Building A Home Internet Business To Make Home Income Online

Many people who search the internet to improve their standard of living simply don't know what it takes to make a home income online. This article includes the most important steps to build a home internet business which successfully generates online income.

The world wide web offers anybody with a home computer and internet connection, the opportunity to set-up a home based business with a click of the mouse-but beginning to build a successful home based business is where the hard work,training,determination and excitement starts.

Many thousands of people get totally depressed and disillusioned when they do not make any money online, after a few weeks of starting their own home based business.They simply do not appreciate the time and effort to build a successful home business.

Starting a successful home based business is not a get rich quick overnight business.

The maintaining aspect of your home internet business never slows, as you need to make constant changes,altering content,scripts, graphics and advertising to keep your site and content fresh with the aim of receiving targeted traffic and more importantly repeat customers. When you have successfully done this and hit pay dirt, you then will be making a great income online.

Outsourcing Trend Grows As Companies Cut Costs

As companies face the challenge of improving productivity and efficiency with ever-shrinking budgets, the need for outsourcing certain operations has grown. And ironically, although digital technologies become more important in business, the idea of a paperless office seems more distant than ever.

In fact, Bill Gates has proclaimed that the paperless office is "one of those 'any day now' phenomena that never seem to actually arrive. ... Paperwork is increasing faster than digital technology can eliminate it."

As a result, document management and imaging outsourcing has become big business. Companies looking to image capture their paper documents are increasingly turning to service providers because it's less expensive than hiring permanent staff.

According to a report by research firm IDC, the industry reached $13 billion in 2003 and was expected to expand at a compound annual rate of 19.7 percent over the next three years.

In fact, major companies like General Electric now take advantage of what is called business process outsourcing, or BPO - the delegation of operational responsibility for a business process's execution and performance. This applies not only to paperwork but a variety of organizational tasks.

"Seventy percent of our business processes should be outsourced," said former chairman and CEO Jack Welch. GE's outsourcing strategy delivered 26 quarters of increasing profitability, despite market instability and ever-changing conditions.

Quintek Technologies Inc. is one company focusing on BPO solutions, providing services to enable Fortune 500 and Global 2000 corporations to reduce costs and maximize their revenues.

Benefits of BPO services include: reducing costs by lowering overhead and improving the efficiency of processes; allowing organizations to focus on their core business; and providing access to scalable operations and on-demand resources.

Most BPO processes begin by organizing data into digital formats, and this has increased the need for support from companies like Quintek.

So while the paperless office seems to be a far-off goal, that just leaves plenty of room for the BPO market to grow. According to one report by Forrester Research, the BPO market is expected to grow from $19 billion in 2004 to $146 billion in 2008.

Six Reasons Why Google AdSense is So Important to Content Sites

Before you can understand why Google AdSense is so important to content sites, it’s important to know how AdSense works. The concept is really simple. The publisher or the webmaster needs to inserts a java script into his webpage. Each time the page is accessed, the java script will pull advertisements from the Google server. The ads that are targeted should therefore be related to the content that is contained on the web page serving the ad. If a visitor clicks on an advertisement, the webmaster serving the ad earns a portion of the money that the advertiser is paying the Google for the click. The Google handles all the tracking and payments, providing an easy way for webmasters to display content-sensitive ads without the hassle of soliciting advertisers, collect funds, and monitor the clicks and statistics.


• One of the most impressive advantages of AdSense is that Google has a huge database of advertisers that are looking for space. Because of this huge base of advertisers, AdSense can provide you with a steady stream of advertisers that can match just about any type of content that you can think of. Advertisers are segregated based on product, service, geography, and company size. This helps to both provide local advertisement opportunities to companies, as well as provide your site with relevant content.

• Another no cost benefit that AdSense offers is the use of their Google search box technology. You can add this feature to your website, which will encourage visitors to stay at your website longer, and it will encourage them to return to your site. You can even earn money from this technology. When a visitor enters a keyword or keywords the results appear in a box at the top of your web page. You earn money for every ad that they click on that was generated from their search.

• In addition to these benefits you also are able to control what kinds of ads that you want displayed on your website. You can filter out ads from specific company genres, and you can also filter out companies that compete with what you are trying to sell. You can also design the look of the ads that are displayed on your website. You can choose their color pallet, layout, and size of the ads that are displayed, and where they appear on your website. Finally, you can customize your AdSense to run on only certain pages of your website. All of these options allow you to stay in control of how AdSense is displayed to your customers.

• There isn’t a fee to participate in AdSense, however, you do need to invest time in setting up AdSense features and filters. You will also have to pay for the design, hosting, and domain name of your website. These set up costs should be minimal depending on the complexity of your web site. There are free website hosting sites available and often home page hosting is provided as a free service with your ISP. To determine if your ISP offers free hosting and web page design assistance you should contact your ISP representative.

• While most ads that promote this type of affiliate program boast of fast and easy money, if you truly want to make money with this program there is going to be substantial work involved. In order for you to make money, you will need to attract visitors to your website. To do this you will need to provide your viewers with quality content that appeals to a large audience. One popular way to do this is to provide a blog of current events, issues, opinion, commentary, etc. Another way is to produce original content that people will drool over. Be creative. There is a lot of competition out there, so learn how to produce content that will top the search engine results, and learn how to use keywords to your advantage in order to attract more viewers.

• Adsense is essential for content sites because it has come a long way in understanding the needs of publishers and webmasters that allows full ad customization. The different formatting expands the possibility of more clicks from visitors who may not be aware of what they are clicking on. Thus making them take the next step of clicking on a relevant ad. This way the people behind Adsense will get their content read, and you make a profit.

Boss Cologne Review

There are many different cologne products available on the market to select from.  One popular one is Boss Cologne products.  When choosing which product you want to buy it is very helpful to read a Boss Cologne review.  This will give you an idea of what others think about the particular product in the line.

What do you look for in a good Boss Cologne review?

The first thing you want to look for is the length of the review.  A good review will be more than a paragraph or two.  You want to research until you find one that has some length to it.  A person that has used the product line will have more than just a couple of paragraphs to say about it.

Where is a good place to find a Boss Cologne Review?

There are many websites that offer product reviews. In addition, you can search the Internet for good product reviews on blog sites.  Bloggers love to let other people know about various products and services.

What products are in the Boss Cologne line?

There are many different products available in the Boss Cologne line.  Some of the fragrances for women include: Boss, Boss Femme, Boss Intense, Boss Intense Shimmer, Hugo, Hugo Deep Red, Hugo Boss and Hugo Pure Purple.  Some of the fragrances for men include: Hugo Dark Blue, Hugo Energise, Hugo Hype, Boss, Boss #6, Aqua Elements, Elements, Boss in Motion, Boss in Motion Black, Boss in Motion Blue, Boss in Motion Green, Boss Selection and Boss Soul.  There are many available for you to choose a product.

Gifts Sets Available in the Boss Cologne Line

Boss Cologne has many different men and women gift sets available in their product line.  Reading a Boss Cologne review will help you decide which gift set is best to give to a friend, co-worker or family member.  They have a huge price range, so you are sure to find one that fits your budget and your wallet.

Boss Cologne Aftershave Line

When reading through a Boss Cologne review, I found out that Boss Cologne has an aftershave product line.  These are designed for men to use after straight razor or electric shaving.  The scent choices and prices were varied and would also make a great gift for someone special. The aftershave colognes came in both liquid that you can splash on your face or in the spray bottle.

Pricing Boss Cologne Product Lines

The pricing of the Boss Cologne product lines varied.  There were some at the low end of the price spectrum for thrifty shoppers that want a name brand at an affordable price. There were additional product lines at the higher end of the price spectrum as well.

When shopping for Boss Cologne products make sure that you are getting a good price.  If the price seems extremely low, double-check the shipping and handling fees.  Some online shops offer very low product prices and make up the cost difference with extremely high shipping and handling fee charges.

The Shortest Way To Professional Education

Every professional sooner or later faces a shortage of specialized knowledge required him to making a career or in the management his own business.

Where to get such knowledge? Market is full of training centers and consulting agencies proposes that offer many educational programs, seminars, trainings and courses for specialists in various fields of business.

How to find and choose what is really needed? How not to spend the time and money wasted? Often participate in training related to the interruption of the business process.

The answers to these questions helps to find ( - a business events and educational programs directory where you may find marketing, management, finance and accounting, IT, HR, self development and other trainings, seminars and courses. By selecting appropriate training or seminar, you get a full description: information about teachers and coaches, event agenda, venue info and other. Then you can book event online - just fill an order form - no phone calls or e-mails, event organizer's representative will contact with you himself to clarify the order details.

Now is the best time to think what opportunities takes new knowledge to you, your career and your business.

Looking for a Business Opportunity? Choose One with a Built-In Market

There has never been a better time to find a home-based business opportunity. In fact, there are so many business opportunities that it's often difficult to decide which one is the right fit for you. Here are five tips for finding a home-based business opportunity that will meet your needs and that will help you succeed.

1. Fuel Your Passion. It's rare to find a person who can sell a product or service he doesn't believe in. Even for those who can, it's hard to imagine that they enjoy what they do and look forward to their work each day. For most of us, a critical element of the right business opportunity is finding a product or service we believe in. For example, you may be concerned about the environment and about global warming. If so, a business opportunity that involves a product that helps people save gas, allows cars to get higher MPG, and reduces emissions would be right up your alley. In sum, you'll be much more successful if you have a passion for the product you're involved with.

2. Look for a Hot Market. A large part of finding the right business opportunity is understanding market forces. What drives people to spend money? What are the issues that people care about? Do those issues relate to the product or service you're considering? Using the above example, the environment and global warming are issues that have reached critical mass, in part because of greater awareness and in part because of near-record fuel prices. Therefore, a product that helps fuel efficiency and reduces emissions would be welcomed by virtually everyone. If you find a business opportunity that you feel instinctively is coming to the right place at the right time, chances are you've found a winner.

3. Look for a Global Reach. The best home-based business opportunities are well established, yet still have room to grow. A solid business opportunity will have distributors in well over 100 countries, but isn't so saturated with distributors that the hunger in the marketplace has been sated. The company you join should still be in its expansion phase, giving you the opportunity to earn a significant weekly income.

4. Follow the Marketing. When selecting a business opportunity, find one that already has a solid marketing plan. The company's marketing may include Internet marketing, an infomercial, replicated websites, or any number of other strategies, but the bottom line is that the company should put as much or more effort into marketing as the distributors. If, for example, you've seen a company's infomercial on television networks and cable, you know that it's committed to marketing.

5. Examine the Numbers. It's crucial that you know the compensation plan before you sign on to any business opportunity. Better yet, you should be able to access the actual results achieved by the company's distributors. This ensures that you have an accurate estimate of your earning potential.

Whichever home-based business opportunity you choose, make sure it's one that is timely, that dovetails with your interests, and that is on an upward swing. After that, it's up to you to make the most of it and to fulfill your financial dreams.

5 Tips on Maximizing Opportunities to Earn at Home

There are few people who wouldn't welcome the opportunity to earn extra money. After all, the sluggishness of the economy means that our money just doesn't go as far as it used to. When you add in the mortgage crisis and job outsourcing, it only makes sense to find ways to make money at home. In times like these, extra cash can help make ends meet or pad your bank account a bit just in case the unthinkable happens.

Unfortunately, many people who want to work from home don't take the steps necessary to find the right opportunities and ensure their success. Here are five tips to get started and stay on the right track.

1. Write down your motivations. To find the right opportunity, it helps to get clear on why you want to earn money from home. Do you want to supplement your income, to have part-time work while the kids are in school, or do you want to save for a vacation? Whether you are looking for some extra spending money or you need the money for necessities, putting pen to paper and outlining why you want to earn money will help you focus and stay motivated.

2. Make money online. If you have a high-speed Internet connection (as most people do), it literally pays to look for ways to make money online. After all, you already have a computer, so why not work at home and make your own hours? Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people are already making part - or full-time incomes online. Shouldn't you be one of them?

3. Find the right opportunities. It's sometimes difficult to figure out which work at home opportunities are legitimate and which will work well with your skills and interest. The best place to start looking is a website that provides visitors with a comprehensive listing of the top-rated opportunities to earn money from home. That way, you can be assured that the opportunities have been researched and investigated, and that the company or companies you choose to work with pay on time, give excellent support, and will help you earn from home.

4. Do the math. Once you've written down your motivations and have reviewed opportunities to work at home and make money online, you need to determine your financial needs. When you know how much you want to make, you can do the math and figure out the amount of time you'll need to commit to reach your goals.

5. Treat it like a job. While it's true that working from home means that you can set your own hours and work as little or as much as you'd like, the only way you'll truly succeed and earn money at home is if you treat it like a job. That means setting regular "office hours" where you're free from distractions and can concentrate on your efforts to make money online. Perhaps you want to work while the kids are in school, or maybe you're a night owl and want to work from midnight until three in the morning. To increase your likelihood of success, though, set a regular schedule and stick with it.

Flexible Payments Mean Happier Customers

As a new business owner, you probably started out accepting cash and checks but not credit cards. Or if you have a business online, you might have accepted PayPal but no other payment options.

As your business grows, you will have more people asking for more varied payment options, and as your budget allows, you should expand to offer as many different payment options as you can.

Paying with credit cards and debit cards is becoming very popular. You might be hesitant to accept credit cards because of all the fess associated with them, but the truth is you might make up the cost of the fees in increased sales.

People are likely to spend more when they are using plastic and to make more impulse buys than they would if they were paying with cash or a check.

In addition to accepting credit cards, you should also get a payment processing device that allows you to accept debit cards, meaning it has a keypad on which customers type their PIN numbers. Many people like using a debit card because it's faster than writing a check but still makes them control their expenses since the money is coming right out of their bank account.

Accepting debit cards is great for you as well because you know the customer has the money if the debit card payment goes through. The fees are also lower when accepting a debit card transaction than they are on a credit card sale.

These days customers want flexibility. They, just like you, are busier than ever. There are a lot of people out there who never carry cash and who hate to write checks. If you don't offer a credit card or debit card option, you've lost a sale -- potentially a lot of sales.

Opening up to different methods of payment will make your customers happier and bring you more profits. It doesn't have to take a lot of time or money to get set up with a merchant account, and once you do you'll wonder why you waited for so long. Some payment processing companies even offer free equipment and have very competitive rates that mean you'll get to keep more of your money and put it back into building your business.

Having a merchant account is part of the price of doing business in the 21st century. Do some research about the different payment processing options and move forward on accepting credit cards as soon as you can. You'll be glad you did.

Earn Money at Home by Finding Credit Solutions for Others

Each day people are looking for a way to earn money at home. Sometimes it is in addition to a regular job, or as a main source of income. The opportunities are unlimited in finding home employment today.

A home-based business is not dependent on a person's location or prior experience. By searching for yourself through the various online offerings, you will be able to find a way to earn money at home based on your individual skills and interests. There are also many companies that offer training for a home based business.

Finding Credit Solutions for Others

Finding credit solutions for others and money brokering are effectual ways to earn money while working at home. You would be able to work full or part time as your time and schedule allows. By providing this kind of service you will be able to expand business by receiving referrals from satisfied clients and by advertising.

Becoming more independent is an important goal for many people. They might want to open their own business and need financing. Or perhaps they are in too much debt and need a credit solution to release them from financial stress. There are people every day that need help and don't know how to handle their situation. You can be the one to help them as you earn a lucrative income at home.

Help Others and Earn Money At Home

Learning how to help people with a credit dilemma or helping them to get started can be a rewarding and lucrative business. Help your clients learn how to use financing, credit cards, how to begin saving and avoiding bankruptcy.

Help people to manage their money and become free of the debt they owe. Teach them to live with a budget and avoid going deep in debt. Show them ways to cut household expenses and easy ways to save money. Teach them money skills that can be passed along to their family. Using practical steps to keep them financially stable will give them the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Another Way to Earn Money At Home

While you earn money at home through finding credit solutions for others, you can also earn extra money by signing up for a free affiliate program. Earn commissions by advertising for others and bringing sales to those companies.

Home Based Business

When considering a way to earn money at home, take time to visit websites that offer training and help in getting started. The financial rewards are only limited by your time and effort. With a just small investment, you will be able to enter into a profitable endeavor, helping others with credit solutions while working in your own home.

Four Keys to Making Your Cold Call Stress-Free

From the traditional point of view, cold calling conversations should constantly lead towards making a sale. We’ve been given only one path to follow, and that’s getting a "yes."

This is why our language and energy feels stilted. We aren’t being genuine, and we aren’t inviting the other person to tell us the truth about where they stand.

Here are four powerful reasons to relax and stop trying to force cold calls into sales:

1. When we’re carrying "forward energy momentum," others feel pressured

Most cold calls break down the moment potential clients feel a lot of "forward energy momentum." That’s because it brings a feeling of being pressured. Noone likes to feel even a little manipulated, and that’s what pressure is all about.

Sales pressure is a mighty saboteur that comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Making any cold call with the anticipation of a sale puts the whole conversation under pressure. This doesn’t normally create good outcomes. It triggers resistance and tension.

2. Anticipation of a sale blocks the flow of normal conversation

Most of us truly believe that our product or service can help others, so we assume that anyone who fits the profile of a potential client should buy what we have to offer. Isn’t that one of the first things we learn in our sales training?

But this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to cold calling. When we make a cold call presuming someone will be interested, we’ve automatically moved into expectations. This means we’re focused on trying to "guide" the conversation into a sale. Genuine dialogue goes into the back seat, and sales pressure climbs to the front.

Move away from making any assumptions when making cold calls. After all, how much sense is it to have assumptions about someone you’ve never spoken with? How much can you possibly know about their problems, issues, needs, budget, or other key information?

If you approach your cold calls from a place of genuine interest rather than expectations, both of you will relax and the interaction will flow naturally.

3. When you explore whether you’re a "fit," then you stop chasing invisible sales

If you’re always focused just on making the sale, then you’ll miss the signals that a prospect isn’t really going to buy from you. You find yourself chasing phantom sales and wasting a lot of energy. You can diffuse this by first determining whether you and the potential client are a good fit. Invite the other person to focus on this with you. Determine together whether a good business relationship might genuinely be possible.

When our honest objective is not to make a sale but rather discover the truth of the situation, we’re less likely to get carried away with "possibilities and potentials," and more likely to hear the truth of what’s being said. We can disengage from people who really don’t intend to buy from us, and focus instead on potential clients who have a problem we can solve.

4. When we’re always trying to close the sale, sincere interest doesn’t have the chance to participate in the conversation

Whenever our aim is to "get the sale," we can’t relax and let the other person move things forward. We’re high energy and full of pressure.

This means our potential client is always responding or reacting, rather than initiating anything. When all you’re thinking about is leading the conversation to a "next step," you're trying to do two things at once.

You're trying to have a sincere conversation while still controlling the outcome. Your potential clients can feel this conflict. They feel suspicious and react by holding back the truth of their situation. They simply don’t trust your intentions.

When you release any hidden agenda with moving your conversation toward a close, people feel that you’re focused on their needs and issues. They begin to trust you. Thus, they will share truthfully what their real needs are and whether your product is a fit for them.

When you’re not focused exclusively on making the sale, then you can close with the phrase, "Well, where do you think we should go from here?" This gives the green light for your potential clients to share clearly where they stand with you.

You’ll be amazed at how often your prospect is the one who sets the appointment.

5 Ways to Incorporate Network Marketing with Your Home-Based Business Opportunity

Many people are looking for a new business opportunity to make money at home. The Internet has made it possible to market products and services all over the world. This has created a huge potential for individuals to be involved in their own home business.

Some people work at home for themselves, providing services to others, or selling their own exclusive products. There are business opportunities in MLM, and network marketing that allow a person to earn money while selling for someone else. Either way, it depends on the ambition and dedication of the person involved. Any business can become a success with hard work and a product that is easy to sell.

Finding a Business Opportunity

Network marketing is about selling and dispersal. You want to get your product known to prospective customers and have it distributed so that it creates more sales for you. By investing a small sum of money, you can begin to make money and work from home selling your own products or products for another company.

Promote Your Business

The first and best form of advertising and marketing is word of mouth. Whenever a person finds a new product, or a new store, new doctor, or a new restaurant, they tell everyone they know about it. This stirs up interest and encourages people to try something new. If you have a product or service to sell, the ones who use it will become your best form of advertisement. Many businesses depend on this positive form of network marketing.

Secondly, to make your product known to more people, try printing business cards to hand out everywhere you go. When you go to the grocery store, church, school meetings or other everyday places, hand your cards out with a friendly smile. This will spread your name and increase your business opportunity.

Thirdly, you can promote your products through your own website or by emailing people from related websites. The Internet is also useful for marketing by submitting articles related to your products to other websites.

Fourthly, another effective network marketing tool is a send-out card. These keep you in touch with your clients and customers by using a more personal approach. Sending an email is easy and cheap but it does not seem as personal as a card addressed to them

Fifthly, network marketing is not just about making a one-time sale. You need to generate new sales and keep your customers coming back for repeat business. A business opportunity that enables you to add products or sell multiple products to your previous customers will give you a solid foundation for building a steady yearly income.

Following up on your customers will build a relationship that will develop confidence in your home business. By thanking your customers for their business and staying in touch, you show them how valuable their business is to you.

Build Your Home Business

The success of your home business will depend on your dedication and hard work. You don't have to start out with a lot of overhead expenses and huge facilities. By investing a few hours a week, you can slowly build your business and not be overwhelmed by debt. Start working today to build up your home business and enjoy fulfillment and financial security.

Affordable Transcription Services

Affordable transcription means cost-effective transcription services to clients using web based software technology without compromising quality. It provides fast and accurate transcription service for legal, medical and other professional industries.

To make transcription affordable, the transcriptionists mainly use two kinds of services.

1.     FTP Digital uploading: Uploading audio files for transcription to an FTP is the most cost effective and quick way to send voice recordings to the transcription service. For this, the audio for transcription should be of good quality and then is converted to MP3 for uploading. There are a lot of free softwares available on the internet to do the conversion. The information like time of recording, number of people in the recording and the turnaround option are provided by the client. Based on this information, the cost is calculated.

2.     Call-in dictation: In call-in interview, a toll-free number is dialed via a touch-tone phone. With the help of client’s personal code, the audio is dictated into the receiver or speaker of the telephone. Key pads are used to control the recording functions. After the completion of the call, a digital file is created and can be sent for transcription.

Call-in dictation has many benefits like:

1.     No capital expenditure for software.

2.     24 hour service availability.

3.     Ability to dictate from anywhere, only a phone is required.

4.     The costs are only for the minutes one is using.

This kind of dictation is ideal for interviews, meetings and group discussions. Here, the transcription cost is predictable.

Companies that claim their transcription services are affordable are

1)     Are using advanced technology.

2)     They are getting their transcription outsourced at a cheaper destination

3)     They have a very large client base

By providing good quality recordings, one can make transcription affordable, as the turnaround time will be less and the transcription will be more accurate.

Custom printed fraternaty t-shirts

Whether you are looking to build unity, create brotherhood, or simply promote the party of the year.  Fraternity T-Shirts are a great way to go.  College is arguably the best time of one’s life. I know it was the best 6 years of my life.  Fraternity T-Shirts show your dedication to brotherhood and solidarity.  They can be simple or as complex as you like.  They can be as tasteful or tacky as you like.  They are as unique as the fraternity itself.

Fraternity T-Shirts have as many possibilities as there people to wear them.  They can be used to create unity, show devotion, create an atmosphere that is perfectly suited to the college lifestyle, and/or promote your fraternity.  Even used for rush week or weak pledges.  Dads weekend too What dad wouldn't want to bring home a keepsake like that.

Custom printed fraternity T-Shirts look great and come in a variety of style and sizes.  You can design them to meet whatever your fraternity needs.  Your entire brotherhood will be proud to wear these T-Shirts around campus.  What more, they make a great thing to wear when you or your brothers return custom screen printing.  It is way to let people know what you belong to.  It screams pride and will make your entire fraternity look better.  The Greeks on campus have designed some of the best t-shirt designs.  They tend to be creative and push the line of good taste just a bit.  Use you imagination and create the best designs.

The best thing about custom printed fraternity T-Shirts

Custom printed T-Shirts are an inexpensive way to accomplish a variety of your fraternities needs.  They are a representation of your fraternity.  Whether you are looking for party-style T-Shirts or classy collared shirts, your fraternity will be represented.  You and brothers will be proud to represent your fraternity.  They are versatile and can be as unique as your fraternity.  Also, custom printed fraternity T-Shirts will make a great keepsake once college is over.  It is way to cherish college for years to come.  Lastly they are the best fund raiser ever.  No one minds paying $10.00 or more for a good custom t-shirt and you should be able to get them printed for half that price.  You do the math!  Or have your smart math majors in the house do it for you.  What ever you do make sure you find a screen printing

Metal Plant

In modern competitive process industry, new plants are being continuously set up and the existing ones are being modified and expanded.  The knowledge of various technical subjects such as thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, unit operations, process design, equipment design etc is a prerequisite to the establishment or development of any process plant. A modern process industry is, in general, more complicated and involves a series of operations which are required to be run continuously, and hence it demands equipment of exceptional robustness, ingenuity and reliability. A variety of equipment is required for processing, handling and storage of process chemicals or ingredients. Each piece of equipment is expected to serve a specific function, although in some cases it can be suitably modified to perform some different function viz. Reaction Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Distillation Columns, Evaporators, Autoclaves, and Storage Tanks etc.

Working Green

These days everyone is talking about going green:  green building, green recycling, and green commuting, green EVERYTHING!  And with good reason; all reports indicate that global warming is on the increase; various animal species are on the decrease and near extinction.  Much of this is due to the way we, and generations before us, have treated the planet.

As I read a recent copy of Backpacker magazine, the Global Warming issue, I thought about how truly “green” working and hiring virtually really is.  I’ve always had it in the back of my mind, of course, but until I read more in-depth how we’re destroying our planet and what’s being done about it, I had a hard time relating the greenness of it all.

So what do we do to help the planet when we work and hire virtually?

•      Assuming you own a vehicle with a whopping 30mpg and your daily commute is 30 miles each way and you worked at a bricks-and-mortar office (or forced your administrative assistant to drive to a bricks-and mortar office each day) 5 days a week, you (or your assistant) would emit 9,860 pounds of carbon each into the atmosphere per year!  So if you hire a virtual assistant, as well as work virtually yourself, you would SAVE an amazing 19,720 pounds of carbon emissions per year.  Source:  Stanford University’s emissions calculator:  Be sure to stop by the website and calculate your carbon emissions.

•      While it’s hard to gauge exactly how much paper is used in a bricks-and-mortar office, what I can tell you is that our use of paper has gone down significantly since starting Team Double-ClickSM, a 100% virtual business.  In the old days it was nothing to order as many as 10 cases (yes 50,000+ sheets of paper) in any given month.  With a virtual business and by utilizing virtual assistants for 100% of the company’s work, we’re pushing a lot of paper if we use more than 2 reams (1,000) sheets a month.  So again, working virtually wins:  save on trees, save on carbon emissions caused by the processing and shipping of all those trees, which make all that paper.

•      If we’re using less paper; we’re using fewer ink toners and cartridges

•      What about the carbon footprint we leave when we eat all of that fast food when we eat out while working at a bricks-and-mortar office?  One article suggests that each of us, by eating three fast-food hamburgers per week, contributes to the emission of 1,188 to 2,013 pounds of carbon per year (this includes the energy used in the cooking of the burger as well as the commute to the burger joint).  When you’re working virtually, you usually greatly reduce the number of times per week you eat out, thus reducing your carbon footprint once again.  And you tend to use reusable containers instead of all those throw-aways.

•      Most of us who work virtually also utilize virtual fax and phone systems, which again reduce our carbon footprint through reduced electrical carbon costs as well as reduced paper usage.

•      If you have kids and you work in a bricks-and-mortar office (or if your assistant is forced to work in a bricks-and-mortar office) you’re contributing to greater emissions with all of those trips to pick up and drop off the kids at daycare.

•      While I couldn’t find any figures on the carbon footprint left from dry cleaning, we can safely assume it’s considerable.  Working virtually significantly reduces the need for carbon-costly dry cleaning.

•      Think about the “green” space we save by reducing the number of office buildings being put up.

•      We hear about green building (the use of reclaimed or recycled building materials) often, but what about totally eliminating the need for that new building.  This act alone reduces the carbon footprint in materials-savings.

•      Let’s talk about the carbon-cost of powering a huge office space.  Working virtually, you only have to power the room that you are working in

•      Working virtually, you have the ability to choose green desks, packaging and materials

•      And the most fun “green” feature of working virtually is the envy of all of your bricks-and-mortar friends, family, and associates!

As you can see, working and hiring virtually makes a significant impact on the reduction of ozone-depleting greenhouse gasses and reduces your carbon footprint.  Team Double-Click and its staff (both internal and outsourced) have worked virtually since 2000 and are proud to contribute to a better planet for our children.  If you’re interested in hiring or working virtually and helping the planet, be sure to visit us at

For more information on working green, please visit

The #1 Killer In Corporate America: Bad Leadership

The 2007 employment market will be rich in opportunities for millions of job seekers who are no longer satisfied with their current positions. Companies that fail to keep their employees -- including their senior executives -- engaged "will create a fast-moving conduit of quality candidates that feeds their own competitors and their own failure," predicts staffing professional Eva Jenkins.

Jenkins sees a continuing trend towards a wide range of high-quality jobs opportunities offered to a shrinking pool of candidates. "When it comes to employment, it is a true Sellers' Market," she says, an area of major concern for corporate America. "The ability to retain staff will be juts as important as finding new employees."

Jenkins is a leading authority on human capital management, and the driving force at VIP Staffing and VIP Innovations in Washington, D.C. She is also co-author of Conversations on Success, a collection of powerful interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs in a variety of industries.

Jenkins analysis of traditional corporate culture has uncovered a direct cause-and-effect relationship between bad leadership and business failure. "CEO's who are focused solely on a business from a value-per-share perspective have lost sight of something of true value - human capital."

And when any business squanders its assets, it's doomed to "eventual" failure. "When senior executives began a mass exodus, companies will find themselves 'rotting' from the inside out…empty and eviscerated."

No Longer Married To the Job for Life

The days of earning a gold watch after 25 years of service are long gone. Studies show that the average working American will have three to five careers and between 10 to 12 jobs during his or her lifetime. So compounding the danger of a tight job market, says Jenkins is "eroding corporate loyalty."

Corporate scandals and disappearing pension funds have undermined the faith employees once had in their employers. So have stories of corporate executives who receive larger-than-life compensation packages, sometimes as much as 500% +more than the average staff person. "Employees up and down the ladder are left with the feeling that 'No one is looking out for me,'…and they're right," Jenkins comments. "So they look for greener pastures elsewhere."

CEO's are not completely to blame. They, too, may feel at risk. "Executive Pay Compensation is a double-edged sword," explains Jenkins. "Boards are more than willing to approve astronomical compensation packages because of their own greed and desire for someone to produce profits." However, these same Boards are just equally prepared to oust a CEO if company and stock performance does not fit their financial expectations.

"This means even the best-intentioned CEO's who truly value their workforce will change the way they do business to ensure that Board members and stock holders are happy about company earnings," observes Jenkins. That's why the ugly metamorphoses occurs.

"Formerly humanistic CEO's quickly become self-protective and that makes them short-sighted. Instead of taking a long view of the success of the company they were hired to run, they become little more than greedy robots doing whatever is necessary to show a profit."

The High Cost of Unhappiness

A constant loss of employees at low - and mid-levels has always been a costly proposition for companies, but not a fatal one. The inability to hold senior management, however, will challenge the success of even the most stable company. "The costs of staffing and re-staffing are steep," says Jenkins, pointing to the bottom line impact of constant hiring and training.

When highly qualified, experienced, and vital upper-level executives jump ship, however, "the negative impact can shake a company to its foundation. The ability to function smoothly is likely to be insurmountable," Jenkins remarks.

"Given not just the quantity, but the quality of emerging employment opportunities, Jenkins urges companies to focus on factors that drive key leaders to jump ship "and make adjustments in their business model that eliminate those factors," says Jenkins.

A Culture of Fear

Research studies have identified common reasons why employed executives are dissatisfied with their jobs: lack of challenge or personal growth, limited opportunity for advancement, and unfavorable company prospects. Jenkins feels they provide the key to effective staff retention, particularly the question of the growth and health of a company itself.

Fear, not support is the dominant characteristic of 21st Century corporate culture, according to Jenkins. She notes that senior level employees worry constantly about the tendency of Board members and CEO to "scapegoat individuals for missed earnings." As a result, senior executives try to minimize bad news and keep a positive profile in hopes of being spared in case of a problem.

"This leads to a tremendous breakdown in communication," says Jenkins. "Executives are afraid to point to problems because they fear being held accountable. So problems are never addressed and, more importantly, never solved."

Communication Trumps Fear

Jenkins cites clear communications as the most effective tool for eliminating the fear factor. She urges leaders to demonstrate the importance of open dialogue and shared problem-solving through their own actions.

A real reality check is that most CEOs rarely hear the candid truth, and if they do, it is sanitized and couched, without the real message getting through. In order to "correct" this obvious and ongoing poor behavior, "CEO's must work hard to keep senior executives informed…aware of the big picture and possess a "truthful, realistic" attitude so that their decision-making can be proactive instead reactive," says Jenkins. "This gives executives the confidence to continue to thrive as professionals. It creates an inter-connected corporate environment that rewards team effort and success, and encourages healthy growth rather than fearful stagnation.

Choosing the Right Credit Card Processing Terminal

If you are considering getting a merchant account so your business can accept credit cards, you are probably wondering what kind of credit card terminal will be best for you. There are many things to consider when choosing your terminal; here are some of the most important aspects of your decision.

First off, think about if you really need a credit card terminal. If you run a mail order business or take sales over the Internet, you probably don't need a terminal, but if you run a business where you deal with your customers in person, you'll want to have a machine where they can swipe their cards.

Next you need to consider the type of connection your terminal needs to have. The old credit card machines used a telephone line to connect and complete the transaction. This is still a good choice if you have a dedicated phone line (or can share a phone line between the card terminal and your fax machine, for instance).

Newer models use Internet connections or even wireless connections, which may be a better option if your business is already wired for Internet. Talk to your payment processing company to determine what sort of transmission type is right for you.

You also need to think about exactly what you need your credit card terminal to do. Would you like it to print out two receipts automatically, for instance, or would you rather use carbon paper? Or would you prefer a terminal that includes a pad and electronic pen so the customer can "sign" directly on the terminal?

You can even get Tap and Go terminals that allow customers with certain cards to literally tap their cards on the machine and get instant approval. Customers without those cards can still swipe their regular credit card, and no signature is required.

Another option you might want to consider is whether you want a credit card terminal that can also allow you to accept debit cards. These machines have a keypad that allows users to enter their PIN number.

Accepting debit cards is great for you because you don't pay all the fees you pay if you accept a debit card without allowing the customer to enter his or her PIN. It's a very secure transaction method and something you definitely should think about.

When thinking about what kind of credit card terminal to get, consider all your options and weigh your needs and the needs of your customers against the price of different terminals your payment processor offers. Some processors even provide equipment for free, which makes it even more attractive to get all the features you want.

Female Business leaders becoming the norm

Anousheh Ansari, Abigail Johnson, Martha Stewart & Oprah. What does all these women have in common? They are successful entrepreneurs.

Leading the group of successful female entrepreneurs is Anousheh Ansari, founder of Telecom Technologies Inc and Prodea Systems. Anousheh has sold multiple companies, her first being TTI Inc – she is now onto Sonus Network Inc. Anousheh Ansari is also an avid supporter of the sciences, not only having been to space herself but also setting up "the X Prize", a contest which helps finance companies looking to perform private space exploration.

Many female entrepreneurs entered business through a husband or family member, but then rose to outshine their significant other. Abigail Johnson for example runs Fidelity investments, a company her father originally setup, but she grew to be worth over twelve Billion dollars. Similarly, Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler has grown her husbands business in Germany to over six billion dollars.

It is hard to discuss financial successful women without mentioning media icons like Oprah - the daytime talk show host whose media empire's worth has exceeded a billion dollars.There is also <a href=>Martha Stewart) who (when she's not in jail) also runs a home making tv show, magazine and book series which has a book value well over a billion dollars.

Examples of smaller businesses founded by female entrepreneurs include <a href=>henderson bas ), and online marketing firm founded by Dawna Henderson. Dawna also recently led her company to be partially acquired by multinational conglomerate MDC partners – more information about the acquisition is available at the New York Times article: <a href=> MDC Partners acquires stake in henderson bas).

Many women still face discrimination in the workforce and business though. Women statistically earn less than men; this decreases their ability to walk away from a job to start their own company. Many people still maintain age old stereotypes that women are inferior to men in performing specific tasks, making it difficult for women to start businesses in male dominated fields.  Nevertheless, there is no question female leadership in businesses is growing: Women are now 2x as likely to start a new business than men are. In other words, women are becoming the powerhouses of new economies, creating money and jobs all over the world.

Catalog Printing Services Are Great Printing Solution

Businesses nowadays are in tight competition. In order for these businesses to stay contact with their customers is through the use of marketing tools. One of the most effective ways in promoting a certain business is by using catalogs. Creating a catalog perhaps can be complex. The best way to do is to enlist the help of professional catalog printing services.

Catalog printing services is a single source for obtaining quotes from multiple catalog printing companies. These catalog printing services are very simple to use. It is all about making choices and answering a few questions.

As our technologies are continuously uprising, most of the printing companies today have all of the latest technology at their fingertips, providing you and your company a means of different options when you are looking to advertise or market your business.

If you want to offer products or advertise new business or just offering your services through using a catalog, these catalog printing services can meet or maybe exceed your catalog printing needs.

Before printing companies can only offer you the printing option such as traditional offset printing, but due to the advancement in printing technology they added the fast and efficient the so-called digital printing technology. Either the two methods are capable of producing high quality images and print with little error. However, we can’t deny the truth that the speed of latest printing machines is supreme. Hundreds, if not thousands of pages can be printed every single hour. Whether you are looking for business cards or brochure printing, these catalog services can take care of your printing needs.

Sometimes it is too difficult to know what kind of printing services we need for any given project. A little bit of advise take some time to become more informed about the types of printing jobs, and the services you might need. For the reason, many people make the erroneous assumption that the cheapest and most cost-effective way to go with printing jobs is simply to "do it yourself." Nothing could be further from the truth in most cases.

If you're looking for good reproductions of high-quality catalogs you'll be looking at nearly a thousand dollars in supplies. That is why several catalog printing services are offering affordable printing solutions that are really far from low in cost, when you look at the bottom line.

Regarding the prices for catalog printing services nowadays are increasingly getting more affordable due to the tight competition.  Most of catalog printing companies are developing new techniques to help them increase their productions.

Are You Still Not Backing up Your Data?

Planning for a worst-case scenario isn't alarmist. It's common sense. By putting together a data back-up plan you can avoid a business catastrophe!

You should know this by now: Computers can and do fail. And nasty viruses can take down your system by creeping through your antivirus software

and firewall.

The problem is that you usually get no warning before it's too late.

This has happened to many. In extreme cases, it has put companies out of business. And the worst part is this: It's completely avoidable. By backing

up your data, you can retrieve all or most of what you lose.

Yes, there is a hassle involved. But you owe it to yourself — and your business — to take stock of your backup plan (or lack thereof) by reviewing

these tips.

Most Important: Back up Your Customer Databases and Payroll Records

What's the heart and soul of your company? People have different opinions, but certainly your customer or client database has to rank high.

Inside one or two data files are all the nitty-gritty details including what they buy, when they buy, how they pay and so forth. Contact lists also are

databases, and you might have yours combined with your customer list.

So, where would you be if you lost your database? How would you feel if you attempted to open your database and it wasn't there? Not good, I'll bet.

So you should be backing up.

Also mission-critical for backups are your employee payroll records. You don't want to lose the information that you have to report to the tax

department. Your employees don't want problems with them either. And they certainly don't want to be paid late.

Protect Your Registry Settings

You should be backing up <em>all </em> of your data. But if you don't, a third item you should have high on your priority list for regular backups is

your Windows Registry. This is the huge database that tells your computer how to run. Without it, you have an expensive paperweight.

Most backup programs allow you to back up the Registry automatically. If not, you can easily do it manually. Here's how:

• Click Start &gt; Run.

• In the box, enter "regedit" (without the quotes). Click OK.

• In the Registry, click File &gt; Export (or Registry &gt; Export Registry File in Windows 98). Navigate to your backup medium. It will probably be drive


• Name the file and click Save.

You don't need to back up Windows or your applications, such as Microsoft Word. If the worst happens, you can always re-install them. But

information you create must be protected.

Store Your Backups Off-Site

To really be safe, the backup medium (tape, CD or DVD, etc.) should be removed from your site. If you are backing up to tape, for instance, and you

leave the tape cartridge in the machine, you'll be protected if the hard drive fails. But if the equipment is stolen, or the office burns to the ground, the

backup will be lost.

The safest procedure is to use a different tape or disk each day. Keep all but the current day's backups off-site — at your home, perhaps.

Forget About Doing Backups with Floppies

The earliest backup medium was the floppy. These are no longer practical. They hold hardly any data, so a large collection would be needed for a

backup. You would have to sit at the computer for hours, swapping the floppies in and out. Don't even think about it.

Tape has been the medium of choice for a number of years. Tapes are relatively slow, but the process can be automated. You can schedule the

backup for when you're sleeping.

Tape drives and the tapes to go with them are relatively expensive, too. And the software can be difficult. Tape is a great backup medium, once you

understand it. It has its drawbacks in terms of the time and work involved. But once you get a system running, it can go smoothly.

Here are some other options:

• Back up to a burner — a CD or DVD drive. Neither holds nearly as much data as a tape. If you decide to go this route, be sure your software allows

automated backups. A CD or DVD will work well if your data is not voluminous. CDs will hold up to 700 MB; most DVDs will hold 4.7 GB.

• Use a Zip or Jaz drive. These are made by Iomega. Zips hold 250 MB of data; Jaz holds 2 GB.

• Use an external hard drive. These hold a vast amount of data. They attach to the computer via high-speed connections such as USB 2.0 or FireWire.

Hard drives are fast, so the backup wouldn't take much time. But an external hard drive is relatively bulky, so you would get tired of taking it home.

Another Option to Consider: Backing up on an Internal Hard Drive

You could use a second internal hard drive, although that would mean leaving the backup in the office. Windows automatically accommodates multiple

hard drives. You could simply copy your data from the master hard drive to the second one, known as a slave.

If having two hard drives appeals to you, consider a RAID system. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. These systems can be

complicated but a two-disk system is simple; you set it up as a mirror.

When you save something, it automatically saves to both drives. The second drive looks just like the first. So if one fails, you have a perfect copy. And

RAID will automatically switch you over to the working drive.

Some motherboards have RAID capability built in. If yours doesn't, a RAID card can be added to the computer.

However, a RAID system would leave your backup inside the computer. That leaves you vulnerable to fire or theft.

Need More Security? Consider an Online Backup Service

If you're especially concerned about safety, you might want to consider an Internet backup. There are many firms on the web that will store your data

for you, for a monthly fee. You can run the backup automatically.

Don't consider this route unless you have a high-speed internet connection. Backups by dial-up modem could tie up your phone lines for hours at a


Also, Microsoft SharePoint offers the ability to store copies of your most-vital business documents in a secure area that you can access through the

Internet. SharePoint is available as part of Windows Server 2003.

Finally A Top Secret Way You Can Get Google AdWords Pay-Per-Clicks FREE

A gentleman from New York discovered what he calls an "oversight" on the part of 99.9% of all marketers that allows him to get otherwise paid-for advertising at Google as well as all other search engines that allow sponsored ads.

And no, nothing about his "secret" is illegal - nor does it require that you know someone on the "inside" at Google, Yahoo, MSN, Overture and others.

Instead, the New Yorker boasts proudly "...this is something that I caught onto just before 2000 when there was so much search engine craze running around, and started doing small just to test things at first ... but which I later expanded on after getting the hang of it."

This same fellow went on to start and operate sixteen separate online companies selling everything from pet food, DVDs, children's toys & games, books, software, and sold not only his own manufactured products but became an affiliate for other web businesses - all the while applying his mastermind secret.

Over the course of nearly eight years the New Englander confesses "I've actually gotten over $87 million in advertising that using my secret I never had to pay for ... and the largest share of which was more recently in Google pay-per-clicks as well as other forms of pad advertising at search engines ... all of which I got for free ..."

So powerful is his secret that he's able to monopolize any niche online, and can always secure the top premium spots just above the usual organic results featured at most search engines.

He still has to set up an account with the search engines - but after applying his secret he is removed from having to pay for all the costs otherwise involved.

Again, nothing about his secret is either illegal or robs from the search engines.

One spokesperson from one of the most popular search engines said chuckling after being made privy to this amazing secret "Wow! Ha! This is really unique ... and in my expert opinion it would only serve to enhance and bring more business to us at [name of search engine withheld for legal & confidentiality reasons] and not cause us to lose business in the slightest. Amazing!"

The northerner revealed that in this nearly eight years' period of time since applying his secret he's done well over $300 million in sales revenue with a most diverse line of products, and most recently in the last two years netted nearly $166 million after really "buckling down and pressing my secret to its fullest potential."

Now to everyone else's fortune, the city slicker is releasing his secret for getting an unlimited amount of pay-per-click ads to the general public. But he's not promising any of us for how long.

A bit of an eccentric, the gentleman says "We'll see just how long I can make it available before it saturates things."

One famous public web guru pointed out that although this man may gain economically more so as a result of the publication of his secret "he's already so amazingly rich that whether he continues or discontinues its sale will neither make nor break the man, but not grabbing it for yourself while it's still available could prove disastrous for you as you may only have one chance, and a very limited one at that, to get this."

It is currently available at: you may want to head on over there now and get it.

It's in a very easily readable format and is quickly and readily understood and mastered by anyone with even a 4th grade reading level.

While you're there, why not scroll down and review for yourself the huge successes others are now having with this incredible breakthrough in targeted advertising now made freely available to the rest of us?

To your success,

Elusive Images in Stock Photography: Ocean, Water, Life

As humans, our strongest emotional responses - both positive and negative - come from visual cues. That's precisely why the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words," has more than a ring of truth to it. When you're flipping through a magazine or surfing the Web, the photos are what make you stop and look. Today, the images that are most effective in capturing the attention of readers and web visitors alike can be summed up in three words: ocean, water, life.

Imagery is Everything

Those who are in the business of advertising or web design understand that developing a wonderful product or a website full of useful information is important, but it's only one component of success. Choosing the proper imagery to communicate to the potential customer or visitor can result in resounding success, while selecting the wrong images can be disastrous in terms of sales and web "stickiness."

Carefully selected images can help to establish and reinforce brand awareness, can help to target niche markets, and can help to build customer loyalty. Today, lifestyle photography is the primary means of conveying consumer messages - so much so that product photography is often a small element of a print advertising campaign or a web design.

Lifestyle Photography Conveys Concepts

The primary purpose of lifestyle photography is to convey concepts. For example, a photograph of waves lapping on the beach can convey relaxation, freedom, luxury, and promise. Photography of crashing waves can communicate agitation, strength, and persistence. Images of still water with stormy skies can convey turbulence, doubt, conflict, and confusion. A hand reaching out of the water can relay a message of hope or of hopelessness. Photography that depicts surfing can communicate youthful exuberance or a hip, active lifestyle.

Finding Unique, Captivating Images

If you use these types of ocean, water, and life images in your advertising campaigns or web design work, you know how frustrating it can be to find the right photography to communicate your key concepts. Most, if not all, major stock photography companies have either a limited number of images, or images that are dated. When you're looking for unique images that evoke the proper emotional tone, it often pays to patronize smaller stock photography companies, particularly those that specialize in ocean, water, and life images. The images that will allow you to stand apart from your competition may very well come from a company that is steeped in the surf and water lifestyle.

Besides offering unique stock images, the right stock photography company should be able to offer you exclusive rights, should you so desire, should track the use of all photos, and should consider commission ideas. In other words, if you need a certain type of ocean, water, or life image, the company should consider shooting the image for you and then adding it to their stock catalog.

With ocean, water, and life photography quickly becoming the most common images used in advertising and web design, it's important to find a stock photography company that can deliver the unique images that will give you the edge and set you apart from your competitors.

Starting Websites with Ready-Made Web Templates

Ready-made ( templates) help the web designers to build their websites in an organized manner. They save a lot of time and effort by offering the desired layout in a precise way. There are different types of ready-made templates that are suitable for different types of websites.

The most common types of website templates are the CSS templates and the table-based templates. The CSS templates are the preferred choice of many because they offer flexible area for adding the contents, both text and graphics, in them. On the other hand, the table-based templates do not offer much flexibility to the addition of contents in it.

There are a lot of ( templates) available over the internet. They are simple and easy-to-use website templates. With the help of these website templates, you can create your own website. provides you a good selection of free website templates that can be effectively used in creating a website of any type. The free website templates are ideal to be used by the beginners. As you progress with your website, you should opt for more professional templates that have more features added in them. The free ( templates) offered by websites are chosen by many webmasters and tried in a number of websites. Thus they have become popular in the internet. Thus, if you use the free templates in your website, it will look dull and unprofessional.  By selecting a customized website template, you can create a unique appearance for your website and thus you can attract more viewers to it.

Business Templates include the popular category of website templates. At, you can find a large collection of business templates that are popular among a large number of businesses.

Under the category of business templates, you will find a number of subcategories such as the B2B templates, Business Outsourcing templates, Client Services templates, etc. osCommerce templates are the most common type of templates used by the websites that offer online shopping services.

You can get a large pool of website templates that have attractive featured added in them. Most of them are fitted with Flash components. The Flash feature is very common in the modern websites. With the help of the Flash animation, the websites attract more viewers to it. Most of the websites, however, restrict the use of Flash to the home page alone. This is because of the fact that the Flash elements occupy a lot of space in the directory of the website and thus result in the slow functioning of the website. However, it should be noted that a small strip of Flash can cause a large difference in the presentation of your website's page, especially the home page.

To sum up, ready-made web templates offer great help to webmasters by providing a layout for including the website's contents in it. After selecting the templates, it is the duty of the webmasters to customise them and give it a unique appearance. Also, they can opt for customized templates that are available exclusively for their websites.

How to Create your own ebook and profit from it…WITHOUT EVER WRITING A SINGLE WORD!

Many people are making serious money online through eBooks. However, many who have tried to do so as well have failed because writing a quality ebook is very hard to do. The good news is, you can now have your own ebook, sell it, and make great profit without having to write a single word yourself! I assure you will make profits in a week! It has worked for me, and it has worked for many other people as well! Here are some tips that will help you get started:

1.     First, find a niche.

Finding a niche is the hardest thing you’ll have to do, and it’s not difficult at all! To find a great topic to write about, spend some time on Google. Search for things like “major concerns of Americans” (or the country where your target audience is located), or “Popular topics”. Also try checking out Amazon’s best-selling books, and get some ideas. Your niche can be about anything you want: from chicken soup recipes, to bike riding in Ontario… just make sure there is an audience ready to spend money on that information.

2.     Find a ghost writer.

This is the special part. It’s hard to write a quality ebook, so why not have someone else write it for you? First thing to do before you start looking is a budget. Once you have one, it’s time to find your freelancer. The best place to get a freelancer to do the job for you is at Elance. There you can look for writers available for hire, or post an offer and wait for someone to accept it. Other places to search for writers include forums like v7n and Digitalpoint.

3.     Sell your ebook.

After you had your book written, it’s time to sell it and make a profit! Start by getting a domain name and a webhost, and setting up your landing page. Remember to make it catchy! When you’re done, try marketing your ebook though paid advertisements, forums, etc. and wait for your first sales. If you do it correctly, you should start gaining profit in a week!

Now that I’ve given you enough information to get started, why not take it further and learn more about the topic? Find out more information on how to more about creating your own ebook and profiting from it without writing a single word yourself, and start making money online instantly!

Check out the ressource box for more information.

What Kind Of Business Should I Start On The Internet?

If you’re interested in starting your own business, then one of the most important questions you want to ask yourself is what kind of business should I start on the Internet? That’s because today more than ever before the Internet makes not only starting a business but also running one easier than ever.

One type of business you can start on the Internet is selling in online auctions. Selling items through online auctions is one of the hottest occupations there is. It’s also relatively easy to get going, with low risk involved.

People of all ages and walks of life are earning anywhere from a few extra dollars to thousands of dollars each month, simply by selling items online. To be successful at online auction selling, you want to do some research into which sites are best and have the highest customer satisfaction ratings. You’ll also want to know what types of products and services are the hottest and try to provide them in order to earn good money with online auction selling.

Then, you may want to try direct sales. If you have a product or provide as service, you can find all the customers you’ll ever want on the Internet. You’ll want to research the market to see what niche you can fill and then market yourself accordingly. Finding customers is greatly simplified by using email and isn’t as costly as direct mail or other types of marketing and advertising usually are. Again, though, research is key to direct sales success, so take time to do your homework.

Another type of business you can start on the Internet is called affiliate marketing. This is when you market the products and services of someone else. There’s a wide variety of products and services that you can sign up with to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is usually done by providing links on your site to the merchandiser or service provider’s site. You can also post ads that contain your affiliate marketer ID, so that when someone visits the advertised site, you get a commission on any sales that are made. Research is important here too, as some merchandisers pay a much higher commission than others, and you also want to learn as much about affiliate marketing as possible to ensure your success.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) programs are another type of business that many people start on the Internet. MLM businesses are often scams, though, so you want to be careful and make sure that the company is legitimate and has not been involved in any legal proceedings. You also want to be sure that the company has a real person to contact, a land address and phone number. If any of these are missing, it’s usually evidence that you’re dealing with a scam.

Too, MLM has its pros and cons. There are many people who are adamant that MLMs are evil and only exist to make others rich. This is true of some, but there are others that are truly a team effort that are designed to make money for everyone. The trick is to choose a MLM that has a product that you believe in and a company that stands behind its product and people. A good rule of thumb is to always be certain that any MLM business you may be interested in to is a company with a heritage and a reputation for service to both its employees and customers. Companies like Tupperware and Avon are examples of successful, long-standing MLMs and should set the standard for any you consider.

Finally, the key to answering the question what kind of business should I start on the Internet is to ask yourself does this business suit me. For any Internet business to be successful, you need to love what you’re doing and believe in your product. Internet businesses take effort and work to get up and running, just like any other type of business. Remember that loving what you do is the most important consideration of all when choosing any career or business opportunity.

Made in Italy: excellence in the production of automatic vending machine

Indeed, the espresso has made us famous in every corner of the planet, especially where the coffee is made and served very long (just as in America). This is because the beverage expressed itself retains all the taste and the aromas of roasted coffee beans. In these terms, even in the offices, institutions, structures and organizations around the world is growing, year after year, the demand for vending machines for hot drinks of high quality that can serve an authentic and original product which transmits the scent and the warmth that characterizes our kitchen.

But what is meant by automatic vending machine?

The automatic machine is a machine that delivers, with fee, products or services required from the final customer. Unlike a real store, They are often quite, an automatic coffee does not require staff dedicated to the marketing of products that can be used even in the absence of personnel, or when the business is closed. Moreover, this type of product, has had several applications in the social, just think of: schools, industries, hospitals, highway stops, etc..

A little curiosity about it

It is assumed that the first automatic vending machine has been designed and built by Hero Tzebus in Alexandria in Egypt as far back as 219 BC who invented  an autonomous system for the distribution of water during ceremonies held in temples. The machine, presented inside a simple but brilliant mechanism at the same time, in fact, the distribution was driven through coins that by their weight pressed on a lever that allowed the opening of a valve from which streamed some quantities of water.

The situation today and the market

Today, as in every domain, the technology has allowed a sector that enables vending machines now to sell and market any type of snacks, food and beverages. Also in recent times have spread rapidly intelligent distributors of newspapers and cigarettes , based on rules and timetables established that distribute their products only to certain groups of users, the case in point is that of cigarette distributors that before 9 PM requiring the inclusion of the tax code to get access to products.

With the advent of globalization, Italian companies specialized in the manufacture of vending machines are beginning to invest in Internet to promote their activities and make known their products all over the world.

In these words, the Web looks like the most immediate and comprehensive solution for attacking new countries and markets, promoting the Made in Italy in the World. Again and again.

Franchising Information You Can’t Live Without

Franchise businesses can be very lucrative. Perhaps you're thinking of starting a franchise business in your area or another type of brick-and-mortar business. If so, here are some quick tips and franchising information to help you get started. Just like wealthy men such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and Robert Kiyosaki, you too can realize success and build wealth for the future.

What It Takes to Start a Franchise

There are several requirements to start a franchise. Most legitimate businesses do require a start-up investment. You might be required to stock inventory, pay for landscaping, remodeling and advertisements, hire and train employees, pay for legal and insurance fees, and so forth. These are just a few of the costs you may incur. Also, consider the time it might take to make a profit. Sometimes new businesses can take up to a year or two before you can enjoy profits.

You also have to be a people person and be willing to learn from others who have tried and tested techniques before you. In a franchise business you can still be creative, but some methods of business and promotion have already been proven to work. You must be willing to follow in the steps of others on the path of success.

Franchise Success

To realize franchise success, you should also be willing to work hard and be consistent. Keep a steady cash flow so you will have enough capital to operate your business. Find creative ways to meet your business capital needs. Find an established accountant that can guide you through the financial process. You'll need an accountant's wisdom in more ways than one throughout your business years! The Small Business Association (SBA) can also be a great resource of capital.

Study Franchising Information and Sales Techniques

Study all the franchising information you can gather before deciding on a franchise business. This will help you understand how it works and be prepared for any unexpected bumps in the road. Also, study sales techniques related to your products or services. You can have a fancy building, place full-size ads in the local newspaper, place large, attractive signs and banners at your storefront, but you'll need to know how to sell to the customers when they arrive. Your employees will also need to be trained correctly in sales.

Alternatives to Brick-and-Mortar Franchises

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting a brick-and-mortar business, there are lucrative alternatives. With certain types of franchise opportunities, you can enjoy the success of a franchise business without all the hassles of owning a physical business in your local area. Business gurus like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and Robert Kiyosaki often readily reveal their secrets in step-by-step training materials to help you start and build your franchise. They benefit when you become a success and share your story with others. You benefit by gaining valuable knowledge from people who have already walked the path of success.

So before getting started, use the above franchising information to determine if you have what it takes to start your own franchise business and also which type of business will work for you.

5 Steps to Starting a Successful Google Adwords Campaign

Does working a couple hours a day at home on your computer and making thousands a month sound appealing to you? Well, there are people who are doing just that by using Google Adwords and loving it.  They have more time to do the things they really enjoy in life. What they all learned is to work smarter, not harder.

What is Google Adwords? Whenever you conduct a search using google you will see a list of search results. These are displayed for free. In addition, you will see Sponsored Links displayed at the right of the search results and sometimes displayed at the top of the results. These are paid advertisements. The Adword advertisements are pay-per-click which means the person advertising pays google every time someone clicks on their advertisement.

People are using Google Adwords, a Pay-Per-Click program, to market their own website and products. In addition, many people are also using it even if they do not own a website. They use it to promote and market affiliate programs. The benefit to using adwords is that you can get instant traffic to your site.

Following are (5) steps to starting a successful google adwords campaign.

Step 1 - Gain Basic Knowledge

Before you attempt to start making money with adwords you first need to educate yourself.  You need to understand how adwords and pey-per-clicks work.  Google has an informative site that provides demos and guides to learn the basics of how it works on their webpage. There are also numerous ebooks on the topic. However, make sure that the authors are credible, experienced, and professional experts.  These experts share a wealth of information, tips and strategies.

Step 2 – Open a Google Adwords Account

After you understand how google works then you are ready to open a google adword account. Google has minimal costs to get started. Google will take you through several steps in setting up your account.

Step 3 - Write a Creative Text Ad

You will need to create your ad.  The purpose of the ad is to get as many people to click on it as possible.  You want to stand out from the rest.  Before writing your ad, study your competitor’s ads.  Then write several different creative text ads and test each one to see which one has the highest click thru rate.

Step 4 - The Keyword List

The keyword list is crucial.  The right list can be the difference between success and failure so you will want to build the most efficient and focused keyword list.  The more focused your keywords are the more targeted and interested the visitors who click on your ads will be resulting in more purchases.  However, the more general your keyword list is the more visitors not interested in what you are selling and this can easily and quickly use up your advertising budget.

Step 5 - Setting Your Budget

Google will ask you what is the maximum you would like to spend, on average per day and what is the maximum you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Set your maximum budget at an affordable and comfortable level and never spend more than your visitor is worth.

These are the five basic steps to get you starting towards google adword success.  As you practice and gain experience with adwords, you will keep improving your campaigns performance.  And as you performance improves you will get more targeted visitors that will result in more sales.

About Author:

William James is the owner of a site focused on how to make money online resulting in huge google profits. Featuring free tools, resources and useful articles.