIE Award as well as a MAA Worldwide Globe Award. The original <a href=http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com/>Dove campaign video) was produced in Toronto by Ogilvy and Mathers, as a strictly interactive campaign. None the less, the campaign has one traditional media accolades all over the world.

Only recently have traditional magazines begun including interactive media in their competitions. Applied Arts, a Canadian magazine dedicated to visual communications, now includes multimedia and interactive projects in its design awards. Recent winners include Toronto-based<a href=http://www.pubzone.com/newsroom/2007/4x071127x020726.cfm/>Henderson bas), TAXI, and other well known firm with strong interactive practices.

While there are many reasons as to why interactive is gaining popularity in the traditional media realm, one of the main sources of this newfound acceptance is the lines blurring between traditional and interactive design. Interactive designs have begun to evolve beyond the computer, entering the worlds of TV, radio, and print.

Increasing the difficulty of distinction, as interactive moves closer to traditional media, traditional media also moves closer to interactive. For example, in Japan many print ads contain small bar codes which can be read with cell phone cameras, which link the advertisement to online content. Similarly, it is not uncommon to hear radio or TV ads which sole purpose is to drive viewers to a web address.

As interactive continues to evolve the lines between “what is interactive” and “what is traditional” will continue to blur. Moving forward, there is one thing marketers can be sure of: interactive advertising adoption will continue grow and become an essential part of every marketing mix.

Laptops: in the 21st century

A laptop computer or simply a laptop is a small mobile computer that usually weighs from 8 to 16 pounds. It usually runs on a single main battery that can also be connected to an external AC/DC connector. A laptop has  small components that have been optimised for mobile use and efficient energy consumption. A laptop computer can generally perform all the tasks that a regular computer can do, but they are typically more expensive than a desktop computer.although the prices are rapidly falling among the major  production manufacturers.

Many laptops come equipped with a 9 volt battery that will keep the device running for quite some time in case of a power failure so that laptop computer users can complete there urgent tasks quickly. Laptops usually have liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and most of them use different memory modules to access their random access memory (RAM). They have a built-in keyboard and many of them come equipped with a touch-pad. A pointing stick or an external mouse can also be attached to the device. These days, manufactures have released several new models of cheap  end  laptop computer into the markets.

These cheap laptops are a big hit among the masses. Earlier, only high profile business people or executives were the only ones that could afford to buy a laptop computer. But  people of all walsk of life can now purchase these at retailers in the market these days. Thanks to the big competition in the mobile computing market, manufacturers are rolling out a updated model of a cost effective laptop computer every now and then.

Gone are the days when only high profile business people and executives could afford to buy a laptop. Now, several models of cheap laptops are available in the shops. Retailers across the UK have come up with many attractive cheap notebook deals. These deals have made it possible for students, youngsters and housewives to own a laptop computer of their own. The prices of laptops are bound to fall further in the future.

Candy Wrappers Home Business

Starting a candy wrappers business is great for someone who wants to start a low-cost home-based business venture that is fun. A candy wrappers business is also ideal for someone who has a creative side or an eye for detail. But while it helps to be artistic, you don't have to be a magnificent artist to create fantastic and professional looking candy wrappers because there are plenty of options for obtaining graphics to use in your candy wrapper creations.

Who Will Want to Buy Your Candy Wrappers?

There's a never-ending array of customers who will buy your candy wrappers! And any holiday or festivity is an appropriate occasion for offering your wrappers. Here are some examples of occasions for which you can offer your candy wrappers:

- Babies - shower invitations, adoption announcements, baptism, first communion

- Weddings - shower favors and invitations

- Holidays - Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Halloween, Mother's Day, Father's Day

- Parties - invitations and mementos for anniversary parties, family reunions, and birthday parties

- Corporations may also use candy wrappers for trade shows, seminars, and as gifts for customers

- Put on your thinking cap, and you'll come up with more!

Types of Candy to Wrap

Chocolate candy bars are not the only option, as you can also create personalized candy wrappers for rolls of hard candy such as Life Savers or Mentos. You may also want to consider including gourmet chocolate candy bars on your product list. But the candies that make an ideal candy wrapper canvas are:

- Cadbury

- KitKat

- Nestle's Crunch

- Hershey's chocolate bars and Hershey's chocolate miniatures

Designing Your Candy Wrappers

As mentioned previously, you don't have to be an artist to create good-looking candy wrappers. You can purchase candy wrapper graphic software online, and there are also plenty of membership sites that offer clip art for commercial use. This makes adding cute and eye-catching designs to your wrappers easy! Some places that offer candy wrapper software are candykit.com, quiglow.com, and BillyBear4Kids.com.

Starting an Online Candy Wrappers Business

The beauty of this home-based business is that you can sell your candy wrappers over the Internet. Some people may think selling over the Internet is a daunting and risky venture to pursue, but just imagine finding 50 customers online in your first week. If you can get enough Web traffic and entice customers to buy once they land on your site, your income can grow exponentially. Then as your business grows, you can hire employees or outsource tasks so that you're not doing everything by yourself. First register a domain name and hire someone to design your candy wrapper business website. You'll also want to do some research on the type of shopping cart that will best suit a candy wrappers business. You will need a shopping cart that allows customers to add text or upload pictures for inclusion in their orders. Also, before your online business can take orders, you'll need to do some research on payment processors.

Determining the correct size of Grease Traps

Restaurants and other food service businesses generate literally tons of cooking oil, grease and food wastes every day. If this waste is not managed properly, it can cause major environmental problems. Much of the waste is in solid form and can be safely put in packages and placed in the trash. Liquid waste containing oil and grease dumped directly into the sewer, however, can block the system and cause wastewater to flow back-up .To avoid this you have to install and properly maintain a grease trap.

Grease traps capture the oil and grease from the flow of wastewater by slowing down the flow of hot greasy water through the grease trap (actually a tank) and allowing it to cool. As it cools, the grease and oil separate out of the water and float to the top of the trap. The cooler water continues to flow down the drain pipe to the sewer while baffles prevent the accumulated grease and oil from flowing out of the grease trap. The size of the grease trap depends largely on how much waste your business produces and how often you perform trap maintenance. Grease traps may be located inside or outside of the building. Traps that are located inside the building tend to be smaller and require more frequent maintenance. Traps that are located outside the building tend to be larger and may be less disruptive to maintain. Outside grease traps will operate differently in winter versus summer and are more prone to clogging during cold weather. As a business owner/manager, you should know where the grease trap, drain lines, and clean-outs are located at your restaurant.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the grease trap and drain line reduces the amount of solids and grease going into the public sewer system and minimizes the likelihood of back-ups or blockages. Some sanitation districts and/or municipalities require grease traps and periodic maintenance and inspections for specified businesses. This is because untrapped oil and grease in the wastewater decreases pipe capacity over time and eventually will cause the pipe to clog. Piping systems without grease traps need to be cleaned more often and some piping may have to be replaced sooner than otherwise expected. Excessive grease sent to the wastewater treatment plant can also overload their system and cause the facility to exceed its allowable discharge limits. Running extremely hot water down the drain only moves the problem down stream, and may only make it worse. Fixing a sewer line blockage can be expensive, both in terms of potentially lost customers and repair cost. If the pipe clog is within your building sewer line, you will be responsible for fixing the problem and paying all costs. If the clog is in the public sewer line, but can be traced to your restaurant, you will be liable for paying all or a portion of the repair costs. Accumulating the oil and grease close to the source in a properly maintained grease trap is the most cost-effective way.

There are several ways to maintain a grease trap and dispose of the wastes. Your decision will likely be based on cost, availability of services, and disposal/ recycling opportunities in your area. Most restaurants hire a professional pumping service to remove the waste from the grease trap and dispose of it properly. Some areas have service companies that specialize in grease trap wastes, while other areas may have pumping contractors that service grease traps, sand traps, and septic tanks. Pumping service contractors can usually be found in the yellow pages of the telephone book under the listings for “Grease Traps and Service”, “Septic Tanks”.

The 10 Most Asked Questions of Cost Benefit Analysis

When dealing with decisions using Cost Benefit techniques it is very important to follow the proven principles. The health of your company and your reputation depend on it. If these rules are not followed then your decisions could be flawed.

Let's start, shall we?

Question #1. Is this technique suitable for the small business owner?

Yes. The theory works equally as well for small business as it does for big business and government.

Cost Benefit Analysis is a decision-making technique that assesses the positive outcomes (benefits) as well as the negative outcomes (costs) of different decision alternatives. The trick is to make its implementation easy for the small businessperson.

Once you have basic knowledge of the theory and can enter data into a spreadsheet then the rest is not too difficult.

Question #2. Is this all I need to make better decisions?

No. Cost Benefit Analysis is a tool to assist in making better financial decisions. It is not an end in itself. However, part of the Cost Benefit process requires that you think widely on all options before making a final decision. This is often where most people fail in their decision-making attempts.

Cost Benefit Analysis is also very skilful at providing a single viability output for each competing option, making comparisons objective and easy.

Question #3. What do I include as the Costs and the Benefits?

Costs. All costs attributable to the project are to be included. Some of these are listed below:

- Asset Costs (both Capital and ongoing)

- Supply costs for purchased items

- Extra administrative effort required to manage project

- Delivery costs if to your account

- Replacement of assets in future years

- Tender preparation costs

- Any specialised tooling associated with the project

Revenue. Revenue can only be attributed to a project if it were not received were the project not to go ahead.

Asset Disposal and Residual Values. Some assets may be retired prior to the end of their useful lives or may be salvaged at the end of the project. This value is to be included in the cash flows (less the costs associated with their sale or disposal).

Cost Savings. All cost savings attributable to the project are to be included. Wage and salary cost savings must include their overheads and on-costs.

Question #4. How do I treat non-financial costs and benefits?

Since only cash transactions (both costs and benefits) are included in Cost Benefit models, non-financial costs and benefits are usually described by way of notes.

If the Benefit Cost Ratio is = to 1 or > 1 then the use of non-financial costs and benefits would not be required since the project is already VIABLE. Normally these non-financial costs and benefits would be included when comparing competing options whose Benefit Cost Ratio is close to each other.

Question #5. How can I test my assumptions?

You are best placed to make assumptions based on your own experience and judgement. However, you can use a technique to show others how robust your assumptions really are. This technique is called Sensitivity Analysis.

This technique is important to understand because you have made many assumptions in your analysis. These could have been, for instance, the level of new income generated, the savings generated or the residual value of the asset at the end of the project life. These assumptions are at the heart of your analysis and have contributed to your final Benefit Cost Ratio outcome.

Since the future cannot be accurately predicted there is a high probability that some of your assumptions may prove incorrect.

Using this technique will add conviction and weight to your proposal by showing how changes to costs and benefits affect the Benefit Cost Ratio. Do small changes move the project from VIABLE to UNVIABLE?

Question #6. How can I be sure that the project is VIABLE?

You have made your assumptions based on your project knowledge and experience. You have constructed the model that shows the project to be VIABLE. If you have followed the proven principles it should work out OK. Once the project has been authorised it is important to ensure that the assumptions are correct and in fact are deliverable.

To ensure this happens follow up on these items:

- Any labour savings must be delivered - re-assign affected resources

- Cost savings due to process changes must be acted upon swiftly

- Increased revenue from price rises must be implemented urgently

A Post Completion Review undertaken a year from the project's implementation will show you if all or some of your assumptions proved correct. It will also teach lessons on how this could done more successfully next time rather than making the same mistakes again.

Question #7. How can I implement this technique in my company?

There are a number of ways as follows:

- Use Cost Benefit Analysis yourself in a pilot project

- Convince the CEO of its benefits to the company and use that authority

- Use Cost Benefit Analysis in a specific business unit

All of these ways require a thorough understanding of the theory, the reasons for its implementation and the expected payoffs.

A training program would need to be undertaken so that all those involved understood the technique.

Question #8. Why does it have to include NPV to account for the time value of money?

Typically the life of the assets, or the decision being made, will have a financial impact over more than 1 year. This is usually 3 - 5 years (computers, software, factory machinery), 20 years for some large electrical equipment and even up to 100 years for underground pipes as used in water and sewer reticulation.

Inflation, year by year, reduces the buying power of the dollar causing us to spend more each year in dollar terms to purchase the same item. So it is with projects whose life span is more than one year.

Costs and benefits that occur in year 3 or 4 of the project would not have the same impact as if they occurred in year one.

The Benefit Cost Ratio and the final decision regarding VIABILITY could be completely wrong if NPV is not used in the model.

Question #9. Are there any limits to its applicability?

Not really, as long as you are dealing with financial costs and benefits. It has application to large and small decisions, complex and simple, long lived and short lived assets, also profit based and government and charities.

There are some general limitations:

Subjectivity - It is quite unlikely that two analysts working separately will estimate exactly the same Cost Benefit Ratio number. There are many variables that can be treated slightly differently, some of which are listed below:

- Estimation of physical and/or economic life of the asset/project

- Estimates of costs/benefits of environmental protection

- The choice of discount rates (the rates illustrated above are indicative of a range which could be applicable)

- The value of benefits can be different for different groups in society (i.e. the value of a $ to the poor section of the community is different to that of the affluent class)

Political Decision Making - The necessity of making political judgements on the viability of the project (timing of elections, regional loyalties) can sway an outcome. Also decision-makers are not consistent over space and time.

First Round Effects - We would normally only include the effects that are directly attributable to the project going ahead. We would not, for instance, include the increased community agricultural output generally due to a project going ahead. This would only be justified if the sector was originally under-employed.

Question #10. How can this technique actually help me?

There are many ways - some are listed below:

- Increases your confidence knowing you have used a proven reliable method.

- Having thought of all the options for solving the problem you can present your proposal knowing you have the answers.

- Using this technique will ensure you gain recognition and more opportunities for advancement

- Once the company sees the benefits of this technique it may wish you to be the trainer of other staff or the implementation champion - more opportunities for you.

- This technique will you save time in project assessment and ranking of competing proposals.

Lumpers or Temp Agencies for Warehouse Operations Support

Warehouses today are depending more and more on using 3rd party contractors for support to utilize their warehouse operations. Many distribution centers must choose to use lumper services for on site support or use temporary agencies. There are many benefits to using 3rd parties to optimize operations. Most warehouses these days are using lumper’s service as they see the repetition of having the same employees in the workplace pays off with increased productivity and also with increased through puts.  Having 3rd party agencies or lumper services also cuts down on overtime hours for the warehouse as they can cover their regular staff when they are starting to reach overtime on the clock.

Many large fortune 500 companies are using contractors to handle all warehouse operations or portions of warehouse operations. Benefits have gotten so expensive in this volatile economy that the benefits outweigh the cons.  Also to increase productivity most of the lumper services pay by case, pallet, or load so this almost guarantees that the freight handlers will be productive.   Labor is one of the biggest costs of warehouse and distribution services expenses  and anything that can cut that down is a win-win situation for the warehouse or distribution service. As we move towards the future almost many different types of business will go performance based and by having your contractors on performance based you will surely reap the rewards.

Problems can arise with temp agencies as you have to manage their hours. Sometimes the hours can be extensive and when new temps arrived they are very non-productive. Generally you have to train them to get them up to par with you on going operations. They have to be site certified on all equipment to meet OSHA regulations. So regardless if they are certified on fork lifts and pallet jacks they have to be recertified. To ensure that you are protected in case of lawsuit always sign hold harmless agreements with all 3rd party agencies. Most of them don’t provide on staff management so be prepared to manage them. Temps in my experience have been good for simple labor but for ongoing labor utilization lumper services always provide better services.

Lumper services provide great on site management and by having the same lumpers on the dock for long term the productivity is always higher than temp agencies. The lumpers also get paid by productivity so their training cost you so much less than using a temp agency. Their management trains their employees on site for usage of equipment and large contracts generally mean that the lumper service will give you good rebates. Logistics are able to get an exact cost per case so you can keep control of your freight moving costs as the warehouse logistics department is billed by case, load, or pallet.

3rd party contractors can be a great partnership to increase productivity and lower cost in your warehouse.

What is slowing your PC?

It’s always the same old story, you buy a brand new PC and everything seems to be working fine. After six months you find that everything is working a bit slower - applications take a few seconds to open, some windows freeze, and more. After a couple of years it becomes simply unbearable. Have you ever wondered what is slowing your PC?

Security software, constantly growing and slowing your PC

One of the biggest contributors to the constant decrease in the PCs performance is the security software that is trying to protect it. It is widely reported that security software installed on a PC can dramatically reduce its performance. In fact, PC World has recently revealed that one of the top selling security suites “may slow your PC unacceptably”*.

* PC World UK – May 2007

How security software slows the PC?

Processing by multiple engines – security packages include multiple engines and often these engines were developed by different vendors. These different engines often employ security methods that contradict each other, resulting in conflicts and memory leaks that may even generate blue screens and system errors and may slow your PC dramatically.

Constant updates – daily security updates make security software an ever growing strain on performance. These security updates include both signatures and new code that is added to the increasingly large footprint. As time goes by, the security software consumes more and more of your PC’s CPU and memory.

The Solution – Yoggie Pico Offloads Security Tasks

Yoggie Pico offloads the security tasks from your PC, freeing your PC resources to maximize performance. Both processing and security updates reside on the Yoggie Pico itself, dramatically saving CPU and memory usage. All the security applications that you will need to completely protect your laptop work harmoniously inside Yoggie Pico. Furthermore, Yoggie Pico’s patented Multi-Layer Security Agent™ coordinates between the different security components to provide early detection of new attacks as they begin their operation.

Offer Free Information Products to Skyrocket Your Web Business

If you've worked on the Internet for any length of time, then you probably realize how important it is for websites to offer valuable information. Many companies offer free information products to grab a targeted audience. There's no doubt that Web surfers are seeking information, and the Internet is often called "The Information Highway." So, what's the key to success for your Web business? Offering valuable information about your niche market!

Why Offering Free Information is So Important

There are several reasons why offering free information is important to your online business.

One, it gives your visitor a reason to fill out their name and email address and sign on for your mailing list. The more subscribers you gain, the more opportunity you will have to sell your products. Many consumers buy only after being contacted several times; it builds trust for your online visitors. Promise to give your new subscribers a free information product such as a free e-book download. Your profits will grow as your mailing list grows - and you'll improve cashflow for your business as well.

Two, you can increase profits by adding content within the free information product. When you compile a free e-book for your visitors, you can include anything you want in the e-book. You can offer other products that pertain to your website. Your visitors are already interested or they wouldn't be reading the e-book!

Three, you can establish a solid reputation with visitors. Offering free information products helps you build a good name on the Web. You can even allow other websites to offer your free e-book to their clients. This helps you build a name for yourself on the Web while eliminating the risk in the minds of your potential clients.

Of course, there are many other benefits such as search engine optimization, multiple streams of income, etc.

Types of E-books

E-books can be about any subject - gardening, cooking, Web design, graphic design, writing, insurance, car buying, mortgages, finance, home business, office tips, computer tips, etc. Choose a topic that you enjoy so your business won't become a dreaded task. Find a niche in that field and offer free information about that niche product or service.

How to Offer Free Information Products

There are three prominent ways to offer free information products. One, write an e-book yourself. Two, hire someone to write it for you. Three, find public domain information that you can sell for profits or offer to your visitors free.

Public domain information can be books, articles, brochures, government information, magazines, etc. that are available for anyone to use, sell, or offer for free. This means the copyright has expired or never existed. There are even public domain packages you can purchase that contain many public domain products. Anything that's "public domain" can be turned into a free e-book download for your clients. It's a business opportunity that many online business owners don't realize exists.

There are endless books that are labeled public domain. Just be sure they are actually "public domain" before using them. With this little known secret, you can turn your free information products into profits in no time.

DirecWay is Now Called Hugesnet Satellite

Changing the name did not mean changing the excellent service that the customer receives from a satellite provider. Hugesnet satellite just became more improved. Customers receive high-speed broadband connections that surpass dial up and cable. More people are changing to Hugesnet satellite for their Internet and television needs for many reasons. The Internet speed is the most important reason for choosing satellite Internet. The speeds that you connect at are faster than you can find with any cable or dial up Internet service provider. The fastest speed received with Hugesnet is two Mbps, depending on the ISP provider in your area. Even the lowest speed will be faster than dial up.

With Hugesnet, you will not wait for an Internet connection, as soon as you click the icon, you will see the Internet. The download times for files, music and pictures is done faster than ever. You have no more time to do other things while waiting for downloads to be completed. High-speed broadband is available everywhere a signal can be found. Remote areas now have another option to TV and the Internet through Direct TV and Hugesnet. If you cannot receive DSL or cable in your area, chances are Direct TV will be the answer to your problem.

You will find that Hugesnet satellite has different plans, pricing and installation packages for everyone from a home user to a business office. The high-speed broadband connection is compatible with Macintosh and Windows operating systems. This means everyone can enjoy the faster speeds of the Internet. The Home package will download a four MB audio file in forty-seven seconds, while the Pro downloads the same file in thirty-two seconds. If you have the Pro Plus package, the same download will take twenty-two seconds and dial up will go over five minutes.

With Hugesnet satellite, you can run a home or business network from one single Internet connection. You may need some extra equipment depending on what you plan to do. One thing to keep in mind is that Direct TV and Hugesnet are two separate companies that have combined services to provide the consumer with television and broadband in one package. You will receive a separate bill from each one for payment. What this means is if you cancel Hugesnet, you will still have your satellite TV.

Some of the features you get with Hugesnet satellite are technical support twenty-four hours a day, up to five email accounts and two gigabytes of storage per email account. Spam and virus defense is another feature that everyone needs with an Internet connection. You will find that the other options that Hugesnet offers for a small fee are not found with cable or dial up services. You can choose advanced hosting, blogging, domain parking, static IP address and Express repair within two business days if you need any repairs, which is rare. Satellite Internet connections are faster and stable compared to other services. You just need a dish and a satellite provider such as Direct TV.

Growing your VAR Business

Given this backdrop of explosive growth opportunities, the challenges for VAR executives becomes managing for revenue growth and targeting the highest margin opportunities - in initial sales and throughout ongoing client relationships. Professional services automation software applications give VARs a competitive edge and make the difference between struggling to grow and harvesting profit from the abundant growth opportunities.

Advantages for VARs who use Professional Services Automation Software

1. Executive Insight

VAR businesses usually start by selling a primary set of products and services. As they become more successful, they add more products and services, ultimately bundling them up in ways clients want to buy them. Most VARs look at their business through "business practice" lenses - areas of marketing and delivery that bring together the multiple disciplines needed to constitute a client solution. Basic start-up system tools don't fit any more, VARs need professional services automation software tools that manage and report products the way clients buy them, through the lens of a practice.

#Example of how PSA Software can help improve executive insight

As an example of this, think of a network practice that combines elements of hardware (servers, routers, and hubs) with software (security messaging and e-mail), along with client education and even network monitoring and management.

A CEO view lists all the practices and ranks them by key performance indicators: revenue, growth rates, and margins. Practice managers can see how their projects are unfolding and with drill downs, identify what's working and what&#65533;s not.The important point is that with the help of PSA software, VARs can put their fingers on the pulse of the business and tell where the market is expanding or contracting.

2. Client Visibility: All clients are important, but in reality, some are more important to your bottom line than others. Once you understand a client&#65533;s lifetime value - revenue, projects, invoices, and opportunities with the help of a PSA software - you can shape your interactions with them better.

Look at yourself from your client's point of view

Clients see their relationship with the VAR as the sum total of their experiences with sales, receivables, service incidents and other interactions.

For a VAR, getting such specifics for even one client is usually a tedious one-off spreadsheet exercise. And when it's done, the rest of the organization usually doesn't share in the insights. As a result, the type of effective follow-up activities you want to have routinely - whether it's having an executive make a remedial call or initiating an incremental sales opportunity don't happen.

Professional services automation software changes all that. It gives executives the most critical elements of any client's transactions at a glance: practice revenues and margins, buying patterns, service incidents, and invoice payment. It gives insights about the client's experience with the VAR and shows the value the client brings to the VAR.

Using this knowledge can trigger a well placed call from a senior executive at the right time to reinforce your position and lead to a deeper relationship. It's the information you need to set priorities, ensuring you take care of your best clients and nurture the most promising ones.

#Keep tabs on ongoing interactions to improve revenue growth

Many executives measure the health of a client relationship by the number of interactions between the firms, recurring order patterns, and by increasing order size. The converse is an increasing number of calls to a support center about a repeating, nagging problem, or too many on-site visits that do not lead to any sales. Finding shifts in buying patterns through PSA software can act as an early warning system to help you prevent a good client from getting away and recognize where new strategies may reignite purchases.

#Making yourself visible to your clients increases trust

The ultimate deliverable is your ability to create trust and business value for your clients. Opening up to let clients see their own daily interactions with you saves your client time and money, and you too.

By using PSA software portal clients can answer their own questions like have my payments been received (and applied to the right invoices), which invoices are outstanding, which orders are still open (and is any delivery info available), how many service calls have been placed recently, and how many (which ones) are still open.

Once an order is placed you set up a project to design, install, get the system operational, and ultimately accepted. During the project your clients can use the PSA software portal to understand the status of a project, use it for internal reporting purposes, and use it as a communication platform.

Forward thinking VARs are using professional services automation software to monitor the acceptance process and even ensure that a project delivers on its business improvement or ROI projections. During this process, a savvy practice manager will be looking for sales opportunities for after market services.

3. Marketing Effectiveness: Capturing true marketing costs and performance improves your capture rates and minimizes wasteful spending.

There is an old marketing saw that says 50% of advertising dollars are wasted - we just don't know which 50%. Unfortunately, that principle is true for VAR marketing expenditures too. Through professional services automation software, you can collect true costs for all aspects of your lead generation efforts and compare them to sales achieved. It's powerful information that ensures winning propositions are used again and less than stellar efforts are jettisoned. Knowing the cost per lead and success rate of every campaign brings marketing operations closer to the company's mission of growing revenue and high margin opportunities.

#Watch pipeline activity to identify where you can stimulate growth

Pipelines are hard enough to manage, even if you aren't dealing with sandbagging or missed executions. Professional services automation software generates real-time reports for the sales executive, CFO, and CEO that detail the movement from proposal to order to shipment and acceptance. Reports that help you understand proposal conversion rates, internal execution, and how successful your employees are when visiting on site. Knowing this can help you identify good sales execution, spot remedial work for individual sales people, and decide what needs to be done to help cement a good relationship with a client.

#Use client feedback to productize opportunities

Every VAR maintains a support center for ongoing client support and project installations. Data from these interactions can be a treasure trove of new opportunities. PSA software identifies important call issues so you can examine them for add-on product and sales opportunities. Getting a lot of calls about start-up issues at the end user level? Perhaps an onsite introductory training class is needed. Do clients have insufficient skills in their IT departments? Maybe it's time to consider a managed services offering.

PSA software for VARs can provide the facts to make informed decisions about when to productize services for repeatable, high margin sales and to help you spot emerging areas clients are inquiring about.

#Accelerate upgrade opportunities through insight into your clients' installed environments

By its very nature, the technology industry is always racing towards the next breakthrough. Unfortunately, end user clients can't possibly keep up with the relentless adoption of the next big thing. In fact, they often don't maximize the use they get out of any piece of equipment and may not be aware of savings opportunities that come with some upgrades.

It's easier to sell when you know how and when the client buys. Many IT directors have a budgetary model that subscribes to the notion of being fully depreciated. Knowing when equipment depreciation occurs can trigger sales activities to harvest this built-in financial understanding. Creative sales executives will also see this as an opportunity to offer new contractual terms that extend beyond a single project or delivery. For example, they may take a deal off the street by replacing all of a company's PCs over a three-year period, as the systems become fully depreciated, and offering special payments terms to take the sting out of lump sum payments.

4. Internal Operations: Managing technology implementations means running projects on-time and on budget. Real time awareness can detect margin leakage before it becomes a problem.

#Tight control of new technology introductions can speed revenue and contain ramp-up costs

Becoming market ready for each new technology is not a small or inexpensive undertaking. PSA software with good project management functionality enables you to identify and control key ramp-up tasks such as obtaining licenses, employee training and certification, setting up development environments, arranging your product distribution network, and so on. Technology ramp up is a huge internal project that requires costly capital outlays and profitability often depends upon skillful project and budget management and preventing cost overruns. PSA software tools give you time and cost management insights to use to help guarantee a prepared staff and an on-time rollout at a cost you expected.

Home Business Solutions

In our day and age we are all blessed with the technology to run a home business, and not just work from home but wherever we can get an internet connection. We can even run a business from a phone. When people want to enter into a home business they must realize that one home business out of ten will survive five years. The same statistics hold true for the next five years. All in all, ninety nine percent of businesses will fail. This statistic holds true for small, medium to large businesses as well.

So you are probably asking, “How can I win with the numbers against me”? You can be a success in the home business but you must understand the downside when you start. Knowing that there is a huge failure rate you know that you need to get a mentor to guide you while you are building a business. You know that you don’t want to listen to someone who follows strategies of lack instead of abundance. Most home businesses follow a process of duplication. They duplicate the same model that their up-line did and most all fail, therefore they are duplicating failure. Another way to explain it is running a home business from the bottom up and not the top down.

Running a home business is serious and must be treated as a major undertaking. So before you start a business get a good mentor and interview the mentor. Make sure the mentor has the ability to get you to the top and that the mentor understands the home business success curve. A good mentoring program is “Mentors on a Mission” that is marketed by systems owners of Jaguar Marketing Systems. You can get assistance at Dr. Raymond Jewell’s Jaguar Marketing System, and also get our “Partner Development Program” that tracks the home business builder’s progress every step of the way. [You can get the website address in the resources box below.] No matter what your education you should have a mentor watch over your shoulder to make sure that you are doing the right things.

When we mentor our clients we are able to teach how to achieve 10K week income and build your business from the top down. You are taught how to hire a sales manager and a sales force, on commission, to actually handle the sales part of the business. We teach you how to get proper accounting in place and get an accountant that understands how to maximize the tax code. You get on-line classroom instruction on what to do and how to do it taught by people who are actually running successful home businesses. We teach your Account Executives what to do and how to do it. You don’t get involved in fact we make sure that you run your business instead of working as an employee in your business. We teach you how to market the “Mentors on a Mission” mentoring course and believe me it will attract people like a magnet, or you can market any product through this process.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is really serious about running a successful home business. We would be glad to give you more information just click on the sign up link below this article. If you want to call us call 1-800-727-2353 and ask for Rachel Coleman. Also visit our Article and Audio Library and read and hear more about running a home business. All links are below.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Raymond Jewell

Panama offshore Legal bank account

Offshore Legal is situated in Panama and overseas. They offer offshore bank accounts, offshore foundations, Asset protection and Offshore Corporation. You can create a Panama Bank account in 3-5 days.

The documents required for the bank account are Bank reference letter, notarized copy of passport, notarized copy of drivers license, reference letter from the accountant, business or lawyer in general.

Panama bank accounts protects its customers by strong bank secrecy, which can call a person for fines, prison and also a person can sue the bank for violations of any kind. Panama bank account can either be in Euros or US dollars. You can also get your Mastercard, Visa card or an ATM card. There is an easy option for online banking with international wire transfer sending capabilities along with statements and balance history. The minimum deposit required at the Panama bank is around 1000 US dollars. US and Canadian passport holders must have foundation or corporate bank accounts and no personal accounts. The corporate accounts can be opened by using existing corporations from some jurisdiction based corporation.

Panama offshore bank is world wide and so there are banks that operate in Panama and there are also banks that operate world wide, the bank sees to suit the preference of customers. Banks with global presence, you should know that the banking entity in Panama would be a separate banking corporation.

Offshore packages include, Panama bank account starting at 695 US dollars with online banking, ATM card, large bank with billions of dollars under management. Panama bearer Share Corporation and bank account starts at 1795 US dollars or 1495 US dollars without a bank account that includes, Resident agent and expenses, the Power of attorney, three nominee directors with, annual tax, resignation letters, register book, corporate resolution, share certificates, translation, transfer of subscription and articles of incorporation. Caution can be taken by those offering cheaper prices; they usually exclude the three nominee director or the annual tax of 300 US dollars. This can be a scam where one corporation can be sold to more than one person at once.

Panama Foundation with bank account usually is 1795 US dollars and that include secret beneficiary wishes letter, one of their attorneys, foundation protector agreement, registered agent, translation, resolution from nominee, council members to open a bank account, Power of attorney and three nominee council members.

Panama foundation owning a corporation with 2 bank accounts of around 3300 US dollars and they offer Layered banking secrecy this is a bullet proof package, it is completely anonymous.

The last is the Stock trading account which is 495 US dollars and it allows your money to grow in an offshore tax haven which is fully protected.

There are benefits offered by Panama offshore bank, right inquiries have to be made so that you are not scammed and you get the best of the bank account that you decide to have.

The Challange – Security Vs. Mobility

The overwhelming increase in the mobility of the corporate workforce and the availability of wireless internet connections in airports, hotels, and coffee houses, creates an unbearable challenge to IT managers. Whenever employees, travelling with their laptops, connect to a hotel hotspot, they are in fact connecting their corporate computers to an unsecured network, shared by hundreds of guests. This innocent connection jeopardizes sensitive data and can bring back security threats into the corporate network when returned to the office. For this reason, IT managers have adopted rigid security policies, creating a conflict between the need for security and the productivity of the mobile workforce. For example, some organizations consider the returning laptops as “infected”. The infected laptops are completely formatted and cleaned. Some allow dial-up connections-only (no Wi-Fi), while others go further to completely prohibit the connection of laptops to the Internet outside the corporate network.

This unbearable conflict between security and mobility can only be solved if the mobile force is equipped with the same level of security as they have inside the corporate network. To understand what this means, we should examine the level of security that is maintained inside the corporate networks.

Corporate Network - Two Lines of Defense

Corporate users enjoy higher security levels inside the corporate network because they operate behind two lines of defense. The first line of defense, is a set of robust security appliances, installed at the IT center and exclusively controlled by the IT department. It is largely based on a comprehensive set of IT security appliances running secured and hardened OS, with Firewall, IDS, IPS, Anti Virus, Anti Spyware,

Anti Spam and Content filtering. The second line is based on the Personal FW and Anti Virus software installed on end-user’s computers.

The first line of defense completely isolates the user at the physical and logical layers.

Unlike PCs, these appliances are equipped with a Hardened operating systems that do not have security holes, “back-doors”, or unsecured layers. They are designed for a single purpose, to provide security.

The first line of defense provides the following advantages:

-      Mobile code is not run - content arriving from the internet is not executed on these appliances it just goes or does not go through into the network. It makes it more difficult to attack as the mobile code delivered by the hackers does not run on the appliances.

Cannot be uninstalled – Security attacks often start by targeting the security software, while trying to uninstall it or stop its activity.

Software-based security solutions, as any software program includes an uninstall option that can be targeted. In contrast, the hardware-based security appliances cannot be uninstalled as they are hard coded into the hardware.

-      Non-writable Memory - Hardware-based solutions manage the memory in a restricted and controlled manner. The security appliances can prohibit access to its memory, providing greater protection against attacks on the security mechanism.

-      Controlled by IT personnel – The security appliances are controlled by IT, who constantly maintains the highest security policies and updates.

-      Performance - The security appliances are optimized for maximum security and operate independently from computers in the network, not degrading the performance of the desktops or consuming their resources.

Consequently, the corporate PCs reside in a secured environment. If the security is breached, at least the damage stops at the gateway. The first line of defense prevents threats from entering the corporate network. While the second line serves as a precaution and help defend against threats that may have already entered the network (e.g. emails). But the real problem starts when the corporate PCs go in and out of this secured environment. Outside the corporate network they are at the frontline with no first line of defense. The problem intensifies as they return, bypassing the first line of defense as they enter the network. These laptops can be considered as the greatest threat because they unknowingly infiltrate security threats

into the supposedly safe network.