The passion for graphic arts

Many people love what they do. I would like to talk about the passion for graphic arts. The persons who have worked for many years in the printing industry, the persons who had professional achievements in graphic arts certainly became fascinated by this field.

You can feel how passion envelops you when you start liking it: the smell of printing ink, the smell of glue in the folding box gluing machine, the sound of cylinders of printing presses, the sound of die-cutters.

You see an offer for a sheetfed printing machine and you remember how printers beat the sheets to prepare them for printing, how they adjust the inking with the help of ink level control devices for ink units, how they check the colour density of the raster.

When graphic arts are your life, you can read one of the many online books thinking how it would look like if it were a printed book. The cover would be laminated, bright or matt, or it could be UV varnished. You would feel the smell of the heated adhesive of the book back gluing and back lining machines, you would see how the folding machine brings the large printing sheets to the small book format, you would feel the smell of fresh print when you browse through a book that has just been taken out of the production line.

You go to the supermarket and while you put the products in the shopping basket you lean to read the label of the jam jar. You look carefully to see if it is printed only with process colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black  and you wonder whether it is varnished or not. Is it flexographic or offset printing? How many colour groups had the printing machine? Was the ink ecologic or not?

In the morning, you buy a newspaper to read. You are immersed in the titles of articles, but after some pages, your fingers turn black. You are fascinated by the smell of fresh print, but some questions spin in your head. What type of ink did the persons who printed the newspaper use? Was the web press of coldset or heatset type?

You receive the phone bill at home and you notice every time how exquisitely is the logo of the phone company printed. How beautiful the printing is! What is the contribution of the printer and of the machine for printing envelopes?  The label is printed so beautifully so that you get easier over the value of the invoice in the envelope even if it is quite high.

When you buy a pack of medicines from the drugstore you can notice the metallic foil applied on the box and you remember the equipment that did it, you can hear the noise made by the die-cutting equipment, you can see the boxes on the band in the gluing machine.

You receive a magazine advertising several products at promotional prices and you notice that the raster is a bit loaded and the pictures are not clear enough. You wonder if it is due to the pre-press when files were processed or something happened in the printing press.

All these mean passion, being committed to the printing field. You start liking the printing industry so much that you want to share the feeling with other people. How could you do this better than via the internet?

What if it is a virtual world, what if you see a picture or some details from a printing press? You can still feel the smell of ink.

Reverse Cell Phone Search

Tracking down the identity of an unknown caller is not as hard as you might think. Although you could find out the information you want for free, a lot of your success will depend on luck. It is far easier to get a membership at a private reverse cell phone directory because you are guaranteed to get what you want -- owner details, like name, address and wireless service carrier.

People need to lookup phone number details for a variety of reasons. Whether you are concerned about the kids your teenager has been hanging out with, or need to stop a very annoying prank caller, or even need to stop a harassing stalker, conducting a reverse cell phone trace is a very legitimate means of investigating a questionable person -- especially if you suspect your significant other may be cheating on you.

But again, in order to find out an unknown person's identity for free, you're going to have to be lucky. The only way you can find his or her private information is if they have willingly put it up on the Internet. That way, you can find it by doing a search with their phone number on the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Otherwise, your only option is to make a small investment with a real cell phone database that allows you to conduct reverse lookups on virtually any phone number.

The reason that you can't find cell phone details online for free is because of the transitory nature of a cell phone number's life span. People are always changing cell numbers, and as a result they are just too difficult to track on a consistent basis (for free). Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date cell phone database is simply too difficult and costs too much money for it to be available online for free. People are also worried about having their phone numbers out in the open for telemarketers to exploit, so the government has made it very difficult for people to uncover cell phone number details.

But don't worry, accurate and current reverse cell phone number lookup directories do exist and are very affordable. The best ones will allow you to purchase a lifetime membership for unlimited searches, or, if you don't feel the need for unlimited access, you can make a smaller investment for just one lookup. They will allow you to do a free preliminary search to see if the information you are seeking is available in their database, at which point you can decide whether or not you want to get it.

Outside the safe zone

Businesses around the world are being bombarded with sophisticated threats against their data and communications networks every day.

As enterprises invest heavily in fortifying their IT infrastructures and enforcing comprehensive and constantly upgraded security policies against malicious code attacks, another home-grown threat - the mobile workforce - is opening the floodgates to compromised enterprise data and corporate network contamination.

Though mobile working offers gains in commercial and operational value, enterprise security policies often stifle the effectiveness and productivity of mobile workforce devices.

Here we examine why best of breed softwares, in isolation, are not able to provide the mobile workforce and their laptops with the same high level security afforded to office based workers.

Two lines of defence in a protected corporate environment

Currently organisations anticipate, detect, and prevent threats from laptops attacks via a layered approach.

This is coupled with centralized, uncompromising IT policy which overrides an individual’s control over his/her own laptop.

As IT departments prioritise corporate IT governance, their primary method of effectively enforcing organizational security policies is by controlling all networking components.

When connecting to the Internet from within the corporate network, laptop users are protected by two lines of defence:

A comprehensive set of IT security appliances running secured and hardened Operating Systems, and security software including firewalls, Intrusion Prevention/Detection System, antivirus, antispyware, antispam, and content filtering, all of which are completely controlled by the respective corporate IT organization.

Personal firewall and antivirus software installed on the user’s laptop and controlled by the user.

In addition, when laptops are within the protective corporate environment, the organization’s IT department can exercise full and consistent control over (and visibility of) any device, which is a critical operational consideration. This means the IT team can:

consistently update respective laptops with data, policies, etc.

monitor the entire network effectively vis-?-vis the status of all network components.

Outside the safe zone

Once a laptop starts 'roaming' outside the enterprise governed network, the 2-line defence system no longer applies, as the laptop is essentially no longer protected by the corporate security appliances layer, and is exclusively dependent on the security software installed on the local operating system.

The roaming laptop is exposed to potential threats from nearby wireless and wireline devices (in hotels, business lounges, airports, WiFi at Internet Cafes, etc.).

These threats signify a danger far beyond the scope of the individual laptop, as intrusive code may proceed to use the laptop as a platform for breaching corporate security, once the laptop had returned to its base, and is connected to the network.

Relying solely on the best of breed software on the laptop is flawed due to:

Operating System Inherent Vulnerabilities - by definition, security software running on Windows is subject to inherent Windows vulnerabilities, effectively exposing personal firewall and antivirus applications to malicious content attacks.

Unknown Threats – the security software can only defend against known threats. By the time these threats are added to the knowledge base, it may be too late.

Immediate Damage - malicious content executes directly on the platform to be protected, rather than on a security appliance designed to filter the content and serve as a buffer.

Managing Security Level – making sure all the computers have installed the latest security updates and enforcing a unified security policy can be very difficult. When the computers themselves are at the frontline, these security weaknesses can be disastrous to the entire network. In other words, it’s “all or nothing”, either the entire network is secured or nothing is secured.

Consequently, many organizations adopt tough security policies prohibiting most wireless networking options (significantly limiting user productivity and remote computing freedom), or imposing strict, costly and difficult to enforce cleansing procedures for laptops that return from the “field”.

Best of breed software made mobile

A growing number of CSOs have decided to place computers behind a robust security gateway, usually a dedicated security appliance, to counteract the current weaknesses in laptop security.

Unlike PCs, these appliances are equipped with hardened operating systems that do not have security holes, “back-doors”, or unsecured layers. They are designed with a single purpose, to provide security.

The fact that these security appliances are hardware-based and not software-based provides the following advantages:

Cannot be uninstalled – security attacks often start by targeting the security software, and trying to uninstall it or to stop its activity.

Software-based security solutions, as any software program includes an uninstall option that can be targeted.

In contrast, appliance-based security cannot be uninstalled as it is hard coded into the hardware.

Non-writable memory - hardware-based solutions manage the memory in a restricted and controlled manner. Security appliances can prohibit access to its memory, providing greater protection against attacks on the security mechanism.

The use of hardware allows the combination of a comprehensive set of security solutions in a single device.

Hardware also allows the combination of best-of-breed enterprise-class solutions with proprietary developments working on both the lower and higher levels (e.g. packet and network level, application level etc.).

In addition, the well known tension between users and IT managers over their computing freedom can be overcome via hardware.

On one hand, users want to have complete freedom when using their computers, while on the other hand, IT managers try to enforce security policies (e.g. banning the use of P2P software).

By using a security appliance, IT managers solve the conflict between the user’s desire for computing freedom and the IT manager’s desire to control and enforce security policies.

With software, policy is part of the laptop or computer, whereas through an appliance security policy can be enforced outside the laptop and the user has complete freedom inside the safe computing environment.

In conclusion, to provide corporate level security for laptops operating outside the safe office environment, CSOs should consider layered security architecture on a hardware appliance.

A dedicated appliance can hold all of the best of breed security softwares, and is able to re-introduce the two lines of defense enjoyed by office based PCs.

By introducing a security gateway, should security be breached, the damage stops at the gateway.

Have You Made the Switch from Desktop to Laptop? What You Need to Know…

If you're one of the million who have given up bulky desktop computers altogether for the sleeker, lighter, more versatile laptop, there are a few things you should consider if you haven't already.

First, because they are portable and light, laptops aren't inherently as secure as desktop computers when it comes to theft.  And we're not just talking about coffee shops, airports, college campuses, and the passenger seats of cars (which is where most laptops tend to be stolen).  Even if you're in the practice of leaving your laptop on your desk when you go home for the evening, your risking theft should someone break into your office suite or if a door is left unlocked.  The first thing a thief would do is snatch up all the laptops.  They're valuable, they resell easily, and they're easy to remove undetected.

The answer to this problem is simple.  Attach a lockable laptop drawer to your desk.  We found high-quality models at Versa Tables for under $120.  Constructed of steel, these accessories bolt to the under side of almost any desk and allow for a laptop to be retracted under the desktop when not in use, and locked with a key.  The back of the drawer has an opening to allow the laptop to be plugged in and charging overnight.  While occupying your desk, simply pull the drawer out and use the laptop right there—it creates more space on your desk.

Second, back up your files.  Because laptops are mobile, they are at a higher risk of being dropped, kicked when your laptop case is sitting at your feet, or of having something spilled on them.  While the manufacturers of laptops are well aware of this, no piece of computerized machinery is indestructible.  Back up your files more often either by copying them onto a jump drive or by emailing them to yourself.

Third, be sure to have the necessary accessories at your fingertips.  We suggest an extra battery (kept charged), an approved extension cord, and outlet adapters if you plan to travel.  An additional USB cable is always good in case you need to plug into a printer and lightweight headphones will allow you to use your laptop anywhere (and still hear live streaming video or DVDs) while maintaining your privacy and without disturbing others.

The last thing you need to know is that ergonomically, laptops aren't as well-designed as your desktop computer probably was.  With desktops, most people now use keyboard trays that adjust to the comfortable tilt and height for the user and therefore, minimize the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other conditions caused by repetitive motion.  Unfortunately, laptops pretty much just rest on your lap and if put on a desk, do not sit at the correct ergonomic height.  Experts predict that with the increased use of laptops, there will be an increase in repetitive motion symptoms and potentially disabling conditions like CTS.  A way to combat this is to use a laptop desk when working at home or the office.  Laptop desks, often referred to as 'Laptop Carts' because of their mobility, are available on the market.  Simply, they are height-adjustable carts designed to hold a laptop and allow the user to sit or stand while using them.  They don't provide the same ergonomic efficiency as a keyboard at a traditional desk, but they're better than flopping down on a sofa and sitting the laptop on your lap or having to reach up to type on the laptop keyboard at a regular desk.

Male Underwear will always help you to get noticed

There was a time when men used to live in jungles and caves. They used to wander here and there for food. Slowly and gradually men’s knowledge grew and gave them a dipper source to know them better. Men transformed themselves from the way of living naked and hide their lower parts with leaves. They were trying to find something better than this and at last they got male underwear, the next word to be naked.

Presently, men’s fashion has crossed all bars and moved its pace from wardrobe to ramp and modeling stage. You can catch your eyes to different style and color of male underwear that can fit your style and can make you a real male icon. The time is not only in the hands of women only; men have become more cautious about their outfits and well as inner. Every men unquestionably wants to have something unique and stylish as sexy as male underwear.

Now-a-days men have various options for their inner wear. If you want to wear good ( underwear)

then first thing that you have to keep on your mind is the material, quality, style and weather conditions. It is advisable to purchase cotton male underwear, as cotton does not irritate the skin. If you are thinking to wear underwear made of satin, lycra or any other fabric then find some those crotch should be made of cotton.

There are a wide variety of male underwear available now and if you are thinking to buy then choose the right one that can suit you good. Many men love to wear standard briefs when at work or at gym, while pumping muscles. But other prefers to wear boxer briefs, which they feel are really comfortable. Male underwear will always be in the trend and will always help you to get noticed.

Panama Vessel Registration

Panama's Ship Registry is number-one worldwide in popularity due to the ease of use and very low registration taxes and fees as compared to other countries throughout the world. Marine vessel registration in Panama is widely used by international shipping companies due to the numerous advantages.

At the time of registration all vessels must pay a one-time enrollment fee, based on a variable scale, plus a government fee. Registration of the bill of sale is $0.20 per net registered ton or fraction thereof, plus 20% surtax. Annual tax is $0.10 per net ton, plus other charges.

Liberal labor laws concerning Panama flag vessels are also an important consideration, and income earned on international shipping activities are specifically and expressly exempted from Panama income taxes.

Yacht Registration

It is possible to register recreational yachts in Panama. This has a different pricing structure than the ship registration described above. The registration certificate is issued for a two-year period, which is renewable after this period.

Applicable Registration Tariff:

* $1,500.00 - if owned by a foreigner

* $1,000.00 - if owned by a Panamanian (or a Panamanian corporation which is a nominal expense to arrange)

This tariff must also be paid upon renewal of the Registration.

Documents required for Registration:

1. Sale & Purchase Agreement, Bill of Sale - or if the yacht is newly built, then a Builder's Certificate

2. Power of Attorney

3. Deletion Certificate from previous registry (or Builder's Certificate if brand new)

Please note: you must also comply with the Radio Operator requirements, in order to register the yacht in Panama. If the yacht is more than 20 years old, then it will also be required to undergo a survey and safety


Anonymous Yacht Ownership - What is done is the yacht is purchased in the name of the Panama bearer share corporation. The ownership of such a corporation is anonymous in that no ownership records are in any database or registry. Thus if the yacht is owned by the corporation which is anonymous, the yacht ownership is anonymous. The nominee directors and your law firm (us) can handle the transaction for you completing all paperwork. We can wrap additional layers around the boat by having the Panama Bearer Share Corporation owned by a Panama Private Interest Foundation which is also anonymous, yet controllable by you. There are a number of different strategies we can employ to keep the ownership of your vessel anonymous and confidential as a tool to protect you from kidnapping, extortion, criminals and to keep your affairs private in general. Panama excels in privacy. Unfortunately financing with conventional lenders does not work with anonymous ownership strategies. If you were wondering when it comes time to sell the boat you basically just sell the corporation which owns the boat leaving the boat ownership in tact. There is no requirement to report new owners of Panama corporations.

To learn more about Panama Corporations click here:

To learn more about Panama Foundations click here:

Two Yacht-Based Panama Residency Visa Approaches

Because your yacht is owned by a Panama anonymous bearer share corporation and your investment is over $150,000, immediate residency is granted. You must have 3 full time Panamanian employees along with your company, which is easy to do with the standard minimal wage at $253 a month for crew members. This would be under the so called inversionista (business investor) program. However, if you invested $200,000 or more you could qualify under the solvencia economia propia program (person of means visa) and not even have the requirement of hiring at least three Panamanian crewman, since it can be easily argued that you are buying a home, albeit a moveable one. This latter probably would require investing in a full time moorage at a Panama port which would become your home away from home.

Full residency with a cedula is granted after one full year of holding the provisional residency card and after 5 years full citizenship is granted! (Click here for more details in our Panama residency section on these two visa classifications).

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How to Genuinely Enjoy Cold Calling

Five perspectives that will (honestly!) create enjoyment in your cold calling

Most of us dread our days of making cold calls. We take a deep breath, pump ourselves up, and prepare to talk with a perfect stranger. Is there any wonder a gray cloud sometimes hangs over our desk?

It really doesn't have to be this way. Cold calling can be an interesting, intriguing, fulfilling adventure.

Here are five perspectives that will give you an entirely new outlook on cold calling. When you apply these new perspectives, cold calling can actually be enjoyable. It can become personally fulfilling as well as financially rewarding.

1. Focus on Helping the Other Person

It’s against our nature as human beings to create an uncomfortable situation with another person. That’s the core reason many of us get that knot in our stomach when we start dialing a cold call.

When we’re only focused on making the sale, this is not a natural meeting place for both people. We want the sale, but the other person usually wants us to go away. Being intrusive is not the finest of character traits, and on some level we know it.

So how can we feel good about cold calling? We change our mindset from getting the sale into being helpful. We look at cold calling as an opportunity to assist.

How can we possibly feel uncomfortable doing that? Helping people is one of the best character traits we possess.

When cold calling is aligned with our very best way of being, it becomes an adventure. We truly want to help people. We feel very good about this, and it shows in our voice. People hear it. And their response will surprise you.

2. Be Honest and Truthful

You’re in a very good place when you choose to be truthful in your cold calling. If you’re not trying to fool anyone, you naturally feel better about making the call. You know that you’re trustworthy. And people respond to you in a positive way.

When you approach a potential client with integrity and common sense, you’re more personable and less tense. Being fully honest is one of your better attributes. And it gives you an opportunity to enjoy the interaction rather than being artificial or manipulative.

People do seem to have a sixth sense about integrity. When they feel you can be trusted, you can truly shine as a person as well as a potential supplier.

3. Be Yourself

Engage people in natural conversation. The more natural you are, the more comfortable you will feel. This makes the other person feel more comfortable as well.

Avoid playing a role, especially reading from a script. Most people can tell when you’re using a script. There’s nothing personal about it, and they pick up on that.

Being artificial puts you in the "typical salesperson" category, which is exactly the role most of us detest. It doesn’t feel authentic. And unless you’re a born actor, it makes you feel skittish about cold calling.

Give yourself permission to follow the rhythm of natural interaction. Allow the conversation to "breathe." Let it be the kind of conversation you would have with a friend.

Practice this and it can turn your cold calls into pleasant conversations. And you may actually look forward to meeting that new person the next time you pick up the phone.

4. Get into the Other Person’s World

Shift your mindset away from what you have to offer and focus instead on what their problem is.

So many of us have been trained think about our services and products, that we don’t think about the client’s point of view. We aren’t really interested in their issues and how we can help solve them.

Be interested in their world and their challenges. You’ll find this intriguing. Most of us have a natural flair for problem solving. We enjoy "fixing things. "So find out what’s going on with the person you’re talking to.

Make sure the solution you have really does "fix it. "Get rid of any hidden agendas and truly listen. Let them know you’re interested in them and their world.

Move outside your own sales agenda to focus on the needs of others. This makes you a better human being and helps you leap past the fear of cold calling.

5. Let Go of Expectations

Never assume anything beforehand. Allow the conversation to be one of exploration and discovery. Stay focused on the dialogue instead of any private agenda.

Determine whether it makes sense to continue the conversation by truly listening. Never presume your prospect should buy what you have to offer, even when it seems they’re a perfect fit.

You are not calling to create a situation that is focused on your personal gain, but on helping the other person. Simply have a conversation to explore whether you can help them in some way. This takes pressure off both of you. You’ll be more relaxed and they’ll be more honest about where they stand.

Believe me, once you start applying these perspectives it will transform your day-to-day work life. Instead of dreading cold calling, you’ll anticipate the adventure of creating a situation where everybody wins.

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Offshore Outsourcing Services India offers contain more than just cost advantage!

Some other factors associated with the success of offshore outsourcing services India based firms are currently offering:

Offshore outsourcing services Indian consultancy and management firms are now offering foreign based clients include minimal risk involving high productivity and measurable profitability business delivery models that are planned in accordance with local culture to be a perfect fit.

The customer-centric approach to first evaluating the client company’s business objectives and then planning and implementing a customized business delivery model keeping in mind cultural diversity and communication aspects that need to be adapted afresh, are all contributing factors for successful delivery of the offshore outsourcing services India based firms offer.

Other advantages offered by offshore outsourcing services India based firms provide include improved standard quality infrastructure at reduced costs, quantifiable cost savings, lowered capital outlay and operation costs.

Added to this is the reliability of experienced and dedicated workforce committed to using cutting-edge technology in a 24/7 work model and proven results from satisfied client testimonials as recorded in a verifiable portfolio.

Apart from these immediate benefits of choosing an experienced offshore outsourcing services India provider, a foreign business owner can also rest assured that projects will start quicker and come with a timeline guaranteed to accelerate product time to market and win wider customer base while success partner studies and incorporates adaptable and applicable new trends in offshore outsourcing to the remaining length of the project.

Growth of offshore outsourcing services India: reasons and types of success stories.

Outsourcing when it first began in the early 1980’s dealt mostly with the non-core business functions of the IT industry that were related to setting up and maintaining customer service support groups, as aided by call centers and BPOs, managing back-end processes and technical help-desk responsibilities. Slowly, their sustained success, reduced cost of operations, better tactical and more professionally managed portfolio of services aiding confident, cohesive and strategic approach business continuity and growth helped BPO service providers in the IT domain offer the same quality to other industries, such as financial, medical, educational and legal companies. Thus, started the current wave of offshore outsourcing services India with more innovative management approaches, reliable and cost-effective delivery of seamless integration of business operations and better formal governance structures so customers and their business were always assured of the opportunity to excel through cost-efficiency, agility and growth – and so it has remained, especially with

4 tech must-haves for your mobile office

Everything changes when you trade in your desktop for a laptop and your office for a hotel room.

Sometimes this is for the better: You're liberated from your cubicle and free to go where your work takes you.

But sometimes things change for the worse. Productivity suffers when you're in an unfamiliar place. The way a laptop keyboard cramps your hands is sometimes enough to keep you from getting the job done right.

Here are four technology "must-haves" for the mobile office, plus some tools that can boost your productivity while you're away.

• The Right Software

It isn't just downloading the necessary applications onto your laptop or PDA, it's also knowing whether the programs are suited to a mobile office. Is your email program built for the road or adapted from a bigger application meant for a corporate network? Do the programs work together on your laptop or do they freeze when your processor gets busy?

These considerations can become big issues when you're travelling. That's something Tab Stone, a doctor from Los Angeles, knows all too well. He installed a new email program on his laptop before leaving on a recent trip, but it wasn't suited for mobile use. He had to uninstall it shortly before takeoff, but that disabled his backup email program. That meant he couldn't download any messages to his PC. "I could not fix whatever was corrupted with either a fresh download or a copy downloaded from the internet," Stone recalls.

The latest:  Contact-management software programs let you integrate data with your PDA, so you can download and synchronise contacts, calendar appointments and notes to your Palm Pilot or Pocket PC. There's also a web-based version for travellers who either lose their laptops or prefer to work from a desktop at their destination.

What's next?  Look for more integration between applications for wireless users. Contact managers are already assuming the role of email program, address book and database. The next step is making it more accessible to people who are using cell phones or PDAs.

• The Right Hardware

I'm not talking about owning the newest laptop computer. I'm talking about hardware that's created for life on the road. Let's face it: A lot of the gadgets on which mobile professionals depend aren't made with travellers in mind. For example, when Joachim Martin's laptop battery ran out on a recent flight, a helpful flight attendant offered to recharge it in a "secret" outlet in the back of the plane. "The batteries charged," remembers the software developer. "But when I got home, they were dead." The power source had to be replaced. Blame the airline, the battery manufacturer or even the unfortunate business traveller for not knowing better, but this kind of thing happens often. Phone plugs don't always fit; neither do power outlets. And a lot of the gadgets we rely on are traveller-hostile, impractical or both.

The latest:  Some hardware manufacturers are meeting the demand for traveller-friendly hardware with add-ons such as the Stowaway XT Keyboard. I've also been impressed with Microsoft's Mini Optical Mouse, which frees you from the restrictions of your laptop's finger-cramping pointer.

What's next?  As the convergence between cell phones, PCs and PDAs continues, it wouldn't surprise me to see devices that offer the ergonomic comfort of a desktop with the portability of a PDA. It won't come a moment too soon for many road warriors.

• The Right Connections

Connections are everything to the mobile office.

Remember Stone, the doctor without email? He eventually accessed his messages through an unwieldy web connection. Spencer Field, who recently returned from a trip to Melbourne, can also tell you about email trouble. He learned upon arrival that the dial-up numbers to his internet service provider (ISP) didn't work. "I thought that was probably the end of my online access," he says. "As a last-ditch effort, I let my fingers do the walking and checked out the Melbourne Yellow Pages for a local ISP." He found one and signed up for a one-month email account which gave him access to local numbers on his entire itinerary.

It isn't just internet connections that matter, but also hooking up to other devices such as cell phones, PDAs and laptops. Technologies such as Bluetooth let you communicate with other devices in an office or hotel room without the need for cables.

The latest:  According to a recent AT&T study, the top barrier to working from a remote location is access to a high-speed data connection. Fast wireless networks are springing up everywhere — in hotels, airport lounges and coffee shops. And even though Bluetooth got off to a slow start, the concept behind it — which is to lose the wires — is fundamentally sound.

What's next?  It won't be long before Wi-Fi is as ubiquitous as cellular coverage and a majority of devices are Bluetooth-enabled. That's good news for those of us who work in a mobile office.

• The Right Web Applications

Web-based applications are so important to the mobile office that I've decided to give them their own category, even though they technically belong in the "software" section. The web is one of the most efficient ways for a mobile worker to gain access to a back-office system, intranet or database.

My ISP offers a rudimentary application that lets me check my email from the web. I can't remember how often I've had to use it because my email program failed to work properly. But I do remember the last time. I was stuck at a meeting out-of-town and my email account had sustained a spam attack — thousands of unsolicited messages — that would have taken hours to download. Instead, I logged on to the web and deleted them all in seconds. Were it not for the web application, I would probably still be downloading the spam.

The latest:  One of the most innovative Web applications is GoToMyPC , which lets you access the desktop in your home or office through the web. Another useful application for mobile users is web conferencing services such as Microsoft Office LiveMeeting.

What's next?  Expect these applications to become cheaper, more reliable and even more sophisticated.

Website Traffic Through Articles Submission

On of the first main thing, that people got to do, in order to increase their wbsite traffic, you have to post the articles to the directorys of the article managment system. Thats realy one of the most and free way to increase the web traffic. The most important thing, is that you have to post the articles in the differnet websites. Not only one! When people see you good writen article, the see the good content, guess what?, the will visite you website. So remember friends not only one website, search as much articles submission website as you can, and strat posting them. I promiss you, that u will see good result and you'll see how your organic traffic is growing day by day. I'll give you example of the website is

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P.S. Make as much research of these kind of website as you can.


Rain Forest Holdings – Building Our Soul Around You

In an era wherein real estate prices have gone over the roof and you have much lesser time for your real estate investments and other realty purchases, Rainforest Holdings fervently believes in what we call as the CCC  "Customer Centric Consulting" Paradigm. All our constructions and projects have been thought of and conceived keeping the customer in mind and though it might sound cliched, it is true that we are obsessed with what the customers have to say, feel or think after the completion of the project. We aim to be the one-stop source for anything the customer might have in mind when it comes to realty. We also strive for that one single positive testimonial that has the power to make or break our brand in the highly - competitive market.

The Tag line for rain Forest Holdings goes " Built for Life" - There isn't anything fancy here except for the fact that everything we do, from the Idea, preparation, conceptualizing the Idea, The actual work, the quality of the materials used, the processes Implemented including the ones we have for our back-office run on the High-quality track. This is an almost monomaniacal obsession with the company from the very beginning. We believe that Homes are where Humans live and hence everything nook and corner, every recess and every shelf has been thought of earlier. it is almost like placing you there first and then building the home over you.

Rainforest Holdings has worked on projects which have some of the most beautiful, exotic, exquisite and breathtaking villas, apartments and resorts. As if the customer isn't pampered for choice, each one of these projects has seen some tremendous amount of work from qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals all working together to get you the quality we insist on so much.

Also, When we talk about real estate development projects, we usually come across developers who just finish projects and dump it onto us, well, we don't believe in that. In fact we are totally against it. We have been in this business for a long time and have amassed a lot of expertise in the same. We aspire to help our clients on an individual basis since we know that each customer has unique requirements. We help them in finalizing the paper work, follow the prescribed ownership norms, enable crease less transactions and keep everything simple, fair and easy.

Rain forest Holdings believes in bring a home to you. Every material laid out in our projects has been selected keeping customers and their requirements in mind. Every professional who had partnered with is or worked with us has been hand picked only when we were absolutely sure that he/she could do the job. Our villas, resorts and apartments aren't just brick-and-mortar. We had built them to be an extension of our heart-and-soul, an idyllic representation of who we are, what we do and how we do, to our esteemed clientele.

Elevator shoes

Every man has a desire to look taller, which is surely a positive characteristic to highlight one's personality.  A man of short height has to meet so much of hardships, either they go to a gym or undergo medical treatments in order to increase few inches in their height. But the shoe industry has brought an end to such worries. They have produced height increasing footwear which will make any man look taller instantly. Also, this will add upto your confidence.

The internal making of these elevator shoes is such that after wearing them, the height of a man can increase from 2 to 4 inches. The built of the height increasing footwear is very inimitable. In the internal built of the shoe, a light cork is used that is responsible for an increase in the height. The height increaser hidden inside the shoe does not give any unusual look. It has been so shaped and placed inside the shoe that the outside look is similar to any normal platform shoes.

These shoes are made keeping in mind the quality, style and the most important comfort. Light weight is also one of the best key features of the elevator shoes. With this feature, you don't have to compromise on the comfort issue. Another unique aspect is that it helps in maintaining a good posture. Also, these shoes are made out of finest leathers and meet the high standards, so you don’t have to worry about the quality issue.

These exclusive shoes come in an assortment of forms and sizes. So, there is a vast collection of the elevator shoes for you to choose. The range includes shoes for sport events and work place to casual wear and formal occasions. The elevator sport shoes are so comfortable that you will not only enjoy looking taller in height but also you will enjoy the sport more actively. And if you are going to a special party wearing the elevator shoes, you will indubitably be surrounded by the company of gals. These shoes not only make you taller but also enhance your appearance and make you more attractive.

Now, the guys with shorter height don't have to envy the taller men till the time they are wearing these elevator shoes. So, go and try out these distinctive height increasing shoes. The increased height will not only build confidence in you but also will surely give an affirmative feeling of a well being.

Virtual Offices Give Some Companies Big-City Prestige

While the Internet is making the world a smaller place, some companies with offices in remote locations may need more than just a Web presence to attract more business.

As in real estate, the business mantra also seems to be "location, location, location." When Entrepreneur magazine asked 340 fast-growth business leaders what their biggest challenges will be in 2006, 36 percent mentioned expansion to other U.S. markets. Yet for those who cannot afford to pay big-city rent, moving company headquarters or opening a branch in a city like New York is not always feasible.

To attract more clients in high-profile areas, some companies are embracing the concept of a "virtual office" - having a physical address in a major city while the company's actual operations remain elsewhere in the country.

"The virtual office provides a business with a high-profile corporate address and the professional image of a full-time office at a fraction of its cost," said Howard Watler of Rockefeller Group Business Centers, a provider of "instant office solutions" like virtual office space.

Through The Rockefeller Group, for example, companies get more than an address; they get a host of services including a dedicated phone number (answered by company name), fax, voice mail, shipping and professional receptionist greeting service.

Because the virtual office is actually a part of a business center, private offices and meeting facilities are made available for meeting clients or other company needs. The Rockefeller Group also provides a full-time business service center staff to assist with document design, media presentations, desktop publishing, spreadsheet design and production services as needed.

Live on Yacht Tax Free

This is a new concept but one that is gaining in popularity. This is for the nautically inclined only with boating skills that are developed. Basically you live your present country and become a citizen of the world traveling perpetually on your yacht. While all this sounds great you still need to have papers and documents of registration and passports to avoid constant hassles with authorities wherever you go. So what can be done is as follows:

You form an anonymous Panama SA company (bearer shares). This company then buys a yacht for at least $150,000. Now you need to hire three Panamanians for at least $253.00 a month each. So you have deckhands, crew, cook etc. This would let you get residency in Panama quickly and after three years you could apply for citizenship and get a Panama passport. You could also do a version of this using the small investor visa to do it with a $40,000 investment and three employees on your fishing or touring boat. You can get a Panama cell phone, mail box, bank account, visa debit card, atm card and you can travel the world. For most this isn't feasible but it is fun to dream anyway.

Investor Visa (Inversionista)

Designed for those who wish to establish a business in Panama (note, though, that some retail businesses and some professions are reserved to Panamanians).  There must be a minimum investment of $150,000 and minimum of three, permanent Panamanian employees hired. It is granted provisionally for one year and after renewal is granted permanently with the right to be issued a cedula identity card. Five years after obtaining the permanent visa, holders will be eligible to apply for Panamanian nationality.

Small Business Investor Visa

(Inversionista de Pequeсa Empresa)

Designed for those who wish to establish a small business in Panama (note that retail businesses and some professions are reserved to Panamanians).  There must be a minimum investment of $40,000 and minimum of three permanent Panamanian employees hired.  It is granted provisionally for one year, and needs to be renewed three more times before it is granted permanently with the right to a cedula. Five years after obtaining the permanent visa, holders will be eligible to obtain Panamanian nationality.

Call Centers : Say Hello To Big Business!

The elusive dream of a successful business depends on how well you attract the interest of potential clients.  In order to attract clients, you need to capture the imagination of aspiring and existing business owners everywhere.  Making such a big impression establishes professionalism and creates trust and confidence.

The growth of the call center industry signals the beginning of a new age in business and communications.  During the past few decades, there has been a major transformation in the way people work, socialize, communicate, and engage in business. Call centers offer a variety of services to organizations and customers such as answering calls, handling orders, complaints, providing technical support to customers, direct response advertising, infomercials, etc.  The demand for call centers increases as businesses diversify and their products and services become more complex.

In today’s global economy, call centers optimize a client company's investment in human capital by providing market differentiation, brand identity and commitment, and ultimately, operational success.  Their business strategy is built on excellence in such areas as technology, database management, and the human capital.

Clients who are always on the go will not sit up with a recorded message when they call.  Having trained customer service agents to answer the phone for you gives you the enhanced image and professionalism clients always look forward to.  No one knows that these agents are not inside your office.  These agents can talk to people all over the world anytime and and access vast amounts of information at the click of the mouse.   They take pride in providing the most advanced solutions and technologies in the industry.  You need to let the client believe that you can fit into the high-powered executive world just as well as anyone.

Call centers do more than just provide a 24/7 "live" call answering service and take phone messages for you. They help screen the calls to minimize your interruptions yet they can just as easily connect to you an important caller in seconds. The need to make an immediate human connection is a concern of every potential clients.  A client's first phone call inquiry is so important that is why it is necessary to make that good first impression as well.

The call center industry has paved the way for cost-efficient work force.  It has reduced overhead, employee paperwork, and extra expenses that are usually associated with hiring employees, acquiring furnitures, as well as office equipment and technology.  No more hassles of having enough phone lines and repair maintenance.  With customer service agents to answer the calls 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, you get a toll-free business phone number and only pay for actual calls answered.

Part of the service that call centers offer is to gather important contact information for your sales and marketing campaigns.  They take the time to get to know your business, find out who your clients are, and identify what customer service needs you can offer.

With the proliferation of call centers, the vision of flowing profits, industry respect, thrilled customers, and a successful business is as easy as saying “hello”.

Van Leasing

Vans can be a popular choice for a vehicle for those that have a large or expanding family or those that have a lot of items to cart around with them on a regular basis; it is especially popular with companies that want a set monthly expense, as apposed to those that need to part with large one off payments. Leasing a van can be a very good option for those that feel they are in need of a van, for personal or commercial use. Leasing a van involves the individual or company renting the van for a defined period of time for a set monthly payment every month until the lease expires. There are many advantages to leasing a van and just a few disadvantages that should be considered before one decides on van leasing.

One of the biggest advantages in van leasing is that there is no large payment due at the beginning of the leasing period. There is a deposit due at the beginning of the lease period but this payment is generally quite small and totals only about one, two or three of the monthly payments in the lease period. The monthly payments involved in van leasing are also usually quite lower than those when purchasing a van. Not only does this save the individual or company leasing the van quite a bit of money but it can also make leasing a great opportunity for driving the van of the individual’s choice for the short-term.

Van leasing also allows for the individual to give up a van after it has been driven for a couple of years. At that time, the individual may consider the van to be outdated or they may simply not want to stay with a van that has been run down with regular use. Once the leasing period is up, the individual can simply return the van to the leasing company and enter into a new lease for a new van.

With all of these advantages to van leasing, it’s important to note that there are some disadvantages. The biggest one of those is that one doesn’t actually own the van at any time. Even during the period that the individual is driving the van it is not theirs. It always remains the property of the leasing company.

Another disadvantage to van leasing is that it can be difficult to calculate the annual mileage and other charges. A leased van has a set number of miles that can be accumulated on it. If the number of miles exceeds this number, the charges can be quite costly. To avoid this, it’s important to accurately calculate the mileage that one does in a year. Miscalculating this can lead to heavy charges that the individual or company leasing the van wasn’t expecting. Other charges that may be included in a lease is that the individual will have to pay for any damages to the vehicle. Although this would probably be the case should the person own the van outright, there may be some minor damages that the individual wouldn’t bother in fixing if the van were their own property?

Unlike a loan, it can still cost the person leasing the van quite a bit even if they want to settle the lease early. Unlike a vehicle loan, settling early with a van lease usually means that the individual still needs to pay the interest on the remaining months.

Van leasing usually has more advantages than disadvantages. However, one must do their research and make sure that this is the right option for them before entering into an agreement.

Ecommerce Web site Development Software

Advanced E-Media, Inc. is an established software technology platform company that serves small and mid-size businesses.  Advanced E-Media’s primary technology service, the WebJaguar E-Business SuiteTM, is a comprehensive Web-based service that is completely scalable.

WebJaguar is robust technology, offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, and developed by Advanced E-Media to build dynamic, database-driven Web sites.  WebJaguar is offered in three editions, including, 1) Corporate/Membership Edition with strong content management tools to enable both Advanced E-Media and its customers to quickly and easily manage and change Web sites, 2) Retailer Edition with comprehensive E-commerce capabilities for retailers to increase sales and profits on a local, national and global basis, and 3) Wholesaler Edition with a complete E-Business suite of online capabilities for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers to increase sales, save on time and costs and better manage their business throughout the supply chain.  WebJaguar also has several add-on modules that can be provided at an additional set-up and monthly recurring fee for any of the three editions.

The WebJaguar service has a strong competitive advantage in meeting the needs of, a) manufacturers, b) wholesalers, c) distributors, d) suppliers, e) retailers and f) small to mid-sized corporations.  The company also focuses on business alliances with companies that act as resellers with many prospects for WebJaguar and can help the alliance companies better service their customers, including a) hosting companies, b) IT services companies and c) Web design/development companies that do not have the E-Business, E-commerce and content management tools of WebJaguar.  The company’s success achieved in a relatively short amount of time is attributed to its industry knowledge, passion for creating Web site applications that help businesses grow profitably, and a focus on customer service. Contact us at 1(800)718-5051 for a consultation.

Here are a few of our fine clients using our turnkey ( Web Design Site Hosting) :

Team Search Concept  located in Southern California is a Nation-wide, full service, multi-industry Executive Search Firm. Team Search Concept specializes in executive search, which includes retained search, contingency search, professional recruitment search, professional recruiting, and acts as a full cycle recruitment agency. We have successfully performed searches in all industries, including  retail search, management search, information technology search (IT search), human resource  search (HR search) , health care search, sales and marketing search, senior executive search, accounting and finance search.

Team Search Concept management team has over 70 years of combined search and HR (human resource) industry experience, and is positioned to    help you find the best talent available that matches your specific company needs.

Wilson HR Consulting Firm  located in Southern California is a Nation-wide, Sr. Executive-focused and multi-industry Search and HR Firm. Wilson HR Consulting specializes in senior executive search, which includes retained search and exclusive - contingency search; professional recruitment search, professional recruiting, and acts as a premium full cycle recruitment agency. We have successfully performed senior-level searches in all industries, including  C-level, retail search, management search, information technology search (IT search), human resource  search (HR search) , health care search, sales and ( search, and accounting and finance search.)

The management team of Wilson HR Consulting has over 70 years of combined senior-level search and HR (human resource) industry experience, and is positioned to help you find the best executive talent available that matches your specific company needs.

( Resources HR Consulting & Senior Executive Search for Retail, IT, Health Care, Sales, Accounting )Contact them: (562) 437.7462

Newport Convertible Engineering Inc., (NCE) - a ( and Manufacturer of luxury cars, limousines and convertibles) , including:  Coupes Sedans Ferrari Bentley Rolls Royce Acura BMW etc. Newport Convertible Engineering has been the leading provider of exceptional convertible cars for exceptional people throughout the World for last twenty four years - offering the most unique convertible models before you can see them anywhere else in the World. They are committed to providing customers with  the very best individual service in key locations throughout the World and will deliver the car you want, anywhere, any time. NCE creates fashion and passion, helping make cars personal, stylish and fun once again.

They can create and add value to existing cars, as well as help Automakers create new cars that help redefine the road - no matter if the assignment is to help define a brand, to help enliven a brand or to help invigorate a name plate. NCE’s promise is to always add value, always create awe, and always bring exhilaration to the road.

Symak Sales is THE supplier of quality discount merchandise and more than 1000 dollar store items. Distributors, dollar stores, variety stores, and stores of all types can find the products they need at Symak. They are ( Wholesale Distributers of: Kitchen Gadgets, Housewares, Pet accessories, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Party accessories, School & Stationery, Toys, Sewing notions, Shoe Care, Knitting and Crochet) and more.

With warehouses in Plattsburg, New-York and in Montreal, Canada, Symak is able to service customers efficiently anywhere in North America. They offer over 6,000 items of which they carry a substantial amount of inventory. This allows them to ship orders with a completion rate of over 98%, virtually eliminating backorders and lost sales. All Orders over $600  receive free freight.

Background Checks and Resume Verifications Protect Employers

If you are a business owner, manager, or work in the human resources department of a company, you've probably hired employees who have been less than truthful on their resumes. In fact, recent studies indicate that 75 percent of all resumes contain some form of falsification and fully 89 percent are misleading.

Even though the numbers alone make the case for background checks and resume verification, employers often forgo pre-employment screening of applicants. When they do, the employers' lack of foresight can come back to haunt them. In some cases, companies have been found liable for negligent hiring and retention. In other cases, employers have faced public relations nightmares. Not too long ago, a prestigious university made the news when it was discovered that their admissions officer had allegedly lied about her educational background, and had not received the degrees she had claimed. In the most tragic cases, workplace violence has claimed innocent lives.

Pre-employment screening and background checks prove due diligence, and so can prevent lawsuits claiming negligent hiring. And, by screening out unqualified applicants, employers can save time and money otherwise wasted by recruiting, hiring, and training the wrong applicants. Resume verification and education verification can even help head off wrongful termination lawsuits.

Companies that provide employment screening offer a number of services. The type of screening that best serves you often depends upon the industry in which you work. For example, in the healthcare industry, background checks typically include a state criminal report, a social security number report, education verification, employment verification, a professional license check, a medical abuse check, and a sex offender check.

Those companies that hire delivery drivers or that employ long-haul truckers most often benefit from a national criminal report, a social security number report, a motor vehicle report and a license verification. Educational institutions and childcare centers usually request a national criminal report, a social security number report, a sex offender check, education verification, and employment verification. Those who work in the accounting or finance departments of companies should undergo a national criminal report, a social security number check, a credit check, education verification, employment verification, and an OFAC terrorist check.

Once you make the sensible decision to do pre-employment screening, how do you go about selecting the right company to do background checks? First, look for a well-established company that has a proven track record in both quality and accuracy. Next, make sure that they guarantee confidentiality. Third, check to see that they employ licensed investigators and provide you with the opportunity to speak to a live researcher. Finally, select a company that does both domestic and international searchers, and that does hands-on court research in the United States.

In today's litigious society, and with the prevalence of dissembling on resumes and employment applications, you can't afford to forego background checks and pre-employment screening of your employees and applicants. It's a small price to pay for the peace of mind you'll have knowing that the people you hire are who they claim to be.

The Sweet Smell Of Success

Everybody would love to make lots of money quickly, working from home, and only doing a few hours of work per week. I've spent the past two years trying to find a great way of doing this. Only over the course of the past few months have I found any "get rich quick" programs worth buying. I've been trying to make money online for a long time. I had a few small websites, but they never made much more than a few hundred per month. It was easy money and didn't require much work on my part, but I knew there were people out there doing better than I was and I knew I could do as well as them.

Now, I've seen a lot of "get rich quick" programs. Most of these people make claims about earning $2000/day with Google or something similarly insane. Almost all of these people are complete liars. Even if they were making $2000/day with Google AdSense, it'd be because they had high - traffic websites with a lot of quality content. I'd know, because in one whole month, I never even made half of what they promised I'd make daily with their programs. Maybe you've already been scammed by one of these fraudsters. Anyway, I finally got sick of what was being offered.

I decided I'd look through the all of the "get rich quick" programs I could find and see if there were any that were actually legitimate. I found that there were owners selling their programs for well over $100, but the information in them could be found almost anywhere online for free. Additionally, they all contained out-of-date information, had no e-mail support, no money back guarantees, and broken links in the downloads section.

In conclusion, almost all of the programs I found were completely useless. The owners knew it, but they couldn't care less about their customers since they didn't offer refund policies! Amazingly, while looking through all of the programs, I actually did find a few legitimate programs. They were run by ordinary people like you and me, and they had found some great methods of making money from their home by doing very little work.

I spent some time working with those programs, and my income is now ten times what it used to be. These programs provided a large amount of great information on how to make extra money on your computer doing very little work. Numerous customers had provided great feedback and reviews for their products. Many of them have started to make money just days after buying!

Their programs have excellent prices, and the authors have a group of paid staff who are dedicating to helping you or providing assistance if you need any. I must say I was amazed! If you do decide to purchase any of the programs listed below, I recommend you join quickly. Most of the owners tell me they are getting an overwhelming number of sales and plan on raising prices in the near future, so order while prices are still low!

To Your Online Success,

Smell Of Success

How do I get a top ten position on Google?

The positions in Google are decided by a special formula called PageRank. If you are trying to get more traffic to your website or sell more products then it would be useful to be in the Google top ten for your keywords, yes?

To do this you are probably going to need to know a little bit about how PageRank works. Can you imagine how useful it would be to know what Google looks for in a top ten results and then do it?

Basically, the way PageRank works is that every time a website links to yours it is counted as a vote for your website. The more unique links to your website, the more likely you are to get a higher result and the more free traffic you will get.

The twist is that websites with a higher PageRank have votes that count for more. If suddenly linked to your website you may find that your PageRank suddenly went up and your search engine position with it.

Of course, this is unlikely, so how do we realistically increase our page ranks?

The first step is one of habit. If you regularly post on blogs, or comments on them, or on forums then include your link with every post. Put it in your "signature" if the bulletin board allows this feature.

The second step is a little more active. Link exchanges are a very good way to increase PageRank. You find a likeminded website and contact the webmaster by email. You offer to put a link to his website on yours if he does the same for you.

You set up a page on your website called "Links" and that will be where you put all of your links to other websites. You repeat this with other like-minded websites for free and easy traffic.

Any directories of websites like yours or even websites in general should have your link on them. Articles are also a good way of getting your link onto other websites as I have discussed in other articles.

If you can provide any other service for webmasters that allows you to put something on their website plus your link then do that. I once heard of a man who invented an automatic "quote of the day" script to put on websites and made his money that way.

Avoid "FFA"s or link "Free For Alls" at all costs because they are a waste of time and/or money. These are websites that ostensibly allow you to increase your Page Rank by placing your link there (either for free or a small charge).

However, search engines like Google do not check just the amount of links leading to your website but the relevancy. Therefore FFA sites with bundles of irrelevant links usually have low page ranks and so their link to you is worth very little.

Use of FFAs may work to increase your page rank but it is definitely working very hard for little rewards and I do not recommend it.

Sometimes banner exchanges are a good idea but that requires that you go to the effort to design a banner. This can be done for free but the visual affect is rarely stunning. Usually to get a good, traffic-pulling banner you have to hire someone to design one for you and so this technique has its financial downfalls also.

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Email Marketing Software Leverages Limited Marketing Budgets

In an era when giant retailers and mega-corporations are pouring millions of dollars into Internet marketing and advertising, owners of small - and medium-sized can become easily discouraged. With limited marketing budgets, can smaller businesses compete in the high-cost world of Internet marketing and advertising?

The answer is a definitive "yes." Indeed, one of the best ways to leverage limited marketing budgets is to use email marketing, which can be used to streamline, organize, and enhance customer relationships and communications. Email marketing is the perfect vehicle for distributing a company newsletter, contacting potential clients, sending offers to existing customers, or simply keeping in touch with an audience about updates and changes to the business.

At first glance, it may seem that email marketing is a good idea in theory, but difficult to execute in practice. Compiling and maintaining email lists, composing and keeping track of email messages and offers, and sending out the emails manually or using rudimentary email blast software is difficult and time-consuming. It's also a gamble, since so many blast emails are caught in spam filters and are never delivered to the recipients. The only way to truly get the message to the customer is through sophisticated email marketing software.

Historically, email list management software has had limited features, was unreliable in terms of assuring delivery of emails, and has been cost prohibitive to all but the largest companies. The good news is that new products have entered the marketplace that not only overcome these limitations, but that also offer enhanced affordability.

As a small or medium-sized business, shopping for email list management software can be tricky. Look for the following features:

* Affordability - Email list management software should allow you to send up to 50,000 emails a month for under $100. There are even some email list management software systems that periodically offer introductory rates of $1 for the first month.

* An intuitive, Web-based interface - Web-based software is the wave of the future; a Web-based email list management system means you never have to worry about software maintenance or upgrades.

* Limitless email lists - You should be able to maintain as many addresses as you wish and as many lists as you want without incurring extra expense. Beware of companies that charge based on the number of database entries you have!

* Rollover credits - If you don't use your allotted number of emails during a given month, a good email marketing package will allow you to roll unused credits over into the next month, or to purchase additional credits on the fly, in real time.

* Importing lists - You should be able to import entire mailing lists into the online system with a few clicks of your mouse. You should also be able to rent or buy opt-in email lists and migrate them into the system.

* Sequential mailings - The best email marketing software systems allow you to import a series of messages and set up sequential mailings to be sent at the day and time you desire. In other words, you should be able to implement a six-month email marketing campaign in one sitting.

* Flexibility - Look for software that allows you to edit your lists and messages right up to the minute your mailing is scheduled to be sent.

* Automated list management - Email marketing software should automatically handle bounced emails, bad addresses, and requests for removal. It should also allow you to remove any blacklisted addresses and build opt-in email lists.

Great email marketing software can be the great equalizer, allowing small - and medium-sized businesses to compete with the corporate giants in the world of Internet marketing and advertising.

How to Stop Your Cold Calls From Losing Steam

Keep pushing?

In this old traditional cold calling mindset, we keep pushing. We try to present more information until we "close" the sale. We try to bypass people’s objections and concerns because we’ve already decided for them that they should buy what we have to offer.

However, in the new cold calling mindset, we know that sales pressure is always a recipe for disaster. Instead, we respond to objections by first trying to understand whether they’re genuine concerns or resistance to sales pressure. Until we do this, we have no way of responding appropriately to someone’s objections. We especially have no way of tackling the underlying cause of resistance, which is a reaction to sales pressure.

Genuine concern is about the product or service. Resistance is about a person’s mindset.

The old cold calling approach doesn’t distinguish between "genuine concerns" about what you’re selling, versus "resistance" to how you’re selling it. Nevertheless, this is crucial. If a potential client is genuinely concerned with something about your product or service, then you address it thoughtfully and directly.

However, if they’re resisting the process itself, then they’ve felt sales pressure in some way. Resistance is almost always a negative response to perceived sales pressure.

We therefore need to consider how we’ve introduced that pressure, or how we can reassure them we’re only focused on helping them solve their problems.

Different responses

When potential clients raise objections about what you’re selling (pricing, delivery, quality, etc.), these are genuine concerns. They’re rooted in the client’s world. Therefore, you must take them seriously rather than overriding or ignoring them.

When someone is resistant to the conversation itself, then you’re dealing with a reaction to sales pressure. This needs addressing, but in a different way. This is what I would call real "resistance," because clients are resisting the whole cold calling process.

They think that you’re trying to ‘sell’ them.

A tricky distinction

What gets tricky is when people raise objections that sound like genuine concerns. But what they’re actually doing is resisting perceived sales pressure.

On the surface, comments like these sound as if they’re about your product or service,

don’t they?

• Send me more information.

• Sounds good. Let me think about it.

• Your price is too high.

• Great. Let me talk it over with my co-workers.

They may actually be code words for "I’m feeling pressured by how you’re selling."

Your potential client probably isn’t going to tell you the truth. After all, when was the last time someone said, "You know, I feel as if you’re really focused on getting the sale here and that’s making me feel pressured. It’s creating a slight tension in my stomach.

Therefore, at this point, I don’t trust you."

Fortunately, you can figure out whether potential clients are raising genuine concerns or covering up their discomfort. Just do these two simple things:

1. Assume pressure is always present, even when you’re doing everything you can to create a pressure-free environment. People expect sales pressure, and we can’t always immediately diffuse that expectation 100%.

2. Trust your intuition and instincts. Over time, you’ll learn to be able to tell whether potential clients are telling you the truth. You’ll start picking up signals that they’re feeling pressured, such as giving you short answers.

As you learn to distinguish between genuine concerns and resistance, you’re likely to hear fewer and fewer "objections." You’ll stop triggering evasive responses or false concerns when you stay focused on what’s actually being communicated. You will also get far better reactions to your cold calling efforts.

Legal And Tax Strategies For The Online Retailer – Protecting Yourself And Your Assets

When you open an eBiz, it’s important you remember that it really is a business and approach it as you would any other business. Don’t just jump in and start selling. Consider all the legal issues—your responsibilities and the risks you’re assuming—in order to safe-guard your investments.

Do I Need to Charge Taxes Online?

If you’re running an internet company, it’s your responsibility to keep current on tax laws that affect you. As a retailer, you’re obligated to know the laws regarding both the collection and payment of state sales taxes.

According to CPA Jim Reed, of Teton Tax (, “The collection of sales tax for items sold over the internet is only required if the business has a physical presence in that state.” In other words, if you run a home-based candle business in Oregon and you sell a box of votive candle holders to a customer in Portland, you’ll need to charge them sales tax.

If, however, you sell a candelabrum to a customer in Texas, where your business has no physical presence, you don’t need to charge sales tax, so you’re able to provide your customer with a lower price. This can add up to substantial savings on high-end purchases and give your eBiz a competitive advantage over out-of-state brick-and-mortar stores.

In addition to charging sales tax, you’re also responsible for passing that money on to the government. In most states, you’ll need to fill out a tax return, usually once a month. Says Reed, “You’re required to fill that out, whether you have sales or not, once you obtain a sales tax license. Each state has its own sales tax form to be completed, signed, and filed, and the tax remitted, based on what taxes have been collected during that period.”

What’s the Best Way to Structure My Business?

Another legal aspect of starting a eBiz is choosing how you want to structure it. The way you structure your business can afford you legal protection, or leave your assets exposed:

• Sole Proprietorships—Many e-business owners set themselves up as sole proprietorships to avoid the costs of incorporating. However, this type of structure leaves your personal property vulnerable in a lawsuit. A plaintiff can go after everything—your home, your personal bank accounts, your car.

• A Corporation or an LLC—Incorporating your business is like getting an insurance policy for your personal assets. If your company is sued, only what belongs to the corporation is at risk. The fees associated with setting up a corporation or an LLC are fairly minimal.

No matter how you decide to set up your business, it’s always a good idea to consult a CPA and an attorney to make sure you’re legally squared away and set up in the manner that most benefits you.

Recycling computers in the US

It's a logistical nightmare.  Trying to balance cost against environmental consideration.  The recycling industry has exploded onto the scene throughout the western world.  With dwindling resources and high raw materials prices, we're being forced to recycle more, but in the world of Computers, this means a lot of transportation to get obsolete household computers recycled.

We were recently contacted by a Company based in India with a view to the logistical issues associated with recycling computer hardware.  The idea was to transport computers from householders back to a central location for processing.  The problem?  Balancing the cost of recycling a computer system against the cost of transporting the old hardware.

In America, many recycling companies have implemented a 'ship to' service for old or obsolete hardware.  It's a great way of cutting down on costs.  If you can off-set the cost of employees and overheads against the cash value of old computers and their constituent component value, then you're at least breaking even.  You can then offer a service free of charge on the basis that the old hardware is shipped to you at cost to the consumer.

The logistical nightmare starts when you try to collect the computers using in-house employees.  The costs of drivers and vehicles can add up quickly and result in negative equity.  Off-setting these costs means that the recycling company has to charge the people wanting to dispose of their old hardware.  Government run schemes use local municipal waste collection points to containerize the old computers, which the recycler then collects, but with some being 400 miles from the municipal waste collection point, the cost of driving that distance can quickly mount up.  In effect, the costs associated with these collections have to be passed onto the government run authorities running the waste collection centers.  With America being so large, there's also the carbon cost, where driving such a distance results in what is known as a 'carbon footprint' being put on the old computers, before they've even been recycled.  This footprint remains with the constituent materials when they're used to manufacture something else.  So even before the new product ends up in the shops, its' got a pretty large carbon footprint associated with it.

In America and it's constituent states, it's the author's belief that recycling of computers really has to be considered state wide rather than Country wide.  If a recycler is in New York, then his or her business shouldn't stray over the state line.  That way, costs and energy consumption are kept low and the carbon produced by the business will remain low.

7 Ways to Get to the Truth : When the Sale "Disappears&quot

You're close, really close, to making a sale. Your  potential client is in the market for your product or service and you've had a couple of good meetings.

Have you been in this situation before?

Of course you have--we all have, and it's painful. So, can you keep from getting dropped? Yes--With the Unlock The Game™ Mindset, you can abandon the salesperson role and come from a place of integrity that stems directly from your personal brand that doesn't compromise your authentic self. This opens communication with your potential clients so you can learn the truth about their situation--and that's what you always want.

These suggestions will help:

* Don't assume the sale. Potential clients are used to the traditional buyer-seller relationship, so they may decide not to tell you things that might make them vulnerable to you. Until you're sure you know the complete truth, you can never assume the sale.

* Keep making it easy for potential clients to tell you their truth. Toward the end of your conversation, ask, "Do you have any more questions?" If potential clients say no, follow up with the 100-percent-final truth-gathering question: "Now, are you 100 percent sure that there's nothing else that I can do on my end to make you feel more comfortable with this situation?" You'll be amazed how often people then say, "Well, actually, there is one more issue..." And it's at that point that you really start to hear their truth.

* Call back to get the truth, not close the sale. Most potential clients who suddenly "disappear"  will be expecting you chase them down by calling them and saying, "Hi, I was just wondering where things are at?" Instead, eliminate all sales pressure by telling them that you're okay with their decision not to move forward, based on their not having called you back. In other words, take a step backward. Most of the time, it'll open the door to a new level of open, trusting communication.

* Reassure potential clients that you can handle a "no." Of course we'd rather not hear a "no." But the only way to free yourself and your clients from subtle sales pressures is to let them know that it's not about the sale but about the best choice for them--and if that means no sale, it's okay, because it's ultimately not about you but about them.

* Ask for feedback. Whenever potential clients "disappear," call them back (e-mail them if you have to, but only as a last resort because dialogue is always better) and simply ask, "Would you please share your feedback with me as to how I can improve for next time? Now that our sales process is over, I'm committed to understanding where I went wrong." This is not being feeble or weak -- it's being humble, which often triggers the truth.

* Don't try to "close" a sale. If your intuition tells you that the sales process isn't going in the direction it should be going - which is always toward greater trust and truth--trust those feeling. Then, make it safe for potential clients to tell you where they stand. It's simple--all you have to say is, "Where do you think we should go from here?" (But be prepared: you might not want to hear the truth of how they're feeling. You can cope with this by keeping your larger goal in mind, which is always to establish that the two of you have a "fit.")

* Give yourself the last word. Eliminate the anxiety of waiting for the final calls that will tell you whether the sale is going to happen--instead, schedule a time for getting back to each other. This eliminates chasing. Simply suggest, "Can we plan to get back to each other on a day and at a time that works for you--not to close the sale, but to simply bring closure regardless of what you decide. I'm okay either way, and that'll save us from having to chase each other."

You'll find that these suggestions make selling much less painful because, with Unlock The Game™, you learn to focus on the truth instead of the sale.

Nostalgia Is Big Business For Clothing Company

Times change and memories fade, but nostalgia for the past is forever.

Retro style is coming back -; from automobiles and home furnishings to sports equipment and consumer electronics. But nowhere is this more apparent than in clothing.

Vintage clothing sites are popping up all over the Web, and thrift stores are all the rage. Incorporating vintage pieces into the modern wardrobe has become the latest fad as parents and kids of all ages make a grab for days gone by.

Denim Apparel Group, a publicly traded company, bet heavily on that enthusiasm when it recently acquired retro-vintage sportswear company Moonlight Graham, named for a rightfielder who played one game in the majors for the now-defunct New York Giants.

The California-based company has rights to the movies "Field of Dreams" and "Animal House," car company General Motors, Major League Baseball, and beverage giant Cadbury Schwepps, as well as Kellogg's and other retro Americana.

Founder and president Bart Silberman has Moonlight Graham poised to become an arbiter of cool, with designs and fabrics that set the company apart from other casual sportswear.

"You don't have to be a fan of the New York Mets, Dr Pepper, a 1970 Chevelle SS, Budweiser or the Talking Heads to appreciate what we do," Silberman said. "Our artwork and quality tend to cross over. Of course it appeals to the hardcore fans out there, but a large amount of our business is done solely on the basis of cool art."

Firmly entrenched in its Melrose location, Moonlight Graham is now exploring new retail locations. Prospects include Armitage Avenue in Chicago's Lincoln Park, Sawgrass Mills in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Thompson Street in New York near New York University and Boston's Newbury Street shopping district.