3 Ways to Create a Steady Cash Stream while You Work from Home

Working from home was once merely a dream for most people. Until the onslaught of the Internet and home PCs, it simply wasn't feasible for companies to hire employees to work from home. And starting a small business took special know-how, a large initial investment, and a lot of advertising and marketing. But now, working from home is a reality for thousands of people, and you too can realize this dream.

The first goal for your home business should be to find ways to create steady cash flow. You'll need cash flow to operate and promote your home business, and to secure a lucrative income for yourself. There are many different ways to create a cash stream for your home business. Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. Buy a Pre-Existing Profitable Business

One way to create an immediate cash flow is to buy a pre-existing home business that is already making a profit. Of course, you will not enjoy a profit immediately because you must invest initially. But once you are able to recover from the initial investment, you can continue receiving profits year after year.

The key benefit of buying a pre-existing work-from-home business is you will gain knowledge from the previous owner about what works for the business and what doesn't work. The main disadvantage is you will have to follow in the footsteps of another instead of building your own home business from the ground up. There's a great sense of pride when you can truly call a business "your own!"

2. Follow a Profitable Business Model

Another way to create a cash stream for your work-from-home business is to follow the profitable business model of another. You can learn a lot from others who have already been successful with a home business. Many long-time entrepreneurs are creating e-books and global networks to help new home business owners become a success. They are revealing little-known secrets about work-from-home businesses that would likely take you years to discover on your own.

Look for entrepreneurs who have owned work-from-home businesses in a field that interests you. Use their ideas and examples to create a profitable business model for your new home business.

3. Internet and Network Marketing

A third way to create a cash stream of income is to utilize the Internet and network marketing to your advantage. Find and join a team of individuals who have similar goals and work with them to build a successful online business. With the Internet and network marketing, many are realizing their financial goals faster than they ever imagined.

Network marketing online can be accomplished through email and a website while working from home, and it can bring more people together with similar goals in a very short period of time. Many global network companies will promote your online business for you and take every initiative to help you become a success. There are even global resorts networks that enable you to travel to exotic places while earning a substantial income.

Whatever method you choose to create a cash stream as you work from home, set some goals for your business and start realizing your dreams today!

Pay 50 Cents, Make 25 Dollars!

If you have never heard of affiliate marketing, or you have but you are not doing it, you are missing out on one of the world's greatest opportunities to make enormous amounts of money!  Affiliate marketing is where someone advertises for another website and in return, that person receives commission for each sale their advertising brings to the website.

To get a person to visit their site, you need to have them click through your affiliate link which has your special code in it so the company knows it was you who sent the customer there.  The more people you send, the more chance there is of someone buying a product, obviously.  So it comes down to one question: How do I get people to click on my affiliate link?

The answer is simple.   Pay for them to do so!  There are many Pay Per Click advertising programs on the internet, such as Google Adwords, where you make a little ad, set the amount you're willing to pay for each click (usually between $0.05 - $1.00) and just sit back and watch the sales roll in!

So let's say, for example, you paid $0.50 to send someone to a website and they buy a $50 product, and you earn a 50% commission, then you just made $25 - $0.50 = $24.50!  Now imagine doing this a couple hundred times a day!  All you did was set up a little ad and you watch the profits roll in!

Surely, not every person is going to buy something, but even if 1 in 50 buys, you're still ahead!  Now set this up over and over again, and you could be on your way to earning HUGE amounts of cash every single day for the rest of your life!

The Double A’s In Customer Service

A young lady contacted a mobile phone company she recently subscribed with. She had some questions about purchasing their latest mobile phone and couldn’t find the answers easily online. She decided to give her mobile phone company a call. Their phone menu was a pain to get through as expected. But after a few minutes of shouting and cursing at the phone menu and waiting on hold for 20 seconds, she was transferred to a human voice, finally!

She recounts another lady answered on the other line and she sounded very friendly and happy to talk to her. The customer care agent asked her how she was, even asked her about the weather and then asked how she could help her. The lady customer told the representative her purpose and asked some questions about the phone which she was planning to buy. The representative obviously knew majority of the answers, her replies were quite friendly. The customer service experience was good, she said.

Almost all of us have tried calling a customer service of a certain company once in our lives. We call them to ask assistance, directions, to complain or even inquire the schedule of the latest movie hit in town. Did you ever notice the way these customer service people speak? The tone of their voices? You can even sense if they are smiling when they talk. Of course, you can easily recognize if a person is happy or interested when he or she got a call from you. It is the number one rule in Customer Service, to be as friendly as much as possible to the person on the other line on the phone.

Being warm and friendly to your customers should be the most important component when you are in a call center industry or in a business to business environment. Being friendly builds better rapport with your customers. It makes or breaks a company so to speak.

However, having a friendly customer service support is not enough to increase the sales or demands of the

products or services your company offers. Product knowledge is also a key ingredient to get the nod of your customers. It is essential that before you sell a product, you must know all about it, inside and out. You wouldn't want to be in a position that you will be caught straight in the face without an answer if your customer has a specific question. Put yourself in your customer's shoe, what would you think if you were interested in buying a product and asked questions about it but the one you're dealing with could not answer the simplest question of the product. You would probably lose your faith in it.

To know your product better, remember to obtain as much information as you possibly can. Educate yourself with the features and benefits your product offers. Read constantly about the project as it may have updates or some changes you should know about.

Another way to really know your product is to actually use them personally if its feasible. When you answer a question to a customer, the customer can tell how much you believe in the product and you have confidence in it because you sounded you have actually tried it. Remember that the more you know your product, the easier it is to sell.

Having the two A's in the customer service is beneficial in the growth and success of a business. A combination of a good Attitude on dealing with your customers while providing them the appropriate Aptitude about your product will certainly boost the sales of the product and can retain the most important component of a company, the customers.

As it turned out, the customer service experience of the lady mentioned above was good. She purchased the latest mobile phone she was inquiring about and told her friends about the great service she got from the company. All it took was a friendly customer service representative that knew what she was talking about.

U.S.-traded Company Sets Up Chinese E-government

An American company in China? It may seem unusual, but a U.S.-traded company is building an e-government system in Jinjiang and Nanan of the Fujian province in the People's Republic of China.

China Expert Technology Inc. (OTC BB:CXTI) has announced that China Expert Network Company Limited, known as China Expert, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leopard, has signed contracts totaling $36.6 million to complete the e-government network infrastructure projects.

China Expert will be responsible for the entire e-government project for each city, including network infrastructure, hardware and security design, applications and implementation. One of the contracts was signed in 2003 and is expected to be completed before the end of 2004. The second contract is expected to be completed before the end of 2005.

"Citizens in the first contracted city are now able to use the established e-government facilities to settle their personal bills, such as tax and electricity bills, directly with the specific government departments and public utility companies through the Internet," said Kung Sze Chau, chief executive officer of Leopard.

The plans for the project were created in 2001. That year the office of the State Council laid out a five-year plan regarding the building up of e-government throughout the country. It set out the background, direction and goals of the project.

These goals include:

* Setting up fundamental and strategic e-government data bases.

* Upgrading the level of resource sharing.

* Enhancing the power of management, including the decision-making capability and contingency-planning capability of the Central Government and of other local governmental departments.

* Creating relevant laws and regulations, basic e-government system infrastructure, and a security system and training program in relation to an e-government.

* Paving the way for the next five-year plan.

Leopard Capital Inc. is a leading information technology network and infrastructure company. China Expert is currently the only single contractor to include a complete e-government infrastructure project within one contract from a single city government in China.  - NU

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This is more of a highly refined digital art-form with all the technical specification fitting perfectly into right places. The implementation of a website is a process that takes countless hours of digital artists, programmers, database wizards to create a perfect Website Representation of your company.

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How to Make Cold Calling Opportunities Out of Voice Mails – Turn voice mails into a cold calling journey of discovery!

Most people who still use the traditional cold calling mindset look at voicemail as a dead end. They say to themselves, "Oh well, I may as well leave a message and hope he calls me back."

This almost never happens, and we know it. But we’re often so relieved not to have to talk with someone, that we leave a message anyway. We avoid dealing with another person’s potential negative response to us and we avoid being challenged by the receptionist as well.

By the time the day is over, we might feel good because we’ve played the "numbers game" and made a lot of calls. But our productivity has been minimal. And over time that can make us feel frustrated by our experiences in cold calling.

With the new approach to cold calling, voicemail is an opportunity for discovery. It leads us beyond voicemail. Voice mail becomes a starting point for you begin the process of locating the person you’re trying to contact.

Our objective is not to pursue people to make a sale in this new way of cold calling. It is to uncover the truth of their situation and to be okay with the outcome, whether it’s a "yes" or a "no."

So we can begin to feel more comfortable hitting "0" when we get someone’s voicemail. Because we then have an opportunity to go back to the receptionist and begin a dialogue based on asking for help.

Here’s how the dialogue might go:

"Hi, maybe you can help me out for a second? I’m trying to get hold of Mike and I got his voicemail. Would you happen to know if he’s at lunch, or on vacation, or in a meeting by any chance?"

Here, you aren’t just asking to find Mike. And you’re also providing possible solutions to finding Mike. This helps the receptionist feel as if he or she is part of the problem-solving process.

The receptionist is likely to offer one of two responses. The first is, "Yes, he’s in a meeting (or at lunch or on vacation) and I’m not sure when he’ll be back at his desk."

This answer has just given you a lot more information than you would have if you had just left a voicemail. Now you know your contact’s whereabouts in real time and you can call back at a more appropriate time.

The second response is, "No, I don’t know where he is." In this case, you would reply, "That’s not a problem..." This low-key statement diffuses any possible pressure that the receptionist might be feeling about not being able to answer your question.

You can then continue with, "Would you happen to know anyone whose desk or office is near him or who works in his area who might know where he is?" Again, you’re offering another option for solving the problem. In many cases, the receptionist will then transfer you to a colleague of your contact who can help you determine his or her whereabouts.

The receptionist may also reply, "No, I don’t know anyone in his area." You then say, "That’s not a problem..." and offer, "Would you happen to have a paging system or his cell phone number by any chance?"

If the receptionist replies, "Sorry, we don’t have those," then at that point you can say, "Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help. And then hang up, and call back another time.

Does the idea of paging potential clients or calling them on their cell phone make your stomach clench up? Are you thinking that you can’t cold call people that way because they might reject you?

That fear is only to be expected if your agenda is to sell something to the person. In other words, if you’re still using the traditional sales mindset. But once you master the new cold calling perspective, you’ll feel comfortable calling anyone, any time, using any mode.

As long as you’re 100 percent focused on your potential client’s world, you’ll find that people will be receptive to you. You can easily navigate throughout an organization with the type of dialogue described above, because you’re asking for help in a relaxed manner and you never put anyone on the spot.

Suppose that your efforts to locate your contact in this way fail. At that point you can leave a voicemail, but it should always be your very last option. Here’s an example of an appropriate cold calling voicemail:

"Hi John, maybe you can help me out for a second? I’m not sure if you’re the right person or not, but I’m trying to reach the person responsible for reporting problems about unpaid invoices. My name is John Edwards, my number is..."

Try this way of approaching the situation of voice mails, and you’ll be surprised and pleased at how often it becomes a highway instead of a dead end.



As per the law of nature, women are more beautiful creatures than men and have always tried to enhance their beauty with various remedies irrespective of the remedies being natural or artificial. Since time immemorial women are known to have constantly created or re-created different ways to look more beautiful. They used to design, stitch and create their own clothes just to stand out from others. When clothes became mundane, they invented ornaments. The adorned themselves with these fineries and added a dash a glamour with these ornaments to even the simplest of clothes they wore. Right from the stone-age women have indulged themselves in jewelleries. Even in that era, the bond between a woman and jewellery became obvious.


Way before the discovery of precious metals like gold, silver, copper or bronze etc. women knew how to adorn themselves. They used sea-shells, conches and other fine stones and materials to create their jewelleries. The necessity of looking prettier than others paved the way for costume jewellery and it is nothing less than its evolution that these are here now for all to admire. Armed with creativity and imagination jewelers have come up with innumerable designs and countless new types of metals and stones to give  variety. The variety in jewelry leaves people astounded as they walk past any jewelry shop. Millions of people admire jewels but because of their high value only  very few can actually possess these extravagant ornaments. Ordinary middle class women being deprived of the very expensive jewellery delved into a solution for this problem and thus the concept of costume-jewellery was born.


Earlier costume jewelry was all about semi-precious stones, artificial metals coated with gold and silver polish and other chunks of mirror, stone or patch-works, shells or colorful threads, etc. these jewelleries were designed keeping in mind the middle class and poor women and girls who could not afford to spend much on jewelleries and those women who liked to wear jewelleries properly coordinated with their clothes. Gradually costume jewellery became very popular among women of all walks of life. The designs of costume-jewelleries outdid the traditional jewelleries so much so that people has started preferring costume-jewelleries to the traditional jewelleries. Seeing the popularity of jewelleries, the jewelers decided to merge the two distinct styles. Thus costume jewelleries that we now come across are the amalgamation of traditional stones, precious metals etc. in a modern form. The generation next version of costume jewellery is a perfect modernized blend of fashion, glamour and tradition with of course a tint of diamonds, a generous plating of gold and silver or the more coveted platinum with a dash of dazzling brilliance due to the brand name.


People are now more and more fashion conscious and with the desire to leave an impact in the social circuit are ruling out the repetitive designs. This new breed of fashion conscious people are increasing exponentially; thus creating a huge market not only for costume jewelleries but also for jewellery designing. Costume jewellery is not only designed in accordance with fashion trends but also according to the taste and preferences of the buyers. As for example during weddings,  extravagant affairs in many countries and where a great emphasis is put on jewellery. The bride’s jewellery is selected very carefully ensuring that the social status and financial soundness of the bride’s family is reflected conspicuously. Needless to say, that the jewelleries are very carefully co-coordinated with the bride’s trousseau.

Costume jewellery is just the right the thing for every woman for any occasion. It saves money also and gives reason to flaunt the attire as well as adding  radiant confidence to the wearer.

Sweepstakes: You really can be a winner

Anybody can win a sweepstakes. No special skills are required. Unlike a contest, you don't have to have a way with words, a knack for cooking, or any particular ability. In this article I'll show you how easy it is to get started with sweepstakes.

Make no mistake about it, sweepstakes are games of luck. But you'd be amazed by how much you can improve your chances of winning them. Anybody can win a sweepstakes. No special skills are required. Unlike a contest, you don't have to have a way with words, a knack for cooking, or any particular ability.

I believe that entering sweepstakes and contests has been widely overlooked as a means of unwinding from the stresses and strains of everyday life. I find that sitting down in front of the television after a long day at the office, and taking a little time to fill our entry forms can be quite therapeutic. You should enjoy the process of entering sweepstakes and contests and not just its rewards. If you can do that, then you'll never be a loser. Your life will be enriched by spending your free time doing something you find truly entertaining.

Tips to help you win more.

Enter The Small Ones. Its natural to skip over the events with smaller prizes and go for the big ones. However, since they get fewer entries, the odds of winning the events with small prizes are better. A smaller prize might not be as appealing, but you’ll probably have a better chance of winning it.

Enter The Hard Ones. Some events require you to “jump through hoops” to enter. You may have to complete a survey, answer questions, or perform some other activity. Once again, fewer people will enter these types of events giving you much better odds. A few of the “hard ones” will also allow you to mail in your entries without performing any of their online tasks

How to get started.

First you need to find the sweepstakes and for that you can use one of the free sweepstakes directories like www.sweepswire.com or www.prizetune.com here you'll find new fresh sweepstakes everyday grouped in categories and entry type. Daily Sweepstakes, weekly sweepstakes, monthly sweepstakes and new sweepstakes.

Automated entry services, speed up winning.

If you would like to speed up your number of entries you can use a service like www.fastsweeper.com. Here you can enter hundreds of sweepstakes everyday with a single click. I have tested fastsweeper and it returned 4 wins in three months; $500 cash, Ipod, 3days/2nights vacation to Florida and a new laptop computer.

At this point, it's all up to you. The work isn't hard, and if you find it as relaxing and therapeutic as I do, then you can't go wrong. You're one step closer to winning already.

Turn your Affiliate Money Machine into Dollars ($)

Everybody would love to make lots of money quickly, working from home, and only doing a few hours of work per week. I've spent the past two years trying to find a great way of doing this. Only over the course of the past few months have I found any "get rich quick" programs worth buying. I've been trying to make money online for a long time. I had a few small websites, but they never made much more than a few hundred per month. It was easy money and didn't require much work on my part, but I knew there were people out there doing better than I was and I knew I could do as well as them.

Now, I've seen a lot of "get rich quick" programs. Most of these people make claims about earning $2000/day with Google or something similarly insane. Almost all of these people are complete liars. Even if they were making $2000/day with Google AdSense, it'd be because they had high - traffic websites with a lot of quality content. I'd know, because in one whole month, I never even made half of what they promised I'd make daily with their programs. Maybe you've already been scammed by one of these fraudsters. Anyway, I finally got sick of what was being offered.

I decided I'd look through the all of the "get rich quick" programs I could find and see if there were any that were actually legitimate. I found that there were owners selling their programs for well over $100, but the information in them could be found almost anywhere online for free. Additionally, they all contained out-of-date information, had no e-mail support, no money back guarantees, and broken links in the downloads section.

In conclusion, almost all of the programs I found were completely useless. The owners knew it, but they couldn't care less about their customers since they didn't offer refund policies! Amazingly, while looking through all of the programs, I actually did find a few legitimate programs. They were run by ordinary people like you and me, and they had found some great methods of making money from their home by doing very little work.

I spent some time working with those programs, and my income is now ten times what it used to be. These programs provided a large amount of great information on how to make extra money on your computer doing very little work. Numerous customers had provided great feedback and reviews for their products. Many of them have started to make money just days after buying!

Their programs have excellent prices, and the authors have a group of paid staff who are dedicating to helping you or providing assistance if you need any. I must say I was amazed! If you do decide to purchase any of the programs listed below, I recommend you join quickly. Most of the owners tell me they are getting an overwhelming number of sales and plan on raising prices in the near future, so order while prices are still low!

To Your Online Success,

Affiliate Money Machine

Small Business Loans: Qualification and Benefits

If you're starting a new business, a small business loan can help you get started by providing working capital to build a store, buy inventory, or promote your business. But how does a small business loan benefit you in real terms, and do you even qualify for a loan?

What is a Small Business Loan?

By definition, a small business loan is a certain amount of money that is borrowed by a person who wants to start or operate his or her own business. It is basically a type of personal loan given by lenders to small business owners.

There are several types of small business loans. Unsecured business loans are issued by a lender based on your credit alone without any sort of collateral. Usually, you will need a high credit score and a very good credit history as well as have a stable personal finance situation.

There is also business financing that can be based on collateral such as real estate collateral, a vehicle or property that is free and clear of debt, and so forth. Then, there is a commercial real estate finance loan for which money is granted for a commercial property that is to be used for business. There is also a business line of credit, which is a fixed, predetermined amount of credit that a company can borrow against as needs arise. The borrower will only be required to pay interest on the amount used.

Benefits of Small Business Loans

Obtaining a small business loan for your new business can bring relief in many ways. It can give you working capital to help build your business, promote it, and keep inventory. It can also help with the costs of hiring employees if needed at the start. A small business loan enables you to grow your new business without the financial stresses of a new business. Also, the interest on a small business loan is tax deductible.

Small Business Loan Qualifications

Once you understand how business financing works, you must consider whether or not you will qualify. It's good to know this before you apply so that your credit history will not show various credit checks and inquiries from lenders, which can lower your credit score for the future.

First, be sure your personal credit history is in order. Find out your credit score by requesting a copy of your credit report. There are many online resources available to check your own credit history. Also, be sure your personal bill and loan payment histories have been consistent and on time over the past two years or more. Small business lenders are likely to base your approval on your personal credit history, especially if you do not offer collateral.

Next, ask the lender directly about their business loan qualifications. This can eliminate any questions in your mind before applying.

Finding a Lender

Do some research to find a small business lender that's right for you. Check around online for interest rates, small business loan plans and qualifications, and for flexibility. Some lenders will offer creative small business loan options to work with your particular situation. Some lenders make it easy to get approved while others make it almost impossible. Look for a lender that is easy to work with from the start. Ask about early pay-offs, lines of credit, flexible financing, guaranteed interest rates, and any fees you will incur by using their services.

Keep these tips in mind as you search for small business finance solutions. You'll be on the road to success in no time!

Ideas for choosing your laptop computer

If you're thinking of  buying a laptop computer there are undoubtedly some great deals to be found, but what should you be looking for when you're in the market for a upgraded or even your first laptop computer.

Well, it's always worth sitting down with a pen and paper and thinking about exactly what you need your new laptop computer to do. If you're simply going to use it for word processing and the odd email here and there you don't need the super fast processor and hard drive that can hold millions of files, so don't let a slick salesman tell you otherwise that’s just going to hurt your pocket.

If it's a family laptop computer you're in the market for you'll want a good all rounder.  Childrenhave a great knack of loading games and other large applications onto a PC without you realsing.  which can really effect performance for when you need it for more important things like business or your own games. So make sure you get a appropriate  hard drive and a good amount of ram.

Regardless of the type of laptop computer you're in the market for make sure you explain to the seller exactly what you need it for (  ie is it for the home or on the road). More often than not they'll be able to show you in the right direction, but make sure you only spend an amount you're comfortable with.

If you're an online shopper then there are some great deals to be found, so just make sure you conduct proper research before jumping in to make that purchase. You'll probably see a lot of adverts for the newest laptop computer on the market , Buying a laptop computer , its just like anything else , make sure you do a good amount of research, be clear about the amount you want to spend and weigh up your options.

How to Compare Offshore Jurisdictions

Today many unscrupulous firms are offering corporations and bank accounts in many different jurisdictions with a shopping list of countries available almost every one of them no longer any good, many being located on Caribbean islands and are misleading the customers into thinking they are real offshore jurisdictions with privacy benefits. Wrong!!!

Let's analyze some things to look for when shopping for an offshore jurisdiction.

Bank Secrecy - Without this we are not interested. We want the bank to not be able to divulge any information about the bank account including whether or not such a bank account even exists unless there is an order from a competent court in the country where the bank is located. More secrecy than this does not exist any place today. Numbered accounts are gone. Sparbuch accounts in Austria are all gone, yes I know people offer them for sale on websites but they are all long gone and closed down. The bank secrecy laws must be written into the law of the land in question. Belize has no such bank secrecy laws written in their laws, people just seem to trust them even though there would be no legal penalty for them to reveal bank information if they see fit to do so. We want bank secrecy laws to call for prison and civil penalties for any violations in addition to allow for one to bring suit against the bank for violations. Panama meets this test.

MLAT - Mutual Legal Assistance treaty. Many nations have entered into these agreements. For a list of countries that have entered into these agreements with the USA courtesy of the US Government click here:


It is shocking as to how many countries are in such agreements. Even Panama is in such an agreement but it is fairly limited in scope, see below:

Essentially Panama will cooperate in a multi-national case involving narcotics and money laundering (these crimes need to be tied to narcotics). They also will get involved in cases concerning child pornography and real terrorism. If you are not a narcotics dealer and are not a money launderer (money launders are typically dealing with many millions of dollars), not a child pornographer, and not a terrorist you should not be concerned by this. The MLAT requires that there first need to a criminal prosecution case on file in the criminal courts of the requesting government (which means no fishing expeditions) then through diplomatic channels involving the embassies, requests are made for information, then reviewed by Panama officials and a decision on compliance is made or requests for more information are made so a determination can be arrived at. These cases can take months and even years for completion. At times the country where the bank is located has been known to once alerted to the problem, conduct their own investigation first and this usually requires them to seize the relevant records and documents which can stall the process for a long time even years since their justice systems typically moves quite slow and statues of limitation can run out, please don't construe this to mean Panama does this routinely it is just something that does occur from time to time around the world. The MLAT has no application to civil cases such as divorce, bankruptcy, civil judgments, business litigation, any sort of civil litigation, civil tax matters etc. Taxation matters of any sort are not covered by this as far as Panama is concerned. Income tax evasion is a civil (non-criminal) offense in Panama. Switzerland cooperates on income tax cases if the return is filed falsely like all income was not declared, things were omitted or so the complaining government says. Panama has no extradition treaties. Panama passes this test.

Tax Treaties ? Many so called Offshore Jurisdictions are in Tax Treaties. For a list of countries with tax treaties with the USA click here. Panama has NO tax treaty with any country. Even Switzerland and Belize are in tax treaties as are most of the so called offshore jurisdictions. Click here to see a list of countries in tax treaties complete with links enabling you to read the actual treaties, a real eye opener click here:


Type of Bank License - Many of these offshore banks have offshore banking licenses versus regular banking licenses. Let me explain. These island jurisdictions usually have different classes of bank licenses ? one class allows the bank to do business with only residents of the country, the other class usually encountered is the offshore license that allows the bank to ONLY conduct business with non-residents of the country, and they usually have a third class of license that allows the bank to do business with both residents and non-residents. It is a natural conclusion that a bank with an offshore only license is a risky proposition at best since the government won't let them do business with the citizens of their country. The banks we use in Panama are open to the citizens of Panama and are never offshore only banks. Most of the bank accounts being offered by various web site businesses are with bank having only an offshore license.

Corporation Privacy - This is an important point. I see many websites selling offshore corporations from dozens of countries. The only kind of corporation worth anything when it comes to privacy is a bearer share corporation. By this what is meant is the ownership of the corporation rests with the person who has the physical stock certificates of the corporation. Ownership need not be reported or recorded anywhere. A sale of the corporation does not need to be reported. This is what is called a non-transparent corporation and is extremely disliked by many governments who think people have no rights to privacy. In Panama a S.A. Corporation or bearer share company has no ownership reporting or recording requirements. One merely hires professional directors (which we provide) who appear as directors on hundreds of corporations and that is that. Directors are made public but you need not be your own director, we provide professional nominee directors complete with resignation letters and general power of attorney letter. Corporation privacy is especially important since governments have taken to monitoring bank wire transfers including recently the Swift System scandal showing the USA was monitoring Swift Transfers and we do not know to what extent and for exactly how long but is best to assume the worst. If one uses an anonymous bearer share Panama Corporation there is lack of transparency in that no one knows the ownership behind the corporation, they only know the corporation received or sent a wire and the other side of the transaction. This serves to preserve your privacy to a large extent. Imagine how silly it is to use an offshore corporation where ownership is made public and can be computerized thus one could tell in seconds who is the person behind the corporation receiving or sending the funds. This is what is being sold all over the internet as an offshore corporation misleading the people into thinking their privacy is being protected. Once again Panama passes the test.

Taxation Free - The offshore jurisdiction must be taxation free in that offshore derived income is not taxed by the country where the corporation is domiciled. Panama meets this test as does numerous other countries. Panama also has no capital gains tax for you stock market investors and there is no inheritance or probate tax. Panama passes this test.

Weather Considerations - Many of these offshore jurisdictions are located on islands and are subject to power outages from hurricanes. Also one must look for risk from volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes. Just what you don't need is a power outage from a storm preventing you from getting your money out when you need it. The reason the Panama Canal was built where it is, is because there is no risk from hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes and earthquakes. Panama passes the test.

Infrastructure - One must look at the power generators, telephone system and internet when evaluating an offshore jurisdiction. You don't want to have to wait days or weeks to be able to use your online banking or to be able to talk to your bank on the phone. Panama was basically built by the Americans who just left it in 2000. It has American style phones, electricity, roads, etc. The cells phones and internet in Panama are as good as Canada or USA. Panama passes the test again.

Government Stability - The last thing you need is to be banking in some tax haven offshore jurisdiction and find out a revolution has taken place and you can kiss your money goodbye. Another possibility is like what happened in Grenada when there was rampant bank fraud causing the closure and liquidation of the offshore banks with people losing their savings. Panama is a stable democracy. Panama is a UN neutral country so a war is most unlikely. Panama is in a treaty with the USA concerning the Panama Canal which was given to them by the USA in 2000. If the canal is threatened the USA has the right to step in to protect the Panama Canal. This means that if there was a revolution (unlikely occurrence since Panama is a most stable democracy) the USA would have fighter jets there within an hour or two and by the next day one could expect to see a navy aircraft carrier group in Panama Bay with an expeditionary force of marines. Next would be an airlift, paratroopers, helicopters, nuclear submarines and you have the idea. Forget about an invasion, attack or revolution in Panama, it passes the test.

Currency - Panama uses the US dollar as its currency. The banks are on the US dollar and the ATM machines dispense US dollars, they even use US coins. This means a stable currency. I know some of you will say they like the Euro better fine but when I say stable compare it to the Bahamian Dollar or Grand Cayman Dollar. No currency conversion costs in Panama if you use dollars. Panama again passes the test.

EU Ties - Panama has no ties that could erode privacy again passing the test. No reportage of income for EU residents or collecting of withholding taxes. Tax identity numbers from your home country are not required to open a Panama bank account, own a corporation, buy real estate etc. Panama again passes the test.

Easy and free unlimited file hosting service

Maintaining and running a business takes a lot of effort and in today's competitive world, if one does not have an online presence this becomes very difficult. In order to get a website created and functioning, the owner of the business needs to invest a lot of money and time. Everything from hosting the site, to domain name costs money. But for people who are looking for free file hosting, there are many options available today. There are sites which are into offering of free storage space that will help in hosting video or music files of any size and format, mp3 or otherwise. Free web storage services are very interesting, it means the user does not have to worry about carrying the files, uploaded software on them, as everything is uploaded and can be downloaded from the web space itself.

Since the uploaded mp3 files, and video hosting files are accessible form everywhere, and that too at any time. This works very well for music file hosting and for data backup as well. Apart from the usual word, music and video files, people can even upload softwares, Adobe PDF formatted files and carry out free software hosting too. Hosting a file means having a space to put your files in, and making it visible to all who access the sit. Almost all the free file hosting services offer unlimited uploads and downloads facility as well. They do however have a policy that says files that have been hosted but not been accessed for over a month or two will get deleted. This again is not followed by all, but most leading hosting sites follow this pattern. This is just to make sure junk files are not taking up space that can be used for other purposes.

The mp3, video and flash files uploaded could be up to 100mb in size, which means even the largest file can be accommodated. They also allow fast web hosting thanks to the bandwidth allotted to the sites, through which the users can access and download the files in no time. For people who are not very comfortable with the computer, they can get a professional or someone they know to do free upload files and store all their movies and images on the web.

Earlier, people used to go in search of Floppy disks and CD's to store their favorite songs and movies, but today thanks to such free hosting facilities, life has become far easier. A person just needs to either remember the site's address or have it mailed to their own account and can access the data from anywhere in the world. They can simultaneously upload multiple files, which means they save time on upload and download. These also give them the flexibility to multi - task and complete numerous tasks within the shortest period of time. Thus, the free and unlimited web hosting services helps out not only businesses but also individuals who have tones of data and other files.

Making a Blog Network and Promoting Affiliate Products

It is very important for you to choose the right programs. There are just thousands and thousands of products out there that choosing may be a bit difficult. You may be considering using Contextual Affiliate Products, these affiliate programs include companies include Adsense. When you choose to use contextual affiliate programs you want to make sure that the products you choose are perfect for your site. Being a blog, it could have a few different categories, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to choose products. Keep in mind when choosing these ads is to stay on topic, if you have a blog about cars then don’t out an affiliate program for cats on there. You won’t make any money.

Ask yourself why people are coming to your blog, seek out the strengths and weaknesses of the blog and choose programs according to the strengths. Try to figure out what the intention is of the people who are coming to your blog. Do they come to read and post or do they just browse and leave. Choose products that are fun and interesting. If they are boring, no one is going to buy anything. Make sure the programs are practical. If you have a blog on pets, they use affiliate programs on pet toys or pet food, pet owners always are in need of food and toys.

Placement of the affiliate programs is very important. If your blog gets more readers in a certain area then place the ads there. Place them where the bloggers are going to see them. Try to keep the affiliate programs visible to all readers. This may have to be done by trail and error. If you see that the programs are not working in some places but are working well in others then you may have to do some rearranging. If you see that ads are not doing so well, then it may be time to change them. You are not committed to keep the same products, if something isn’t working then change it around. It can only help you in the end.

5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Home Worker

There are a variety of reasons why people consider becoming a home worker. In some cases, people who are retired need some extra income. In other instances, a stay-at-home mom might need money to supplement the family income. Sometimes, a person decides to launch a home based business in order to achieve a specific financial goal, such as a family vacation or home repairs. Other times, people simply get tired of the grind of commuting, answering to a boss, and working predetermined hours.

There's no doubt that a home based business opportunity can provide extra income for retired people, money for moms, and the extra cash for a family vacation. It can even replace a primary income so that a person can quit his or her day job and make his or her own hours. Unfortunately, though, making the decision to become a home worker is only the first - and the easiest - step. The next step is succeeding in your home based business. Here are five tips to help ensure you succeed in your quest to become a home based worker:

1. Set aside time each day for your home based business. Although there are many home based opportunities that will earn revenue with a minimal amount of work, the more time you put into your business, the greater your financial rewards will be. Designating a certain number of hours per day (or per week) will help keep you on track.

2. Minimize distractions while working. If the kids are running around, your friends are calling, or you keep getting up to do laundry or other household chores, it will be difficult to sustain your home business. Create ground rules to minimize distractions, and have the discipline to stick to them.

3. Have patience. Despite "get rich quick" promises, the typical home based business opportunity will not provide you with immediate income. Have patience at keep at it to reap financial rewards, but make sure you have a revenue "bridge" that will keep you going until your business begins to generate returns.

4. Diversify your revenue streams. The successful home worker generally has several - if not many - revenue streams. This way, if one aspect of the business falters or has a slow period, others can fill in the gap. Take a building block approach: start with one home based business and add another when the first starts generating a steady income.

5. Make bookkeeping a priority. Oftentimes, a home worker will let bookkeeping go by the wayside. Revenues from his or her business will be intermingled with personal finances, or his or her recordkeeping will be less that pristine. The Internal Revenue Service keeps a close eye on home businesses, so it's crucial to keep your business income and expenses separate from your personal income and expenses. It's also important to keep and record all receipts for expenses. If you keep good financial records throughout the year, it will be much easier to do your taxes when April rolls around.

Being a home worker is immensely rewarding in terms of income potential, making your own hours, and doing work that interests you. Success lies in choosing the right home based business opportunity, sticking with your commitment, and keeping good records.

How to Generate Web Traffic Without Spending a Cent!

How To Generate Traffic Using Only Free Methods

Putting up a company would of course require a lot of things, to get straight to the point, you need a capital. To make money requires money as well. But of course, with the versatility the internet offers, there are many ways you could find that could help optimize the potential of your site or business in generating traffic.

While there are ways to jumpstart your traffic flows, many sites don’t have the resources that others have to generate more traffic for your site. Well, you don’t have to spend a cent; all you need is the proper mindset and a lot of eagerness. You also must have the drive and perseverance to do hard work and research to generate more traffic for your site.

How sweet it is to have more traffic for your site without spending a single cent.  Now it’s a sure thing that many sites have articles that offer tips and guidelines in how to generate traffic using only free methods. Because it is possible, you don’t need to speed a single cent, it may take time, to say honestly, I’m not going to beat around the bush with you. You get better chances by paying for your advertisements, but at least you get a fighting chance with some of these free methods I’m about to tell you.

Take advantage of online forums and online communities. The great thing about forums and online communities is that you can target a certain group that fits the certain demographic that you are looking for. You can discuss about lots of things about the niche that you represent or offer.  Another great advantage is that you know what you are getting into and you will be prepared.

With online communities and forums you can build a reputation for your company. Show them what you are made of and wow them with your range of expertise about the subject, with that you can build a reputation and build trust with the people in your expertise and knowledge.

You can also make use of newsletters. Provide people with a catalog of your products and interesting and entertaining articles. If you make it really interesting and entertaining, more people will sign up for your newsletter and recommend it to other people. The more people who signs up for your newsletter, the more people there will be that will go to your site increasing your traffic.

Another great idea is trading links with other sites. You don’t have to spend a cent. All you have to do is reach an agreement with another webmaster. With exchanging links, the efforts both sites do will benefit both sites. Every traffic that goes to the site could potentially click on the link of your site and visit your site as well. This works well especially when both sites feature the same niche.

Write articles that could pique the attention of people that have interest in your product. Try writing articles that will provide tips and guides to other aficionados. Writing articles that provide good service and knowledge to other people would provide the necessary mileage your traffic flow needs.

Many sites offer free submission and posting of your articles. When people find interest in your articles they have a good chance of following the track by finding out where the article originated. Include a link or a brief description of your company with the article and there’s a great probability that they will go to your site.

Write good content for your site. Many search engines track down the keywords and keyword phrases your site uses and how they are used. It is not a requirement that a content should be done by a professional content writer. You could do your on but you have to make content for your site that is entertaining as well as informational. It should provide certain requirements as well as great quality.

Generally, internet users use search engines to find what they are looking for. Search engines in return use keyword searching in aiding their search results. With the right keywords, you could get high rankings in search engine results without the costs.

All of these methods and more will drive more traffic to your site for free. All it takes is a bit of effort and extended man hours. Learn all you can about the methods depicted here and you will soon have a site with a great traffic flow without the usual costs that come with it.

Online data entry services

Internet marketing is the recommend of the analysis. Online data entry provides Data Entry Material & Information Online for a record of Online Companies. Online data entry India present data processing services, data capture solutions, database management services, included document management system.Online Companies are generating billions online and Home Businesses are a contributing attribute to this online achievement.

Online Data Entry is in high command for the reason that Online Companies are looking for ways to reduce Costs. At present our program provides all of the information and material wanted to get you in progress along with free in addition.

In Search Engine Optimization  Services Web Site backing, Search Engine Optimization NDDW suggest the services of Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Web site Optimization, directory Submission and backing for high position and Ranking.

Backside  some are like to Pay for a variety of Data Entry Services.  It is not your institution about  ( http://www.dataentryindia.com/data_entry/image_entry.php” target="_blank-Data Entry Work). Online Data Entry involves Entering Data into Online forms. And there are Thousands of Online Companies that are in want of various Data Entry Services in order to keep up with the ever expanding and changing Internet Market.

Some are a supplier of data entry, book keeping and medical transcription solutions. ICA Corp has offices in USA, UK and India. Data Entry Solutions, Book keeping services and medical dictation are provided to clients in USA, UK and Canada.

Businesses do not offer teaching Courses on their Online-based Programs.  Present for, this is where our Online Training Program swings into action.  Online training Program also includes: in order and Instructions connect Resources added Ways to Earn Extra Income, various Resale Rights and Free Bonuses.

When you help Online Merchants to control their marketing fixed cost, they are ready to See require for the Profits. While we submit the Data in Online its will direct see Customers about Products and Services that they are searching for and desire.

Merchant Accounts 101: Understanding Their Role In Your Ebiz

A merchant account is one piece of your whole payment solution. In its simplest terms, it’s a bank account that allows your eBiz to accept online credit cards and e-checks. At a specific time each day, your merchant account bank receives that day’s completed transactions. They hold the money for several days or more to make sure all parties involved are satisfied. During this time, they also perform additional security checks. If no issues arise, the bank then wires the money into your business checking account.

What a Merchant Account Isn’t

People often confuse merchant accounts with other elements involved in payment solutions. But each element is a separate function of a larger service.

• A merchant account is not a shopping cart. Shopping cart technology is software that simulates a physical shopping cart in that it allows users to “place” items in it until they’re ready to check out and then totals their purchases for them.

• A merchant account is not authorization software. Authorization software is the equivalent of a digital credit terminal. It runs address verification, sends the buyer’s information through fraud detection filters, and ensures the card has enough credit available for the purchase. Authorization software makes instant approval possible.

When you’re looking at solution providers, be sure that all three elements—your merchant account, shopping cart, and authorization software—are compatible with one another. They all have to be integrated in order for you to have that seamless payment solution you’re looking for.

Is It Hard to Get Approved for a Merchant Account?

Every institution has different policies and requirements for getting approved. Some want your corporation papers, your Tax ID, and your business banking account information at the time you apply. Others are more lenient, even to the point of pre-approving your account and allowing you to activate it when you have everything ready.

Getting approved can be especially challenging if you have poor credit history. But some institutions will allow you to have a co-signer. Michael Mack says his company, http://TruthInProcessing.com, was set up to help the new business owner: “We’ve structured our business in that fashion…Less than one-half of 1% of all our [merchant account] applicants, since the inception of our company, have been turned down.”

Don’t Lose that Sale!—Why You Need a Merchant Account

Shoppers are likely to move on if you don’t offer their preferred payment option. That’s why, even if you have a PayPal account, you still need the flexibility a merchant account gives your buyers. You’ll lose the majority of your customers who aren’t PayPal members if you don’t make that option available to them. Most people won’t take the time to muddle through PayPal’s alternate solutions. Says Mack, “If it takes 5 minutes to find the product and buy [it], but 15 minutes to pay, they’re going to go somewhere else.”

Overcome Online Business Challenges with Lessons from Others

If you've always dreamed that you would be your own boss someday, don't worry. It's not too late. With many Internet businesses today, there are people who have gone before you who will train you and help you succeed along the way. You just have to know where to find them.

Online Business Challenges

Some of the online business challenges you might face include a lack of advertising dollars, lack of knowledge about the Internet in general, and the overwhelming task of designing and updating your website.

Also, keep in mind that when you own your own business, you'll be responsible for your own accounting and taxes. As with any home based business, an online business requires self-discipline and hard work. Though there are many responsibilities, the rewards can far exceed the challenges.

Mentors for Your Home Business

When you sign on for any income opportunity, be sure there are mentors available who can help you get started. You can learn from them and avoid many pitfalls. A mentor can show you how to get started with your own website, how to increase cash flow, how to build your customer base, and how to operate your business for future profits.

With some business opportunities, a mentor will be provided for you when you join. This person should be skilled and knowledgeable. They should offer proof of their own success and be willing to help when you have questions. It's best to learn from the mistakes of others than to jump right into opportunities ignorantly.

Investments for Online Business

With any online business, you'll likely be required to invest some money at the start. Whether you're starting your own company selling products or services, or planning to join another company to sell their goods and services, you'll likely be required to pay a fee to get started. Consider this money to be an investment, not merely a fee. Think ahead to the return on your investment. Ask your mentor how much you can potentially earn before getting started.

If you join an opportunity where you can earn from the investment of those who sign up under you, then be sure the investment amount and compensation amount is enough to earn a good income without scaring away new prospects. With any product or service, there is always a price threshold that newcomers are willing to pay. Be sure the company you are working with has already tested their pricing so you won't have to waste time trying it yourself.

Set Realistic Goals

Ask your mentor to help you set realistic goals at the start. You probably won't start out making a fortune, but with realistic goals, you'll feel that you are accomplishing something. Set short-term and long-term online business goals. The goals should include how many prospects you should contact and how many sales you need to make to reach your goals.

Keep focused on your goals and be sure to follow the lead of your mentor. You'll find owning a home based business to be enjoyable and lucrative once you know how to do it.

Arranging Furniture Storage

Sometimes, there isn't enough room for all of your belongings – and arranging storage, on top of moving can be a blessing in disguise – or a nightmare.  So you need another, convenient, cheap option for your furniture.

Storage companies are basically large warehouses or lockups that you can rent – and range in size from a box room to an area large enough to store a complete house.

Storage is great if you're needing to move out of one house before your other hoese is ready – or when you've sold your old house but haven't finished arranging the new one.  It saves the you having to work out what to do with your things.

It's also a good idea when you have too much furniture for your new house, and no where to store it yourself – and while garages and basements are great for short term storage, they aren't protected, in some cases against the elements, nor, possibly insured against accidents, such as fires or flood.  Garages and basements also, while accessible, may also need to be used for other things.

It is possible for your belongings to be damaged in storage, but highly unlikely – you'll be given a list of belongings that you're checking in – and you should check at that time that everything is secure, sealed and stacked or placed well.

If you're moving long distance, its always good to research, throughly, by phone and if possible, in person, how much access you'll have to your furniture, and belongings, and what sort of notice you need to give – you'll also need to work out what is going into storage and how much space you'll need for it all.

If you're unsure of storage companies, and you're using a removal company – ask them – they may have a group of storage companies they deal with, and offer you a better premium than you may otherwise get.  It also means that you've got less research to deal with.

Avoid the Hassles of Online Business Start-up with a Turn Key, Automated Home Based Business

Many people want to start a home business, but never do because of the hassles and start-up costs. As with any new business, a home based business can have unforeseen expenses and problems. There's also usually a waiting period of at least a year before profits can be realized. But with a turn key, automated home based business, many of these hassles can be eliminated. You can make money from home without the initial hassles of running a business. Let's see how a turn key business works to your advantage.

Attendance Recording System

Attendance Recording System:

Attendance Recording System allows the companies to manage, monitor and produce reports of employee’s attendance. This system fits easily into the business structure and gives you greater control over your staff. It is mainly used by companies which have more than hundreds or thousands of employees. They are used in areas such as healthcare, financial services, transportation or distribution, retail management, government, manufacturing, and hospitality. Attendance recording system provides an accurate means of recording employee entries, exits breaks, absence and leaves. This can be compiled to produce the total hours worked and the amount that the employees should be paid. More advanced systems can automatically consolidate this information across multiple locations, track how hours are allocated across projects, and monitor overtime hours. Attendance recording system handles company’s time and attendance and access control needs.

In attendance recording system, an employee has to press his or her thumb on the small machine fixed on a wall to record their attendance. The impression of the thumb matches with the one already stored in a computer, and this enters his or her attendance. Some employees use identifying cards to punch in and out. Time and attendance recording systems lets the employees enter their own information directly into the system, including flex-time hours, vacation time, and sick day information.

By using attendance recording system you can make the attendance sheet into self-service attendance machine. Time and attendance recording machine  has the following advantages : saves time and there is no need to manually take the attendance, provides authentication, eliminates errors, promotes employee self-service, manages and controls absenteeism, there is no way to check off someone else's name by mistake. You also have the additional benefit of not having to issue cards, or replace lost ones. They can also cut down on time theft, buddy punching, extended lunches, and other time tracking problems. The systems reduce potential mistakes automatically by transferring information between company systems.

Time and attendance systems often have a Web version of the employee module, which allows workers to enter their time using a Web browser. Its flexible design runs on both PCs under Windows and UNIX workstations. Most systems are compatible with over 20 databases including Ingres, Sybase, and Oracle, and run on all major network environments, thus, providing instant access to all time and attendance functions. Time and attendance systems help companies to reduce and control costs by permitting employees to access non-critical information in a simple, secure, and safe manner. Most systems are Web-enabled and are integrated with current Internet technology

Whether it involves the calculation of overtime, variable or flexible work hours, or exchanging data from and to other applications, like payroll - or human resource systems, time and attendance recording system offers a complete and flexible solution. Employee time and attendance machines range in cost from less to very high cost. The requirement depends upon the number of employees to monitor, the number of locations to track, and the information reporting requirements. There are several time attendance equipments available in the market and some are manufactured as per the requirements of the particular organization.

3 Million Items and Counting, Bidville Becomes Big Business

Since their introduction, online auction sites have been making e-history as some of the most popular destinations on the Internet. From designer-label clothing to grandma's jewelry to cars and even houses, anything and everything imaginable can be auctioned off online.

People who place items for sale on auction sites are attracted to the prospect of building a business from home with no morning traffic jams and little required capital to start. And bidders are drawn to the unique shopping opportunities and the potential to purchase hard-to-find items from all over the world.

Increasingly, buyers and sellers are discovering the unique benefits of using emerging sites rather than the giants of the industry, such as eBay. Bidville.com is one such site that has been quietly gaining momentum in the wake of eBay's ongoing fee increases.

Bidville started in 1999 primarily as a sports card auction site, but began expanding its merchandise base in late 2003 to take advantage of burgeoning market opportunities. Throughout 2004, its membership base increased to nearly 1 million members and the number of items listed daily reached 3 million. In addition, the site now has more than 600 "storefronts" that sell anything from collectibles to electronics at a fixed price.

Bidville markets itself as "the alternative auction site" because it does not charge listing fees. Rather, sellers pay what's called "final success fees" after their items sell. These fees, at no more than 5 percent of the selling price, are lower than what other sites charge.

So what is the key to Bidville's success? The company is striving to expand its growing community of loyal members and makes it a policy to give them personalized attention. While most auction sites answer questions with an automated reply, Bidville has live customer service representatives who respond to all queries within 24 hours.

In its extensive community section, there is ample opportunity for member interaction via the Member to Member Help Desk, the Bidville Cafe, where members can share stories and make friends, and the Sellers Forum, where members can discuss successful selling tips and offer suggestions for site improvements. A special charity section allows nonprofit organizations to use Bidville to raise money for good causes.

Office Recycling Scheme – Top Tips

Setting up an office recycling scheme is something that all businesses can do to help the environment, and in many cases save money.  Regardless of how many people work in your office, there are always steps that can be taken to recycle some of your waste.  This article provides five useful tips to follow when setting up any recycling scheme.

Implement in Stages

When setting up an office recycling scheme it is often a good idea to implement the recycling scheme in stages, rather than trying to recycle everything at once.  In most offices the recyclable material that makes up the largest percentage of waste is likely to be paper.  On average paper waste makes up around 40% of the waste from a standard office.  It is therefore a good idea to start your recycling scheme by recycling paper.  Once this has been in operation for a few weeks, other waste streams can then be introduced.

Keep it Simple

From experience laziness is often one of the main problems with any type of recycling scheme.  In a busy office environment some people will simply use the nearest bin to dispose of their waste, rather than walk to the opposite side of the office to dispose of a few pieces of  waste paper in a recycling bin.  Making recycling an easy option by placing recycling bins in convenient places is therefore a good way of eliminating this excuse.  Recycling bins should be placed next to printers, photocopiers and other areas which are likely to generate a lot of paper waste.  Desk top recycling trays can also be used in larger offices to collect the paper waste for recycling.  These can then be emptied into the larger recycling bins at the end of each day.


In order for an office recycling scheme to be successful it is important to make sure that everyone is aware of the recycling scheme and what is expected of them.  There are a number of different ways that this can be done, depending on the size of the office.  Firstly the recycling scheme can be introduced during an office meeting, or through the use of a memo or email (preferably an email as this eliminates unnecessary waste).  Posters in prominent places such as staff notice boards, near photocopiers, next to bins, etc. is also a good idea as this will provide a constant visual reminder of the recycling scheme.


It is important that the recycling scheme is monitored on a regular basis to ensure that it is working properly.  Introducing the recycling scheme in stages will help the monitoring process.  Depending on the size of the office it is often beneficial to make somebody, or even a group of people, responsible for the recycling scheme.


Recycling can be a very rewarding process for the environment, the business and the people that contribute to the recycling scheme.  It is therefore important to keep people up-to-date with the progress that is being made.  This can be done by either sending a monthly email or placing a poster on the staff notice board detailing the amount of materials that have been recycled.  Your waste management and recycling company may be able to help you with this by providing you with a monthly tonnage report.

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Gifts for all seasons

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Honest Riches/ Thank You Rich Jerk Review

Holly Mann is an army veteran. When she returned home, she wanted to make an income from home, so that she could simultaneously take care of her children. After successfully making websites, she put her experience into one e-book, and now sells it for just twenty dollars! Save your Starbucks money for a few days, and you've just got a new ebook! And you've improved your health as well! ;-)

Here is all the content on the e-book:

Chapter 1: Make Cash Now With No Start-Up Money

This chapter explains what affiliate programs are and a method you can use to promote your products: free! On Holly's LiveJournal group for ebook owners, one individual shows how he made over $500 through this advertising technique. On the LiveJournal group, you can find out how to more effectively use this technique.

Chapter 2: Profiting From Product Reviews

This chapter is one of the most loaded and most useful ones. It contains information such as how to find your perfect niche, how to write product reviews, and where to submit that review. I loved this chapter, but be aware, you will have to spend a small amount for some services. I spent $30.67 for the services, but they were dead useful. They all came with a 'free trial' version, which I used to experiment. All my expenses have come so far from here, because most of your initial work will be here.

Chapter 3: Website Design

In this chapter, you figure out which website builder's to use, where to find a designer, and where to get "turnkey websites" (premade websites ready to use for making a profit). The only idea I appreciated in this section was the blog section. It showed me how to make a blog at http://blogger.com, but if you decide to make a blog, definitely use WordPress. It is the best blogging program in the World Wide Web. I love it, even this free version. Eventually, you have to get your site hosted. When you decide to take that step, my suggestion is to use http://1and1.com. I plan on upgrading to their cheapest plan. Even though its only $2.99/month, it provides everything you need to start a small site.

Chapter 4: Content Is King - Building Your Online Presence

This is an awesome chapter. It shows you the last program that made up my $30.67. She calls it a cash goldmine, and it is. This program helps you find 'key phrases' with few competitors and many searches on the major search engines. In addition, you find out how to increase your site's search engine ranking for free and how to get free traffic to your site. These two things really are free, and work well. They don't involve you getting spam emails, weird offers, or anything like that. Here's a hint: good writers will love this!

Chapter 5: Profiting Per Click, Per Sale

This chapter tells you how to use AdSense and other programs like it to get traffic to your site. AdSense is a great tool to make cash. What you do is put ads on your site - you've seen them everywhere, they say Sponsored by Goooooogle. When someone clicks on these ads, you get money! This chapter also exposes an alternative to AdSense which can make much more money than AdSense. Once you have your site up, this becomes an incredibly useful chapter!

Chapter 6: Search Engine Optimization

Here's a quote from the e-book: "The purpose of optimizing your website is so that search engines can easily search your site, navigate through it and categorize it. As well as creating a graphically appealing, informative site for your visitors, you need to concentrate on building a strong keyword-based theme throughout the site." This is essentially what SEO is, and Holly's e-book clearly explains how to utilize this technique. You may find more complex guides and programs for SEO on the Internet, but these will cost at least double of Holly's e-book. This is a very useful chapter, and when used with Holly's LiveJournal Forum, can be make your house a cash machine!

Chapter 7: Tricks to Get Your Website a Higher Ranking

I'm in love with this chapter. She doubled her revenue with this free technique. It also shows you where to get free e-books, articles, pictures and recordings whose copyrights have expired. Honestly, does it get better than this? Even if you just want to read a bunch of books, buy Holly's e-book for an instant library! ;-)

Chapter 8: Website Statistics & Tracking

This chapter shows you the best website staticstics program to use. "It provides precise, detailed information about each site visitor, where the person is from, how long the person stays on each page, entry pages, exit pages, key words used to reach your website, referrals, etc. so you know exactly what advertising techniques are working for you and what you should improve on."- quoted from Holly's e-book. Its of no use until you have your site up, but right now I find the Blog Stats that WordPress provides enough. Remember http://1and1.com? If you just get the $5/month hosting service, you get a multitude of tools not available in the $3/month service. One of those tools is a detailed website statistics and tracking program! So you can host your site and get the tools too!

Chapter 9: The Money Is In The List

You might have seen this chapter's tactics in use before. Have you ever signed up for a free newsletter or ezine? This chapter tell's you how to be on the giving end of the newsletter/ezine. You can't utilize this chapter's ideas with a free blog, which dissapointed me. I hope to expand to a hosted blog, which has many more capabilities. But imagine the power of this tool. Lets say you have 1000 people on your list. You have a new product which costs $50 to buy. You send out a newsletter about this product, and 5% of the recipients buy your product. You've just made $2500!

Chapter 10: Advertising Your Website

This was a somewhat pitiful chapter. Its not in-depth enough to be of much use, but at least it gives you a basic overview of how to use AdWords to your advantage. For a review on the best and most complete guide to AdWords, check out my Beating Adwords Review. Trying the pay-per-click game can be dangerous if not done correctly. You might just be losing more and more on clicks and not converting. You really need to find more resources for pay-per-click.

Chapter 11: Power of Press Releases

This chapter explains how to get traffic after you've done the things in the previous chapters. Once you have done SEO, and designed your site, you send out a free press release to tell the world that "Big Gaming Co." is out and ready for business! This is a useful tool, and Holly directs you to where you should go for free press releases, and paid/preferred ones which get up faster and probably have better placement.

Chapter 12: Dropshipping & Wholesalers

Holly gives some good resources for dropshippers and wholesalers. "Dropshipping is where you sell products on the Internet and forward the orders to the dropship supplier. The dropshipper ships the product to your buyer, as if it came from you."- quote from e-book. I've tried out the whole ebay business so I have some experience in this. From what I've heard, most e-bayers, and the people influenced by PowerSellers don't trust dropshippers very much. I would read up more on this matter before you try it out.

Chapter 13: Ebay Advertising Tricks

Holly shows some nice tricks she uses with ebay to generate more traffic. I liked this section, since it could be easily utilized if you're an ebay seller. But hear me out - starting an ebay business is a very time-consuming task! Consider your time restraints before starting an eBay business. Read some other books for ebay selling - this is not a how to sell on eBay section.

I hope this gives you a good overview of what to expect from Holly Mann's ebook. You can expect a high income with your online business, but only after hard work.

Dead Silence From Your Prospect : The Worst Sound Of All

Could this be the worst moment in your selling cycle?

You've done all the right things with your prospect:

• You've identified a real need and developed a reasonably solid relationship.

• You've determined that your prospect is interested in your solution.

• You've had a couple of great meetings or conversations that let

the prospect move the sales process forward.

• You've supplied everything needed to  make a final decision.

• And you've followed up, as customary, by leaving messages or e-mails to see if you can get a final decision, But instead, all you're hearing is dead silence.

Not a word. Not a peep.

"I don't get it," you say to yourself.

"Everything was going so well, there's definitely a fit, we had a good relationship.

Then, all of a sudden, nothing.

What went wrong?

I know this feeling well because just about everyone who gets in touch with me (and I speak with dozens of you almost every day) struggles with this exact desperate situation --- wondering what went wrong, why your prospect has broken off communication, and, most importantly, what you can do about it.

The only person who can solve this mystery is -- guess who? Your prospect.

You may have done all the "right" things throughout the sales process, but, somewhere along the way, he or she has never felt truly comfortable enough to tell you the truth about where they really stand with the decision to buy or not buy your solution.

Why not?

Because in most cases prospects don't want to hurt your feelings by telling you something that might disappoint you.

The problem is, something in your selling approach (your tone of voice, your attempt to create forward momentum, your use of traditional sales language) told them that the most important thing on your mind was making that sale.

However, what your selling approach must do is let prospects feel comfortable telling you the truth, all the way through the sales cycle, about exactly where you stand with them, without their having to worry that you'll feel disappointed.

This is the gap that makes it easier for prospects to break off communication, because keeping you at bay lets them feel safer and more in control.

So, how do you get to it?

Not by moving forward, but by moving backward to try to repair the hidden break in the relationship. "I don't understand," you say. "How would I do that?" It's simple:

1. Just Give your prospect a call (avoid leaving a voicemail, and send an e-mail only if you have no other options) in which you convey the following message:

2. "Hi John, it's Ari with XYZ company, how are you? John, I'm not calling about moving the project forward or anything about the project itself. I'm just calling to apologize...I haven't heard from you for a few weeks and I figured it must be my fault or something that I may have done, maybe I dropped the ball somewhere along that way...so I'm simply calling (or writing) to see if you wouldn't mind sharing some feedback so I can improve for next time?"

In other words, you apologize.

That's right -- you apologize because it's crucial for you to take the high road and be willing to be told that something on your end did cause the communication breakdown.

However, most of the time, prospects will find your apology so disarming that they'll stop worrying about you trying to "sell" them and will finally feel comfortable telling you their truth.

Try it, and let me know how it goes.

Virtualization Software

Virtualization software is all set to change the way manufacturers make computer hardware and also affect the way data centers are managed and run, at least for the near, predictable future that is. Virtualization software has been literally forced upon the IT industry by the drastic need for greater multi-core chip architecture and a demand for greater ways to save on energy costs. Virtualization software is a technology that has already consolidated its position in the IT industry and is only set to grow.

Virtualization software is believed to be the brainchild of a company called VMware, a company based in Calif and a little less than a decade old. Such is the potential of virtualization software that IT heavy weights such as Intel, AMD and Cisco systems have invested very heavily in the company in the recent past. These leaders in the field of computer technology have realized the need to bend technology in a way to accommodate virtualization software and take advantage of the full scope of virtualization software.

So what is Virtualization Software all about?

Before we delve into the uses of virtualization software we must first understand what virtualization software is and where it is used. Virtualization software is a software technology that does away with the need for running multiple servers. With virtualization software administrators of data centers can configure one physical server to run multiple operating systems simultaneously as if the operating systems were running on multiple machines simultaneously. This saves on the cost of investing in multiple servers without having to increase the resources of the single server. This also saves on huge costs of peripheral network devices such as network switches and hubs. Thus, virtualization software leads to massive savings on hardware costs, energy bills and maintenance costs as well, at the same time increasing utility and efficiency of the machine the virtualization software is installed on.

Today’s translation agency Services

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Various specialist translators of different part of the world are ideally suited to translate any kind of document such as economical, medical, lawful, sales and marketing, political, historical, entertainment or any other subject. The website provides the absolute solution to manage all the translation and interpreting requirements. The main objective is to provide the best language service possible in almost all fields of work. Based on the translation job the translators are paid accordingly. There are various businesses which simply run on translation services. So, for them incorrect translations can effect in random losses due to misinterpretations of proposed interactions.

Improper and imprecise translation services can even damage the business scenario and can boast a long lasting distressing result on the profit margin of the organizations. It is awfully vital for any kind of trades to utilize popular translation services and hire efficient translators and translations mistakes into the business set ups should be avoided. The translation agency should be competent of creating a refined and perfect copy of the original documentation. For offering perfect and proper translation services the agency must possess proficient trained employees with specialization in pertinent vicinity of translation services. Many of the translation agencies utilize the services of resident translators who translate foreign language documentations to their mother tongue. This guarantees best quality of translation services as these inhabitant translators possess meticulous knowledge of the local civilization and dialect influences on the aimed language. These language experts excel in this field and provide flawless translated copies due to the expertise in their own native language.

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